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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A saucy vacation & Trump buffoonery

Well, yesterday was the first day of my 7 day vacation.  I always take a week off in August because on September 4 is my anniversary date and all of the vacation I've been accruing for the past year rolls over.  Yippee.  I've already scheduled 2 days for September - my friend Betsy is coming up and we're going to see Elton John.  Yippee!
I managed to get quite a lot done here on day 1.  Two need cabinets installed in the kitchen, and I made tomato sauce with my very own tomatoes - the ones the dogs didn't eat.  They love their fresh vegetables and fruits.  I had to fence in my pepper plants because they love green peppers, even the hot ones.

Adding white wine to the sauce makes it delish!
Of course there was a big uproar because Giuliani, seeking Trumplodite knighthood, bragged that there had been no Islamic terrorist attacks in the US before Obama.  I wonder if dementia is a requirement in the Trump campaign since ol' Rudy tried to skid his way into the White House using 9/11... which happened in W's first year in office.
And I read about Donald's "extreme vetting...."  Did he like.... well, buy a ticket to boohoolaland?  He didn't say who's going to be in charge of this process but I'm sure he'll have no problem setting up his version of the Gestapo... nah, that's probably a bit too harsh, he'll model his secret police force after his buddy Vlad's, they'll be Putinesque, you know?  I mean, they're already paying for his campaign, aren't they?
Anyway, I'm going to see if I can mow my lawn this morning.  We've been having thunderstorms daily, torrential downpours included, so it's very, very wet, and still very, very green, which is odd for the dog days of August.


  1. One does begin to wonder about the tenuous grasp on reality in the (t)Rump camp...

    1. Perhaps because his perception of reality is based on a TV show he was on.

  2. I wonder is anyone ever vetted Missus trump ... the third Missus, I mean.