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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Vacation - 6 days of Cars, Cruz & Cycling

Well, today is Sunday and my 6th day off, vacation you know?  And tomorrow I go back to work.  Actually, I did a little work today, finishing up 2 reviews I need to give.  I had a fairly long list of things I wanted to accomplish over the past 6 days - crappy, rainy weather cut that list down.  I did manage to plant tomatoes and green peppers (twice for the peppers since Big Seig ate the first ones I planted).  I also started my 'car search' which is going quite well.  Went to see "The Jungle Book," which I'd call enjoyable - never saw the original, animated version or read any of the stories so I went in pretty much a blank slate.  The weakest part was the kid.  With realistic CGI talking animals sharing just about every scene, he didn't stand much of a chance.
I got a good laugh when John Boehner said Ted Cruz was "Lucifer in the flesh."  Not being the religious type I'd have to say Cruz reminds me more Greg Stillson, and am just waiting for him to use a baby as a shield.  Let's be honest here, can't you picture him holding up a toddler and screaming "Go ahead, make my day!" (oh, wait, wrong movie).
One of things I had planned to do was to take the bike off of it's trainer and go for a ride.  This didn't happen because of the rain - I don't ride in the rain, nor do I ride when it gets cold.  As an alternative I did get a subscription to Cycling TV where I've watched a couple of stages from the Tour de Yorkshire.

Tour de Yorkshire
Honestly, I never knew Yorkshire was that big.
Another thing I did was to eat way too much, but, since I was on vacation, I'm certain that was justified.  Maybe the next time I take vacation I shouldn't schedule so many lunches...maybe limit myself to just bread and water.  Right.

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