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Friday, July 22, 2022

To Be Continued

 Well let's all say hello to Friday, and a rather good Friday it is, if I must say.

The Temps in central PA are supposed to climb up into the mid 90s (F) again.  They will be reaching into the upper 90s (F) in a few days.  

Not wanting to jinx them, but I will point out that gas prices are continuing to drop.  This is a very good thing.  While I don't drive that much, I still hate having to spend a small fortune at the gas pump filling up my gas tank.

I had an odd situation at work yesterday.  As I was preparing to leave, customer asked about having carpet installed in his house.  I gave him my spiel, and after looking a few minutes he decided to set up a measure.  I typed in his phone number to see if he was in our system and... I recognized his name.  I had worked with his sister over 35 years ago.  She was in a totally different department, so while we chatted now and then, we weren't friends.  About 14 years ago she friended me on Facebook.  Nine years ago, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and she turned her Facebook page into a support page.  At one point, she had successful surgery to remove the tumor.  However, if you know anyone who's had pancreatic cancer, successful surgeries are quite often short lived.  The cancer came back.  Three years ago, she died.  Rather than tell this customer I had known his sister, I kept silent.  He seems like a nice guy and didn't think he needed to revisit painful memories.

And, of course, last night there was this:

I laughed so hard I almost spilled my wine.  Many, many people are talking about watching Josh run.  For a sitting senator, he had a very bad night.  Isn't that nice?  Oh, and evidently #Fistpump McRunpants is now trending.

As for the hearing?  While I haven't checked, I'm sure a majority of Americans are talking about what was presented.  While Josh had a bad night, for Trump the hearing was disastrous.  The fact that while rioters were crashing in through the windows, he was calling Senators trying to delay the certification.  One of the most telling moments for me was when the Orange Anus was recording the Tweet to tell the seditionists to go home.  Someone opened a door behind him, and he heard it and paused until he was told the person had gone away.  This many was totally aware of everything around him.  He is evil.

As for the Republican party?  Are these hearings helping to diminish its power?  I think so.  Conservatives have always been in the minority.  Thanks to Trump, their ugly nature is being revealed.  They are not good people.  They are selfish.  And they so desperately want to say, "shut up, we're in charge."

Oh, and these hearings are not over.  This was just part one.  Part 2 will be heading to your TV screens closer to the midterms.  To Be Continued.


  1. Oh, the hearing was juicy.
    Apart from people laughing at Josh running like a little bitch, the whole hearing was dedicated to demonstrating that Cheeto sat while Rome burned. He did nothing but fan the flames. It's gonna be hard to deny that, but the Repugs are gonna do it. The videos of Cheeto rehearsing his speech are damning. And ridiculous. I've never seen such a ridiculous person.
    And the country was watching...


    1. Yeah, the country was watching, except for those who only watch Fox, which chose not to televise the hearing. Now we know why his call logs are so empty.

  2. I'm glad they turned Josh Hawley into a punchline.

    1. That ass is trending everywhere, and not in a good way.

  3. It is indeed a small world when you find out that you had worked with that man's sister isn't it! Years ago I bumped into (and subsequently travelled around with) my boss's nephew in Bali, and a friend was lying on a beach in Crete when another colleague walked over and sat down with her to chat! Small world indeed!

    1. Even odder, he's just moving back into the area after living for quite a few years in New Jersey.