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Thursday, July 8, 2021


Today's another day off for me.  Nice.  Kind of.  The weather's supposed to be overcast with storms predicted to hit us sporadically.  It's a good thing I didn't plan on mowing the lawn.  Truthfully, it doesn't really need it.  What we've been getting in rain have been quick downpours that last for 10 or 15 minutes and then they're gone, the hot air pumping the moisture back into the atmosphere.

Elsa's coming our way.  She seems to be moving up the eastern seaboard rather fast, so she should be raining on us either tonight or tomorrow.

And, of course, last evening, just as I was preparing to leave one of our regular customers showed up at the flooring desk.  Vinyl.  That's right, he wanted vinyl - the really cheap stuff, the vinyl that's  so close to paper thin you need to be careful you don't tear it.  And he wanted 16.5 feet of the stuff.  As I went back to the vinyl cutter, I silently prayed to the god of 'out of stocks' for us to be... well, out of stock.  My prayer was answered!  We did have a roll in the back, so I left a note for our Aisle Supervisor to bring it front.

My red roses are blooming.

Evidently, Loser #45 is going to charge the the US Government for the hotel rooms his Secret Service agents will need to stay in for eternity.  This is because the loser doesn't really have a residence, per se, but rather always stays in one of his financially failing properties.  Let's face it, he's got scrap up the bucks somehow.

There was also an interesting article on the NBC news website about Marjorie Taylor Stupid's constantly comparing the Democrats to Nazis.  To sum up everything they say, she appeals to small, stupid minds who have absolutely no idea who the Nazis were and by making the comparison she's trying to make her own fascist beliefs seem acceptable.  The voters of Georgia need to fire that bitch.


  1. Elsa was supposed to come through here overnight and into the afternoon, but she moved very quickly and will be gone about 12PM.

    MTG took part in a 4th of July parade in her district and the turnout was low and the response to her was minimal at best.

    1. Let's hope this is the beginning of a trend.

  2. Love the roses! Mine bloomed and not are all gone. Sitting here for more to bloom.
    That three-name c*nt is a disgrace.
    Cheeto is doing all kinds of crazy shit. His stupid (and useless) suit against the big social media companies is just a scam, of course.
    Can't wait until he's in jail.


    1. I understand a lot of dumbshits sent him $$$ to help with his legal fight. Stupids.