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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Humans Caring for Humans

Well, golly gee wiz!  I thought I was scheduled off today.  Seriously!  So I bought myself a little bottle of wine (Giant sells beer and wine), and watched "The Pale Horse" (not one of Agatha's best) on Amazon, and slept in this morning.  Imagine my surprise when my phone chimed notifying me I had to be at work in a half hour.  Son of a bitch... kind of...  Guess who's getting three days off this week?  And 2 of them will be consecutive.
I understand the Idiot Jerk called in to Fox and Friends to talk to his mini-blow bro Sean Hani (something or other).  They are the only fake news network to let him play the Brag and Blame game.  Fools, they don't understand everything is recorded by numerous groups and these tapes can't be erased.  Snippets of his profound stupidity will be around for generations.  Scholars of the future will scratch their brows in amazement at how easily the network pandered to such an ignoramus.
Good news!  GM is going to mass produce ventilators by the thousands.
Bad news!  It's will take about 3 months for those thousands to start reaching the hospital.  Do not doubt, the Idiot Jerk will blame either Obama or Bill Clinton.  In fact, that is the only thing you can count on with spineless Republicans, their ability to blame someone else is, at this point, simply legendary.
I did read a bit about how Covid - 19 is is so many nursing homes and senior living facilities.  The number was rather high. That's a terrible shame.  Seniors should not have to worry or fear something like this.  What a tragedy their lives might end because of the ignorance of one single man.
On a bright note, there will be no Cracker Jack Crazy Christian Films hitting the big screens this Easter.  Oh, wait, they don't call them that, do they?  No.  They call them Inspirational Films,  How phony is that?  They totally want to disregard any message, any story that isn't tainted with their belief.  In this time of crisis, there are a lot of inspirational people out there and unfortunately for a certain religious sect they are not just Evangelical.  Nope.  Take your hats off to the Buddhists, and the Muslims, and the Hindus, and those with no religious affiliation at all who are fighting to save lives.  Isn't it good to know there are those humans out there who really only care about other humans.
And finally, Don, one of my three editing readers, returned his copy of "The Body in the Well," and he thanked me for letting him read it.  That's never happened before. He evidently liked it.  He said there are passages that are 'laugh out loud' funny.  Who ever thought my twisted mind could find humor in murder mystery set in the ghost towns of the Colorado Rockies?
Anyway, I'll let you guess which lines from this little song made it into the final manuscript.


  1. fucking sick and tired of the blame game shit coming from washington. OWN IT, YOU ORANGE SOB!

  2. Good thing you hadn't bought the carton of wine and downed it then!

  3. Give it up people, you will never see a speck of integrity from dump.
    Last night the news was saying that in New York a person died every three minutes from COVID 19. Chilling.

    1. Integrity... a word the Idiot Jerk scornfully rejects.

  4. That figure cannot be right that would be 480 people a day! I am sure it will get to that but is it there already?

    1. The last number available was 1550, but you're right it'll soon get that bad.