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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dog Tired

Even though they were predicting storms to smash through the area yesterday, we had... about 20 minutes of rain.  Looking on the map, the big storm that came through the Pittsburgh area split into two parts, one skirted us to the north, the other was much farther to the south.  This is how it goes.
Me?  I did some painting.  Baked another loaf of bread also, with a new recipe which is much better than the one I'd been using... using olive oil.  Tasty!  And since the weather was mostly just over cast and humid, and because I was home, the dogs could go in and out as often as they liked.  They played inside.  They played outside.  We played fetch (Lily likes to play fetch much more than Seig).  I pulled a couple of squeaky balls out from under the dresser where they'd gone to hide so the dogs could squeak and chase each other around the house.  Later, when my friend Betsy called, they were... dog tired.

And I saw this morning that the Idiot in the White House had some sort of Twitter breakdown yesterday...  doesn't this seem like it happens at least once a week.  I suspect this is because for most of his life every time someone criticized him his standard response was "sue their ass off and shut them up," except he can't do that now.  In fact, as I said to Betsy last night, "it wouldn't surprise me if every other word out of his mouth was 'fuck,'" in private, of course.  And the bit about the pardons?  Sorry, but if you pardon someone isn't that tantamount to admitting guilt?  And isn't it also sending the message that "you can do what ever you want," but only to certain people, the 1%, the wealthy?  The Idiot in the White House is a walking, talking, and Tweeting catastrophic event for the GOP and everybody who rooted for him and who voted for him.  The NRA?  Basically, they backed an individual who's turning into a traitor to the Constitution.  Just wait until he starts worrying about all of the 'armed and dangerous bad people out there.'  And the Social Conservatives?  Ooops, pardon me, but your hate is showing rather blatantly.
Anyway, this is my 2nd day off and I'm thinking of going to get my haircut.  Tough life, eh?


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, you could say my life is really ruff... ruff

  2. I'm a child. When I see the word "rooted" I automatically remember that here in Australia "rooting" is another word for fucking. As in, "Wanna root?" "Do you think he/she'd be a good root?"
    The answer to the last one of course (if by a bloke is classically, "Mate, she'd bang like a dunny* door!")
    Anyway, it just amused my tiny mind to imagine all those idiots who were cheering for the Idiot winding up being completely rooted/fucked over.

    1. Thank you! That was simply amazing! The wonder of Words! And I have no doubt that very shortly, the Idiot, and all of his 'bad hombre' supporters will soon be rooting themselves over.

  3. As for the situation in Washington, I am currently sticking my fingers in my ears and la la la-ing my heart out.