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Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Von Traps in Scotland

It's Sunday and I'm sleeping in.  By the end of this weekend the final draft for The Body in the Well will be finished  - at least the first draft.
Being the creative persons I am, the next book is already taking shape..  Without giving too much away, 2 things are important:  This song.

 and the fact that people lie.  And, of course, the it might be subtitled "The Von Traps go to Scotland
And while it might be violent, it might not be as bad as this:

So, yes, after the Body in the Well is published I may have to go to Scotland to resource The boy by the Cairn.
Ain't Christmas just Dandy!


  1. all 7 von trapps go to scotland? private plane, I hope! I just started reading "the body in the tower" the other night.

    1. They get there on the MacLachlin's private Leer Jet.

      Ahhh, welcome to the land of fluffy food.

  2. I think going to Scotland for "research" sounds just wonderful!

    1. I totally agree, and maybe pick up a kilt or two while I'm at it.