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Sunday, April 10, 2022

The Mistake

 As expected, yesterday was slow at the store.  We had storms again.  Not steady, but sudden downpours.  There was wind and the temperature chilled.  We have a 'frost' warning for tomorrow morning.  We are, after all, still in early spring.  This coming Thursday, the temps are predicted to hit 80 F; that might be the day the Central Air gets turned on.

After Monday's 8 hours, I'll be off for the rest of the week, so I'll hit that warm Thursday.  I do believe the time has come to pull out my lawnmower.  Yes, it's that time of year.  My rose bushes have lots of leafage, but no buds as of yet.  My nectarine tree has lots of blossoms, but that happened last year I ended up without a single nectarine.  If that happens again this year, I'll have to introduce it to my friend the chainsaw.

France is voting today.  While there is the possibility Macron might lose, keeping him in office would be far better than having LePen, a far right extremist.  She's not as corrupt as Trump, but her ultra conservative policies are certainly not what the French need, unless, of course, you want a government that leans towards authoritarianism.

Even though it's release date isn't until 3 days after my birthday, the hype train for Starfield is beginning to crank into high gear.  The full onslaught will begin at E3, in June, though Bethesda is already beginning to drop bits pieces on a weekly basis.

And the hot mess from Hell, also known as the GOP is beginning grit its teeth.  You see Kevin McCarthy, like Trump's blow brow Vlad, made a terrible, terrible miscalculaiton.   You see, Putey baby thought he'd sweep through the Ukraine in 3... maybe 5 days.  Wrong.  And McCarthy decided that if he couldn't put attack dogs, like Ron Johnson, on the committee there was no need participating.  In May, the hearings are going public and there are no venomous vipers on board to try and squelch what the public sees and hears.  Now McCarthy understands this is not going to be a little jaunt in the park.  The only Republicans on the committee are Cheney and Kitzinger, and they are going to impale Trump, and his cohorts, on a terrible spike of sedition.  McCarthy knows these hearings will electrify the voting public.  He also knows a majority of Americans are not going to look kindly on the party which tried to turn Trump into an authoritarian dictator.  


  1. We missed the first mow of the season as our mower was in the shop for it's seasonal tune-up. Now the back lawn looks like a meadow and while I kinda like it, I think the neighbors may be gathering ....

    1. We've been getting so much rain up here most of the lawns in the neighborhood look like they've been on steroids.