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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Little Me

Here's a little something about Little Me.  I was born at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida... some time ago.  That's right, I was a military baby.  My parents are both from Pine Grove, PA, which is very, very PA Dutch, in fact on my mother's side Dutch was the preferred language.  End result, they all have very thick German accents... except for me.  The reason I don't is because shortly after I was born my Dad was transferred to Biloxi, MS.  That's where I learned to talk.  And since housing was off base, I was surrounded by people who spoke with a thick southern accent.  This means I had the Dutch going for me and the Southern.

Here I am on a swing
Oh, and I can also speak French... and I've been told I have a decent accent.
Anyway, back when I worked for International Paper I managed the Southern Region AP / AR which meant talking to a lot of southern folk.  All the buyers I dealt with knew that about 5 words into the conversation my southern drawl would show up.  When I went to my Uncle's funeral in Pine Grove last week the little Dutch Boy sounded off.
When I hear recordings of my voice it's very accent neutral.  However, about 8 years ago I worked with a gent who's wife was from Newfoundland and he told me I have a Newfie accent....  Which is very odd since I've never been to Canada.


  1. Interesting note: I was born at the AFB in Biloxi Mississippi but I don't have a Southern accent because shortly afterwards my father was transferred to California!

    1. I was a precocious 3 year old chatterbox when when we moved back to PA.

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    1. Yepper, 3 years old and already man spreading.