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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Big Seig and Captain America

I had off yesterday and managed to get quite a number of things accomplished.  The first, and biggest, so to speak, was taking Seig to the Vet for his shots,  He's now good for 3 years.  As part of the process he needed to be weighed, of course they weigh every pet that comes through the front door.  After some maneuvering, I managed to get him onto the scale.  Sometimes he's a leaner, and that's what he was doing yesterday, leaning against my leg, meaning his weight was not accurate.  After some shifting and pushing I finally got him standing by himself.  Now I have to tell you, he's called Big Seig because he's... well, big.  Yesterday we found out how big.  He's 108 pounds big.  And none of it is fat.  He's just a very big Boxer.  That's what the Vet said.  She also said he's probably going to get a bit bigger since he's only about 16 months old.  That's fine.  He's a very well behaved dog.

Waiting for the Vet

And last evening I went to see Captain America: Civil War.  Of all of the super hero franchises, I think this is my favorite.  While the others focus on fighting super villains, there is a distinct line between good and evil, that line is much more vague.  In Civil War that line almost seems to disappear, they deal with death; saving the world causes collateral damage and innocents get killed.  Good gets twisted and manipulated into bad.

There is no black and white
A scene between Alfre Woodard and Robert Downey Jr in front of an elevator is pivotal; this is not superhero banter, nope, this is drama.  Not that there aren't superhero moments of mass destruction, now, however, the audience realizes there are casualties.  In fact, death is an integral part of Captain America: Civil War.  By no means is this an escapist film.

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