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Friday, July 16, 2021

Greece, and other things

 Today's my Friday.  Literally.  And this is odd, because it's also Friday all over the world!  For me, this is almost like celebrating a lunar eclipse.  And, of course, my staycation begins tomorrow, or to be more precise, around 7 PM this evening, give or take a few minutes.  I might leave work early.  The great orange home improvement retailer I work for gave people over the age of 65 six weeks of personal time because of Covid.  They were very generous.  I cashed a lot of a number of days in to pay off my car, and used the occasional day now and then.  The days I haven't used will be paid out on my next paycheck.  Now, ain't that nice?

So, what am I going to be doing with my time off?  Well, work on the aquariums, for one.  The fish have started eating some of the plants in the big tank, not all the plants, they don't touch the broadleafs, but everything else?  Hungry little buggers.  They get fed three times a day.  So, I bought some artificial tall plants for the back of the tank.  If they look okay, I'll keep them.

A friend of mine started ending his emails with punctuation smileys.  They're odd.  Like this: (;  I'm wondering if  he might be a little dyslexic. 

And I went for a ride in Greece yesterday.  Lordos.  There are some nice 9% and 12% grade hills.  This is the ride where the deer run across the road.  Here, in central PA, it's not that unusual to see deer running across the road.  You don't really expect it in Greece.

I find it rather amusing that Republicans in congress are now wringing their hands and whining horrifically the Schumer is playing hardball, and that it's not fair.  Excuse me, but this is the same party who, when they had control of both the House and the Senate, told everyone to "shut up, we're in charge, we're going to do what we want."  Of course, this what we have come to expect from stinking losers.


  1. Rpgus, after all they've done during the last ten years, should keep their traps shut.
    And it's nice your friend is signing off with a smiley.
    LOL oh, Dave.


  2. We saw a few deer on our ride her a few weeks back. Tink makes us stop for every animal, bug and bird. The deer in Michigan are big.

    1. They're so many of them in
      Central Pennsylvania they've become destructive

  3. Maybe the ( is the top of his head?

  4. Since you've said you might like to move to Greece when you retire, I guess that's a good way of taking a look around at where you might like to go!