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Monday, August 29, 2016

How photogenic am I?

Since this was a boring political weekend, I thought I'd write a bit about work.  I am now in charge of 33 cashiers, 7 head cashiers, and 3 lot attendants and for the most part, they are all good people... except for one head cashier whom I shall call Blue.  She's blue because she hates me, not because I did anything wrong, well that's not right, you see according to Blue she doesn't think she can work with me because of something I did last November.  Of course, only Blue seems to know what I did.  Since I'm in training my head cashiers will need to show me how certain procedures are done.  Blue has let it be known that she's only going to show me the basics, nothing more.  Of course she didn't tell management this, just the people she trusts. What she doesn't know is that those people she trusts.... well, they tell me.  Blue is not a very popular head cashier.
Yesterday I got a call from one of my paint associates.  "Did you know Blue's been taking pictures of you?" she asked.  Of course I didn't, so I went over to talk to the paint department.  Evidently she'd framed me up right nice (this might be a pun) but wanted one the paint associates to actually press the button and take the picture... while she was holding the phone.  And he, of course, said "no."  So Blue went behind the paint desk and took the pictures herself.

You see we have some sort of SOP regarding the taking of pictures of associates.  There's no problem with taking selfies in groups or things like that, however you can't sneak around and take picture of someone without letting them know.  Anyway, upper management, as in the Store Manager, is going to have a long sit down with Blue and I suspect she's going to get even bluer still.  Unfortunately for me, I'm probably never going to see those photographs which means I'm never going to know just how photogenic I really am.


  1. Why would she take pictures of you? That's just....bizarre. What a weirdo!

  2. blue sounds like she's 26 cents short of a quarter. watch your back around her!

    1. Turns out it's a major policy violation so blue may soon be boo hoo blue