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Monday, August 8, 2016

Bits on paint, Republicans and the Olympics

Well, this is my last week running the Paint Department.  That means there will be no more paint customer stories.  Maybe I'll get one more before the week is up, but I doubt it.  This isn't paint season.  Families are either on vacation or getting the kids ready for school - no one buys paint.  We will be slow.
On the political scene I saw that one of those idiots named Bush said Republicans should endorse and vote for Trump.  I just kind of shook my head.  You would think that by now this guy would have realized that the name Bush has just about as much political value as...oh, let's say... Bush.  Now, I'm sure there is some small group of Republicans who value that name... but they are small, otherwise Hillary would be going up against Jeb.
And the Olympics are going on... who cares.  Again, I know there are people in this country who are ecstatic that we are racking up the gold medals, of course, thanks to some serious drug issues the Russians are really there in force to compete.  Me, I don't care so much.  We are a vast country with many, many corporate sponsors who fund training for those with Olympic potential in the hopes of getting endorsements down the road.  We have training camps beyond compare.  We are a country of over 300 million with a vast supply of top athletes to draw from, as opposed to, say Ireland, or Thailand, or Mozambique.  We're sort of like the New York Yankees playing against the winners of the Little League World Series... you know?
Anyway, yesterday, while I was mixing paint, I mixed this:

Squeezing one out for Trump

Before I took the picture, I showed it to some of my associates, and Cori, one of my most reliable said "wow, it looks like Trump pooping out a supporter."
Hhhm, words and pictures, aren't they amazing.


  1. bwhahahahahahahaha on the pix!

    george p - jebya's son - made the remark about supporting the rump. FUCK YOU, ALL OF YOU BUSHES!

    and I don't care about the olympics either.

    1. I do watch some of the winter Olympics, mostly to hear them say Luge.