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Sunday, December 8, 2019


Okay, so this is the first day of my weekend and I slept in... kind of.   I still had to get up briefly at 0430 to let the dogs do their morning business outside, but then it was back under the covers for me, and rightly so - the temps outside were 23 (F).
The new clock is here.  It's nice.  It's gets hung today.  Pics tomorrow...  holy crap, I can feel your excitement permeating the air around my monitor.
I've talked about Leadville before, you know, home of Leadville Johnny Brown?  EF (the Cannondale cycling team) sent me an email this morning about the Leadville 100, a grueling mountain bike race.  The mine in Leadville was shut down in 1985 and over 3000 people were laid off - basically overnight.  Leadville almost became another ghost town in the Colorado Rockies... until some bright cookie came up with the idea of a mountain bike race.  The town survived.  The video is fascinating because it talks about the town and the race.  (Side note) Leadville is in no way the inspiration behind Rattler's Den.

And continuing on the cycling theme, I rode from Zevio to Verona yesterday.  14.5 miles.  This time the guy with the Gopro had a ginger haired friend with him.  The ride takes you into the heart of the city, so while you start out on one lane gravel roads, you end up with city traffic.  No one told me Verona had a Colosseum until I rode by it.  You ride between a lot of cars and even more tourists.  I liked the ride a lot.  Now I can say I rode with Two Gentlemen from Verona.  Oddly enough, I didn't see anybody dancing around singing directions.

That's "Where's North?" from "Two Gentleman from Verona (a play by William Shakespeare)"


  1. "The new clock is here. It's nice. It's gets hung today." - the clock is hung? WOO HOO! (wink wink)

  2. I slept in to, but I'm not going to say what that entailed.