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Friday, June 24, 2022

The Rainy Day

 The best way to describe yesterday is Rainy in so many, many ways.  

We had drizzly, misty, on and off again showers until late in the afternoon.  They are great for the garden and great for the lawn, but they tend to put me into a rather torpid state.  No ambition.  Instead, I waste time and snack.  No treadmill time.  No dumbbell time.  No cycling.  I did do some laundry, but most of the times was spent on the computer reading bits and pieces of semi-newsworthy opinions in anticipation.

Lily has a small lump on her front leg.  Boxers get lumps, especially as they get older, and that little lady is going to be 9 years old in August.  Biggie has them.  He's had one on his rump for almost 5 years.  His vet wasn't worried because, well, Boxers get lumps.  So, Lily's lump will be under observation.

I did run to Giant yesterday morning.  I'm going to be baking lemon, oregano potatoes this afternoon and I need some chicken broth.  I stopped and looked at my dahlias.  They're going to be stunning this year.  Here's a pic of one I took 2 days ago.

And, of course, it was a Rainy Day down in Washington.  The extremist Supreme Court, even as gun control was moving through the Senate, made things worse.  There are many other words in the 2nd amendment than "the right to bear arms," yet every decision they make is solely focused on those 5 words.

It was a Rainy Day for Jeff Clark... actually his showers began with a pre-dawn raid on Wednesday morning.  This is a man who desperately wanted to be a tool of Trump.  I understand the DOJ took all of his electronics, including his phones.

Scott Perry, from PA, had a very Rainy Day.  I almost spit out a little guffaw when his Tweet "why don't we work with the Italian Government," was projected on the screen.  The fact that his desperate mind could not understand how 'patently absurd' the YouTube video was says a lot about his mindset.  Oh, and he was the one who first took the nefarious Jeff Clark to meet Trump.

And, of course, there were Rainy Days for Jim Jordan, and the other 42 Republican members of congress who voted against the impeachment.  The fact that he was asking for a blanket pardon, which included himself, of course, illustrates how he felt he needed to protect his ass.

And then there's Matt Gaetz, who was evidently pushing for a pardon from back in December.  I'm suspecting his Rainy Days are never going to end.  I am surely not the only one who feels his pardon was to cover more than his involvement with the insurrection, don't doubt for a second he wanted his crimes with little girls to be included.


  1. As a pet mom to a lumpy 16-year-old Bichon Poo myself, I feel for you and the fur kids. Bella is more lumps, warts and black spots than dog now. She still gets in touch with her puppy side though, and speeds around the house like a canine NASCAR driver.
    I love the picture of the dahlias. They look animated, beautiful and scary at the same time. Awesome!
    I'm not touching the ick people.

    1. Lily bounces around a lot while Biggie lays around, but then he's big. Both of them have a lot of skin tags, but that''s one of the things that happens to Boxers as they age. As for the dahlias, they're beautiful, but don't have much of a fragrance, which is a shame.

  2. Oh, Matt Gaetz was begging for a pardon because he KNEW he was in hot water. Whatever happened to that investigation he triggered?
    And SCOTUS struck down R v. W. Sad day.
    I can't believe people are not rioting. Really.
    Love the flowers!!

    1. Most people knew this day was coming, so they're not going to riot, they will, however, show up at the polls in November. Republicans have never understood that for every action, there is a reaction.

  3. You ask for a pardon when you did something wrong.
    It's that simple.

    1. Unless you're Scott Perry, or Matt Gaetz, or Mo Brooks, then pardons are always pre-emptive, just in case you do something wrong down the road.

  4. At least your dahlia brightened my day.

    What a sucky day this was.