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Monday, July 18, 2022

Dance with Me

Hello Monday!  I know not all of you find Mondays jolly.  The end of the weekend and the beginning of a work week.  Usually, I'm scheduled for work, too, however I took a vacation day.  September 4 is my anniversary date, and all vacation needs to be used by then.   Believe me, I mean to oblige.

While yesterday was not fully productive, I did get a lot accomplished.  Most of the laundry I do during the week has already been run through the washer, and the dryer, and been folded and placed in drawers, or hung up my in closet.  

I was supposed to go down to York, but that trip has been postponed until next Sunday.  

We had a lot of rain last evening and over the night.  Thunderstorms.  They were not explosive, no rip-roaring bolts of lightning raking across the sky, no blasts of thunder trembling the earth beneath my house.  Nope.  There was thunder and lightning, but it kept its distance.

As some of you know, in my last book, The Body in Repose, one of the victims was a male belly dancer in the King Tut Review.  Even though I'm no longer doing research, I still get feeds regarding male belly dancers.  This is Giulio Dilemmi.  He does classes and workshops across Europe, if any of you over there are interested.  Can we talk muscle control? 

I saw where Betsy DeVos went on record as saying she thought the Department of Education should be shut down, that the states alone should be in charge of education.  I do believe she's wearing her helmet hair a lot tighter than usual.  Conservatives love this idea, of being able to set a conservative, indoctrinating curriculum.  Helmet Head Betsy, however, failed to mention how much the Federal government helps finance school districts across the nation through many grants and reimbursements. Without that aid, local school taxes would go through the roof.  

Steve Bannon's trial starts today.  He had said he was going to go medieval... I wonder if that means he's going to show up wearing a chainmail shirt, perhaps in preparation for going to the clink.  Sorry, I just had to do that.



  1. Maybe it's just me, but a male belly dancer seems far more erotic than the female variety.

  2. Oh, you know DeVoid is an ignorant c*nt. Also corrupt and greedy, as every Repug. Cruella also forgot to mention how many religulous schools are leeching out money from the government, natch.
    That belly dancer is fantastic. I'm with Bob, love me some male belly dancers and I think that would be around 4% body fat, for what I can calculate...


    1. DeVos believes God blessed her and made her rich so she can tell people what to do.

  3. I didn't even know male belly dancing was a thing (a pretty sexy thing too). My Greek colleague used to teach belly dancing - and she was pretty damn sexy too (judging by the drooling men when she walked past)!

    1. This guy has done a number of workshops throughout Europe, so I'd say it's possibly growing in popularity. You should check him out on YouTube.