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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Target Market

Well, here it is Tuesday.  I'm going to bake bread today... and begin the painting of my stairwell.  I have chosen a nice, calming color,  soothing to the eye, imbued with hues relaxing and tranquil to quell the trembling of my battered aura... it's called Zen.  Shit!  Maybe I should switch to Romance Novels.
So, while the movie theaters are still open, I went to see "The Invisible Man" last evening.  It dragged at times.  The first half works really hard to make you sympathize with Elizabeth Moss... and I didn't.  She claims to be running away from an abusive marriage...  I tend to be very cynical about people who make generalized claims without be able to site specifics.  In the original, Claude Rains ran around naked to achieve full invisibility, this was not the case with Oliver Jackson-Cohen.
I did get some rather sad news yesterday.  My store is considered "essential."  That's right, we are not going to close.  This is because a number of contractors, plumbers and electricians, and so on, shop our store for their needs.  Personally, with Covid - 19 preparing to run rampant through the country, I would not want some stranger in my house.  I picked up my paint yesterday and there was a woman there with her kids... cause schools are closed.  And she was browsing paint colors.  Can we talk stupid here?  She has absolutely no clue it is going to be people like her who are going to be spreading this virus.
When I go back to work on Thursday, I will need to find out how they are going to deal with people like me... since the virus has designate people over 65 as part of its Target Market.
And I guess yesterday was also the day when the Idiot Jerk in the White House finally understood how terribly serious the situation is with Covid - 19.  He is going to be remembered not for the economy, but for how atrocious he was handing this pandemic.  Projections for the amount of deaths in this country are dire.  This moron now knows he's going to go down in the history books as the worst president in the history of this country.  Blame those who put this monster into power.
And... finally, to end on a nicer note.  Blossoms are sprouting all over my peach tree.  This is what spring looks like.

Welcome Spring.


  1. I truly believe he will think that he was the best president ever!

    1. I agree totally. That one will only ever think he walks on water and you are lucky to have him as President!

    2. You are undoubtedly right, I'd love for him to feel some sort of responsibility for this mess, but as a businessman he'll just consider it water over the dam

  2. my daffs have opened! I have forsythia and bradford pear buds getting ready to pop. the crape myrtle has tiny leaves.

    I went to walgreens to get some supplies yesterday; they were limiting some items, and the store was not crowded.

    the dump is a disgrace.

    1. Yeah, I was at Giant and the panic buying seems to be over... everybody and their brother now owns 400 rolls of toilet paper.

  3. Yay spring! A peach tree, huh?
    IMPOTUS realized yesterday could not lie through the pandemic, so he decided to tell the trumpanzees everything Fox News had told them was not true. Those idiots will not even notice and will talk about how ‘presidential’ he sounded. Talking about social distancing in a crowded stage. Idiots!
    Just like the lady in your store. Damn.


    1. And it's too late for them to believe him since that would actually be admitting he had been wrong in the first place.