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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Blue Update

For those interested, I thought I give an update on the Blue situation.
When I got to work yesterday I went in to talk to Jen (she and I have the same HR level) about Blue taking pictures.  Lucky for me Wendy, District AP and Mike District HR were there for the day.  Wendy started asking questions and Mike began pulling up HR policies on his laptop.  Things Wendy asked?  Time of day?  Where was I at?  Which phones were used?  And with those questions, and her access to the store surveillance videos, about a minute late I got to watch Blue, standing at the back of the paint counter, lift her cellphone up and take her pictures.  And then Mike, reading from his screen, let all of us know that "the taking of videos or photographs on either the parking lot or in the store is strictly forbidden and to do so in a major violation of policy."  Since it's a major violation, the acting MOD needed to file a complaint with corporate.
Today is my day off.  I spent most of the day working out in the yard, bought myself 2 new pair of pants, and went to see my 83 year old mother.  I also took a short nap with the dogs.  I simply relaxed.

Indigo Blue

As for Blue?  She worked today and may have already been terminated.  I was told it might be as early as today, though it might be as late as tomorrow.  You see it's all about privacy, and security, and keeping associates safe.  Depending upon what corporate says, they may put a restraining order on Blue to keep her away from the store.  Do I feel threatened?  Only slightly.