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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Assange the Ass

Julian Assange is pretty much an asshole.  He talks about transparency yet hides in an embassy to keep from revealing the truth.  He claims that the charges against him are false and the investigation wouldn't be fair when he, himself, using Wikileaks, wants to decide what's fair.  He is more about damage than transparency.  Supposedly his organization is going after Clinton because of her stand on Snowden.  This defines his purpose as one of revenge rather than transparency.  From what I've read most tech people agree that the Clinton emails Wikileaks has been dropping were hacked by the Russians.... Julian, you're an asshole.  You're a puppet.  You have devolved into something totally lacking transparency.  The Ecuadorian cut off his Internet access because his organization was trying to influence American Politics, doing as much damage to the Democratic ticket as they possibly could.  They didn't go after the RNC since, according to them, Trump's doing enough damage by himself.  That's what they're saying, you know?  Damage.  Not transparency.  This whole thing is about damage.

This is also about Julian Assange passing judgement.  He doesn't really care about people.  He wants to choose who right and who is wrong, what is fair and what isn't.  He obviously hates America.  Perhaps that's because we are a democracy.  We may get sidetracked to the right or to the left ever now and then, but we always manage to come back to the center.  He doesn't like that.  Like Donald Trump, Assange wants to call the shots.  He is an asshole extraordinaire.  The fact that all of these email dumps are failing to have their intended effect is funny since they not only prove he's an asshole, but a failure as well.