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Friday, October 7, 2016

Pied Piper Trump

I was reading I Should be Laughing this morning and got a real chuckle from the segment on the Heinous Pandering Pig.  Trumplodites rave that Trump "says it like it is," and they adore this leech of a human being because of this, they want to believe that everybody is sexist and racist and bigoted.  However, they, themselves normally only say these things among their own small circle of friends, they're far too cowardly to say them publicly. Trump legitimizes their inner feelings.  Trumplodites are a minority.  They know that.  A dying subspecies, their numbers shrink year by year as more and more human beings accept tolerance.  And it is funny.  Without Trump these individuals are nothing but sour mouths whispering behind your back.  These people will never "say it like it is."  They have a pack mentality easily herded like lemmings towards the cliff.  You could say that Donald Trump is their Pied Piper and they will follow him anywhere.

On a lighter note, I was sitting in the lunchroom on Wednesday and Florida's Governor Scott was on the TV talking about Hurricane Matthew and one of our associates asked "Is he going through chemo?"  I shook my head and said "no, he just shaves his head." Eight people laughed.  I counted them.  And another associate said "some people should just not shave their heads."


  1. I hope they follow him away from any kind of spotlight.


    an opinion piece in our newspaper this morning on this very topic.

    1. Very interesting... I like the bit about the tenuous grasp which describes quite succinctly what Trump holds with so little esteem... the common man.