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Saturday, May 7, 2016

The lesson of value

Recently an old Navy buddy of mine posted on Facebook how dissatisfied he was with some weed killer he'd bought at some place called Buy-Rite.  He'd paid $10.48 per bag and, well, it just didn't kill his dandelions.  So I noted that at that price what he bought was most like water soluble bullshit.  Well, he didn't like that and posted:

 "Well David , you must be doing better than the rest of us. I really don't care if it's $10.00 or $100.00. If a product fails to perform as advertised , I want my money back. I run a vending business and if someone tells me they lost money in one of my machines, not only do I give them their money back, I also give them the product for free. It's called " Customer Service"

Of course I had to respond.  I said that "yes, I'm doing okay" and that whether you like it of not, the price of a product is directly to it's effectiveness.  I also told him who I worked for and that we would have refunded his money.  His wife gave him a smack back, telling him he should be so cheap.

Anyway, the truth is that you get what you pay for.  That doesn't mean that some brand products aren't over priced, some of them are. Sometimes I buy name brand and sometimes generic.  If I can buy the raw ingredients and make the product, I'll do that.  When I do buy brand products it's because I think I'm getting a better quality.  Here's an example.  I like white grape juice.  For years I bought the store brand, and I mean years, and then about 4 months ago I thought I'd give Welch's a try.  Holy Crap!  There was such a difference.  It tasted like I had fresh grapes in my mouth.  So, now I buy Welch's.

A decent bag of week killer is going to run you between $40 and $50.  This guy tried to cheap it out and ended up having to hand weed.  This is life.  Learn your lesson.

Oh, and I don't know why he called me David.  Only my Mom calls me that.

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