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Friday, December 22, 2017

Longer days

It's Friday.
Business is slow - nobody starts shopping for flooring this close to Christmas.  In fact, we don't have a lot of foot traffic.  Sure, we still have people coming in to buy decorations, but even that number has dropped.  One customer asked me when we would be marking down our live Christmas trees - I told maybe an hour before we close on Christmas Eve.  He did not like that answer.  The truth is that trees are a POS item, if we sell them we make money, however since they're not really in our inventory, we don't take a hit on those that don't sell.  Those that are left over get sent to a goat farm because evidently goats will eat anything.
I have my annual physical at 8 this AM.  I'm sure my sugar is going to be high. Every time I turn around at work someone is handing me a cookie, or a piece of candy.  Yesterday in the lunch room there was a giant punch bowl filled with Hershey Kisses.  The District Team will bring in boodles of candy canes.  Department Supervisors thank their associates with treats, usually cookies and candies.  Sometimes you will get an actual gift, or more often, a gift card to go buy Fast Food.
Yesterday was also Winter Solstice... that means days are going to start to get longer.  Yippee.  I don't mind the cold temperatures of winter, but I do dislike it when we only get 9 hours of sunlight.  I'm a sunshine kind of guy.  Short days make me lazy.
Time to head off for my annual physical.

Well, I'm back... and healthy as hell.  I did learn a couple of things from my Dr.  Evidently I had 2 (deux... swei... dos) hernias rather than just one.  This makes sense because when I used to do crunches I could feel (and hear) things moving up and down that were not in my groin (that's right, the 2nd was higher up).  This also explains why it felt as though they'd sewn a large sweat sock into my abdomen.  They also cut out something called a lipoma (fatty tissue) that was 7 cm long.  Interesting, huh?  That, and the fact that days are going to start getting longer makes me feel ducky dandy!


  1. Sounds like you are definitely on the mend and ready for 2018. Glad your physical went well.

    1. With all the crap I've been eating, I was sure my sugar would be through the roof. It wasn't.

  2. YAYZ for more light and sunshine and warmer temps!

    1. Today was one minute longer than yesterday!!!