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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Depp - who cares

I saw the Depps are in the news again.  You know who I'm talking about, Johnny and Amber... and, who cares?  Evidently they're getting a divorce.  She got a restraining order against him because he shoved her and threw his Iphone at her... who cares?  Now, that's a terrible thing to say, and I'm sure there are people out there who actually do... care, but not me.  I've never really been impressed with his acting.  In fact, his best performances are when he's hidden under globs of make-up... except for that turd,The Lone Ranger.  I never went to see it and had no desire to watch it.  That movie died at the box office because... evidently nobody wanted to see Johnny Depp under globs of make-up.  He blamed the critics on that hot mess, and failed to comprehend nobody wanted to see him upstage the Lone Ranger in a film called The Lone Ranger.
The Depps made headlines a while back because their combined egos refused to let them follow Australian law.  Yepper, they thought they were special enough to simply smuggle their little Yorkies into the country.  Of course, the Australian authorities were not amused.  They realized the Depps were really nothing more than dumb-shit, egocentric assholes and treated them like the idiots they are, and... who cares?  One can only wonder if their divorce might not somehow be sourced to the Yorkie experience, with one Depp blaming the other Depp.
Anyway, as I was thinking about writing on this topic, I dropped Johnny's name on the Internet and saw he's contracted to play The Invisible Man.

Not invisible enough
Unfortunately, when he isn't being invisible, he's going to swaddled under globs of make-up and bandages... who cares?  I don't.  I'd like to see a remake of The Invisible Man, but not with Johnny Depp.  Sadly, for him, his best talent seems to be in choosing the best make-up artist.


  1. I too have never understood the cult of "celebrity". WHY should we fawn over the krapdashians, or beeyouncee, or the duggars? they are NOT special. assholes, but not special.

    1. I suspect it's because they have no self-esteem and acting like special assholes gives them some sort of self-worth.

  2. I'd like to see him as The Invisible Man ... if he truly played it invisible.