I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Blowing smoke

In case you're wondering, so far the new position is going well.  I did, however, think I'd be learning more about hard wood, you know?  Like how to extend the life of your hard wood.... ain't happening yet.  I did learn quite a bit about carpeting.  Wool is one of the most expensive floor coverings... mostly because of the sheep.  Figure about one sheep per square foot, and if you've got a decent sized room... well, that's a lot sheep.
On the darker side of things, I see the Idiot in Chief is speaking to Congress today.  Be prepared, he's going to blow a lot of smoke.  Trumplodites like that, however.  They like the way it tickles.  And he's very good at blowing smoke; he's done it for years.  Heads are going to roll, we're all going to start making money, taxes are going to drop, a Wall is going to be built... all nothing more than smoke.  I have this sneaking suspicion that his supporters don't really care if he changes anything on not, just as long as he fills their smoke quota.
I mean, if you look at any news source, other than Fox News, the smoke screen the GOP has been hiding behind for years is beginning to dissipate.  The cracks are beginning to show because the only this party has ever been unified about have been their complaints.  Just look at Healthcare.  They have never, ever been able to get their act together in regards to Healthcare.  Ever.  But they could all agree that they hate the ACA.  Now they say they're going to repeal it and put their own plan in place?  It ain't going to happen.  Ever.  All they're ever going to do is blow smoke, just like their Idiot in Chief.

Unfortunately for them, the cigar box is empty.  They are going to run out of smoke.  And as their agenda continues to slow down, more and more people are going to realize this President, and this party is totally dependent upon smoke; no substance at all, just a lot of hate for everything they don't like.  Even now the phrase "smoke 'em if you got 'em," is beginning to cause them palpitations. 

Monday, February 27, 2017

And the Oscar goes to Ha Ha Who?

Well, the Oscars are over until next year.  There were a lot of surprises as the voters of the Academy of Arts and Scientists are not to be pegged down.  Some thought La La Land would sweep, I didn't, too many nominations in categories like Best Sound Editing which almost always go to films like Arrival or Best Sound Mixing which went to Hacksaw Ridge.  Here some of my thoughts:

Mel Gibson looked like he'd already had a couple of cocktails.

Ryan Gosling looked pretty... but bland.

Jimmy Kimmel was funny... to a point, the shtick about his feud with Matt Damon went on way too long... he needed to be reminded he was hosting the Oscars.

It was not nearly as political as I thought it was going to be.

Since I never Trolls, I didn't know the Justin Timberlake song was one of the nominated songs.

Casey Affleck failed to thank his brother Ben, and let's face it, if it weren't for Ben, Casey most likely wouldn't have been there since he probably got the part because Matt Damon produced the film.

The John Legend medley of the Best Song nominees City of Stars and Audition failed, they should have been sung seperately.

I didn't like the Best Picture clips clumped together at the end.

Oh, and that bus tour?  That was time consuming mistake and was evidently a failed variation of Ellen's Pizza Delivery Man.  I think the audience was supposed to laugh at those people, and that's bad.

And then, of course there was this:

Like millions of other viewers I was... stunned.  And then I started thinking.  Now you do know that the presenters don't just grab an envelope off a table, it gets handed to them, in fact, I don't believe they're on a table at all, rather they are meticulously filed in the briefcase held by the Price Waterhouse Representative.  And, of course, my mind wondered, you know?  If you wanted to make Hollywood look bad, why not do it on their biggest night of the year, with the biggest category onf that night?  I did see that Price Waterhouse is starting an internal investigation which makes me suspect that they, themselves, suspect this may have been done on purpose.  How's that for a conspiracy theory?  

Oh, and I was wondering, did DT every reply to that Tweet?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Oscars Tonight!

That's right, tonight the Oscars take the main stage, and they will be playing on my HD 4K Sony Bravada.  They are the only award show I watch.  I go to quite a few movies, and in spite of what some may think, the awards tend to go to the best performance, not always, but most of the time.
As I was making my dinner for this evening, I thought back to last year's protests about the Oscars being so white.  For those of you who think this year you are seeing the results... well, you're wrong.  You see, every one of those pictures with a nomination was already in production at the time of last year's Oscars.  Every single one.  In fact, if you look at Denzel or Viola, take some time and find out just how long ago they inked their contracts.  A lot of Indie Films (like Moonlight) have the constant worry of financing and may shut down production for brief periods of time; a couple of days here and a couple of days there all add up.  Location filming almost always requires licences, and usually the rental of generators so you have enough power (and we're not talking little here).  Then there's editing, and the need to reshoot scenes (which is becoming more and more prevalent).

So, while people felt very good last year with their protest, the results of all of those Tweets will not be seen until this year...  And remember, Hollywood is only going to make movies they believe will make money.  Because La La Land made lots of money, you will probably see more musicals and since Moonlight barely made $20 million movies like it will stay a franchise of the Indie Filmmakers. 
I hope everybody enjoys tonight's telecast, I know I will!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bruce / the Press / Sunday in the Park

A couple of notes before I go to work:
  How about that terse letter Bruce Jenner sent to DT (you know, I'll always call him Bruce until he has the surgery)?  Nasty, eh?  Well, not quite.  But then, what more could you expect from a Box of Rocks, as my friend Jack likes to call him.  He needs to take some sort of primary course in order to understand what Conservatives really think of him... and his... shall we say problems.  I suspect that in his thimble sized mind he might have believed he would change minds.  As I said, dumb as a box of rocks.
  Neither DT, nor the GOP, nor the dictator in training, Steve Bannon, like the press.  If they had their druthers they'd just shut down everything that didn't kiss the ass of DT.  Unfortunately for them, this is America, and they are a minority, and even the fact that the excluded members of the press from that Silly Spicer's gaggle... well that pissed people off.  Someone should tell them that if they want people to get on their side, to give DT a chance, they've got to stop looking at the majority and saying "Bend Over Buddy."
  And on the lighter side, the NYT gave "Sunday in the Park with George" a big thumbs up.  I like this.  You see back in '84 I went to see this show.  I loved it.  And, of course, I bought a program.

When I went to see it, Mandy Patinkin had just left, but Bernadette was still staring.  That's right, sitting in the 18th row, I got to watch and hear Bernadette Peters singing Sondheim.  Simply Amazing!

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Silent Majority Speaks

CPAC is happening right now, that gathering of Crazy Conservatives.  This year there many Republican Congressmen are no shows, the excuse being it's a bad time of year and... get this, they managed to get a Conservative into the White House.  I suspect the real reason is because of the uproar at Town Halls.  Speakers at the convention are saying it is not something to worry about, but it is, and I suspect they are more than slightly concerned.  You see for years, ever since Reagan, Conservatives have been bragging about a Moral Majority, or sometimes they called it a Silent Majority, and those really crazy ones called it a Christian Majority, because they believed there were millions and millions of Americans who loved what they were doing.
In a twisted way, they were partially correct, there is a Silent Majority, however that group is not made up of Conservatives, rather the members of that group are Independents, and Centrist Republicans, as well as those on the Left, and we are the Majority.  And, of course, they are in total denial since the truth scares them shitless.  They are the Major Minority.

We are the Silent Majority

And we are speaking out.  Some Congressmen are getting as many as 300 faxes per hour - that's going to kill their budget for office supplies.  We, the Majority, are standing up for our Rights.  We, the Majority, are telling them to shut up, to do their job, to represent the Majority, not the Minority.  And they have a fool for a President who's sinking in quicksand, and he's going to take them all down with him.  We are the Majority.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Republican immigration failure

For those who haven't noticed, the Republicans have a really serious problem when it comes to dealing with immigrants.  Even though they, themselves, are the children, and grandchildren, and great grandchildren of immigrants, they hate them.  They claim those that are here illegally are stealing American jobs, they're taking advantage of American benefits, and they're criminals. Until now, all they've every done is fan the flames, but now they have the Idiot in Chief in the White House.  Now they're going to clean house.  They are going to cut off their nose in spite of their face.  You see there are some Republicans who understand the $'s involved here. not only in the hiring of people to extradite these people, but in the lose of their services.  That's right, most illegals work real jobs.... they clean shitters, and pick fruit, and mow lawns, and get paid under the table.  They clean houses and some are even Nannies, all under the table.  Deporting these people means a lot of open jobs which will force employers to pay higher wages, and pay taxes.  In other words, everybody's cost will go up.  Bad for the economy.  These illegals buy food.  A general estimate would put that total at about $100 million per week, or about $5.2 billion a year.  Bad for the economy.  Taking them out of the equation means a really, really big hit to the economy.  But that's okay, because Conservatives hate illegals.  And while there is a certain % of them who are criminals, there is a certain % of all Americans who are just as guilty, in fact some of the biggest crooks in this country are Republicans.

They will screw themselves silly over this because they don't actually stop and think.  It's that GOP conservative fire, you know?  The faster you can make it burn, the higher you can get those flames to shoot, the happier they are.  The fact when the fire's spent, all they're going to be left with are ashes isn't even in their field of vision, probably because they'll blame somebody else, most like Bill Clinton, since they blame everything they can on that man.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

An Antisemitic Trump, oh, and my state tax refund

Way back, at the end of December, I filed my Federal and State Income Taxes as soon as I had all of the forms (I get refunds... always).  This year I'm getting a sizeable refund from PA.  Nice, huh?  This is because when International Paper paid off my pension fund they deducted a lot for State Income Tax.  Well, for those who don't know, PA is one of 2 states (the other I believe is NJ) that does not charge tax on pension benefits, so I'm getting a stately sized refund.
But not so fast!  Because the $ amount is so high, PA is requiring more information... like copies of my W2's and my 1099 R's.  I know this because I went in to check on where my refund was at in being processed.  If I hadn't, I'd be waiting for a letter which is not due to be mailed out until 3/1 (at the earliest.  I can, however, fax the information to the state, which will be done some time this AM.

So, how long will it take before I get my big refund?  I have no idea.  Hopefully before June since I've been planning on using that to pay my Real Estate Taxes.  
As for the Idiot in Chief?  He made a paltry statement yesterday about Antisemitism...  Some say it's too little, some say it's too late, it's probably both.  This is not so say that he is antisemitic, I just don't think he cares.  Nope, not at all.  As a CEO, if he'd heard that grave stones had been topped, I have no doubt all he would do is shrug since it would have had nothing to do with his business interests.  Now, as President, DT needs to show concern, compassion, those very attributes he divorced himself from years ago.  It's just one of the many things that make him such a phony.  This guy is human being stupid, and he's too damn old to change.  Things will get worse.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tiny Turmp

Reality hits the DT.  Saw this and had to link to it, though I guess every one else is doing the same thing.  Pocket Potus does sound like something from Ronco, the company behind the Pocket Fisherman, of course, in a life and death situation the Pocket Fisherman might save your life.  Here, the Pocket Potus is just going to give you a laugh.  I really liked the stack of books.

Also wondering how Celo Gold got to stand so close during the inauguration.  Good stuff.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Trump takes Sweden

So, it's Monday and it's a Holiday and... I work.  What else is new?  Doesn't bother me though, you see I now have this fixed shift, besides, President's Day, not exactly the most exciting holiday in the books.
There was an issue yesterday with a part-time associate who transferred in from a different store.  She picked up a small, Weber grill that was on Clearance and brought back to the department in the Return's Cart.  No, no say the rules and regulations.  When I pointed that out to her she got upset because, well, you know how it goes, I had to be wrong.  Then again, I'm no longer in management so I can't yell at her... so, I'll probably talk to the Department Supervisor and let him know that he needs to talk to her.
And what about Trump and Sweden?  That who thing was so Funny!  I take it that only were the Swedes confused, so was the rest of the World.  Did you hear the collective sigh when the Idiot in Chief gave his explanation?  He saw something on Fox News and jumped to terrible conclusion and then gave voice to this dementia.  For a second I thought he was going to try and have Hollywood remake that old Bob Hope chestnut "I'll Take Sweden," with DT filling in for Hope.

And, of course, I don't know if this is real or fake news, but the Russians seem to be a bit unsatisfied with the DT administration so far.  Look like there's another dossier in the works.  I understand the subtitle is "Bobo in Chief.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Two faced Toomey

Part of my Agenda yesterday was to send emails to Pat Twomey.  He is one of the Trumplodite state representatives from Pennsylvania.  He was not expected to win re-election, however, he ended up riding back to the Senate on the coattails of the Idiot in the White House.  And, of course, the response I received back was... so weakly generic, just what I expected.  It's not going to get any better than this.  My repeated question was "when are you going to hold a Town Hall?"  I suspect that will most likely be a long time in coming.  He is, after all, a GOP lackey, one without a spine.  Have you noticed that a lot of our GOP Senators do poorly when face to face with their constituents, especially if the constituents are part of the majority of voters who actually want their will to be represented.  If he does hold a Town Hall soon, it would not surprise me if it turns out to be one of the near clandestine events held between himself and the Trumplodites who voted for him.

Failed Pennsylvania Senator Toomey

Hey, you know what I say?  He climbed into that boat, now he's got to deal with the crashing waves.  And if he falls overboard, well, I guess that's just too bad.  What a two faced phony.

Thank you for contacting my office. I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts about current issues. Please be assured that constituent correspondence will receive a reply in the near future.

Pat Toomey
U.S. Senator, Pennsylvania

Friday, February 17, 2017

Our Agenda

Today is the 17th of February.  Today is the Strike4democracy.  The Republicans hate this shit.  Their vision of democracy is very narrow; limiting rights to those that are advocated by a religion that they define.  Racist comments from the Old Testament are parlayed into regulations geared to eliminate equality.  Those not subscribing to their beliefs are seen as contemptible, and treated as less than human.  They have their agenda.  We Have Ours!  They are the minority.  We Are The Majority!  We live in a democracy that is "for the People, by the People."  We live by Majority Rule, not minority dictate.  Because we want "all men to be created equal," they see us as the enemy.  In their eyes we are not all equal, and they do have their Agenda, and it is totally opposed to our Agenda.

They hate the fact that we are standing up to them.  We take their words, and untwist their lies, and tie them up in a rope of truth.  Our Agenda leads to openness, to equality.  Their agenda leads to a small black room with a closed, locked door.  We are the Answer.  Stand up.  Talk back.  Prove to them how small they really are.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump's Hate Rally

Well, it's Thursday and yesterday revealed very little change coming out of Washington.  That's not to say news wasn't made.  A day doesn't pass without a couple of turds hitting the fan, what with all of the leaks.  Chaffetz and Goodlatte, 2 Republican chairs are calling for an investigation.  Right.  Maybe someone should tell these yokels that having a president who actually seemed... even slightly presidential, who sort of understood that giving a minority political group everything they wanted was a bad thing, might help to plug up some of the holes.  Nope.  Of course this was to be expected.  Republicans have never, ever acknowledged they were flawed, that their policies were out of touch with the majority of Americans.  And you can bet that isn't going to change any time soon, especially with this idiot president.  He's used to people backing down when he gets in their face.  "Yo, Idiot, it ain't happening!"  And things are only going to get worse.
I was reading an article in the LA Times and saw the Idiot in Chief is going to have a rally in Florida on Saturday.  They called it a re-election rally.  Odd, this gathering is going to have nothing to do with DT's re-election and everything to do with drumming up the dunderheads who voted for him.  The only thing on the agenda is "attack," anything and everything he feels obstructs.  He needs to put his supporters in a fighting mood.  Oh, and the whole things is also geared at boosting his ego.  All the negativity floating around him makes him look like a looser.  I would not be surprised if he goes off like a firecracker on Saturday.

Is it going to help him?  Absolutely not.  Every time he goes off point his approval rating drops, and this whole event is being planned for him to specifically go off point.  DT is seething.  Not only is he a very, very angry man, he is a very bad man.  He used his hate tactics to get himself elected, and he will have no problem in trying to turn the country against itself.  But then, that is what Russia wants, isn't it?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

John Wick & the White House implodes... slomo

So, I went to see John Wick Chapter 2 last evening, you know Tuesday's cheapo night at the movies?  And in case you're wondering, yes, it is very, very violent - graphic comic book violent.  But it's also a very good movie, if you don't mind the violence.  Keanu Reeves is fine in the role, but so are many of the supporting cast.  Lawrence Fishburn shines as a hit man with pigeons, lots of pigeons.  Watching Reeves order his weapons from a "Sommelier" as though he's ordering fine wine?  That scene is great.  Of course the bodies do stack up, at least 30 - 40 in the catacombs of Rome, but then that's what John Wick is about - bodies.  He is an anti-super hero.

And then there is all the intrigue in Washington.  I keep scratching my head and wondering why all of those idiot Trumplodites did realize this was the inevitability... oh, wait, their idiots.  DT knew 2 weeks before he actually got around to axing Flynn, how dumb does that make him look in the eyes of American Voters?  But then he likes Russia.  As I said yesterday, he didn't do anything because he didn't have a problem with it.
And then there are all of the Kellyanne lies.  They're here, and here, and here.  And people are calling her on all of those lies.  And the GOP is... well, they're trying to forces as much of their agenda through Congress as possible.  Oh, and they drag their feet about everything related to DT, which makes them look bad. Don't they understand the American People are beginning to suspect that they, themselves, are part of the cover up.  Don't they understand DT is going to make Richard Nixon look like a choir boy?  Nope.  Stupid is as stupid does.  And it's all happening in slow motion so the whole nation can sit back and watch them shit in their pants.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


And the bodies start to fall.  A little over 3 weeks into his term, one of DT's most loyal, most strident, most vocal supporters was axed.  The purported reason is Flynn was having unsanctioned talks about sanctions with the Ruskies, however, knowing how much the Idiot in Charge panders to Putin, I suspect the communications were totally authorized.  You see, as a CEO, DT could have his subordinates talk to whomever he wanted.  He's a wheeler and dealer, remember, and there is that toasty prized of getting to be one of Putin's Pals.
Funny thing, I checked out Breitbart, (remember, it's nice to know what your enemies are thinking, and they are all so very vocal there), and while 2 or 3 voices were raised in common sense, most of them were already chasing each other around the track with the crazy baton.  There is an almost symbiotic relationship between their idiot logic and the logic of the Idiot in Chief that is difficult to ignore.  And in case you were wondering, they were blaming the FBI, and the CIA for intruding and eavesdropping on a loyal American.  Crazy is as Crazy does.

I'm sure this did not go down well with DT.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Kellyanne wasn't down on her knees, scrub rag in hand, trying to clean up after the shit storm.  And Pence?  No doubt he's been grounded.  
This is, of course, just the first head to roll.  There were be more, many, many more as the Idiot in Charge learns he is now going to be held accountable to the American People, and by that I mean the vast majority, not that minority of crazy conservatives who managed to get him into office.  The shit storm is just beginning. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Preibus and the Revolving door?

So, yesterday was my first day off of 3 days in a row and even though I didn't blog anything I did get a lot of other shit done, you know?  Like clean.  I did some time on a Sole 95 elliptical which is down in the dining room, some free weights and had a lot of fun time with the dogs.  Today is no doubt going to be more of the same.  Oh, and in case you're wondering, I didn't watch the music awards.
That didn't mean I didn't pay any attention to the buffoonery happening in Washington, I mean, how could you miss it.  A day doesn't pass without this political soap opera becoming more and more outlandish.  And this this morning I saw that a DT supporter is hinting that Reince Preibus might have stepped into the revolving door of terminations.  I suspect the crazies on the right no longer find him useful, in fact it seems as though they are foisting all sorts of blame onto his little shoulders.  Don't they know how Republican that is, pointing the finger at someone else.  Never acknowledging their own incompetence.
There is also a lot of humor in the fact that lots of protests are happening at Republican Town Halls and the Republicans are, of course, blaming them on a few individuals back by big liberal money.  Don't they know that these flawed stances they take are going to cost them votes.  I don't think they can even comprehend the truth.  We are a Democracy which is For the People, and By the People, not by a political minority who doesn't even want to take the time to even consider the majority who are opposing them.
Anyway, since my arthritis diagnosis I started eating ginger, one of the greatest anti-inflammatory plants known to man.  I do this by making smoothies with ginger.  Yesterday's was a strawberry, banana, mint, ginger smoothie which was actually very tasty.  Today I'm going to make a peach, mint, ginger smoothie.  Yum.

Wow, for a second I thought that was Kellyanne heading into the door and then I realized it couldn't be her.  Kellyann would be backing in.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Mango / ginger smoothie

So part of the new regime with the new schedule is fitness.  Free Weights.  Cycling.  The good stuff.  That also includes improving my diet.  Before, with the need to have a fully flexible schedule, I rarely ate at the same time.  No more.  Dinner is always at the same time every day.  Not having to go to work until 10:30 means I can get a workout in, today it was free weights, followed by a mango / ginger smoothie.  I use white grape juice to sweeten it up.  Delicious.

And on the funny side, Nordstrom's stock went up after dumping Ivanka.  What a great indicator of how... pedestrian her taste actually is, not up to the caliber of women with taste.  Of course I've always suspected most of her brand was being bought by women who wanna be... Trump like.  Now I know that doesn't make sense, but there it is.  In fact, I find it interesting that more retailers are dumping the Ivanka brand.  Such a shame....  well, not really.  As I said, his is the funny side.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Trump's Bricks

I was going to write something yesterday since I'm on this great shift now... but then we had snow and I had to go out and shovel the sidewalk and the driveway.  This is how things go sometimes.
And now that I'm in a new department I'm going to have new stories to tell.  Like yesterday afternoon, this petite blonde woman came in looking for marble tiles.  I showed her where they were.  She said she was looking for a specific shade of parchment white, so said "since they're cut from a larger piece of marble, there's no guarantee you're going to get exactly the same shade."  She smiled and nodded.  I asked her if she needed any assistance and she smiled again, "nope, I'm fine."  About 15 minutes later I went back to check on her and she was gone.  However, she'd taken 11 box of marble tiles, opened them all up to check the color, and she did this by scattering them around on the floor.  55 Tiles.  She took 8 and left 47 for me to put away.  She did have a very white smile.
Anyway, yesterday afternoon, after she'd left, I was sitting at the flooring desk and suddenly there was a loud roar, like a sonic boom almost.  We do  have the Navy Supply Depot right beside us, and they do have an airstrip, so I chalked it up to a plane.  It wasn't until I clocked out that I check the news flashes on my phone and saw that the courts had ruled against DT's travel ban.

That's when I realized I hadn't heard a plane.  Nope.  I heard DT shitting the biggest, most painful brick in his life.  I suspect that sucker flew out of his ass.  And when I saw his ALL CAPS TWEET it became apparent that it hadn't been just one, but several.  That was the sound of bricks flying out of DT's ass.  Maybe we should take a moment and give thanks for that pain.  Was a lesson learned?  Absolutely... not.  But I do bet his B/P dosage just went up.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Yesterday I was a Slouch

That's right.  It was my day off.  I had a lot of things planned: riding the bike, cleaning, doing laundry.  However, after I finished writing my blog I went to my local Giant to pick up few necessities... and ended up buy Chinese Food.  I love Chinese Food, especially their noodle dishes.  Forty some years ago the US Navy flew me to the Western Pacific, having decided to station me on board the USS Constellation.  My first port of call, after that long, long flight, was in Hong Kong.  And the first thing my friends and I did when we got ashore was go to a Chinese restaurant.  What we have in this country is American Chinese cooking, nothing at all like what they served up in Hong Kong.  This is why I learned to cook Chinese, and why I go to Chinese supermarkets.
Anyway, yesterday I hit my local Giant where they have a Chinese take-out and ended up buying about 5 pounds of Lo Mein... well, not really that much, but you get the idea.  So yesterday, instead of accomplishing quite a lot, I ended up nibbling the day through a lot of Lo Mein.  I did get 3 loads of laundry done.  That's right.  No cycling.  No weight training.  I was a slouch.

I did see that the clueless Republicans managed to get Betsy de Vos approved.  That's a mistake.  Evangelicals are a giddy because no they believe the Federal Government is going to give them vouchers to send their kids to Krazy Kristian schools.  That's all they care about.  The fact that those Krazy Kristian Schools are just as bad, have just as many problems are regular schools doesn't occur to them.  They don't care if their kids are still doing drugs, or drinking, or girls are getting pregnant, at least their doing it in a Christian environment.  Idiots.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trump's Alternative Reality

Well, I've been called a troll by the brother of a Facebook friend.  He is a delusional Trumplodite, of course.  He did so in a very, very long paragraph and what set him off was my comment that any attempt to compare the protest at Berkeley to Nazi book burning was at complete and utter failure and that DT's low approval rating was deteriorating.  He didn't like that at all.  Here's a bit of what he said:

 this Snyder asshole is nothing more than a damn "troll". When he states that the Presidents popularity is eroding, he's merely quoting the bullshit polls as proclaimed through the extreme left wing main stream media (FAKE NEWS). Do you remember the puke polls they put out during the campaign all the way through election night? Nothing but lies, propaganda and pure unadulterated bullshit. It is no different now, just more lies, deceit and pure unadulterated bullshit.

And there's a lot more.  I did not include the section where he said his mind is still sound... or the bit about having a "keen eye" and can "still shoot straight," because, well, I didn't think they were needed.  I also excluded his calling me a Fascist.  Why is it crazy conservatives always feel the need to call those who oppose them fascists?
On the bright side, DT continues to spit out stupidities which drum up his slowly shrinking base as more and more people begin to wonder just how much crazy there is in his head.  Yesterday he burbled out some inanity about Main Stream Media not reporting on terrorist Europe. And this was after his administration jumped up and down in that cow patty now known as "The Bowling Green Massacre."  Even Fox News acknowledged his walk in the forest of alternative reality.

The sad truth is that a lot of Trumplodites don't have a very good grasp on reality.  What they really want to do is take their narrow, selfish viewpoint and remake the world.  They will fail, as will DT.  When he was inaugurated I gave him a year and a half at best.  He may not even last that long.  And all those mandates the GOP is forcing down the throat of America will be spit back in their faces as the party crumbles.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Brand New Day

Well, it's a Brand New Day.  I start my new schedule.  One of the challenges is to get the dogs in to some sequence, feeding time, potty time, and sleeping time - it's always play time.
The brother of one of my Navy buddies is an over the top Trumplodite.  I mean big time.  My buddy posted something on Facebook about the Constitution and how great it was, and I added something about the Bill of Rights.  And his brother, whose name is Ron, went off using lots of CAPS and exclamation points saying how Congress and the President have been screwing up the country for the past 120 years.... which means, I think, that the last time anything was done right was back in 1896.  According to him DT is going to take us back to that time of perfection.   I kid you not.  It was pretty obvious that at sometime in his life he moved in with Supifying Jones... from Li'l Abner.

As if that wasn't enough, my Navy buddy then commented on a video link to Vet TV which showed people rioting after Ground Hog, they didn't like what the Ground Hog said.  And he was serious.  He said "it's sad, so sad, how some people will use any excuse to riot...."  yeah, you get the picture.  So I had to ask him if he was always so gullible.  Here are some of the shows on Vet Tv.  Of course, he's a conservative, and the idea of research to a conservative is... well, it's like them believing in evolution, neither exists.
Isn't life grand!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Last Closing / dogs eat stupid shit

Tonight is my last night closing the store! My new, fixed shift schedule starts tomorrow, as does my lower rate of pay.  That's fine with me.
Didn't sleep well last night.  Big Seig was up 4 times - sick, like every hour and a half he got off the bed to go throw up.   And every hour and a half I got up to clean it up.  The first three times all I needed was a paper towel.  The fourth time, a little after 0400, he vomited up the source of his problem.  In case you didn't know it, dogs will eat anything.  Some will eat socks.  Not Big Seig.  As I stepped from the bedroom into the hallway I saw a 2" wide, red squeaker from one of their toys.  Plastic doesn't digest... at all.  So, I cleaned that mess up.  In the computer room / gym I found another red squeaker and about 6" of shaggy toy that his stomach acid had failed to break down.  After everything was cleaned up, around 0500, I found him sleeping in bed, like a baby.  Does anybody know why dogs eat stupid shit?

Saturday, February 4, 2017

California Safe

My 83 year old mother came home from the hospital yesterday, and by home I mean the senior living facility where she lives.  I went over after she was settled back into her apartment, talked to the staff, and spent about an hour with her.  Last evening she called about 8 to let me know that she was out of the hospital and back in Graysonview just in case I didn't know.  This is how it goes.
Yesterday was also when a friend of mine from Oregon made a comment on Facebook about DT's using National Prayer Day to mention the TV show he's producing, asking for prayers to make it a success (or something to that effect).  Another friend, who unfortunately is a Trumplodite, commented that he was surprised DT hadn't mentioned the deplorable fact that California is a Sanctuary State.  Of course, I needed to add my 2 cents.  I said DT will rattle swords, but not much else; he and too many members of his cabinet have extensive business interests in the state and pissing off that many people would be detrimental to their bank accounts.  His reply was that DT was no longer concerned about the cash flow in regard to his business interests....  These people are so damn stupid.
The resistance needs to begin hitting DT where it will hurt him the most, his pocket book.  I've always thought the real reason he's never released his taxes is not because he's got ties to Russia, but rather that he doesn't have nearly as much money in the bank as he claims.  In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if he's been robbing Peter to pay Paul for years and years and years.

This is why California is safe.  His money is very, very important to him.  I wouldn't be surprised if he listens more to his accountants than he does Steve Bannon.  The minute the say the word "loss" he says "shit."  DT has many, many Achilles heels and this is but one.  Note the companies below:

It's important you let these companies know what you think of DT.  Don't we all want to be California Safe.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Scuttling the Johnson Ammendment

No more store Openings!  Yesterday was the last.  And I only have 2 more closing, Saturday and Sunday.  And I also seem to be scheduled off every Tuesday, which is cheap movie ticket night here in Harrisburg! Woah!
And I have to give it to Bob for coming up with BLOTUS (Biggest Liar of the United States), such a perfectly well tuned acronym!  Talk about hitting your high C's.
Anyway, I saw that DT wants to scuttle the Johnson Amendment.  That's funny.  Pushing your own brand of politics without losing your Tax Free Status.  The devoutly religious in the country started running around, waving their hands in the air and wailing Hallelujah at that, without realizing that though they are all in the same Christian boat, they are not the same.  Evangelicals don't like Catholics... at all.  Evangelicals think Catholics got the whole thing wrong.  Praying for the intercession of a Saint is praying to a false god.  And Southern Baptists really don't like the Evangelicals... at all.  And, of course, none of them want to lose that tax free status.  I see this all the time as they come into the store and buy rope, and nails, and wood, and light bulbs - you name it, they buy it, and they always make sure we know they are tax free.  So let's say you have an Evangelical candidate running in a district where Evangelicals outnumber Catholics by enough to swing the election (or vice versa), who do you think is going to get the shitty end of the stick?  Even though they are all in the same boat, some of them believe they are in First Class and everybody else is in 2nd, or 3rd, or storage.  Because money seems to be at the root of all Faith in this country, or at least those who really want to play with politics, the Johnson Amendment keeps them all on the same playing field.  That tax free status?  Priceless.

Allowing one Faith to create a religious mandate in the country would be a total disaster, look at Northern Ireland.  In fact, look anywhere religious discrimination is tolerated.  No matter what these groups may be saying out loud, privately, and in very discrete whispers, other things are said, and if you don't belong to one of these sects?  Life as you know it will end forever.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dressing to the left

This is my last opening!
After today I will no longer have to get up at 0300 to open the store.  And, after today I will only have 2 more closings.  Isn't life grand.
Not if you're a Republican, however.
You see, the country is Centrist, no matter how much they hate that word.  They began lying to themselves years and years ago, when Reagan had the serendipitous re-election.  We are not a conservative country.  We are a Centrist country which leans either right or left.  Like men in boxers, sometimes we dress to the left, and sometimes to the right.  The GOP doesn't understand this.  A popular president can move the country to either the left or the right.  Reagan moved us a bit to the right, Clinton centered us again, W moved us a bit to the left with his failed policies, and Obama moved us a bit to the left.  We are, taking all voters into consideration, Centrist.

An unpopular president will do the opposite.  Look at Nixon, a president whom today we would call conservative... he moved the country to the left a bit.  Now we have DT and the GOP and they, without understanding how the majority works, want to forcibly turn us to the right.  We are comfortable dressing to the left.  They want to reach in a grab us and shove us down the right side.  Well, it ain't gonna work.  Never has.  No matter how much they hate the word, we are a democracy.  And in their stupidity, they will moves even farther to the left.  This is life.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The dollars and cents of Trump

Whether you see it or not, every executive order, or action, done by DT so far has to do with money, making money to be precise.  Take the Muslim "ban" which they say isn't a "ban" just a more intensive vetting process, which, of course, now they are saying might be made permanent.  The one country that should have been on that list but wasn't is Saudi Arabia.  Fifteen of the 19 terrorists who attacked the US on 9/11 were Saudis.  And nothing has really changed since 9/11 mostly, I suspect, because Mecca is in... Saudi Arabia.  And DT has investments there.  And more important, Saudi Arabia has a lot of real estate investments in the US.  That's dollars and cents DT understands.  The personal aspect of this ban that is not a ban?  He doesn't have clue.  Of course, if there is terrorist activity once again in the US and those terrorists come from Saudi Arabia, and country not included, DT is going to be shit's creek without a paddle, but that doesn't occur to him because there is no monetary value in that.
And his Supreme Court nomination?  Helped Holly Hobby win their lawsuit?  DT doesn't have an inkling about the religious ramifications, he's not religious.  Besides, relegion has nothing to do with dollars and cents, unless, of course it has to do with tax exemptions.  I suspect DT is all for tax exemptions.

Even saying that Obama's executive orders on the LGBT community are related to dollars and cents.  We spend a lot of money... the business community knows this.  We help make their profits green.  This means DT is not going to do anything which will hinder the flow of dollars and cents.
No matter what decisions he makes, in the end they all boil down to money.  Nothing will change.  He will only get worse.