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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Waiting on Samsung

Yepper, this seems to be how it's going to go with the TV, I'm now waiting for the official Samsung repairman to give me a call.  I called them again last evening.  Surprise, 24 hours after I sent them the pictures of the television they still had not been forwarded to the correct department.  "Joan" went looking for them and... couldn't find them.  After emphasizing how necessary it was for them to expedite this problem, she set up a tentative appointment on Thursday, 10/6 because that's my one day off this coming week.  (I'm also having some new windows installed that day).  And, of course, the repairman is going to have to verify he / she is available that day.  They will be available, because my next day off will be on Sunday, and I'm sure they don't do service calls on Sunday.  When I told "Joan" I had already contacted Amazon and could ship it back to them and get a replacement she squawked in her foreign accent "No!  don't do that!  The service technician needs to make sure there is no water damage, and that the screen is not broken!"  I don't think she quite understands, or maybe is refusing to understand, that Samsung is going to give me a new television.  You don't unpack a new, very expensive TV and find this kind of pixel damage.

Nice, huh?
I was very calm at first.  I work in retail.  I know things happen.  But as time slips past I'm losing my patience.  This needs to be taken care of now.

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