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Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Day, but not for me

Even though we've been having a Memorial Day sale for some time now, today is the actual start of the Memorial Day Weekend... and I'm working.  Monday, the day we actually celebrate Memorial Day, I'm working.  My next day off is on Wednesday, June 1st.  As with most National Holidays, the retail industry has hijacked a time which is supposed to be dedicated to the remembrance of our Veterans, for what they have sacrificed for this country, and turned it into a time of special deals, and discounts, and extraordinary sales.  Sure, there will be news coverage of some parades, and some services as military cemeteries, but far more people are going to be interested in how cheap they can get a new Weber Grill, or a new patio set.  While most people will be having Monday off, I'll be working.  Oh, sure, I'll be getting holiday pay, and they'll be cooking hot dogs and hamburgers on a big grill behind the store, but I'll still be working.  Why gripe?  Because I'm a Veteran.  And not just any Veteran, I'm a Vietnam Vet.  That's right, I served on the USS Constellation, OI division (radar) while they were cruising up and down the Tonkin Gulf launching air strikes against the Vietnamese.  When I tell people, they will thank me for serving my country, and sometimes shake my hand.  What I would really like is to have off on Memorial Day.  And I'm not alone.  There are 3 other Vietnam Vets working in my store... and we all work Memorial Day.

I'd like to be scheduled off on Veteran's Day, too, but that never happens.
We all have copies of our DD214 's.  I think corporations should actually recognized their associates who served in a war zone.  This holiday is supposed to be for us, and because we spend it working for them, there is nothing special about it.  At least they gave me a mid-shift on Monday, 9:30 - 6:00.  Yippie Skippy.


  1. What a simple and significant thing it would be for businesses to recognize war veterans as you suggest. Perhaps somewhere there is a suggestion box? (You might point out that this could be good PR. I know it would be nice if they would do it just because it's the right thing to do, but ...)

    1. I actually did bring it up at the store and it was mostly pooh, poohed away.

  2. What Michael said, and Thank You for serving, Dave.