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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bump Stock Scam

Wednesday, middle of the work week - well, kind of, I only work 4 days so I don't really have a hump day.  I got a little over 5 miles in on the bike this AM - in 20 minutes, I'm pleased with that, averaging about 15 mph.  I used my Fenex 3HR rather than the Suunto, which I tend to prefer for cycling indoors.  The Suunto uses an algorithm to calculate mileage which almost precisely matches the mileage I get from Rouvy.  For the Fenex to provide mileage, I'd need to invest in a 'cycling pod'.  Riding outside, both the Suunto and the Fenex do a great job using GPS to track mileage and speed.
My Mom's meds bill arrived yesterday and I have to call Trinity Pharmacy - there are 9 copay line items from 12/4 ($81).  I need to find out why they're billing me 2 months after the fact.  They will need to explain and provide backup as to why these charges weren't billed earlier.
Yesterday the son-in-law of a Russkie oligarch was charged and pleaded guilty in the Mueller probe, which is funny.  Seems to me as though they're prepping the Idiot Jerk's administration for one hell of a colonoscopy.  Maybe, when it comes to the Idiot Jerk, we should all start chanting "lock him up!, lock him up!"
Oh, and I see that the Idiot Jerk in the White House has said he would back a 'bump stock' ban.

I'm sure some people out there said, "my, isn't that nice, maybe he's coming to his senses."  Wrong.  Way back, after all those murders in Las Vegas, the NRA had actually... in their own way, green lighted the banning of bump stocks, most likely because they knew it would never make it through Congress.  The Idiot Jerk's comments amount to nothing more than a scam.  He's trying to sell a phony bill of goods.  He knows the NRA has bought enough Republican souls they have no worry about bump stocks being banned. But then, what more can you expect from the lying sack of shit in the White House.  Mueller can't move fast enough at flushing this turd.


  1. the dump is as meaningless as "thoughts & prayers".

    1. at least his secretary stopped sending cards with 'warm condolences' that used to make my teeth ache.

  2. Replies
    1. I don't think he has any 'thoughts and prayers' for anybody but himself.