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Friday, December 20, 2019

My Day of Adventure

It's Friday!  Two more days and I'm off for 4 - that's almost a mini-vacation.  I'm excited.
And yesterday?  Well, it turned into a day of adventure.  The new TV for the cycling room was scheduled to be delivered.  I spent most of the morning getting the room ready, redecorating, so to speak.  Notice, I used 'redecorating' rather than 'rearranging' since the latter comes across as rather mundane.
After the redecorating was finished, all I had to do was wait.  There are some occasions where I suffer from impatience.  Yesterday... was one.  Mostly because I had gotten that email from Amazon telling me my delivery date had been changed to today.  Then, at 1117, I received a text to let me know my TV had been delivered.  This was odd, since the dogs, believing every UPS delivery man is a present from god, had been silent.  There had been no joyous "he's here! he's here" barking, or jumping around.  Nothing.  Just silence.  So, I opened the front door and looked out onto the porch and saw... Nothing.  No TV.  Son of a bitch.  I called UPS and was told that yes, the TV had been delivered at 1106.  I told the girl on the phone "not at my house."  That's right.  My Ultra High Definition, 50 inch, Smart TV had been delivered to the wrong address.  Son of a bitch!
Now, I wasn't feeling distraught, just... aggravated.  I understand UPS drivers grow a third ass because they run off two over the holidays.  Putting on shoes and pulling on my winter coat, I started my trek down the street in search of my TV.  My thinking was he had gotten the street right and the address wrong.  And I was right.  Five houses down my spanking new TV was nestled on someone else's front porch.  So, I picked it up and carried it home, not even considering the fact that some might see me as being a porch pirate.
A little after 2 the UPS driver showed up and asked if I'd gotten my TV.  I saw his truck was parked halfway down the block, at the wrong address, and there was another driver with him standing out in the middle of the street.  He asked if I had gotten my TV.  I told him "yes," and he apologized.  This is how it goes sometimes.  I'm sure this happens more often then we might like to think.  They are human, after all.
Anyway, this is what the new set-up looks like:

And, sitting on the screen, I am really close to that big screen:

It's like looking out a window.
Also, for those interested.  I discovered I can go into Bob's blog by using Explorer, or Internet Explorer, or what ever the hell Microsoft calls their browser.


  1. I hope to hear you at least put up a door wreath sir?

    1. Sorry, no door wreath, just the doggy snow globe.

  2. Well... that wasn't good! I had an adventure with them when I ordered a computer, I spent a month trying to chase my computer down across the city. I even took a day off to wait for them only to not have them show up and it wasn't at Christmas. Anyway enjoy your new toy!

  3. any delivery company is sweating balls right now. I talk to my UPS guy at my office; the shit they go thru! I would not want their job for $10b a shift!