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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Republican cannibalism

For Republicans, for all too long, it's not about who gets into the White House doesn't really matter, as long as that individual claims to be a Republican.  That's what counts.  Nothing else.  Read articles like this if you don't believe me.  There are a number of Republicans who don't care how terrible a Trump presidency would be, they don't care how close he'd buddy up to Putin, or how badly he crash the economy; at least there'd be a Republican in the White House.  And they hate Clinton.  But then you have to remember that they hate all Democrats.  Look how much they hate Obama.  They let birtherism go on for years because they saw it as an easy nail to drive into his back.  They've used Benghazi for years to attack Clinton, but read their report and they admit there was no wrong doing.  What they do say is that the White House dealt with it poorly, and that's about it.  Even their silly propaganda film "13 Hours" foisted a lie on the American People.  Their philosophy for far too long has been to divide and conquer.  And now they have Trump, a candidate who has helped them foster their hate for years.  And he's uncontrollable.  An open sore ripe with gangrene.

And if you think he's a waking nightmare now, wait until he loses.  Do you really think his Trumplodite hoards are going to sit quietly on their hands?  I doubt that.  Will their anger fester?  I suspect so.  Will they devour the party that created them?  Most assuredly.  The GOP will cannibalize itself from the inside outward.  When I told my brother I thought there might be riots when Trump loses he said, "I don't think they're that bad."  They are.


  1. I am glad to see someone unafraid to keep after Trump. I put up one post about his filthy statement, though nothing shocks me, and asked that trump supporters use their own blogs to defend him. Some immediately began to deflect and bash the Clinton's. One, a blogging friend of many years, I am crushed about. I told them I didn't want to know who supported trump, and sadly, I can't unknow it.

  2. the rump and his supporters are all a cencer that should be eliminated.

  3. Ugh. I never thought about riots. I just assumed Donald would sit there and throw a temper tantrum, yelling the words, "THE ELECTION WAS FIXED!!!" but by then nobody would even be listening to him anymore.

    1. You have to remember, his supporters not only hate Democrats, and Hillary Clinton, they have a grudge against anybody and everybody who doesn't agree with them.

  4. I think if someone "sane" would start a party of (little c) conservative spending with progressive social policies, they could start a viable 3rd party that could change things. Unfortunately, they would not have the bucks to mount any kind of challenge.

  5. It would not surprise me if after this elections you see something like that. After Romney lost the GOP had a survey done which suggested something like that. Maybe now they'll pay attention.