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Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Till

Every now and then things happen, this is how life is sometimes.  Monday evening there was a problem with a till (what we call the money in our cash drawer).  There were 3 Head Cashiers and myself closing the store, when that happens we work together.  One of them closed her register, put her till in an orange cash bag and handed it to me since there were no tubes to shoot it back to bookkeeping.  That's right we use vacuum tubes to transport our cash.  I put the till in my orange apron pocket.  We shut down the Front End, took off our aprons and left the building... and the till was still in my pocket.
The closing MOD did not verify the vault, as is procedure, so no one knew the till was in my apron.
Tuesday morning the bookkeeper called the Head Cashier who had closed her register to find out what she had done with her till, and she said she had given it to me.  Instead of calling me they searched my locker... and couldn't find the till (orange cloth bag in an orange apron, you know?).  So they got Asset Protection in Atlanta involved and they had the morning MOD recheck my locker and this time the till was found.  Because corporate got involved, corporate will have to decide exactly what kind of penalties are going to be divvied.  We could all be written up.  Or we could get a slap on the wrist.  Or, if they wanted to really be rough, we could all be terminated.

Even though I'm too young and make too much money, I am officially, according to Social Security, retired.  My finances are in good shape, so if the worst happens I'm okay.  In fact, since Tuesday I've kind of been coming around to the idea that maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing.  I'd already told them I'd be stepping down from my manager position in 2017.  I suspect, however, I'll get written up.  Why do I think this?  Because starting last Tuesday, all of our cloth cash bags are bright green, the orange ones are gone.  Now you will see a green bag if it's in your apron pocket.  And because this sort of thing has happened before.  We will have to wait and see.


  1. Orange you glad they found a solution???

  2. @bob - bwhahahaha!

    fuck, everybody has an off day. what happens if you are colorblind? we purchased an LG dishwasher from the orange-apron store this year.

    1. I just got an LG phone and like it so much better than the Galaxy. Hope you got a good deal on the dishwasher.