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Friday, February 16, 2018

Chris has a penis

Well, here it is Friday... and I don't work this weekend.  The outside temp is 55 (F), the back door is open and the dogs are running in and out of the house, muddy, of course, because we've had rain.  Tomorrow they're calling for 3 - 6 inches of snow... well, it is February, isn't it?
I received a call from the VA yesterday asking how I was doing after the colonoscopy.  No pain?  no bloating?  Oh, and the biopsy will be back next week.  A funny thing about polyps:  when you tell someone one you've had one removed their face will grow narrow and serious, as though you've just received the worst diagnosis in the world.  One of my friends actually said, "well, it's a good think if they catch it now."  In their desire to get as many people as possible to undergo this procedure the medical community has demonized the little polyp.  Instead of being rare and the harbinger of doom, they are rather common, and the vast majority are harmlessly benign.  Unfortunately that message doesn't play well.
Anyway, I see the Idiot Jerk in the White House has once again said that the shooting in Florida is not a gun issue, but one of mental proportions.  The report that the shooter was a member of the Alt-Right is getting beaten back by his supporters on Facebook.  One dipshit actually said "how could he be a member of the Alt-Right?  Look at his last name."  Oh, yeah, how do we spell stupid?
There was an interesting article in the Chicago Tribune on how how the Idiot Jerk in the White House, and the Republican Party are desperately trying to keep America white.  They just don't want to believe in genetics, and in dominant genes; evolution is happening right in front of them.  We are getting browner by the day.  By 2044 there will be just as many minorities in the United States as there are White People.  Nothing is going to stop this... and they hate it.
And finally, I thought I post a picture of Chris Mazdzer, not because he's an attractive man in spandex... but rather because this photo hasn't been airbrushed.

Airbrushed, you ask?  Yes, airbrushed.  Puritanical minds object to some of Chris's details, finding them too revealing.  That's right, there are now a lot of photos out there in which Chris has been smoothly neutered.  The last thing these people what you to know is that a man named Chris, who is the first US medal winner in the luge, has a penis.


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    1. Why not just blow it up instead?

    2. heh heh heh, you said "blow it". don't mind if I do! :)

    3. Yes, with your mouse... notice I said mouse.

  2. "make america white again" - NOT! it never WAS white, it IS native american!

    1. Don't tell that to the White Evangelicals because they believe they've been chosen.

  3. People need to get over seeing a guys cock bulge. Every guy has one, what the hell is the big deal with the public??? People don't complain seeing tits. Otherwise women would be binding them flat so we couldn't see them. It's 2018...time to put taboo to bed for gods sake.