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Friday, August 26, 2016

Work and Politics

Well, two opening shifts and 2 days without blogging and I'm back, you know, those 0300 mornings are bad if you're not working them regularly.
I have a Head Cashier who believes "she must be obeyed" in everything, that "she" sets down the rules, such as highlighting an associate's name in green on the schedule when they are at work, and in pink when whey call off.  When I told her she didn't need to highlight, she could just put a line through their name if there weren't here, she bristled.  I didn't tell her I'd had complaints from 3 other Head Cashiers about her inability to be flexible, all I said was that she needed to be less rigid.  She replied, "I'm not being rigid, I'm consistent."  Nope, not in the least bit, she wants to be in total control, in fact, she reminds me of someone who's never been in a management position turning into a dictator.  Another thing I didn't tell her is that management would have absolutely no problem with her handing in her two weeks notice.
And speaking of dictators, what about Trump?  Flip-flopping on immigration, eh?  And I understand some of his loyal Trumplodites have no problem with his change of heart.  Excuse me, but wasn't that one of his rally cries?  This is one of the many reasons why he'd be terrible in the White House, his sheep would follow him everywhere.  They'd do anything he wanted them to do.  Form a special police force?  You betcha.  Oh, wait, I can't say that.  Isn't that what that bimbodeer Sarah Palin used to say, isn't it?  You betcha.  Of course, would she sign up for that Trump police force?  You betcha.

Can you say Secret Police?
Anyway, I did watch Hillary's hate ad,  Very apropos, I thought.  I don't think Trump and his Trumplodites know just how baaaahd they are.