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Monday, July 3, 2017

Trump: wrestling for Lunkheads

So, here it is Monday, July 3, the day before the 4th, and as usual I am working; tomorrow as well.  This is how it goes in retail.  I figure I have 3 - 4 years before I can go from full-time to part-time and while I haven't set the date yet, I am anticipating.
I was surprised by the number of people at Planet Fitness this AM - but then it is a day before a holiday, and people do want to look all toned and pumped and toned for their parties.  Me?  I just did my regular routine, upped the weight on my squats, so I might be sore later.  That's fine.  I remember my Mom telling me that if you get sore after working out you did something wrong - not so.  Life is filled with pain, physical and emotional, and sometimes there are long stretches when we are pain free, but in the end there is pain.  It's how we deal with it that's important.
There's also humor as evidenced by some video the Idiot in the White House posted - something from his Wrestlemania days... now isn't that embarrassing as hell?  A minority group of aging, white people voted his lunkhead into office without understanding he was going to be the laughing stock of the world.  I haven't watched it because... well, to be perfectly honest, my IQ is over 70.  However, I must say that understand fully why the Idiot posted it.  You see, if he were Putin, and this was Russia, and the American people were Russkies, well, we would be like "wham, bam, thank you man!  Ain't that Idiot something special."  You see, Vlad posts shit like that, not on Wrestlemania, but score fake goals in hockey, and doing Karate, and wrestling bears... wait, maybe Vlad was on Wrestlemania.  I mean he did wrestle a bear didn't he?  Bare chested?  Anyway, the Russian people like to see their leader proving his manhood, and, well, in a perverted sort of way, that's just what the Idiot did.  He proved his manhood, how powerful he truly was, by beating up a faux CNN because... well, because he's the Idiot in the White House.

And, as well all know, he's just as phony as Wrestlemania.  Dear Lord, how low it is that America has stooped.


  1. I ain't watching that shit cause my IQ is over 70 also. and the dump ain't a man; he's a fetid smelly pile of shit!

  2. Fetid! Great use of a rarely used adjective.

  3. Ah well, just keep reminding yourselves that America itself is not the laughing stock of the world. In fact most of us feel profound sympathy for the bulk of you - that is, the MAJORITY of you who didn't vote for the Idiot.

    And yes, we may spell things differently at times, but we, too, think that thing is a foetid pile of shit.

  4. Losing our respectability in the world is difficult to say the least. And as for the spelling? Well that has always been a bit of a grey area... gray area... what ever.

  5. As long as we understand each other - and we do. If only we could say the same of our respective leaders. Our current PM might not be as bad as Trump, but he still does not have the guts to introduce a bill for same sex marriage into parliament. Gutless creature.