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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Windows and Lilly and... the election

So, I haven't written anything in 2 days... well, this is my vacation time, of course that doesn't meant all I've been doing is drinking wine and playing video games.  I've managed to do some lawn work, plants some stuff and shift around the pea gravel.  Did a lot of cleaning.  Changed the curtains in the dining room.  All of the fun stuff, you know?
Yesterday I had salesmen in the house - I'm putting in some new windows.  Two of them did that one thing I truly hate in a sales person, give me a price, tell me it's carved in stone, and then when I tell them I'm going to think about it say "well, if you really love these windows I might be able to swing another 10% off."  I'm not buying windows from them.  If you want to sell me a product, give me a price, don't dick around.  I ended up going with Renew by Andersen.  They are the most expensive, but only by about $250, and the salesman said "we don't do that surprise discount if you sign today, that 10% is listed right here," as he pointed to the same day signing discount.  I keep telling people over and over, it's all about customer service.
And yesterday was also Lilly's birthday.  She is 3 years old.

Cutie on the couch

To celebrate, we all had white cake and French vanilla ice cream.  They only get 'people' food on their birthdays and both dogs love it.
And, of course, we've only got 88 days (give or take a day) until the election.  Prepare yourselves, because if Trump loses, his Trumplodites are gong to raise holy hell.  On the bright side, a lot of those people will never, ever vote again, so disgruntled will they have become at democratic politics.  That's fine.
Oh, and I have been drinking a little wine and playing video games as well.  


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, pretty girl! what a lovely birthday treat!

    I wish the earth would open up a sinkhole, swallow all the rump supporters, then close back up. talk about solving a great number of problems in one gulp!

  2. Cake and ice-cream yum. Happy birthday Lilly.