I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year

Well, here it is, Sunday, December 31, 2017, the last day of the year, a year that was terrible for Liberals and Centrists because too many of them sat home on their duffs rather than go out and vote on November 8, 2016.  They have learned that believing one candidate has a lock on the election is not an excuse to stay home.  Go Vote!  If you want proof, look at Alabama.  Roy Moore lost by almost 22,000 votes (that's around 880 yellow school buses if you're looking for them on Google Earth).  In  reality, he lost by an even greater margin because another 22,800 voters wrote in someone else's name!  This means almost 45,000 voted against Roy Moore!  This moron didn't just lose the election, he was slaughtered.  In 2018, Go Vote!

The Time as come to Take Back America!
We want to make sure that 2018 is the Happiest Year Ever for a majority of Americans.
The Time has come for us to begin planning our celebration.
Everybody have a Happy, Happy New Year!
And Go Vote!  

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Snowing on Jumanji

Woke this AM to find that Central PA is getting some snow - the forecast was for 1 - 2 inches, but we have about that much already, so we will probably getting 3 or 4 - which is fine with me.  While not for everyone, shoveling snow is 'free cardio' take advantage of it, unless you're out of shape, than shovel slowly.

The dogs have been out at least 4 times playing in it so the pristine whiteness is now splayed with footprints and pee marks.
I went to see "Jumanji" last evening - some of it was very good, some of it was... well, okay.  A good word to describe it would be... uneven.  For those who don't know, this is the story of 4 very different teens who get sucked into a video game where they need to learn to work as a team in order to survive.  Unfortunately that only happens with two of them.  Dwayne Johnson's size makes him a screen presence, however there's little chemistry between he and Karen Gillan, who seems to have been terribly miscast.  Kevin Hart is funny, but doesn't seem to realize he's not the star.  Jack Black, however, is hysterical as Bethany, the self-absorbed, Miss Popularity, who finds herself in the body of a middle aged chubby man.  In fact, Jack Black and Nick Jonas are the only two characters in this film who develop any kind of chemistry, and are really the only reasons why you might want to see this in the theater.

That's right, you Nick Jonas fans, he turns up almost 2/3 of the way through and keeps it from becoming totally maudlin.
Plans for the day include making butternut squash soup from scratch, shoveling some snow, and putting in some time on the new bike.  Oh, and maybe a nap or two.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Waiting for the Third Strike

Well, here it is, Friday, the first of my two consecutive days off... and boy is it cold outside!  According to Accuweather, the current outside temperature is 12 (F) or -11 (C).  No matter which temperature scale you use - it's frigid!  And, of course, the Idiot Jerk in the White House snidely Tweeted something about Global Warming.  I'd say he's an old fool but since I already know he's an Idiot Jerk that would be rather redundant, wouldn't it?  Won't it be interesting to see how his heirs deal with Mar-a-Lago going under faster than the Titanic on a really, really bad night. 

I have no doubt that the vast majority of his supporters totally agree with him, but that's the kind of consensus you get from one dimensional thinkers.
Since Social Conservative's theology prevents them from acknowledging even the possibility of Global Warming, especially in that man might himself be a factor, they are right there with him.  They don't understand that Karma, or Judgment, or what ever you want to call it is coming for them.  And it's not like they haven't been warned, you know?  Remember Joel Osteen and his total lack of compassion, his total disregard for humanity in the wake of a storm of Biblical proportions?  Not one of these Social Conservatives took a stand and publicly called him out.  Well, that was strike one.  And all of those white Social Conservatives celebrating and supporting Roy Moore and his total contempt for humanity?  That was strike two.  You can believe me, the Universal Pitcher is winding up, preparing to throw another fast ball right in front of their noses.  They might hit it out of the park... nah, we already know that's not going to happen.  It's not in their self-centered, self-appointed superior nature.  Right now, all we're waiting for is that final, third strike.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Rubberize this!

For those who don't know, Roy Moore has filed a lawsuit in an attempt to disqualify the Alabama election... it's not going anywhere.  Doug Jones is going to be named the winner.  He doesn't understand that Divine Judgment was against him.  Not being a devout person, I would rather believe that Roy Moore's Karma stinks.  He has spent years telling himself that his beliefs make him special, and that being special makes him an authority who's allowed to pass Judgment.  He's actually the poster child for Social Conservative failure.  The longer he lives in his denial, the more damage he does - which is fine with me.
According to Bloomberg, the $ is on the decline.  This does not portend well for our future economy since stocks are valued on the $ not gold, as they used to be.  If the $ drops than those expensive stocks such as Home Depot are not actually worth the cost per share, but in reality much less.  This is not going to keep people from investing, their problem being they just can't make the correlation between cost and value.  I wouldn't be surprised if... oh, say by February, the unemployment rate goes up.  You see investors want to a good value for their investment and the best way for companies to add worth is to cut spending... as in payroll.  And that cost runs hand in hand with productivity.  For example, if a company sells condoms, and three people run the machine that makes the condoms and they turn out 30,000 condoms a day.  If that company starts selling 32,000 condoms a day, they're not going to hire another person just to make 2000 more condoms, those 3 people are going to have to increase their productivity to meet the demand.  This creates more value for those who own shares in this condom maker by not increasing payroll expense.  Of course Republicans don't understand this at all which is why they pretty much rubber stamped their legislation.
This is true.  The large corporation I work for is beginning a similar process where certain lower managers will need to manage 2 sometimes 3 departments rather than just one.  Ooops, don't tell the Republicans their Tax Overhaul and Job Creation Act is not actually going to create new jobs.

Of course, this will make their stock more valuable since their revenue will go up as their payroll expense declines.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Declines for the far right

Well, here it is Wednesday, and while I did jump into a pair of sweats, because the temperature outside is a chilly 19 (F) I did not haul my ass over to Planet Fitness.  I have free weights here at home that I can throw around.  According to the forecast, this little cold snap is supposed to last for another 10 days with highs temperatures only in the 'teens over the New Year holiday.
Yesterday was a bit more busy at the flooring desk than I had been anticipating - I got 2 measures which was good, but I also lost an install - the customers are going to have "their contractor" handle the installation.  They'll still be buying their product from me, which is nice.  They're going with gray floors, most like vinyl planks, and if you want my opinion, ugly as hell.  Their whole downstairs is going to be done in vinyl planks - about $7000 worth.  And it's gray.  As you might guess, I'm not a fan of gray.  If you're spending that much money, why go with one of the most indecisive neutrals in the world?  Your eyes perceive colors, why take that gift away from them?  Because some moron on House and Garden TV says gray is stylish, that's why.
According to a Gallup Poll, religion in America is continuing its slow decline.  Of course, they didn't quite say it that way.  This is what's called attrition.  The devout die off faster than babies are being made.  While both parties have their religious members, the right gets the prize in the box of Cracker Jacks.  I found it rather amazing to see how many of these 'believers' jumped on board the Idiot Jerk's train of hate and discrimination which tends to define them more as 'crazy control freaks' rather than Christians.  If you look at that poll and compare it to one examining religious donations the decline is much more obvious since the first poll only looks at changes within one year, while the latter details changes over a period of years.
Anyway, I get to work today and tomorrow and then I'm off for 2 days.  That being said, next week I work for 38 hours and 32 hours for the 2 following weeks.  This is okay by me.  I got a bunch of vacation time in September and only about 8 months to use it... and, as you might expect, it's difficult to get it approved during May, June, and July.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Brown Beaver

Okay, so it's Tuesday and I get to go back to work... for 3 days.  Today will be hectic at the Returns Desk as unwanted or unneeded gifts get returned.  People will show up by the droves to check out the marked down Christmas decorations... and expect us to mark them down even more.  And those gift cards people got?  Instead of holding on to it until Memorial Day when there will be another big sale, they're going to rush in and spend it on a tool being sold at full price.  Their loss.
Oh, and I saw where the Idiot Jerk in White House was taking full credit for people saying Merry Christmas l- what an asshole.  What is even more pathetic is that there a hordes of clueless supporters who don't realize just how much he lies.  I'm waiting for him to say that if he'd been in charge of Creation, he'd have finished it in 5 days... and everybody would have really, really nice orange skin.
My sister and I picked up my Mom yesterday and took her to my sister's for Christmas Dinner - and later my Mom called my sister to tell her how all her grand kids had been to visit... and to ask her if she'd had Christmas Dinner at my sisters....  What's even funnier (and we do think it's funny) is that my sister had called my Mom to remind her about Christmas Dinner and we got there... that's right, she was sitting at her table in the dining room... eating.
Now I don't know about you, but I got a really, really big laugh when I saw that someone had sent Steve Mnuchin a box of shit for Christmas.  I'd have laughed even harder if I'd heard that his bimbo of a trophy wife had opened it up and said, "oh, look Stevie, someone sent us a big box of fudge!"
Of course, the dire predictions are beginning for the 2018 elections - especially for the Republicans who are starting to realize that their great tax overhaul and job creation is not going to win them any support from middle class voters.  I guess we should begin to see this great tax cut starting in February.  I don't think I need to tell you that his supporters are expecting much more than a $10 a week increase in their paychecks.  They're expecting big bucks.
And out of all the toys the dogs got for Christmas, Big Seig's favorite is.... the brown beaver.

He walks around with it drooping from his mouth.  Jeez, I thought I'd raised him better than that.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Roll This

So, yesterday I made cinnamon rolls from scratch... and they turned out pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.

And like most really good things, you need to flip them over to get to the good stuff on the bottom.
My sister's cooking so I'll be going over there for turkey, and filling, and what ever else she cooks.  My brother-in-law is going to pick up my Mom - she will stay about an hour, which is probably about as long as I'll stay.  We're not a big Christmas family, and as we get older we become less so.
The dogs got their new toys which meant the house was filled with squeaks and rattles - now they're napping so things are quiet.
Legally I can start lifting tomorrow.  That means I can start going back to the gym.  Of course for the next couple of weeks that's not going to be as much fun as it was, not because I'm so out of shape (which I am); rather it's going to be filled with all those nincompoops trying to keep their New Year's resolution about getting healthy.  99.9% of them will fail.  Also, the temperature is going to drop, like in "wow, we're not even going to get up to freezing!"  Which means I'm not going to be able to wear my cute, little shorts.  Nope, I'll be in baggy sweatpants 'to and from' the gym.
And while everybody seems to be tripping over themselves to say Merry Christmas just to prove they have no problem saying it, I'm going to wish everybody a Happy Holidays.  You see, I know people who are Jewish, and people who are Muslim, and Hindus, and a number who don't believe anything at all, and since my own beliefs tend to travel along more philosophical lines, I'm going to stay secular.

Happy Holidays!!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Cake

Well, today is Sunday, it's 1 minute longer than yesterday and it's Big Seig's birthday... oh, and it's also Christmas Eve.  Big Seig doesn't know that because he's a dog; one day is the same as the other.  The only thing that will make this day special for him is the fact that he's going to be getting birthday cake... and ice cream.  Lily will get cake and ice cream as well - every one gets treated equally in this house.
As for me?  I've already got the 2nd load of laundry in the washer, just like on any other day off.  I don't have to work - but that happens at least 2 days in every work week.  I have other chores planned for the day as well.  Oh, and I'm going to try my hand at baking cinnamon rolls - from scratch.  You know?  Where you use yeast, and scald milk, and use tons of brown sugar and nuts to make them all sweet, gooey tasty.  If they turn out well I'll take a picture.
One really nice thing about having this VA Health Benefit (I've been corrected, I was calling it insurance and it's not, it's a benefit) is that I can go online and see all of my reports.  Not only the results of my blood chemistry, but also the slice and dice descriptions of my RIH repair.  This makes for interesting reading.  We're talking about my body here, and I really want to know what was happening when I was anesthetized. 
And since today and tomorrow are considered holidays by a lot of people, even though for me the way they're scheduled they're just another two days off, I've chosen to leave politics out of this blog.
Instead, I thought I'd show you a picture of the cake I bought for Big Seig (and Lily).

As you can see, it's decorated for Christmas.  He doesn't know that - he sees black and white and lots of shades of gray.  His nose will add the colors of sweetness, sugar and vanilla... and he will eat his portion with much pleasure.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Birthday Boy

Today is Saturday, December 23... yipee, and it's the last day I work this week.
Tomorrow is Sunday, December 24 and it is a very, very big day.  No, no, no, not because it's Christmas Eve.  Tomorrow is Big Seig's birthday!  That's right, he's a Christmas Eve puppy and he's going to be 3 years old.  Tonight, on my way home from work, hopefully after most of the pre-Christmas shoppers have already been to my local Giant, I'll stop off and pick up his birthday present:  white cake and vanilla ice cream.  That's right, my dogs get 'people' food on their birthdays.  And even though he doesn't want to, he'll be sharing with Lily because she's special too.

The Birthday Boy
I also did some time on the new bike... on the new Cycleops trainer this AM.... Holy Shit.  Hills are simulated, by shifting gears you can to turn a flat surface in a 12% grade.  Most people have no idea how steep that is until they actually try walking up a hill with a 12% grade - if you have a treadmill try and see how difficult it is, then imagine doing it on a bike where you're mainly using one muscle group... Holy Shit.
Yesterday the Idiot Jerk in the White House signed the Republican Tax thingy.  Evidently Mike Pence made some sort of 3 minute speech in which he went deep diving up the Idiot Jerk's rectum... sorry, my computer censors that type of perverted pornography.  Just about every economist on the face of this great planet has stated in one form or other that at best it will achieve nothing, but more likely it will just make things worse for most people.  Interestingly enough, the stock market actually went down after he scratched his name on the bill.  Does the Idiot Jerk and his party care?   Hell no, they'll do what they always do, blame Hillary's emails.
And I did see this little bit in the NYT about the steel industry losing jobs... in a big way.  Now, this is the type of Christmas present most people should expect from the GOP.  You see, they're good at failing.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Longer days

It's Friday.
Business is slow - nobody starts shopping for flooring this close to Christmas.  In fact, we don't have a lot of foot traffic.  Sure, we still have people coming in to buy decorations, but even that number has dropped.  One customer asked me when we would be marking down our live Christmas trees - I told maybe an hour before we close on Christmas Eve.  He did not like that answer.  The truth is that trees are a POS item, if we sell them we make money, however since they're not really in our inventory, we don't take a hit on those that don't sell.  Those that are left over get sent to a goat farm because evidently goats will eat anything.
I have my annual physical at 8 this AM.  I'm sure my sugar is going to be high. Every time I turn around at work someone is handing me a cookie, or a piece of candy.  Yesterday in the lunch room there was a giant punch bowl filled with Hershey Kisses.  The District Team will bring in boodles of candy canes.  Department Supervisors thank their associates with treats, usually cookies and candies.  Sometimes you will get an actual gift, or more often, a gift card to go buy Fast Food.
Yesterday was also Winter Solstice... that means days are going to start to get longer.  Yippee.  I don't mind the cold temperatures of winter, but I do dislike it when we only get 9 hours of sunlight.  I'm a sunshine kind of guy.  Short days make me lazy.
Time to head off for my annual physical.

Well, I'm back... and healthy as hell.  I did learn a couple of things from my Dr.  Evidently I had 2 (deux... swei... dos) hernias rather than just one.  This makes sense because when I used to do crunches I could feel (and hear) things moving up and down that were not in my groin (that's right, the 2nd was higher up).  This also explains why it felt as though they'd sewn a large sweat sock into my abdomen.  They also cut out something called a lipoma (fatty tissue) that was 7 cm long.  Interesting, huh?  That, and the fact that days are going to start getting longer makes me feel ducky dandy!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Corporate Greed

Well, yesterday those bozo Republicans gave their stamp of approval to a tax overhaul that is vastly unpopular, something gear to show they can actually finish a job even if it means shitting on most Americans.  I watched a bit of video where Paul Ryan was blub, blub, blubbing something about how this will end up being a great benefit to the middle class, notice I said watch, not listen.  You see when you don't listen you can observe better, see that while his lips were mouth words, his eyes were unblinking, little blue ice cubes. There was no connection between what he was saying and what he was feeling.  He is nothing more than calculating, conservative ambition, a man who is committed to his beliefs and to his Party but cares nothing about humanity.  Is it any wonder there are rumors about him retiring?  He wants to move into the corporate environment where his greed can be satiated.
And then the CEO of AT&T said that this Tax Credit was so wonderful AT&T was going to give over 200,000 employees a $1000 bonus.... before Christmas if the Idiot Jerk signs this legislation in time.  At first glance this sounds simply amazing, that AT& is going to $200,000,000 back to its employees.  That's a lot of money.  A lot of people were wowed over - not me, for a couple of reasons:  With support from this Administration, the FCC wants to end Net Neutrality which means AT&T can charge what ever they want, if you want faster Internet speeds it'll cost you.  (Are you getting a bitter taste in your mouth?)  And then there's the bit about AT&T wanting to buy Time/Warner - the Justice Department is saying "hold on there a minute."  Well, anybody with half a brain knows that if you kiss the Idiot Jerk's ass, make him look good, he gives you what you want.  (This is beginning to smell a little shitty, isn't it?)  But the real topper is AT&T's finances from 2016.  Looking at those $ figures I realized this bonus was pretty much the equivalent of AT&T blowing a snotty kiss to their associates.  They have over a $17 Billion positive cash flow.  That's like money in the bank.  And that $200,000,000 is a little over  0.0117647058823529%  When you see these figures you realized that AT&T's gift to their associates is rather putrid... in fact, we should start asking why they don't do this every year.  That answer's simple:  Corporate Greed.  Corporate Greed says that giving your average worker a bonus is a waste of money.

In case you're wondering, I do know a little bit about what I'm talking about.  You see I work for a little, home improvement retailer known as Home Depot.  Home Depot has something called Success Sharing (think bonus program).  Everybody gets a bonus.  The more successful your store, the bigger the bonus.  In 2017 my total bonus package was over $1300 (that's the none manager figure which is higher).  That AT & T bonus?  With all the money they have, it's on the cheap side, don't you think?

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

We are like Young Volcanoes

Well, here it is, Tuesday already.  I did over 55 minutes on the elliptical this AM and feel good.  The time has come to get  back into the regime.
For those who don't know, the Republican Asswipes or on the verge of passing some sort of tax cluster fuck.  Only 24% of Americans believe this to be a good thing.  You might be wondering why they would do such a thing.  That answer is easy.  The 'do nothing party,' under the leadership of the Idiot Jerk in the White, desperately wanted to prove that they could do at least one thing, unfortunately for them, that one thing is to shit on America.  "But," they're telling themselves, "we passed legislation and that's all that counts."
And while they are clapping each other on the back, and winking gleefully at each other, 2017 has by no means been a banner year for them.  In fact, quite the opposite.  Even an individual with an average IQ could look at those stats and realize that the Republican Party is 'cruisin' for a bruisin,' but then they don't really care, either.  Their main goal is to pass an agenda that meets the approval of a minority group of Americans - nothing more.  As long as those few, small minds are happy everything is ducky dandy.  Not only do these loser not understand Americans, or the American Economy, the totally do not grasp human beings at all and they never will.
What they simply don't get is that we are like young volcanoes.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Well, here it is Tuesday morning... and I'm starving.  Blood work for my yearly physical happens at 0715... and I get up around 0500, and have usually eaten by this wee hour of the morning.  Friday I go for the results... yippee.  Usually they're good, this time however?  Six days from Christmas I've been chowing down on the cookies and candies hard.  I'm a carb addict, you know?  I'll do just about anything for a Sand Tart... anything... and don't even think of waving a Snickerdoodle within five feet of my mouth, you're liable to lose a finger or two.
And I picked up the new bike yesterday.  Beautiful.  That's what they were saying at World Cup Ski and Cycle.  The color:  Oxblood.  Red.  My most favoritest color in the whole world.  I took a boatload of pictures, too... here's one.  For those who don't know, it's a Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc Ultegra...  mouthful, ain't it, which means it's carbon fiber, has disc brakes (super) and is Ultegra (which is their way of saying Superior... or great... or top of the line).

So, why did Bob Corker (R) decide to vote 'yes' on the Republican Tax Overhaul?  Wouldn't have anything to do with Orin Hatch (R)  adding a provision that benefits Bob Corker, would it?  Well... maybe....  I mean, he's already said he's not going to be running for re-election so why not give him a nice going away present?  The phoniness of Republicans always amazes me... and their base... well, all they need to hear is tax cut and you've got their vote, even if it's for someone else, someone richer, someone less deserving.  A tax cut is a tax cut, after all, isn't it?

Monday, December 18, 2017

Cycle this...

So, it's Monday morning and a lot of your are going back to work... not me.  I've taken your frown and turned it upside down.  Of course I do go back to work tomorrow, but only for a day.
Last night was our holiday / Christmas party.  In spite of not being a 'party' person, I went - free food, you know?  While I like a number of the people I work with, and enjoy their company when on the clock, I don't see any real need to socialize with them, if you know what I mean.  Parties do not meld associates together, rather they tend to emphasize their cliquish nature.  Those whom I wouldn't mind associating with tend to stay home, but, as I said there is free food.  It's a benefit, so take advantage.  I stayed for about 2 hours and then came home.
I saw where Eric Holder had told people to protest if the Idiot Jerk in the White House fires Mueller.  I think that will happen spontaneously.  A vast majority of America will rise up and kick the Idiot Jerk in the face.  Now, wouldn't that be enjoyable?  Doesn't it make you wonder if there isn't a secret wish among the majority for the Idiot Jerk to actually do this?  Think of the satisfaction we'd get.
There was this little article in Bloomberg which illustrates how the great Republican Tax Overhaul is going to benefit the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  Republicans don't understand how bad this is... because, how could they possibly do something so wrong?
Any way, I'm going to pick my new bike up today.  American Express is to smile on me for the next 3 months.  That's okay.  When they called to tell me I could pick it up, and I told them I'd most likely bring it home and put it on a trainer, they seemed surprised.  I'm a late spring, summer, and early fall cyclist.  I am not one of those guys who puts on thick, insulated spandex just so I can ride in the cold.

Not me!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Greatest Christmas Present Ever

Well, here it is Sunday morning - tomorrow's Monday and some of you have to go back to work... now ain't that a bitch.  I have off.  Not only do I have off tomorrow, I work one day and then have another day off... which is almost sweet.
So far today, besides playing fetch with the dogs, I've set up my new CycleOps trainer and, using an Ant + stick have connected it to my Samsung laptop.  I'd bought the laptop when the arthritis in my lumbar region (last 5 vertebrae) had paralyzed my right leg and I wanted a fast, portable gaming computer.  It's shit.  It looks, good, got great reviews, but the keys pop off... and it's slow.  With 2 hard drives it runs slow as frozen piss.
And the rumor out there is that the Idiot Jerk in the White House is going to fire Mueller after the Republican Congress passes their horse shit Tax Overhaul.  The minority base supporting the Idiot Jerk will be happy as pigs in shit... however, a majority of Americans will be not only very unhappy, but very angry.  Does that minority group come even close to comprehending this?  Absolutely not.  Do they understand that the great majority will lift up their very large majority feet and begin to stomp them into the ground?  Absolutely not.  You see, no matter what that Fat Pig in the White, or the party itself, says this is about total control.  That's right.  For them 'making America great' means having total control - nothing else.  The truth, however, is that America will only be great after this minority group is voted out of office.  For America to be great this minority group needs to lose any vestige of control... forever.  Their end is approaching.  Roy Moore's loss, in spite of all the white, social conservative money flushed down the toilet was a neon road sign for them, which is why they're doubling down.  The Tsunami is growing to a towering height and instead of running for higher ground, hoping to somehow survive, they're digging in, trying to strengthen the foundations they are building on the sand.  It's about total control... no matter what.
The truth they totally refuse to see is that by firing Mueller, the Idiot Jerk in the White House would be giving the growing Majority of Americans the Greatest Christmas Present ever, but then most losers are always blind.
Anyway, I had been thinking about putting up a tree this year... but probably will not because of the dogs. 

You see I was talking to a woman at work who put up a tree, and she has 2 dogs, both smaller than mine, and the one named Otis grabbed hold of the lights... and ran.  Chaos and Catastrophe.  Me?  I told her that I'd be more concerned with coming home and finding branches... all over the house.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Red State Mentaility

Well with Big Seig's help, I've been taking apart my weight bench - or at least that part which supports the barbell up in the air when you're doing bench presses.  That rack alone takes up 15 square feet - which may not seem like a lot, but believe me, it is.
In case you haven't been paying attention, the GOP is ready to ram their crazy, waste of a Tax Cut / Overhaul down the throats of Americans because... well, because they've been telling their base for years this will create more jobs.  This is what's going to start the big buck rolling into all the Idiot Jerk supporters, at least that's what those morons think.  Obviously, if they read Boomberg they'd realize this is a trillion dollar blunder.  They honestly believe that corporations are going to take these cuts and use them to create unnecessary jobs for unnecessary employees, who's employment will drop the productivity level these corporations want.  Keep in mind, no one has ever accused these people of being intelligent.  By the same token, these corporations are not going to suddenly give their employees a $1 an hour increase out of the kindness of their hearts - employees are already getting paid enough for the work they do, they don't need any more money, that would set a bad precedent.  Of course, those who want this piece of shit passed don't really care about America, they just want to prove they can pass legislation, even this turd.
And that Roy Moore cluster fuck down in Alabama?  It's getting crazier by the minute.  He's too cheap to pay for a recount might prove he lost by an even greater margin.  And losers like Alex Jones are adding to the hilarity of this mess.  Don't these people realize that a majority of Americans are looking at this circus, wanting to tell Moore and his crony losers to "just shut up!"  There are people who believe 20,000 out of state voters were bused in on yellow school buses.  That would be at least 800 buses.  You could probably see that many buses from space.  And wouldn't somebody at a polling station have called the local news media if even 5 school buses with out of state license plates pulled up and started unloading?  This is Red State Mentality at its... sharpest.  These are the same people who think these tax cuts are going to generate more jobs.  Oh... my.

Friday, December 15, 2017

The FCC is a lot like Roy Moore

I have a bit of a cold, that means my nose is running which tends to be the only symptom I get when a rhinovirus takes hold.... oh, and I usually get a cold sore.
And what about Roy Moore?  He can not believe that Judgment has come down against him. The idea that a Higher Power has interceded against his failed interpretation is impossible for him to understand.  Even the Idiot Jerk in the White House says it's time for this loser to concede.  Everybody else in the GOP has congratulated Doug Jones on his victory - except for Mad Moore and his Supporters.  What this dolt really needs to ask himself is why would a Higher Order chose to let a Conservative Democrat win?  Of course, he will never do that since that would mean questioning his own ability to judge, and we all know Roy Moore wants to be both judge and jury.
I've been talking to people who ride bicycles about possibly buying the Kinetic trainer - so far not even a nibble... well one, but I'm not counting on that.  This means I've been rationalizing:  2 bikes so why not have 2 trainers.

Lily wants to know what's in the box

This would be fine except things might be a little tight in my computer / training room.  Changes are afoot.  I've decided to move the computer desk.  I have a regular desk and a 'computer desk' and right now the configuration is "L" shaped - well, I'm going to stream line and put everything down one wall.  I have a Wieder weight system - I use the bench, but tend to do dumbbell presses more than barbell presses, which means the stand will go.  There's also a small bookcase with a lot of my French Literature which I'm never, ever going to read again.  This is how it goes, you know?
And finally, on the FCC's decision to end Net Neutrality yesterday...  we need to vote as many Republicans out of office as possible, simply because they have to much duck shit in their brains.  They say "deregulation will increase competition and drop prices."  That's a lie.  They say "this will allow Internet Providers the ability to make improvements."  That's a lie.  When a customer's provider increases his monthly charge, that customer will piss and moan, but very rarely change providers. With only three main Internet Providers in the country, there is no competition.  If one raises rates, it's only a matter of time before the other 2 raise their rates as well.  There is no absolutely no 'fair market value' on the services they provide.  But Conservatives are really greedy.  So, the best thing we can possible do is vote them out of office because they are all a little like Roy Moore, even when they fail, they will never realize just how wrong they are.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Okay, so here it is... Thursday.  I get to work today, tomorrow, and Saturday - then I'm off for 2 days.
Jason, from World Cup Cycle and Ski called yesterday, my new bike is in... A Month Early!  When I'd picked up the X6 two weeks ago I'd been told that shipment had been delayed and it wouldn't be here until 1/15/18.  Now I'm going to pick it up on Monday!!
Surprise, surprise, Roy Moore is still refusing to admit he got his ass wiped at the polls by black women, not that a lot of smart white people didn't vote for Doug Jones, but it was the black women that put him over the top.  That must be a knife in his crazy, white, Christian heart.  Of course accountability also comes into play.  I don't know why, but for some reason Social Conservatives think that all they need to do is say the Believe, and ask for Forgiveness, that once they've done those 2 things accountability flies out the door.  It doesn't.  Roy Moore thought he was Special.  The fact that he isn't is totally beyond his comprehension.  No doubt he thinks he's been Betrayed.  Repeating that last sentence while trying to sound like Wallace Shawn gives it true value.

"You believe my accountability betrays me?!  Ha!"
Anyway, we have just 11 more days until Christmas, out of those 11 days I have to work 7 - business in the flooring department is going to be dead.  I'm also scheduled to work New Year's Eve till 6 PM and New Year's day until 7...  like what kind of freaking moron is going to go out on New Year's Day and buy carpeting?  Anyway, I'll probably be out early on the 31st and probably out early on the 1st.  They don't like working people both days.  The scheduling is no doubt a bit screwy because one of my fellow associates is Kurdish and she's going back to Kurdistan for 2 months.  I told her to bring back souvenirs.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Taking Back America!

The sound you hear that sounds a lot like thunder?  Well, it's Anne Marie dancing in the streets of Philly, and Bob and Carlos, and Mistress Maddie in stiletto heels and castanets, and Mark, and Marc, and Sean!  Listen and you can hear John in Wales and Rozzie in cheering from Down Under!  That sound you hear is Americans taking back America!  There's been a lightening strike in Alabama!

And, of course old Roy Moore believes he's been abandoned by... well... that fool is not even close to understand the truth.  And, in case you're counting, this was the 2nd failure by the Idiot Jerk in the White House to influence an election in Alabama.  As for Steve Bannon, I suspect he's started wondering if perhaps he should crawl back under his shitty little racist rock.
Doug Jones' win is being called 'stunning!'  What is stunning is that Americans said "no," to hate.  Americans united and went out to vote.
We are the Thunder!
We are the Lightening!
We are Taking Back America!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

My Succulent is Blooming

How do I know?  Well, let me tell you, if you don't know when your succulent blooms there's a problem...  because little things shoot out the end, little flowers, you know?  This is how they make little succulents.

To be honest, some people my think me special because I have more than one succulent, in fact I have a lot... and an orchid which just started to bloom, as well.  One thing most people don't know about succulents is that they are poisonous to dogs, so if you have one, keep your dog away from it.
And for those who don't know "God's Own Country" won some top awards at the British Independent Film Awards ceremony. Congrats to all the winners for working on such a great film!
Of course in the US those wins set all Social Conservative's teeth on edge, just like the marriage equality bill in Australia.  This is not the world they want.  This is why Roy Moore is their Prince, their Storybook Hero; he represents an America where Biblical Law rules.  You can bet many of them are going to be tuned into the election results this evening without even understanding the outcome means nothing.  You see millions of Americans, a vast majority, have already passed judgement on Roy Moore in much the same way he passed judgement in his years as a judge, by what they deem to be fair and decent and right.  If Roy Moore wins, then the Social Conservatives lose in much the same way they lost when Joel Osteen demonstrated his total lack of compassion, of concern for Humanity when Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, and in much the same way they lose when ever they lay their hands upon the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  And, of course, they also lose if he fails to win Jeff Session's seat in the Senate.
Do they care?  Hell No!  They are not concerned with Caring Compassion, with Humanity; all they want is total control, the ability to pass judgement freely, and to take away your human rights.  Do they understand?  Hell No!  Will they lose?  Hell Yes!

Monday, December 11, 2017

My Nuts

Yesterday was a busy day.  I made my burritos - in fact I made way too much.  Sometime this afternoon I'll throw all of the leftovers into a big pot and make burrito chili.
And I put out my Christmas Nuts.

Nuts are a regular part of my diet, in fact, I eat them daily since each and every nut is filled with protein.  Yummy!
And yesterday was also the day I finally got fed up with my Kinetic Trainer - you know you really hate it when you spend a lot of money on something and it turns out to be a piece of shit.  The reviews, for the most part, were very good and so I ignored the few complaints...  bad decision.  The problems started shortly after I opened the box.  There were calibration issues, getting the sensor module to size my wheel at a speed of 21 mph (never happened), also the sensor module itself needed to be replaced because the Bluetooth wouldn't connect with the app.  Yesterday the app started crashing about 4 seconds after I started it on both my phone and tablet which means there's something wrong with the app (buggy as hell, if you ask me).  I shot off an email to Kinetic... a couple of hours later I received a general notification, not from a Kinetic, but from another customer who was complaining that the app had stopped working for him as well.  This is bad thing.  The app works this AM, however it's too late, I've already ordered a CycleOps Magnus.  I've used CycleOps for years so I'm going back to them. 
And for those who live somewhere other than Pennsylvania, one of three court cases begins today challenging those evil Republicans and their gerrymandering.  They and their minority party did the same thing in Wisconsin and got a big smack back.  Hopefully it's going to happen again in this state.  You would think they would realize the easiest way to stay in power is to get the majority of the voters on their side.  If they want to keep catering to minority hate groups they deserve to be stomped into the ground.
Anyway, what do you think of my nut bowl?  Made from a tree!  Personally, I think it's a little too small... my nuts just seem to overflow, which is not a good thing, and every time I turn around it seems to be empty.  Damn.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Kicking ass

Here it is... Sunday, the first of 2 days off, and I slept in... kind of.  The dogs don't know I don't have to go to work today, that my schedule has changed, and so they woke me up at the same time they always do to go 'potty outside.'  Why would they know any different?  They're dogs.  Of course that didn't stop me from going back to bed for another 2 hours.  I need the rest, I've lots of things to get done today.
Grocery shopping is one of the things that needs to be done.  I'm going to try my hand at homemade burritos this afternoon, so I'm going to need to get some beans, everything else is pretty much stocked.  I'm going to use Crisco rather than lard to make the tortillas, not that I have problems with lard, it's just that there's going to be enough fat in each one as it is, I don't need to add anymore.
I want to see if I can get a 45 minute ride on the trainer.  Shouldn't be a problem (I hope) as long as I get the right music.  Or maybe a video - I don't do movies, but I have a number of cycling videos from back before my schedule had to be fully flexible.  I even have Sufferfest videos.

Now, I know there are those out there who are going to see this and think it has nothing to do with cycling... well, it does.  Sufferfest has been around for a long, time.  In fact, they are one of the best purveyors of cycling videos.  Their Tour of Sufferlandria is simply amazing!  The only thing you don't have to worry about when using one of their videos is crashing unless you're using one of these trainers:

You need to be close to a wall
And I do know the Idiot Jerk in the White House farted out some noise yesterday down in Mississippi while protests are continuing to grow in the Middle East.  Clueless.  Even though there is great doubt that he's a Believer, his administration is the most effective example of why our Founding Fathers separated  church and state.  The faithful are totally oblivious because they don't care about anybody else.  They are a selfish group of breeders, aren't they?

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Today's going to be a day of rest... not in that I won't have to work, but there's not going to be any cardio today.  While I would have liked to have jumped on either the elliptical or the bike, I reminded myself my surgery was only 3.5 weeks ago.  Healing is good.  And this does not mean I've stopped working out, I've started using my bands for arm and shoulder work - exercises which do not involve ab work.  My lifting restriction is until 12/26 which means that early on the 27th I'll head over to the gym.
Evidently the Idiot Jerk in the White House is going to Mississippi, to their Civil Rights Museum, and the protests have already started.  The only people who are happy are White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, and the rest of the stupid, white people who make up his base.  This is going to be their way of saying "Screw You America."  He will make some politicized speech which does more harm and than good, keeps those bloody wounds open, and end it with about 7 or 8 "God Bless's."  In case you haven't noticed, he says "God Bless" quite a bit, not because he's one of the failed faithful, rather, he knows Social Conservatives love to hear those words and thank him by throwing money his way:  ker-ching, ker-ching.
Anyway, there's this storm coming up the East Coast:  Snow.... well, kind of since it's hugging the shoreline.  Anne Marie might get an inch or so, here in Enola?  A dusting, perhaps, which is a shame because I like snow.  I always tell people it's 'free cardio,' no gym fees so take advantage of it.  The dogs?  They Loooooove Snow!

I'm serious, there's 'snow' doubt!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Handsome is...

Well, it's Friday, and while many will post silly memes on Facebook about the end of their work week, as do millions and millions of other people, I get to work tomorrow.
How sad that Al's leaving.  One of our brightest, truest voices is throwing himself on his sword... well, kind of, since he did initiate some unwanted touchy, feely moments with women.  There is a price to pay, and he's paying it with dignity.  By doing so he is illuminating the phony Family Values of the Republicans, the Pussy Grabber, the Child  Predator, that moron Trent Frank from Arizona who wanted women from his office to be surrogate mothers since his wife has fertility issues... at least he says that it's his wife.  Hasn't Trent Frank ever heard of adoption?  Wait, that's right, he's a Family Value Republican so any children would need to come from his gene pool, right?  Dumb shit.  Anyway, Al's leaving office and my money says he's going to torch as many of those phony Family Values asswipes as possible.
I did 35 minutes on the elliptical this AM and felt great.  I'd post the results but there was a Garmin update to my phone and now I've got to re-establish the Bluetooth connection between it and my Fenix 3 HR.  Also, while I was waiting for my surgery, I purchased a Suunto Spartan Sports Watch, which is similar to the Fenix, except the stats it provides tend to be more detailed in a couple of areas.  The only problem I'm having with it is the location.  Even though I've set the thing up for Enola, PA, it seems to want to locate me in the 17th Arrondisement (Paris suburb), which would be nice if I wanted people to think I was working out in France.
And then there's Biggie.  Lily and he were chasing each other around downstairs with a purple squirrel, squeaking it at each other, and teasing each other with it's tail, for a long time this AM.  While she went to take a quick nap, I found him sitting in the computer, training, workout room.

Handsome dog, isn't he?  That's my gray computer chair to his left which will give you an indicator of just how big he is.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Follow This

Well, it's Thursday.  I had my annual review yesterday.  They rate me as an E (Exceeds expectations) 2 (well positioned for promotion) which means that should one open, I could step right into a Supervisory position.  That ain't gonna happen.  As we get older in life, the goal is to work less, have less stress, and more fun, not deal with customer service issues on a daily basis, or have metrics, or productivity goals to meet.
Oh, and the Idiot Jerk in the White House said that we, as a country, are gong to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  Crazy Christian and Conservative Jews are ecstatic.  Not too many others share their ecstasy.  Of course this is a massively unpopular president who's been catering to the kiss ass crowd who helped him get elected since day one.  Does he care of this move will increase the odds of violence dramatically?  Hell No.  His ego is far to consumed with the love from his base to even begin to understand the ramifications of his actions.
And Donnie Jr. says conversations between himself and the Idiot Jerk are confidential; attorney / client privilege, you know?  I guess he doesn't understand this is pretty much an admission of guilt.  But then I'm sure a lot of people just think he's out and out lying... which would be par for the course.  Even if he isn't, that both the Idiot Jerk and the Jr Jerk felt a need for attorneys to be present is rather damning in itself.  There is the possibility, however, that no one in this family will even fart without an attorney being present.... wait a minute, that's probably true.
As for the Supreme Court hearing the gay cake case?  From what I've read, neither side made an efficient argument, some times even coming across as vague... what's up with that?  My money says when the decision is released in June no one will be satisfied, there will be nothing ground breaking most likely taking a vague anti-discrimination route... though mildly.  Using the "it's against my religion" excuse to openly discriminate, while satisfying the Crazy Christian Crowd would flood the courts with cases.
Finally, I had a customer yesterday who's a Semi-Professional Cyclist...  Skinny guy.  It was a real blast talking to him.  He's on Strava - has over 900 rides under his wheels.  I might actually follow him, even if he doesn't buy and blinds simply because it was really, really neat!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Bank on This!

Yesterday was rather busy here:  a couple of loads of laundry, raking leaves in the back yard, a visit to my Mom thrown in with a couple of short naps with the dogs (they love that).
For those who didn't see, Russia was banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics basically because without drug enhancement, their athletes are average, and let's face it, average doesn't win Gold Medals.  I suspect this might upset some of the Idiot Jerk supporters because... this is just one more indication that Putinland is corrupt and evil - cheat, he loves it when they win by cheating.
And in Washington?  Well, we're looking at a government shut-down on Saturday.  There are no Democratic, or Independent votes offering to help the Idiot Jerk and his supplicants.  If you look back, I believe I said this was one of the reasons Chuck and Nancy jumped on board his request for a delay.  Oops.  We're about to see the 'art of the deal' fail... big time.
But the really big news was that Deutsche Bank is going to turn over the Idiot Jerk's financial records to Mueller and his Team.  I'll be honest, I was surprised to discover that when it comes to getting a loan, the Idiot Jerk doesn't go American, he goes German..  In fact it turns out he owes a fortune to Deutsche Bank.

My money says that news gave him the hot runs.  Not only does he love this bank, evidently so do all of his spawn (Kushner has what? a $200 million + loan from them).  For a Forensic Accounting this must be a ticket to the Promised Land.  This is how they got Manafort - looking at his finances.  People who were upset when he refused to release his Income Tax Returns will find these figures much, much more satisfying.  His Net Worth will probably drop... maybe dramatically, when his total debt is released... and you know it'll be released, or leaked.  Is this going to hurt the Idiot Jerk?  You can bank on it.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Time to plug in the Toaster

Well, here it is Tuesday morning, 3 weeks since my surgery, and I was up bright and early - think 0500, because of the dogs, which is the approximate time they started jumping up and down on the bed, and licking me in the face because it was 'potty time.'
Yesterday, when I saw that the Idiot Jerk in the White House had drastically reduced the size of two national monuments, my stomach turned over and I felt a bit sick.  Later, when I got home and looked on line, I saw that his supporters were all for this - they believe what he is doing is 'good for America.'  Hopefully his decision will be tied up in the court system until he is removed from office.
Later I saw that both the Idiot Jerk and the RNC had both chosen to endorse Roy Moore...   This means they've decided to totally ignore Jeff Flake's comment that "if we become the party of Donald Trump and Roy Moore we are toast."  Even though he is a Conservative, and a Republican, Jeff Flake is not stupid, he sees the future of a minority party that keeps pushing the country so far to the right it is way beyond the boundaries of what Centrist's deem as acceptable.  And they don't understand that the country is overwhelmingly Centrist.

Even though Reaganomics started failing after 2 years, and even after the Trickle Down Economic Tax Cuts in Kansas turned into an economic and political nightmare, they just cannot comprehend that one of their core beliefs is 'bad for America.'  This is why they're endorsing Roy Moore.  They need to get their damn tax overhaul passed.  The idea that they will damage human lives doesn't even occur to them since that would mean that they are Wrong.
This is a party that totally denies evolution; they do need that Social Conservative voted to keep their minority from shrinking any farther.  They find the fact that America is getting browner day by day abhorrent. 
Their Faith has taken a selfish, ugly turn on which everything hinges on the power of the pronoun 'my.'  They are in total denial of the fact that by the time I turn 100, a mere 35 years from now, there will be more Muslims in the world than Christians; a statistic that is a knife in their heart.  The fact that the Hindus are right behind the Muslims when it comes to growing their religion is more than they can fathom.  One can only say they should have, perhaps, been not so stringent with their anti-evolution beliefs.  Had they permitted their beliefs to grow and evolve they might not be in the minority party.
The fact that this president, and this party, are chugging full steam ahead pretty much defines their "Screw America" attitude, even with horrendous approval ratings.  The time has come to plug in the toaster.  Now is when we start to burn their asses so badly it will be decades before they become anything other than the stink of scorched and blackened bread.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Traitor Trump

Well, I did about 8 minutes on the bike this morning... why so few?  Bad Music, for the most part.  I chose a group called Animal Collective and while I like listening to their music, for the most part it's Sunday Afternoon music, not the sort of thing to get your legs pumping.  They do use drums, but mostly it's keyboards and some guitar...  and sometimes their 4/4 time is rather vague.
And I guess that at least one of the Idiot Jerk's tweets yesterday was supposedly written by his lawyer who gave it to his publicity person to publish.  Doesn't this make you wonder just who is responsible for all of the horseshit he tweets?  He he really just a fat, lazy slob who's delegated his anger to someone else?  In a way that kind of makes sense, I mean he is rather a porker boy, and I can picture him (get ready to shudder) lounging around in his bathrobe, chowing down on bonbons, all the wile ogling Ainsley Earhardt. 

She looks a little like Melanoma, doesn't she?
Notice how her teeth are toilet bowl white and her eyes look black as coal?  Makes you almost think this is evil wearing a mask.
In case you were wondering, his approval rating dipped to 34% last week.  Surprise!  Headlines are already popping up on my computer about his rage with Flynn.  The lawyer may have been responsible for one tweet, but the Idiot Jerk seems have taken back control of his phone.  This means only 1/3 of Americans approve of the him, and it case you're wondering, it will only get worse.
And if you think I'm way off in calling him a porker boy, this might change your mind.
So is everybody tired of hearing "crooked Hillary?"  I know I am.  At this point, the Idiot Jerk has shrieked it so many times, it's become impotent, stimulating only his hard core followers.  With all of the revelations regarding his kith and kin in regards to Russian meddling, I do believe we should something new, a chant to ring out this turd from the Oval Office.  What do you think of Traitor Trump?  Catchy, isn't it?  Two words that will bun his ass.  Now, if we could only get a wave going.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Hanged Man

Well, here it is Sunday, I hope everybody is having an exciting weekend so far.  Yesterday, being the first Saturday in December, was our Kid's Workshop at the store: 331 kids.  Have you any idea how much noise that many kids put out?  Little hammers hitting little nails!  And just 75 feet away!
The Idiot Jerk in the White House farted out some sort of nonsense yesterday... like, maybe Flynn was fired for lying to the FBI... which doesn't jive with what he said, way back then.  Of course, that doesn't matter for his supporters since they all suffer from long term memory loss, which means anything longer than two weeks ago has already been forgotten.  Besides, they could care less since they're all going to get a big tax cut!  They know the big bucks are soon going to start flowing into their bank accounts!  Their taxes will drop dramatically!  Why they know it'll be like paying nothing at all!  Right.  Because Corporations are going to use their tax cut to create more new jobs!  Right.  Even Breitbart knows this is bullshit.  Of course, because the article is so technical and doesn't fountain right wing hatred, most readers will never get past the 2nd paragraph.  Trickle down economics has always failed.  Reaganomics totally fell apart and George H. Bush had to raise corporate taxes and it will happen again now. 
As for the Idiot Jerk in the White House?  Like a bad Tarot reading, his cards keep getting flipped over revealing the ugly truth - lies, deceits, cover-ups - we're just waiting for the Hanging Man.  Everybody pretty much knows that the Idiot Jerk was giving orders to Kushner who was giving orders to Flynn.  The Idiot Jerk is a business man, who makes business decisions that are not based on his loyalty to his country, but rather to himself.  He alone decides what's a good decision, and he has no problem in lying because his self loyalty allows him to believe his own lies.  As a businessman he knows what's happening is bad, so he lies, and he talks about how great the stock market's doing.  Looking at his past, he has had no problem in declaring bankruptcy, in fact he's done it what?  Four times?  He's made that business decision and then walked away with no regrets.  It's water over the dam.  You can bet's he and his spawn already have a contingency plan in place for when Mueller turns over the Hanging Man.

He will make a business decision and move on... most likely to Europe.  I wouldn't be surprised if there was a really nice Dachau waiting for him in the outskirts of Moscow, from which he can hobnob with the Oligarchs and brag about how many trademarks he and Ivanka scored in China.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Trump kneels to Mother Russia

Okay, so instead of putting in a half an hour on the bike this AM I decided to grab another hour and a half of sleep.  That's fine.  I'm still in the recovery stage from my surgery, it's not even been 3 weeks so I feel I'm entitled. 
And how about Flynn yesterday?  Great news for America, bad news for Team Idiot Jerk in the White House.  Did the Scumbag on the Hill tweet anything about it?  I do know that the pathological liar Sarah Huckabee-Two Tongues hissed some sort of curdled message... or did she?  I don't remember seeing or hearing of her foisting some deceit from her little podium.  Most of the Republican members of Congress seemed to turn their normal blind eye - but then the Senate was all goosey gandy because they managed to pass some sort of horrible tax bill, not that it means anything, and of course that didn't keep Mitch McTurtle from doing a crazy little Texas Two Step about how great the moment was for America's Wealthiest...
We all do need to give a round of applause to Team Mueller!  With his staid appearance, who ever would have thought that he'd be such a gifted vivisectionist?  For a second I thought that might not be the best word... since vivisection is done on living things and Team Idiot Jerk has been brain dead for... well who know how long?  But there is a some sort of a pulse there, so the heart is still beating, a rather bad heart, but it still is beating.
While the collusion hasn't been proven yet, thanks the to time lines we now have, we know that Trump was already down on one knee to Mother Russia long before he was sworn into office.  That man sure does love his Vlad, doesn't he?  The sooner we get that American Traitor out of office, the sooner we take control away from the Republicans, the better off our Democracy will be.  For this to be the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave, he need and his seed need to be dumped like so much other garbage.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Outrage in the UK!

I hope I wasn't the only one who realized that when the Idiot Jerk in the White House retweeted those Racist, Alt-Right videos the shit was going to hit the fan.  What was funny was that what I initially saw was a little, itsy, bitsy blurb which, after I clicked on it, seemed to explode across the Internet.  I mean, it went all over the world!  And only the Alt-Right was happy.  If I'm correct, there's a petition circulating in the UK to keep the Idiot Jerk from ever setting foot in the country again.  This fool is an ignoramus.  My money says that those retweets pretty much squatted down on his already terrible approval rating and dumped a steamy load.
Oh, and more joyous news for the Republicans!  They had to shelve the vote on the Senate version of their tax cut until today because... it was falling apart.  I understand it was short by 3 votes... deficit problems.  It seems as though in order for them to give tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy, they will need to eliminate benefits and raise taxes on those Red State people who need them the most... ahhh, now isn't that a shame.  But then this has always been a hurdle they can never get over, ever since they days of Ronald Reagan, where Trickle Down Economics ended up pissing on the lower and middle classes.
And what about Rex Tillerson leaving?  Word of this happening has been floating around for months... and he's being replaced by Mike Pompeo, a man who thinks like the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  This Fools Parade is just getting crazier and crazier - and is definitely not the way you win support or grow your shrinking base.

As for the Outrage in the UK, word is going around that a planned trip there by the Idiot Jerk has been put on hold - they say he was supposed to open a new US Embassy - until some future date.  And chance he had of meeting the Queen when he does go, if he goes, has pretty much been flushed down the shitter.  I'm sure his Administration is trying to provide him some solace for this loss by arranging for a quickie with his Bromo pal Vlad.