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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Day of Liquids

So, my  prep work for tomorrows colonoscopy has begun.  To be truthful, it started last night when I took 3 Dulcolax.  As an individual who normally eats a high fiber diet, I can tell you they did their job.  And for the rest of today?  Clear fluids.  Later today comes the MoviPrep and if that doesn't give me the shits, well, all I'll need to do is look at the Idiot Jerk's budget: everything gets eliminated.
A large chunk goes to the military; a clear indicator of how backwards thinking Republicans are - if there is a next World War, it will be over in a few minutes, and will be done with computers.  Anyone who doesn't understand that needs to leave the 1960's behind and come into the present.  A prime example is... North Korea.  Everybody wrings their hands going "oh me, oh my," at their ability to launch a long range missile, totally forgetting their hackers.  Remember Sony Pictures?  People said, North Korea's hackers aren't that sophisticated... oh, yeah they are.
He also wants to shut down the National Endowment to the Arts & the National Endowment to Humanities... which makes sense when you realize Faux News represents neither.
And that great Infrastructure plan:  paid for by private funds and your state tax dollars.
On top of all of the funding the Idiot Jerk wants to cut, the federal government will still need to borrow beaucoup buckos to pay for what they want.  Now, if that isn't enough to give you the shits, nothing... which means the Idiot Jerk is prepping us all for a really big colonoscopy, or a least some sort of horrible procedure in which Republicans shove something up your butt because they'll never be happy until they rectumize us all.
Anyway, you may be wondering what I'm going to be doing today since the only nourishment I'll be getting is Gatorade.  Well, some free weights, there's nothing like hoisting around 25 lb dumbbells to help you forget that you're hungry.  And at least 10 miles on the bike.

Oh, and probably a nap or two with the dogs.


  1. you have my sympathies dear...especially since this is DONUT DAY!

  2. Of all day to have liquids only.....fastnacht day!!!!

    I am appalled at his suggesting of cutting off National Endowment to the Arts, which would affect any kind of culture. We need to be well rounded like other countries in art, music and the like. I swear it's like they want us to work and that's it. We will be a country of work o holics and dumb asses. It's already starting to affect certain symphonies and museums. Trump will single handily kill any earthly pleasures left.

    What an asshole.

    1. I thought you knew, the only art Republicans need is in dollar bills, and the sound of coin is the only music they hear.

  3. Hope all goes well today.