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Friday, April 29, 2022

Weight and Truth

 Friday has arrived.  This is the last of 6 consecutive days off.  Tomorrow, I go back to work for 3 days.  Over the next couple of weeks, I'm being scheduled 3 days on, and 4 days off.  That's fine with me.  Business is slow, or at least it has been.  Prior to the pandemic, this time of year we would have been busy.  Warm weather translated to higher sales.  Trendy people thought about 'curb appeal,' mostly because HGTV told them this was important.  I've never fallen into that trap.  I don't need my house to look stunningly perfect.  

My trip to the VA went fine.  My bloodwork is in good shape.  I had a substitute doctor; my regular guy was at a funeral.  So instead of chit-chatting, I was shown graphs and told 'this is very good,' several times.  Normally, they give me a print-off.  That didn't happen, so I'll print them off later this morning.

Biggie's bloodwork, like mine, was fine.  They've approved his Carprofen for another 6 months.  His Vet wants him to have bloodwork again in November.  Oh, and they want him to 'fast' before it's drawn.  That will be difficult.

Oh, and I went to the movies last night to see The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Like so many other people, I am not a big Nick Cage fan, so there was trepidation.  Let's be honest, Cage's filmography is filled with titles that continually make you wonder just what the hell was he thinking.  That same thinking also applies to his personal life, but that's a different subject. 

Anyway, the idea of a self-obsessed actor playing a fictional (?) version of himself is... intriguing.  Most of us can only take so much of Nick Cage.  To be perfectly honest, the film succeeds not because of Cage, but because of Pablo Pascal, his co-star.  Javi's entrance flips the movie onto its head, and rather than a film about a fictional Nick Cage and his ego, it spins into a new direction.  Suddenly, it becomes a film about 2 cinephiles writing a movie about their friendship.  The chemistry between Cage and Pascal is very good, their comedic timing is almost impeccable as they play off each other.  They are very, very funny.

Finally, I don't know about you, but I think another really funny thing going on right now is the feud between Marjorie (I hate Catholics) Taylor something or other, and Bill Donohue (sp) is pretty damn hysterical.  He's a self-righteous loser who is in charge of the ultra-conservative Catholic League (sp), and he's pissed because she said Catholics were being run by Satan.  Of course, Billy boy is terribly upset.  He believed Evangelicals saw Catholics as equals.  Wrong.  While Evangelicals will encourage Catholics to vote Republican, they want nothing to do with them.  Your average protestant sees the catholic as a heretic.  Your average evangelical sees them as being damned to Hell.  This is a truth Billy boy will never understand.


  1. Perjury Taylor Green came out with the Satanic Catholics just as her lies and tweets were becoming more well-known. She 's trying to cast a light anywhere but at her own traitorous misdeeds.

    1. The ugly truth for the Catholics, though, is that many Evangelicals believe she's right on this one. Is there a religious war on the horizon?

  2. Ohhh Pablo Pascal is Daddy and I approve of him in any movie. This Nic Cage vehicle sounds interesting. I may wait until it streams, though.
    BTW, I streamed The Batman and I liked it. Like you said, a little long but it was cool.
    And infighting is fun! Bill and Marge Three Names can slap each other silly for all I care.
    Did you see that Madison is also in trouble? The repugs are livid he spilled the tea on the coke-fueled orgies and they're leaking all his peccadilloes online. The latest has his -male- 'assistant' putting his hand on Maddie's lap. Juicy!


    1. And you know the Baptists are sitting on the sidelines praying for a slugfest. I didn't hear about the assistant's hand in the lap, though must admit it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

  3. Cage is definitely one of the strangest actors ever

    1. Sometimes I think he does a movie just to keep himself in booze.