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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Legacy

My Friday has arrived.  I'd say I'm ecstatic, but relieved is a more fitting description of how I'm feeling.  I had having split days off.  Starting Friday, the real one, however, I'm scheduled for split days off into December.  Son of a bitch!

And yesterday was an odd one at work.  I was the only Specialist scheduled.  Only one aisle associate was scheduled, so after he left at 2 PM, I was left by myself until my shift ended.  While not being retail appropriate, I was lucky because business was slow, most likely because the temps are dropping.  And it was windy.  Many, many of my leaves blew away yesterday.

And I mentioned to a fellow associate, a supporter of the human failure in the White House, how interesting it was that since he lost the election many Republican Governors were now mandating masks.  I am not alone at recognizing this.  The WP is one of several of the 'lamestream' media outlets reporting this.  Guess who looks bad?  Not the Blue states which have managed to somewhat control the virus.  Nope!  It's the Red states, the ones who's ICU's are filling up as I type.  For those how haven't realized it yet, the Idiot Jerk's legacy will be Covid 19 and his total refusal to deal with it.  His party doesn't understand the mantle they are cowering under will stain them for history. 

Michigan was hoot yesterday, wasn't it?  Two Republicans were refusing to certify the election results because... they love to believe in lies.  Not surprisingly, their decision was met with an onslaught of anger and outrage.  You see, the Idiot Jerk lost Michigan by 140 - 150 thousand votes.  No small margin there.  When he heard about it, he Tweeted some sort of celebratory nonsense, however shortly after his Tweet those 2 Republicans reversed their decision, making him look like a fool.  

The Idiot Jerk also had bad luck in Pennsylvania where a Federal Judge as his Court Jester Giuliani what reason they had for trying to disenfranchise the state's 6.8 million voters.  Evidently Giuliani jingled his bells, while doing a little song and dance,  As have been so many judges dealing with this spate of fraudulent charges by the Idiot Jerk, this judge was unimpressed.

 For those interested, my Christmas Cactus is once again preparing to bloom.


  1. I love your xmas cactus! So tempted to get one!
    And of course the Repug governors are seeing the light. Their states are being overwhelmed by the virus their stupidity let run rampant. Ugh.
    And IMPOTUS is finding less and less excuses to recognize that Uncle Joe won. And won big. I love to see it.


    1. I wonder if he'll leave the White House voluntarily or will they have to drag his ass out.

  2. I'm all for calling out election fraud, but just saying it doesn't make it so. These _____-ing asshats need to PROVE it or shut the fuck up.

  3. PA judge be like "WTF you wastin' mah time for, ghouliana?"

    I saw an LA times headline: "president nero goes golfing while americans die of COVID-19". his legacy, his stain.

    1. It will be his legacy for eternity... that and being fired after 1 term.

  4. Shows what a fool the dump is. His lawyer The Keebler Elf is losing case at case...paying his slimy friend $20,000 a day. He could take that money and get a more decent wig and a closer foundation color... for his walk out of the White House.

  5. Do you actually think Giuliani is all right in the head? He may once have been an intelligent man but now, seriously?