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Saturday, June 25, 2022

The Bitter Hatred of Clarence Thomas

Well, wasn't yesterday.... Special?  

I made lemon potatoes with oregano.  Not as tasty as I had hoped, thought a ton of parmesan cheese helps.

A lot of peaches were picked.  There are so many of them, they will be either frozen or turned into sauce.

Of course, after the news broke about Roe vs Wade, I spent most of the day on either the computer or my phone.  After the leak, no one should have thought there those conservative judges were going to change their mind.  This decision further divides the country.  Remember, conservatives desperately need to say "shut up!  we're in charge!" no matter how small their minority.  This is their way of saying "fuck you, America."

While the anger is directed towards every one of the judges who side with the majority, Clarence Thomas stands above the rest in his demonstration of hatred.  He provided a laundry list of opinions he wanted overturned:  LGBQT and contraceptive rights.  Robert Reich, among many others, noted Thomas did not mention Virginia vs Loving, another ruling that set a precedent:  interracial marriage.  Being married to a white woman, this exemplifies how 74-year-old is on a personal vendetta.  He is going to make the Centrists and Liberals who objected to his nomination pay dearly. This man epitomizes Conservative hatred.

As more proof, Thomas believes the court should reexamine Griswold vs Connecticut, the ruling which permitted married couples access to birth control.  After 2 marriages, the first to a black woman, he only has one child, so either his little swimmers are weak, or he hasn't been having intercourse, however there is also a very good possibility his spouse has been using birth control.  This has nothing to do with his believing in the sanctity of the sacred sperm impregnating the holy egg.  Remember how he was conveniently hospitalized when his wife's intimate involvement in the Trump coup was going to be released?  He was terrified of being questioned, so he ran away and hid.  This man is a gutless sack of shit pushing his bitter anger onto America.  

Yesterday, while the Republican party was dancing in the street, there were those who were not cheering.  Even the Orange Anus, Donald Trump, was voice reservations about the decision, rather it was the closeness to the mid-terms he was muttering about.  Because Republicans are so bound up in their own selfish wants and desires, they never take a second to consider other opinions, how women might vote this November.  While there may be many women who are stridently anti-abortion, there are many, many more who were glad that option was available.   There are also many, many women who see this decision as taking away their rights to equality, suddenly they are now more inferior and no longer have the right to decide on how to handle a pregnancy.  They are being forced into a role of submission.  This is not going to sit well with them.


  1. Thing 45 took credit for the ruling and then realized this will mobilize women against the GOP.

    1. They used Roe v Wade for years to get conservatives into the polling booths without understanding how overturning it would affect the largest voting bloc in America.

  2. Since I heard about the leak, I knew we were going to be fucked. I just knew they would do this. And I agree with Bob. The Dump shot off his mouth before thinking of the consequences as usual. Good. If more of the country was in their yard, I'd be worried, but their base might be loud, but is small in numbers.

    Now about those lemon potatoes with oregano...what your address? they sound amazing Dave!

    1. It hasn't sunk in yet, what they've done to piss off America, and honestly, it may never sink in. Biggie would eat you alive.

  3. His wife, if she had been advocating for communism during the cold war, would be hanging by a noose.

    They put the coup in couple and nothing has happened to them legally. It's absolutely sick and needs to stop

    1. The fact that she has never given birth, and that they have never chosen to adopt, especially since she converted to Catholicism, leads one to believe this is not a very Christian marriage.