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Monday, December 16, 2019

The Finish Line

Snow!   Nah, no snow.  They forecast 1 - 3 inches... if we get a dusting we will be lucky.  When I let them out this morning flakes were falling... here... and there.  Most of the storm is moving to our south.  Anne Marie might end up with 2 - 3 inches.  Bob and Carlos should be getting rain.  Rain?  How's that for putting you into the Christmas Spirit?
Yesterday I rode Eistobel... in Deutschland.  16.19 miles, with mile long hill that has a grade that wavers between 7% and 9.5%.  Two years ago this was one of the challenge rides; one that I didn't complete because of the difficult.  The really good riders finish this route in 35 - 40 minutes.  I take a bit longer.  I felt really good.  In fact, my friend Betsy called about 10 minutes after I'd completed it and she said "why you're not even out of breath."  Of course, I had to laugh at that.  Now, I was in training mode, if I ride the same route in Race Mode it counts it as a 'ride through.'  Riders will ride the same route over and over again trying to increase their speed.  Some as many as 30 - 40 times, all attempting to increase their speed and decrease their time.
And... prepping for my new training room, I've moved my Cyclocross X7 form the Shakespeare wall to the stars and planets wall.  In case you're wondering, yes... the stars and planets glow in the dark,

and yes, I did decoupage my ceiling.
Today is also the day the impeachment proceedings once again.  The Democrats want Mulvaney to testify...  That will never happen.  From what they've been saying, all the Republicans want are taped depositions, nothing else.  If, in desperation, they do bring in witnesses and they are only for the defense, they fail.  It turns their trial into a reverse kangaroo court in which the accused is automatically found innocent.  They want to acquit this defendant so badly, to do other wise shows the depths of their own corruption.  They are racing towards the finish line with as little sense of gilty as possible, cheating every step of the way.


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    1. More ceiling pics coming... think Sistine chapel...

  2. Rain!!! I want a little snow!!!!

    Mick will hide behind _____'s girth so as not to be called.

    1. don't worry, put your sand bags down and grab your snow shovels.

  3. You decoupaged your ceiling. That's kind of... awesome?
    And you know that the repugs are terrified of testifying against Cheeto. Pussies.


  4. Stay tuned for more ceiling pics