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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Inchworm delight

A little something light today.

Last week I bought my dogs some new toys.  They get a lot of toys and always love the new ones.  Well, last week they got an inchworm.  He is/was about a foot long, inch worm green, with little arms and legs.  Holy Crap, the dogs fell in love with him.  I found Big Seig sleeping on the sofa with the little inchworm head in his mouth... and he was snoring.  Lilly would prance around with the inchworm in her mouth, every now and then giving his body to make him squeak.  How much did they love their little inchworm?  Well, so much that they tore off his little arms and legs, that way they could both run around with a little appendage in their mouths.
This morning, around 0445 I heard Big Seig throwing up.  When a 108 pound Boxer throws up, it is always rather loud.  So I got out of bed to clean up the mess and what do you think I found? One of the little inchworms feet.

All that remains
That's right, Big Seig love the inchworm so much he ate one of his feet, which didn't sit too well with his stomach.  As a result, I picked up the remaining 2 arms and foot and have thrown them into the trash.  I guess when I get home from work tonight they will most likely have ripped off his head.  This is how it goes.

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