I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Here in Central PA they're forecasting a drizzly day... wow.  I'm excited.  I work so the weather really doesn't bother me too much.  The next 2 days are supposed to be partially sunny with the temps in the mid 50's (F).  I'm off, so that will be nice. 
Thursday is my Uncle's mini-viewing / service.  I'm hoping to not spend more than an hour at the Funeral Parlor.  I've always found that rather morbid, sitting through a memorial service in front of an open casket.  Some people have this really odd belief they need to get one last look at their loved ones before internment...  even if they look about as real as either Ken or Barbie.  Sorry, but memories should be based on our younger years, before age begins to slowly take toll, before there are wrinkles, and grey hair, and bald spots.   I do that a lot at work, look at older people and wonder what they were like in their youth, when they could dance the night away.  Not that I have any problem with aging.  I'm going to blow through my senior years with as much excitement and energy as possible.  This is what life is supposed to be about, not worrying about your cholesterol, or blood pressure.
I just read through some interesting reports about stents and by-pass surgery and how they really don't do anything to extend your life.  They do make doctors and surgeons a lot of money though.  Oh... sorry for the bad news Bernie.
And I thought I'd model another pair of socks for you.  These are my Bigfoot socks.

Snazzy, huh?  I'll  be wearing these in about 10 hours on my evening ride.  And doesn't my leg look awfully fat?  It isn't.
And I saw the Idiot Jerk's administration has decided to go against International Law by giving a big 'thumbs up' to settlements by Israel.  This is once again something geared towards his minority Conservative base.  There's some sort of prophecy which states that the 2nd Coming will happen after all Jews have returned home.  That's never going to happen.  If you look at the emigration stats of Israel it's fairly obvious that while new kids are moving into their block, even more are moving out.  The Conservative religious grip is growing tenuous.  People don't want to raise their kids in a war zone, neither to they really like the mandatory military service.  Of course, you try telling that to the Crazy Christians in this country and their eyes just go blank.  Those words don't even register because they don't jive with their personal beliefs.

Monday, November 18, 2019


It's Thursday!!  Well, maybe not for you, but it is for me.  Tomorrow is my Friday!  Should I start my happy dance now?
My Uncle died on Saturday.  I haven't seen him in at least 5 years.  He was elderly.  Interestingly, neither of his children notified us, rather it was my cousin Robin who sent my brother and I texts.  She later sent us information regarding the service... without providing the day.  At least I didn't get it, my brother did. When I queried her on it, she explained she had been busy multi-tasking when she texted me and overlooked that crucial piece of information.  We were never really close to that side of the family so I guess that's an acceptable reason.
I asked my brother to send flower from he, my sister, and myself.  He still owes me money for his Elton John ticket.  I'm a nice guy... but not that nice.
Going through my archival pics, I found one of me from a Christmas Party I went to in 1999 - that's right this baby is 20 years old.  The vest was a forest green paisley.  My one flirtation with a pattern which never looked good on me.  I'm more of a flannel man.

As you can see, I could never really grow facial hair...  which has always been one of my biggest regrets.  
Oh, and the Idiot Jerk stopped by Walter Reed on Saturday to, supposedly, begin his annual physical... about three months early.  Purportedly they took blood...  for testing.  That seems like something his personal physician... or personal nurse... or even one of his trained lackeys might do at the White House.  Why fly him over to Walter Reed?  Of course, suspicion is rising since this is so out of the ordinary.  But then, we never know, maybe he blew out half of his rectum during one of his recent shit explosions over the impeachment inquiry.  It must be a terrible burden on him to realize over half the country wants to see him jailed for eternity.  

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Dine on this

It's Sunday and those Thanksgiving sales people have already started wondering into the department.  They always ask which carpets are going on sale, or which laminates, or luxury vinyl planks.  The answer is always the same  "NADA."
I had one customer yesterday who told me he had purchased flooring from us 2 years ago at some ridiculously low cost and wanted to know why we weren't doing those kinds of discounts anymore.  Well, he was wrong.  No deep discounts in flooring for Black Friday.  Had he actually purchased from us 2 years ago, I could have pulled up his order and proven him wrong.  I was nice,  I didn't.
There was another customer who had purchased vinyl planks last year and questioned the price increase.  He want to purchase more.  I just looked him in the eye and said "China."  His face hardened a bit.  That was something he didn't want to hear because the American Consumer, according to the Idiot Jerk in the White House, is going to face the brunt of his tariffs.  I could have told him that once these tariff wars are over prices are not going to be coming back down, but that would have been rubbing salt into his wound.  The truth is... they're not coming back down.
Anyway, I saw where Louisiana re-elected their Democratic Governor.  Another off cycle election and another loss for the shit bag in the White House.  Anne Marie said it best: "everything he touches dies."  His base is... I suspect, staying home, away from the polls.  They're not going to vote him out of office, they're just not going to vote for him.  They are withering on the vine, so to speak.
On a brighter note, I got my dinosaur socks.

In the lower corner, you can see one on my left foot.  Those are not eyes looking at you.  They're chewy chompers waiting to take a bite.

Saturday, November 16, 2019


Another Friday night and another concert.  Not Elton John.  My brother in law called about a week and a half ago.  He had bought tickets for he and my sister to see Grace Potter.  My sister decided she didn't want to go, so I was offered her ticket.  I said yes, of course, not because I knew who she was but... well, she was at the Forum which is a very nice venue in downtown Harrisburg.  She was very dynamic.  I had listened to a few of her songs to familiarize myself with her music.  She used to sing with a group called The Nocturnals, now she's solo.  I'd recommend giving her a listen if you get the chance.

Anyway, now I'm running a little behind. 
I've started approving and disapproving comments while at work.  I use my phone.  It makes it nice and simple.  They don't really want me using the store computer for personal use.  I should be using it to sell product.
And of course, during testimony yesterday the Idiot Jerk opened up with a volley of hate Tweets.  Evidently the GOP had been going to treat Marie Yovanavitch with at least of some the respect she deserves... and then the Idiot Jerk started throwing Twitter acid on her, at least that's how one media outlet phrased his attack.  He is such a dumb shit.  I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't a number of Evangelical leaders laying their hands on him as he launched yesterday's attack.  The think he was sent to give them what their craven hearts so desperately want.  And while his base might have started spinning in giddy little circles of delight, a majority of Americans said "what the fuck?"
Oh, and Roger Stone was found guilty on all 7 charges.  Prepare yourselves for not only a pardon, but a tiny fingered Tweet about how the Idiot Jerk can do whatever he wants because he was sent by... Pure Evil.  They have no idea how fast their time is ticking away.
Here's a vid from a Grace Potter concert in 2015.  The song is Timekeeper.  Her performance last night included a lot more percussion.  Oh, and better lighting.

Friday, November 15, 2019

The Ride

It's Monday!... well for me anyway.  Can you feel my excitement?
My deep fryer arrived yesterday.  I made spring rolls - tasty.  That's what I'm taking for lunch today.
The dog's Christmas presents also arrived yesterday.  That's the only thing I really like about the holiday.  Something I learned a long time ago: it doesn't matter what it looks like, as long as it squeaks it's the best toy in the world.  Balls are good, too.  Lily loves running around with a lime green tennis ball in her mouth. They each get three.
So, I went for a 12.5 mile ride yesterday and set up my Gopro so you can see what I see.  When I try and explain it to people they say "yeah, okay," but I know they don't realize what I see.  This little ride is in Warm Springs Oregon.  If you enlarge you can see the boxes clearly.  The bottom one on the right is my route, the top one on the right show energy and cadence.  On the left, the bottom box shows my speed, how fast I'm pedaling.  The box at the top show's how far I've traveled and how many miles are left in the route.  The bar across the bottom shows me elevation, the darker the orange and red, the steeper the hill.  The sound you hear is the chain going over the sprockets. Also, I recorded this at the beginning of the ride before I hit the 11% grade hill - didn't think you wanted to hear me panting.

And the Idiot Jerk has gone to the Supreme Court because he doesn't want to release his tax information.  He's stacked it with Conservatives so he's hoping he can keep his crookedness secret.  There's a very good possibility they're going to tell him that this is not something you take to the Supreme Court.  Let's be honest here.  There must be something truly horrible about his tax returns for him to go to such lengths.  That's to be expected.  What a foot.  He thought getting himself elected was going to be an easy peasy ride, you know?  He'd do what ever he wanted.  Make himself a tinfoil dictator.
Oh, and by the way, I saw in Reuters when John Deere is beginning to lay off workers in the mid-west.  Tariffs are to blame.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Petulant Whiner

It's Thursday, or, since I'm retail, today's my Sunday.  Starting tomorrow I get to work 5 days in a row before I get another 2 consecutive days off.  After that?  Son of a bitch.  Consecutive days are off the schedule for at least 2 weeks.  I hate that.  I have the joy of working 6 days straight, and then my day off is Thanksgiving.  I mean, I shouldn't piss and moan, with holiday pay I'll get paid for 48 hours that week.   Still....
My apologies for posting responses to comments in such a scatter-shot fashion.  You'd think I was taking shooting lessons from Jim Jordan trying desperately to hit at least a part of the target.  That's not quite right.  My comments are posted regularly.  His comments yesterday at the first public impeachment hearing were... well.  You can tell the Idiot Jerk in the White House has left them very little to work with as far as a defense.  Since he had nothing of importance to defend, Jordan used a phony Mr. Rogers voice and ended up coming across as a condescending, petulant whiner about not hearing from the whistle-blower.  This is funny because it was the Republicans themselves who put those rules protecting whistle-blowers into effect.  This is their Karma, to constantly shit in their pants.
As I said yesterday, I was going to set up a little spread sheet for my Rouvy rides.  Here it is:

This is page one.  The distance is in miles not kilometers.  As you can see, the type signifies if it's a flat ride or a hill, I didn't include the difficulty rating, most being 2's or 3's with the Cote de Holm Moss ride having a difficulty rating of 4.  There's also a date column since I try not to repeat rides too often.
Finally, I guess the impeachment hearings continue tomorrow.  Yippee! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Fry This

And so my weekend begins!
As have so many of you, I have enabled comment moderation in order to eliminate the public platform our disruptive, little spammer so desperately requires.  Will he even notice?  Nah, he's a shallow copy and paste loner who requires a reactionary response. 
The dogs Christmas toys have been ordered.  They're each getting three different toys.  They don't really care what the toy is as long as it squeaks.  The squeakier the better.
I also ordered myself a deep fryer.

Now, I know some of you are scratching your heads and thinking "but he eats healthy, and deep fried food is really nothing more than a heart attack hiding in peanut oil."  Well, you can eat fried food as long as it's fried the right way.  When I was much younger, my Mom used to dump 3 large cans of Crisco into our deep fryer.  When she was done cooking, she'd let it solidify.  She used the same Crisco over and over again.  After a while, she cleaned out the deep fryer and dumped in more Crisco.  That's the wrong way to cook and eat fried food.  Of course, people didn't know any better back then.
And, of course, public testimony for the impeachment of the Idiot Jerk in the White House begins today.  Prepare yourselves for Twitter Hell.  I understand the GOP had some sort of SECRET CLOSED DOOR SESSION on Monday with Jimmy Jordan taking on the role of Adam Schiff in an attempt to prepare themselves.  They are doomed to failure.  Why, you ask?  Because for years they have been attack dogs.  Rabid Dobermans are more civilized.  They are going to go for the throat right out of the starting gate.  Instead of trying to get to the truth, they are going to blame.  And from his hate room in the White House the Idiot Jerk is going to be Tweeting out snarky, little names for those people testifying.  His base lives for those little names.  And all the while those Centrist Republicans in the suburbs will find deepening frowns spreading across their faces.  This ugly hatred is not what they voted for, and if the GOP thought this past election cycle was bad (and they got their asses whipped) 2020 is going to be the year their tinfoil aspirations get fried.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Dog at the Top of the Stairs

Today is Tuesday and it's my little Friday - little because it's at the end of a 3 day work week.  Tomorrow my weekend begins.  This means my next 40 hour work week starts on Friday.  Which is going to be a bit of a groan day for me.  My brother-in-law bought tickets for a chick concert on Friday night for he and my sister.  She doesn't want to go, so I got her ticket.  Someone named Grace Potter, no relation to Harry as far as I know.  I watched one of her videos and there wasn't a guy to be seen, hence my calling it a chick concert.  I'm not saying there aren't going to be men in the audience, just that we might be a minority.
Of course, after seeing Elton last Friday, comparisons are going to be made.  There's no way of avoiding them.
Outside right now we have drizzle.  The temp is going to drop as an arctic blast sweeps east.  Hopefully Thursday will be warm enough for me to mulch my leaves.  Coming home from work yesterday I was stopped by one of my neighbors who remarked on my amazing ginkgo leaf drop.  "It looks like a golden blanket on the ground," she said.
Last night as I was heading up to bed I saw Lily standing at the top of the stairs, with a toy in her mouth, so I took a pic.  My mind immediately flashed on that old thriller "The Dark at the Top of the Stairs."

Here's my version.  I call it "Dog at the top of the Stairs."

Cute, huh?
Anyway, I saw the courts handed the Idiot Jerk another defeat in regard to his taxes yesterday.  A day doesn't seem to pass without someone handing that scumbag more bad news.  Now, doesn't that warm the cockles of your heart?  If he hadn't been such a dirty crook all of his life he'd have nothing to worry about.
Oh, and I saw the Junior Idiot had to cut short some sort of book presentation because of protesters.
He actually said there was going to be no Q & A because people would weaponize his words.  I had to laugh at that.  I mean, he'd have no worries if he wasn't such a shit stain.  I'm sure the realization has set in for the Idiot Jerk's family.  Whereas when I look up the staircase I see a cute little Boxer with a toy in her mouth, when they look up the stairs all they see is deep, frightening darkness.

Monday, November 11, 2019

At the Bend in the River

Monday... another week begins.  Repetition is not the joy of my life.  Consistency is not necessarily a good thing.  Sometimes things need to be shaken up.  And underdog progressive has won the DA race in San Francisco.  This is just one more example of how the country is turning away from the rigid, conservative politics of the Idiot Jerk in the White House and his party of phonies.  One thing they have never learned and never will: you can't force your unpopular agenda down the throats of the American people and expect them to accept it.  They will repeat and fail, repeat and fail, until they no longer have a loud enough voice for anyone to hear.
Anyway... I'm changing up my cycling routine, aiming for shorter more intense rides.  This means more hills.... can you hear the joy in my words?
One of my little routines is to always make 4 taquitos when I get home from work and snack on them as read through the day's blog entries.  Last evening I didn't throw that paper towel away soon enough and Big Seig ate it.  Son of a bitch!  He has eaten them before.  They always come out in the end.  They are, however, not the type of roughage I want him chowing down on.
Oh, and today's Veteran's Day.  My personal opinion, not that it counts too much, is that as a Veteran for a Foreign War I should not have to work.  I should get the day off with pay.  Corporate America hates that idea.  Doing that would eat just the tiniest bit of their Profit Pie.  It's all about the money, you know?  Corporate America loves Conservatives - a group consistently trying to give them tax breaks.  Corporate America is not very patriotic.  They prefer banking assets rather than chipping in to help those less fortunate.  They do not care if the middle class is falling into destitution. That word does not describe their definition of the bottom line.  Unfortunately, about 88% of Corporate America is owned by foreign nationals.  That sucks.
Anyway... #2.  As I was walking to my car last week to go to work, before the temperature drop to 25 (F) I spied a little toad stool grown in my grass.

Since I thought it looks poisonous as hell, I left it be.
Finally, I began Chapter 29 last evening:  The Bend in the River.  The Bend has not always been kind to people.  In Chapter 1 there's mention of a body washing up on the rocks at the Bend in the River.  One can only wonder what our intrepid investigators find washed up on the rocks in The Body in the Well.  Hint:  It's not a Conservative.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Cracker Soup

Well, it's Sunday... and I get to go back to work.  For 3 days, and then my weekend begins.  My schedule for Thanksgiving week is crappy.  Off on Thanksgiving, working Black Friday and Saturday and then off on Sunday.  Nobody buys flooring on Black Friday.  That doesn't mean we're not going to get bubble-brained morons asking what are 'special' is...  I always point to appliances saying "go buy a $2500 refrigerator, that's where our deals are."  If you're interested in buy a washer, or dryer, now is the best time of the year - all of our others sales are mere shadows of what the discounts are now.
Yesterday morning I walked onto my front porch and saw all the leaves had fallen off my gingko.  Have you any idea how that feels?  Knowing your gingko is naked?  I took pictures hoping to drum up a little sympathy since... well... now it looks so... woody.

I saw where a Class Action suit has been filed against Madonna.  People are fed up with paying good money for a show and having her show up 2 hours late.  Her comment was "the queen is never late."  Someone needs to sit her 61 year old ass down and remind her she's doing 'smaller venue' shows because ticket sales from her last arena tour were... lackluster... yeah, lackluster is a good word for her ticket sales.  Her die-hard fans will always show up, but they're getting older and their patience is beginning to wear thin.
I saw where the Idiot Jerk in the White House went to a college football game in the deeply red south and was... cheered.  At this point in his failing Republican political career this is to be expected.  I know this is going way back, but the same thing happened after Nixon's failed re-election extravaganza.  The Republican Party became highly regionalized.  Only in the deep south, scarlet red and highly Christianized south did they stand of chance of winning elections.  This is happening again.  However, this time they have a problem.  The deep south is diversifying far more quickly than their Conservative white minds can comprehend.  They're going to realize there might not be enough crackers down there to make a decent bowl of soup.
And finally.  A lot of us have experienced the single brain celled antics of troll.  Mildred was right when she pointed out how hysterically this person is in his desperate attempt to be disruptive.  Right now I'm simply deleting the comments.  That's what this person deserves... to be deleted.  If it continues I start moderating the comments.  Eliminating them before they see the light of day is no skin off my back.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Vacation Entry #4 Farewell Yellow Brick Road

So, on the last day of my teeny, weeny vacation I went to see Elton John in Philly.  Had I used my infinite wisdom, I would have purchased the tickets when the went on sale, I didn't.  As it was, I paid a much higher price than their Face Value.  IT WAS WORTH IT!
Our seats were great!

Almost 3 hours of music and memories.  He told about how when he and Bernie were just starting out without any real hit to their names, their producer called to tell them a singer was covering one of their songs on her album.  The singer:  Aretha Franklin, and she recorded "Boarder Song," a song he doesn't do often in concert.  We heard it last night!  He did a number of songs which aren't normally on his set list, like "Take me to the Pilot," the song that launched his career when he played it at the Troubadour in LA back in 1970.  He played "Indian Sunset" from "Madman Across the Water," a song he rarely plays in concert.

You'll notice his piano moved from one side of the stage to the other so everybody got so seem him perform.  All of his hits were covered... oh, and there was a lot of thunder and lighting  and fog introducing "Funeral for a Friend."

Without a doubt, this was one of the best concerts I've been to.
Traffic, however, was not so kind:  rush hour going into Philly and then construction as we left.  It took over half an hour to cover the three miles leading to the Conshohocken exit.  Son of a Bitch!
Today will be a rest day.  
Oh, and I need to get my ass on my bicycle since I didn't get a ride in yesterday.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Vacation Entry #3

Ah, it's Friday, November 8.  For those of you who don't know, today's my birthday.  About 45 minutes ago I turned 67.  I find that number amazing.  Not because I've achieve it, rather, I have to admit I never really put much thought into getting old.  Now that it's happening it's kind of like... well... fuck.  I'd say "what do I do for an encore," but have chosen to save that line for when I turn 90.  A word of advice, if you have to get older, and most of us end up doing just that, it is a lot better to do so gracefully... and opinionated as hell.  I find a lot of joy in telling people what I think.
I rode 12.56 miles yesterday.  I was very pleased.  You see, the last time I rode that route it took a bit over 54 minutes.  Yesterday I did in just a tad over 48 minutes.  That's right, I knocked 6 minutes off my time.  The record is a bit over 24 minutes.  I will never hit that, but I would like to get my time down into the mid 30's.  We'll have to wait and see if I can knock another 11 or 12 minutes off my time.
And rather than buy a store bought cake from Giant like I usually do to celebrate a birthday, I baked one.  Most of us buy our cakes, and our cookies, and our pies; baking just takes too long.  Our palate has deteriorated to such a degree that when we taste store bought cake we say..."hhhmm, the icing is good."  While I did spread a light, peanut butter frosting on my cake, the real flavor buster was the cake itself.  Holy Crap!  I could not believe the flavor of that cake, all moist and deliciously golden.  Even the dogs liked it!
And yesterday, while I was letting the dogs out into the drizzle to do their business, I saw I had another rose.  On November, 7 my roses were still blooming!  I took a picture.

Now, wasn't that a pretty gift?
I saw where Michael Bloomberg is testing the waters for possible presidential run... without going debating one single person.  A word of advice to Michael: don't even think of sticking your toes into the water.  A run by you could well destroy the unity the Democrats have been building.  You're a businessman who thinks he can run the country the way he runs his business.  You're wrong.  We don't need another damn billionaire in the White House. 

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Vacation entry #2

I think the title is funny since I'm only off work for 4 days. 
Yesterday I did nothing.  Well, not quite, I did do some laundry and worked on the The Body in the Well.  They're forecasting a drizzly day and thus creating limitations as to what I can do, should I plan some outside activities.  One of the things is set the directions for the Wells Fargo Center in my car's computer.  It's been 4 years since I've driven in Philly.  I had to go to a paint seminar in Cherry Hill back when I was managing the Paint Desk.  Now, doesn't that sound exciting.
As for that wine cooler I bought?

This is what happens when the importance of Gatorade supersedes the importance of wine.  At least I'm putting it to good use.  Oh, and in case you didn't notice my Gatorade, just like my politics, is blue.
And, speaking Blue, I guess the Idiot Jerk had another rant rally last evening in Lose-iana for red MAGA heads. That's how they pronounce it, you know?  Not Louisiana.  One of the last things the residents of Baton Rouge, and Shreveport, and Lafayette want is to live in a state named for the King of France.  And that rally?  His vitriol is unprecedented!  He called Democrats radicals and said we were deranged, and that white audience cheered, oblivious to the fact that their party was badly burned in Tuesday's off year election.  Of course, his fan base will never understand, their ears are stoppered to normalcy.  Independent voters in the suburbs are growing more and more dissatisfied with his hateful antics.  Not his base thought, all he need do is say the word and they will happily drink the Kool-aid.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Vacation Entry #1

Slept in the morning.  Got up, made coffee, read the news.  Fun stuff.
In Cumberland County, Republicans still won more races, though not as many as usual.  This area is Uber Conservative.  Lisa Grayson lost.  She was the only faux Democrat on the ballot as far as I know.  Kentucky now has a blue governor Virginia went Royally Blue.
My brother and I are driving down to Philly on Friday to see Elton John and the Wells Fargo Center.  It sits where the Spectrum used to be.  I saw a number of concerts at the Spectrum, include, back in July of 1976, Elton John.  This might be what they call going full circle.
The bar of Dr. Squatch soap lasted me for 10 showers, which means I'd use about 4 - 5  bars a month.  That's pricey.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Election Day

It's Tuesday.  Here in Pennsylvania it's election day.  Celebrate by going to the polls and voting Blue.  Remember, voting straight ticket here is a vote Republican liars like Lisa Grayson.  Put your vote to good use.  In Cumberland County vote for Susan Pickford, she's an Independent, a human being who hasn't sold her soul to the moral degenerate in the White House.
While I was riding my bike last evening, the chain popped off.  This is an easy fix, but when something like that happens it throws me out of sync:  I have to unclick my shoes, get off the bike, pull the rear derailleur down and put the chain back on the sprockets.  Chains are greasy and that gets on my fingers and... well... son of a bitch!  As a result, I only rode 8.4 miles (or there about).  The only good thing to come out of it was I realized I need to buy more latex gloves...

You didn't really think I was going to get my fingers greasy, did you?
I saw where the Idiot Jerk is once again supposed to release 10 years of taxes.  Of course, he's going to appeal that decision to the Supreme Court.  No one thinks they are going to halt the release.  So, will he comply?  This will be interesting.  There is so much dirt in those taxes.  Lies and fakery abound within those deductions.  You can bet that Stephanie Grisham is going to sing how it takes a genius to find so many varied ways of cheating the government.  She has to praise him, you know.  We all know.  The only way to keep your job is to bow and genuflect whenever you're in his presence.
Oh, and he was in the land of Kim Davis last evening pleading for the MAGA heads in that state to vote their governor in for a 3rd term.  Kentucky is supposed to be deeply red... so... why was he there.,, pleading.  Oh, wait, it seems that Matt Bevin, the sure thing, is in trouble.  Andy Beshear is tied in the polls.  Hence, the reason behind the Idiot Jerk having a rally.  Today's election day in that state... we'll have to wait and see if it goes blue. Could be the Idiot Jerk knows his fat ass is soon going to be in the fire poppin' and sizzlin' for all the world to see.  

Monday, November 4, 2019

Yesterday or Today

Monday, the beginning of a new seven day stretch.  Notice, I don't say week.  That implies having a 'weekend' which, for so many people, no longer exists.  Interestingly enough, the days of the week normally don't exist in our entertainment.  Oh, sure, they get a mention in music every now and then, but mostly to talk about the wonders of the weekend, or dismally having to get up and go to work on Monday morning.  They never get a mention in movies, or plays, or television.  No Marvel superhero is ever going to have the line "it's Tuesday morning and by my calculations Thantos will begin destroying the Universe on Thursday."  That would be too much reality, you know?  Complicating things even more is that some believe the week starts on Sunday while there are others who say it's Monday; they love their fixed work week.

I saw a humorous article in Bloomberg yesterday by a comedian who claimed the Idiot Jerk in the White House was on track to be re-elected.  He said polls tell you nothing.  When it comes to the ballot box voters will ignore everything else and vote for the economy.  He pretty much declares morals have no value, that people will always vote with their wallet.  No doubt, this was written by a Conservative, one of those flawed individuals whose life revolves around his portfolio.
Interestingly enough, there was another article in the NYT in which the author stated that the more the Idiot Jerk plays to and radicalizes his base, the less likely his chances of being re-elected become.  Plainly speaking, the more he alienates Independent voters, the less likely they are to cast their ballot for him.  By playing only to his base he not only ignores the Independents, but incites them to vote for someone less volatile.
And I saw Chris Wallace had a little chat with Kellyanne yesterday.  He brought up all of those closed door hearings Republicans had regarding Benghazi.  Here retorts was something like "well, that was different. they weren't trying to impeach the president."  All of that peroxide she uses to bleach her hair has done more than burn her roots.  In case you didn't know, that's how the Idiot Jerk plays to his base not the Independents.  At least she didn't say something really stupid, "like he's a great political genius."
Finally, I saw that the Idiot Jerk has waded into British politics.  He said things like "Brexit needs to go through in order to insure great trade deals," and "we will buy more from the UK than they sell to the EU."  If that's true, the British laborer is going to take a big hit.  We buy so much from Asia because they have cheap labor and prices are lower.  People in the UK, think about what this moron is saying.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Essential Scrutiny

Well, here we are... it's Sunday and the first of a 3 day stretch at work.  I'm off for 4 starting on Wednesday.  I can't wait.  While I don't mind working, I can't wait until I can cut it back to 4 days a week.
Yesterday I rode 17.5 miles down Cow Creek.

I have no idea why it's called Cow Creek... I didn't see a single cow, though there is a creek, as well as some serious lumbering.   The record time for this ride is 29 minutes, that's an average speed of over 27 miles per hour.  Mine was 19 miles per hour.  I see a challenge coming up.
As always, whenever I go for a ride, the dogs bark.  Now and then it's because someone walks by the front of the house, though occasionally it's because there's a bunny in the yard.  Yesterday, as I was going over my post-ride stats, they started.  Walking into my front bedroom, I looked out the window and saw Jake Miller getting into his car.  Jake is the Democratic candidate for Treasurer for Cumberland County.  He's getting my vote.  What was he doing at my house?  Leaving me info on all the Democratic candidates for the election this Tuesday.  What he didn't leave me, and what came in the mail was something on Lisa Grayson.  She's one of those phony Democrats I was warning you about.  You see, Lisa is a Conservative Republican who registered Cross Party.  That's right.  When you go to vote Tuesday, Lisa is going to be listed on the ballot as both a Democrat and a mud sucking Republican.  Not only is she a mud-sucker, she's a dedicated supporter of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  Read the info the Democrats are handing out.  Scrutinize your ballot.  Those lying bastards will use any trick possible to stay in power.

These pretenders are so evil, so much worse than snakes in the grass.  At least rattle snakes give you warning.  Not these guys.  All they want to do is poison the world you live in.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Beginning of a Trend

Well it's Kid Workshop Saturday and I'm off.
Outside the temps are a chilly 34 (F).  That storm we had on the 31st dropped 3 inches of rain in about an hour.  Many, many roads were closed for a while because of flooding.  As a result, in Enola at least, Trick or Treat for the kiddies was held last night.  Things have changed.  When I was a kid, if you were younger than 6 you stayed home, you weren't old enough to go Trick or Treating.  In today's world, if you're 6 years old you're approaching the senior side of Trick or Treat time scale.  Parents love taking their 4 and 5 year-olds door to door.  I treat them by letting out my BIG dogs who have BIG barks.  Here's one of my BIG dogs with her yellow duck and purple squirrel.  Lilly is half the size of Biggie.

I saw last evening where Beto has finally decided to drop out of the race.  Like so many of the 'contenders,' he should never have thrown his hat into the ring.  People may love him, his ideas, his philosophy, the fact that he's Latino but... he needs more experience in dealing with those on the dark side.  Exemplary ideals are simply not enough when it comes to facing off with the hate on the right.
So, the Idiot Jerk in the White House had a rally in Tupelo.  He barked at a large crowd.  This is deep in the heart of his Base Country:  Crazy Christians, Crazy Confederates, and the KKK.  Why hold a rally in this deeply red state?  It's a sure thing, right?  Sorry, but there's a smudge of blue threatening to turn the state purple.  Republicans know this.  I see the beginning of a trend.  As the impeachment process slowly continues, so does the slow erosion of his base.  The Idiot Jerk is desperately trying to keep his loyalists from being disheartened.  Any second now he's going to start sounding like that Idiot Reagan shouting "stay the course! stay the course!"  Prepare yourselves for any lie.  Both he and the Republicans hate the Constitution.  That document keeps him from being the shitty, little Tinfoil dictator he wants to be... and he knows his Blow Bro Vlad will reject him if he doesn't achieve that status.
There's an election in some parts of the country this Tuesday.  Vote Blue.  And remember, in some states, like PA candidates can cross register into both parties so don't just vote straight ticket.  To kick their asses out of our government vote for Democrats or Independents. 

Friday, November 1, 2019


It's November!  My favorite month of the year.  This is my birthday month.  I'm a Scorpio... can you tell?  I do have a bit of a temper that every now and then rears up and bites off nearby heads.  When that happens, my rule is to shrug and say "So what... this is me!"
Here in Central PA we had a steady rain most of yesterday afternoon and the temps climbed into the mid 70's (F).  Then, last evening, around quarter to 7, the skies exploded with thunder and lightening.  Wind screamed through the maple trees on my hill behind the house, rending leaves, and twigs, and sticks free to send them shrieking into the maelstrom.  Rain crashed into my house like waves upon the shore, sounding like dying hands pounding on the windows.  My freaking phone was crying out high wind warnings, and tornado warnings, and then flood warnings every few minutes.  This went on for almost an hour.... and then silence.  Hell, I have a half an inch of water in my basement.  I would have to say that in all of my years, it was a Halloween night to remember.
In a bit of lighter news, the impeachment proceedings took a baby step towards public hearings.  As might be expected, voting was partisan as hell.  This is what we expect from Republicans.  Their grubby, little mitts are clenched tightly to the Idiot Jerk's shroud.  For them to let go, they need to admit he is a scourge from Hell and we know that will never happen.  He will drag them into purgatory, where their souls will be lightly crisped before he snacks upon them.  Yum yum.  That moment can't happen soon enough.
Here's another bit of fluff.  The Moral Degenerate is moving his legal residence to Florida.  He loves him his winter golf.  Personally, I think this transition is more political than anything else.  He won Florida in 2016, however...  Things are a bit different.  His henchies have no doubt told him New York is going to go royally blue and Florida is edging in that direction.  Florida has a lot of Electoral Votes.  While not a sure shot, the best way to keep those votes from changing color is to move to his castle on the beach.  He's going to give up his snowbird status.  Of course, I might be wrong.  The Idiot Jerk might just be planning on building the largest retirement community for old and dying Republicans the country has ever seen.
As for that little thing called the impeachment inquiry.  The GOP is rapidly pulling their wagons into a circle in an attempt to hold out until the cavalry comes to save their sorry asses.  Oops. I guess no one told them how much they've alienated the cavalry by calling their heroes cowards and traitors.  Their mask is off and he is the face of Republican Party.  They've given us their trick for long enough, soon... so very soon, they're going to be getting their long deserved Treat... and it ain't a Snickers bar.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Scary and True

Happy Halloween! I had a picture I was going to add here... but everything seems to be moving slower this morning.  Not enough sugar in the system perhaps.
Today is All Hallows Eve, a day in which the House will vote on the Impeachment Inquiry.  The GOP is shaking in their boots.  I guess Laura Ingraham has warned the racist right-wingers that if the impeachment proceeds there will be no GOP in 2020.  Or, to be more precise, it was more like "without the Idiot Jerk in the White House there will be no GOP in 2020."  That stupid bottled blond phony Christian wants Republicans to chain themselves to the anchor now known as the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  How's that for blind loyalty.
Here, in Central PA rain is in the forecast.  A soggy Trick or Treat night is planned for this evening.  Some communities chose to hold it last evening, others didn't.  I don't participate.  I don't have a cooking pot big enough for kiddies... ooohh, I didn't say that, did I?  I would never do that.  They never get close enough to the house.  My baying doggies keep them far enough away.
I'd like to thank Treaders for letting me know that some of the media in Europe is reporting facial recognition software was used to identify 20,000 of the booing fans in Nationals Park.  I know a little bit about facial recognition software.  Research, you know?  In "The Body in the Tower" facial recognition software is used in an attempt to discern the identity of the killer during the shooting at the Eiffel Tower.  Facial recognition relies on 5 - 7 points on a still photo to identify you.  You can unlock certain phones by looking directly into the camera, and those 5 - 7 points need to be in the same place. If you're laughing, those points move and it doesn't work.  If you're chanting "lock him up" some of those points are moving and facial recognition software doesn't work.  And, of course, those 5 - 7 points of your face need to be saved in a database which the software can access which is not too plausible at this time.  For the time being, identifying individuals in a crowd of moving faces is impossible.  It didn't work in "The Body in the Tower," and it's not going to work on those crowd videos from Nationals Park.
And since I can't give you a picture, I'll give you this:  the sound of every Republican heart in a America thinking about today's vote in the House.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Core issues

Well, it's Wednesday and I get to go back to work... meh.  For 3 whole days.  How will I endure?
I've been getting some twinges in my lower back, so yesterday I began putting together a 'core enhancer' for those days when I'm not on the bike.  With my arthritis, inflammation in my lumbar region can be frequent.  Most don't realize stronger core muscles help eliminate this problem.  I learned that in Physical Therapy.  Personally, I'd rather do a couple exercises than chow down on Advil several times a day.
I went to see Maleficent last evening.  The film is doing okay at the box office, but not as great as they thought.  This is because it's 2 films in one.  A very family friendly G rated prologue and epilogue bookcase a core film about racism.  That's right, there are humans who hate faeries, and pixies, and wood nymphs, and want to kill them.  Humans really, truly hate the Fey, a tall, winged species whom humans have exiled.

Ed Skrein is one of the Fey
Because of this there is a war which is not too kiddie friendly.  I enjoyed the quietly evil Ingrith (played by Michelle Pfeiffer).  The hour and 10 or 15 minutes center section, the heart of the film, isn't bad but the producers definitely felt they needed to suck in the under 10 crowd.  They should have just had the cast say "shit" a couple of times and aimed for a strong PG 13 rating.  I think the box office would have been stronger.
Also, I did spend yesterday smelling like a squatch and will do so again today.  I will let you know what I think of the Dr. Squatch in a couple of days.
And, of course, there was more damning closed door testimony yesterday.  Tomorrow the House will hold some sort of vote and all will be revealed.  The Idiot Jerk in the White House will have a shit festival on Twitter.  Good.  Like the core of a bad apple, his machinations will be revealed.  As the revelations ricochet through the media, I have no doubt people will begin to understand the issues with the Ukraine are not an isolated incident.  With this moron everything is a deal.  Everything is Quid Pro Quo.  If his chats with his blow bro Vlad are ever released people will realize that he really is a scumbag from hell.  Is it any wonder there are serious rumors being whispered by conservatives that in 2020 they might lose... everything.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Wash This

Yesterday was beautiful.  The sun was shining overhead.  The temps were in the high 60's.  I planted 60+ bulbs.  Oh, and the GOP had a really rude awakening to the real world.
Thanks to my Rouvy, I had a long ride in John Gray country, north of Sheffield (he talks about it now and then).

There were a lot of hills, including a Category 4 climb which is 1220 meters long and constant 4% - 5% grade.  It took me a little over an hour.  My legs had a bit of an ache.  Son of a bitch.
My soaps came yesterday.

The Dr. Squatch has a nice smell, however is lacking a bit in the size department.  There's nothing on the packaging to tell you it's cruelty free, unlike the Marlowe.

The Dr. Squatch does tell you to do something, however:

Being perfectly honest, I have little interest in getting anywhere close to a squatch, let alone having any desire to smell one.
The House announced that on Thursday they're going to vote on inquiries of impeachment.  The Republicans are in a bit of a quandary because those confidential sessions are going to go public in a very loud way.  Oh, Shit!  They could shriek and moan about the testimony behind closed doors, but once those details are on the nightly news... well, they're screwed.  They've always had a problem understanding their place in the world.  Now, that is going to be made very clear.  This is going to be far worse than the booing and chanting at National Park.  And no one is going to feel sorry for either them or the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  This is a lesson they have never learned.  

Monday, October 28, 2019

The Boos have it

I did take off work yesterday.  We had torrential rains throughout the morning.  Translation:  I got a lot accomplished.  My dahlias are ensconced in a bed of perlite and peat moss where they will sleep through the winter.  My enclosed back porch smells rather loamy.
So, wasn't yesterday one of those days when surrealism took the stage in a farce of words directed entirely at the base of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  Reading from a teleprompter that seemed to have been scripted by Kim Dumb Dong, he wasted 15 minutes of time bragging basically about his decisiveness.  That was one of the words our Madam Vice President used... decisive.  I'm not saying that the elimination of the 'baddie' wasn't important, just that the timing seems a bit... coordinated.  I mean, in a little over a week and a half there are a number of regional elections.  They need to activate their base.  Keep them loyal since polls show the number of supporters is slowly trending downward.  Remember, this is how the Idiot Jerk thinks, how he plays to deplorable intelligence.  He grandstands in order to get them to ooooh and aaaaaahhh.  Except that didn't happen when he went to see the Washington Nationals in game 5 of the World Series last evening.  After announcing the death of al-Bagdhadi, the Idiot Jerk thought he was going to surrounded by adulation.  Wrong.  The crowd booed when they heard he was in the stadium.  They chanted "lock him up!"  The look on his face is priceless.  This is what America thinks of him.  Holy Shit!  This is not what happens at his rallies!  This is why he will lose the election.
Anyway... the test bars of my new soap come today.  I also ordered a small fan which is due to arrive tomorrow.  something I can used beside the ceiling fan when I ride my bike.  I also rearranged my cycling space yesterday.  The little Dell laptop I use for the Rouvy app moved from my right side to my left, and a nice black, rubber mat went down on the floor.  I sweat a lot.
And here... for your viewing pleasure, is one the many clips showing the Idiot Jerk getting booed.  I almost feel sorry for Melanoma... she looks like she's going to start crying.

This is what's streaming across social media this morning.  Ooops.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Cleaning Up

Well, it's Sunday and I'm thinking of calling off from work today.  I have a very good reason - it's raining.  That may seem like a paltry reason, but footsteps are always down in "big box" stores on Sundays.  And rain?  That's just one more reason to stay home and watch organized sports on TV.  Believe me, if a local team is being televised people stay home to watch.  And, living in Central PA, I am in the Shangrila of localized sports zones.  Don't believe me?  Hahahaha (evil laugh).  Phillie is 2 hours away:  Eagles, Phillies, and Flyers, and 76'ers.  Baltimore is 55 minutes away:  Ravens and Orioles.  Pittsuburgh is 3.5 hours away:  Steelers, Pirates, and Flyers, and Penguins.  New Jersey has the Nets.  Washington DC has the Nationals... I think they're playing in the World Series, and they're a little over an hour away.  I'm not including New York because it's a 4.25 hour drive from where I live.  However, we don't have a professional cycling team... and that really sucks!
Anne Marie recommended Dr. Squatch as a replacement for my body wash... soap.  They make great commercials.  Here's the one they put out for their shampoo and conditioner.

They're a bit pricey:  $10 for a 3 oz bar (which is supposed to last for 2 weeks).  I ordered a test bar.  I also ordered a test bar of Marlowe, a bit less pricey at $8 for 7 oz.... Both are cruelty free, however, I'm getting some real conservative vibes from the Marlowe website.  Even if it's advertised as being exfoliating, you know there's no way it can remove much of the dirt from a Conservative's skin.  We'll see.
I understand the Idiot Jerk in the White House is planning on making some sort of big announcement this morning.  No, it's not the one you're hoping for.  It seems that some of our troops, with the help of the SFD Kurds (you know, the Kurds who are not our allies?) killed one of the leaders for ISIS.  I suspect he's going to try and pull a Zelda Rubenstein on the American people on the subject of ISIS.

Damn, the Idiot Jerk in the White House could swim in Dr. Squatch or Marlowe and never, ever be clean.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

On being the butt of jokes

My zinnia seeds arrive today, as does a refresher for my strawberry flavored whey.  I have a subscription for the strawberry flavored whey.   That's going to change.  I'm not that impressed with the taste; not quite as strawberryish as I had hoped.   For now I'm going to stick with the chocolate / peanut butter.
Another one of my subscription deliveries is also going to be stopped.  I'm supposed to be having my Every Man Jack delivered on a regular basis.  The last to shipments were cancelled - not in stock. If I want I can pick it up at my neighborhood Giant supermarket.  Perhaps the company has grown large enough they don't need to rely on Amazon for their sales.  Don't know.  I might begin a new search for another small company to help out.
They're forecasting rain for this afternoon and evening.  Yippee.  I'm off Monday and Tuesday, the weather is supposed to be fine.  I hope so.  It's time to sow my bulbs.
In case you haven't heard, there's the possibility Brexit is going to be delayed... again, or at least there's an agreement in the works for a delay to some unknown day in the future, possibly after a snap election.  Big mouthed Boris is failing miserably at getting this divorce hammered out.  In fact, most of the Brexiteers appear to be nothing more than hot air balloons without the pretty colors.
Here, in the US, more people are going to be able to see the unredacted Mueller report.  For those interested, this is what most of us get to read.

You can bet the Idiot Jerk in the White House burped up burning mouthful of rancid Big Mac when he heard this.  In fact, a Federal judge legitimized the impeachment inquiry.   I wonder if Lindsey Graham's thin, little lips began quivering when he heard that.  Not only is his future life as an ass-kisser at stake, he's up for re-election and the Democrat planning on unseating him is raising big bucks.  He might get fired by the voters!  Oh... dear me... poor Lindsey.
Oh, and Rudy the G has been butt dialing reporters and leaving long, incriminating messages.  He can't even get a break from his ass.

Friday, October 25, 2019

The Power of Cake!

Yesterday was some sort of appreciation day at work, one of those things in which cake and donuts are brought in to thank us for working well with the team which does our price increases.  Let me make this perfectly clear, I am a walking carb catastrophe.  When there is a spread of cakes and donuts spread out before me I graze.  Of course, this morning when I stepped onto the scale I saw I had gained half a pound.  Damn those maple glazed donuts!  Not that I'm really worried.  Those pounds will be gone soon enough.
I saw a picture of fat Gaetz from Florida yesterday, smiling from ear to ear, and thought 'this guy's a freaking moron.'  You can tell by his jowls he's taken cake grazing to a whole new level.Then I had to laugh.  He believes himself to be one of the best his party has to offer.  He is so out of touch with the real world.
There was an article in Reuters this morning on how the US continues to fail in what they describe as 'soft power.'  What they're talking about is the scale of respect the rest of the world has for us, and it's sinking fast.  We are no longer seen as a world leader but rather a world greeder (I just made up that word, I know because spell check tells me it doesn't exist).  I guess I should say the world's greediest.  This is all because of the Moral Degenerate in the White House.  Selfishly self-interested, that's what people are beginning to think when the United States comes up in conversation.  Where as before we used to freely offer our cake, now we hoard it, sometimes going so far as to steal it from the mouths of immigrant babes.
And just think, in a little over a year we'll be heading for the polls.  When I told my brother that when the Idiot Jerk loses he will relocate to Moscow.  Of  course my brother made a face.  In his mind, that could never happen.  You see, he likes the cake the Idiot Jerk promises.  He craves that cake, moistly delicious so much so, he overlooks the problems, the lies, and makes excuses.  He can't come to terms with the fact that the Idiot Jerk loves only himself, that he will promise anything to his base in order to be re-elected.  When he loses, they will learn how stale and moldy the cakes he was sell really are... and it will be late, because they've already eaten most of them.

Thursday, October 24, 2019


So, I've been playing "Ghost Recon: Breakpoint" and have been wondering where my teammates are at... there are usually 3 or 4 and you can maneuver them into different positions.  They provide some assistance combat.  However, with 14 hours into the game and there are no teammates.  I checked with Ubisoft, the game's publisher and... sorry, teammates are supposed to be added supposed to be added sometime during the the 1st year of release.  Son of a bitch.  They want you to play cosplay.  Cosplay is when you play with your "friends," or "friends" the match you with.  Playing cosplay is an incentive to purchase, with real money, cosmetic items: uniforms, hats, weapon colors, so you can show off to your "friends."  I play solo.  I don't need to buy a hat with a feather on on it.  So, I sent Ubisoft a protest note, not that they'll pay attention.  Their goal is to have as many games as possible generate a billion $$ in revenue... any way they can.
Anyway, my copy of the "The Outer Worlds" should be arriving Monday.
For those who didn't know, about 20 GOP members of the House stormed a secure meeting room in order in an attempt to derail a deposition... sort of... kind of....  They were led by Gaetz from Florida, the one who's had some serious white supremacist issues, among other moments of striking stupidity.  Even though no one is reporting it, I'm betting they all had feathers in their hands.  Not the kind you wear in your hats, but rather those used to... well... tickle... like this:

You can bet they weren't planning on using them on the Democrats.  No way.  They shrieked and moaned in their squeaky, right wing voices that these depositions are unfair to the Moral Degenerate in the White House.  After delaying the proceedings for about an hour, these mini-degenerates headed to the Oval Office so they could tickle the Idiot Jerk's ass.  He likes this sort of demonstration.  This is how they prove their loyalty to him.  Prepare for more of these desperate antics.
And, speaking feathers, his attorney's actually argued yesterday that he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and get away with it as long as he's a sitting president.  Have you ever heard of anything so fucking stupid?  That the president of the United States can commit a murder and not have to worry about it.  Their feathers were teasing and toying like hell yesterday... the 3 judges listening to their argument found them anything but erotic.  Nope.  They saw how shit-stained those feathers were, just like everything else associated with this Administration.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Ring the bells

Showers were forecast for yesterday afternoon... well, the showers arrived early and by the time the afternoon rolled around we were having some serious rain.  More is forecast for this weekend.  My lawn is looking bright and green so I might end up having to pull out my lawn mower for a mid-fall mow.
There's no dog walk this morning because everything is still wet.
I got my free Flu shot yesterday from the VA.  The Out Patient Clinic was very crowded.  I parked in the lot across the street.  Oh, and I was the only one to show up wearing shorts.  Everyone else was in jeans or slacks... some were even wearing jackets.
So, the 2nd snaky part of "The Body in the Well," is finished, at least the rough draft, and I'm heading into the finale.  And, of course, I'm already thinking about the next one.  It's probably going to be set in Beverly, Mass, near Dorchester Bay.  I have a great opening sentence:

I am an unknown, unimportant individual hanging onto the fringeworks of your life.

Nifty, huh?  Of course, that is just the first tintinnabulation of some serious bell ringing to come.
And, speaking of ringing  bells, I bought a couple strings of small ones recently to drape across a mirror I have hanging in the hall.  Here's what they look like?

Oh, and yes, my upstairs hallway is painted a snappy, bright, wake me up yellow!  It's do for a refresh.  Knowing my penchant for color, it might turn into some sort of exploding orgasmic green.
Oh, and speaking of bells, the Idiot Jerk in the White House appears to be having his rung daily.  Yesterday there was more damning testimony by Bill Taylor, a man who takes detailed notes.  I looked over the transcripts that were released.  I chuckled a bit when Taylor said he was told by Sondland not to worry, "this is business as usual."  Ding Dong!
And the Idiot Jerk compared the impeachment inquiries to a lynching.... oooohhh, yes he did.  That gets a big DING DONG (in caps, of course).
Evidently his inner circle is advising him he needs to bring on board an "impeachment adviser" and he's refusing because he believes it will make him look guilty.  Ding dong, Ding dong. (That's a double just for the fun of it).
There was a surge of Independent voters now approving the impeachment investigation.  DING DONG!  So far they've been sitting on the sidelines.  Now that they're realizing this shit is deeper than they thought, they're nodding their heads and saying "go for it."
Oh, and evidently there's been a large influx of cash into the Democratic races throughout the country.  So much so, seats once considered locked and loaded and ready for red are now considered competitive.  Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong.  If the Reds thought the Blue wave in the last election was bad, they need to begin preparations now,  In 2020 they're going to be enemized!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Socks... not sucks

Yesterday was beautiful!  Sunny, with the temps hitting 68 (F) mean a walk with the dogs.  I got some interesting vids that will be coming down the pike soon.
I dug out my dahlias yesterday.  I washed the dirt off and have them on a drying rack where they will sit for a few days.  After that, they get sprayed with an anti-fungal and put to sleep for the winter in a bed of peat and vermiculite. 
Sparrow posted a pic a while back of zinnias.  Yesterday I ordered seeds for the spring planting.  And I'm not the only one on my street thinking of flowers.  The woman catercorner from me is putting in a nice bed, though hers is at the front of her front yard and mine is towards the back.
Also, yesterday the mail man dropped off some new cycling socks I had ordered.  The ones I have now are made with a lot of spandex (Lycra) and are more like support hose.  These are more like... well, socks.  Brightly colored socks. I like it when my feet stand out!

For those of you who have trouble reading, it says "Sock Guy."
And, as usual, the Idiot Jerk is blubbering out his stupidity.  Evidently the emollients clause in the Constitution is fake because... he doesn't like it.  he doesn't understand why a president can use his office to enrich himself and his family... I mean, his Blow Bro Vlad does it, and so does Kim Dumb Bum.  To make things even worse, he whined "the Democrats are united!"  The Republicans are not.  Many of them are beginning to realize he's a moral degenerate.  They're thinking about their careers, or what's left of them.  They're beginning to criticize him.  The Idiot Jerk doesn't like that at all. He want them to ignore the stench of corruption  that wafts around himself and his spawn.  He desperately wants to be a dictator and that's not happening.  Right now, he's pretty much aware how badly his life sucks.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Drizzly Morning

Yesterday Nestor came through... at least I think that's the name given to the storm by the Weather Channel.  Some got tropical rain, we had a soaking rain for most of the day.  They had forecast showers... they were wrong.
Here's a little GoPro vid of the last time I took the dogs for a walk in the drizzle.  This was a couple of days ago.

Today begins my weekend.  Most of my laundry was done during the week so today and tomorrow will be mostly occupied with yard work, writing, riding my bike, and game play.  Oh, and walking the dogs.  On my weekends we usually take our walks later in the day.  I'll have to video one of those for your entertainment.  
I may go to the movies either this evening or tomorrow evening.  Don't know yet.  There are movies I'd really like to see, however, if I miss them... well, I can always watch them when they begin streaming.  Priorities change as we get older.  Not only do species evolve, thought patterns do as well.  How boring life would be if they didn't.  You will never be the 20 year old you once were, either mentally of physically.  This is why I could never be a Conservative.  They don't like change.  They want the reliability of sameness over, and over, and over again.  They don't like challenges, either physical or mental.  They will never pick up a book, or listen to an artist, or watch a movie that in some way dares to make them question.  Conservatives prefer reinforcement of their already restrictive beliefs.  This is why they are dangerous.  They want to stop the world, and the future.
Anyway, I saw Mickey M was trying to do some sort of weird two-step dance around his little "get over it speech."  "No, there was never any quid pro quo," he said, and they played him the tape.  "No," he said, "that was something else."  So they played a section where he repeated his words.  And this was Chris Wallace of Fox News.  Finally, he did admit that you could have, possibly, maybe... well, might have believed he meant the administration purposely held up aid for the Ukraine, but really he was saying something totally different.  And the Idiot Jerk's loyal base said "see, it's not what you think it is... he was talking about something totally different."  Is it any wonder the Idiot Jerk in the White House is really beginning to hate Fox News and Chris Wallace, who used clip after clip to show Mickey his lies.  The propaganda machine is beginning to show cracks.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Cranky Bellies Abound

Okay, so it's Sunday.  Depending upon which one of the apps I use for my cycling and fitness it's either the end of the work week, or the beginning of a new week.  My schedule for work says today is  the last day of the week.  Celebrating now religious fervor, Sunday, for me is the conclusion of the past week.  Tomorrow, everything begins anew.  Monday is a brand new day to start tracking my mileage.  Over the past 7 days I rode 43 miles.  That's only 4 days of riding.  I had a bit of a cranky belly one day.
My money's saying Boris Johnson has a bit of a cranky belly today.  I sold a carpet measure to an Irish woman yesterday.  I asked her what she thought of this Brexit fiasco.  She told me she thought it was terrible, but her sister who lives in Ireland was ready to grab Boris by his ears and rip off his head.  Evidently he sent an unsigned letter to the EU yesterday asking for an extension...  He's not feeling the love this morning. After years of mocking those he deemed failures, they're serving him up a shit pie breakfast.  As the days roll on, Boris' belly is only going to get crankier.
Do you know who else has a cranky belly?  The Idiot Jerk in the White House.

There's no way he's going to be able to take his frown and turn it upside down.  Nope.  He's no longer going to be hosting the 2020 G7 at his golf resort... club... or whatever the hell he calls it.  He changed his mind because of the "media and crazy, hostile Democrats..."  This morning he's no doubt chugging the Pepto-Bismol.  The idea of foreign governments paying him money to sleep in one of his hotels, and eat in his restaurants, and using his room service is ducky dandy for him.  Do you really think he cares about laws, about rules and regulations?  He's a Conservative.  His favorite pronoun is 'my,' as in 'my money,' and 'my bank account.'  I wouldn't be surprised if everyone in his spawn clan were chugging the Pepto this morning.  Son of a bitch!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Hey, Get over it

Well, we're one month into Fall (give or take a day) and the temps are gradually cooling off.  Outside the temp is around 38 (F).  We're under a frost warning.  So often they warn and nothing happens.  Tomorrow we're aim for a high of 58 (F), but then they're forecasting rain as well.  Monday's supposed to be sunny and dry.  That's nice.
Yesterday when I got home from work I saw I still have rosebuds.  Here's one:

It'll be gone soon.  Autumn temps are not kind to flowers.
When I went in to the kitchen a few moments ago to refresh my coffee, Biggie was standing there with his head on the table staring at the leashes.  He loves his morning walks.  Both dogs do.  While Lilly is go, go, go, Biggie just plods along beside me.  He looks up at me a lot, as if to say "this is almost like a slice of heaven."  Since the temp is cooler, I will put on my work boots (yes, I actually have two pair), a jacket, and my little knit cap so the dogs and I can venture out into the chill.
I saw where the dumb ass Republicans are selling T-shirts at the Idiot Jerk's rallies with the phrase "Get Over It" emblazoned upon the chest.  They are so damn stupid.  They're a minority group who managed, with the help of the Electoral College, to get a morale degenerate into the White House.  The fact that they're a minority group doesn't even register in the pea brains.  This is just a variation of their normal hiss, "we're in charge, so shut up."  This is also how they say "screw you," and "I count, you don't."  They are such dumb shits.  The only way to teach them a lesson is to vote them out of office.  That is the only way to control their hatred.  Vote Blue.
Oh, and just as important as voting Blue, is how you vote.  Don't just vote Straight Ticket.  I don't know about your state, but in Pennsylvania candidates can cross register into both parties.  We have several candidates up for Judge.  In their dank, little hearts their Republican, but they're also on the ballot as Democrats.  That's right, they cross registered.  Here, in Central PA, there are no Democrats running for judge.  A Straight Party vote will give one of those Republicans a vote they shouldn't get.  Here, the Democratic party is recommending Democrats vote for Susan Pickford.  She's the only non-Republican on the ballot.  Read that ballot.  See who you're voting for.  When we vote them out of government we can tell them to wear their shitty little shirts and say "Hey, get over it.

Friday, October 18, 2019


Friday has arrived.  This is Wednesday for me which means while some of you will be celebrating the end of your work week, I'll be enjoying my Hump Day.
From now on they're forecasting chilly days and nights.  An appearance by Jack Frost is even said to be expected.  This is good.  Once he tickles us with his fingers I'll be able to dig up my Dahlias.  They're being dug up Monday, whether or not he makes his first appearance of the fall.  That's also the day my bulbs go into the new dug bed, all 65 of them.  Next spring my yard is going to be bulbalicious with color.
I sold blinds to 2 customers yesterday.  I really have a dislike for selling blinds.  They chose their color from a small swatch without actually understanding how the blind is going to look.  And their expensive.  One aluminum mini-blind was $123.... for a mini-blind!  Son of a bitch!  That's one of the many reasons I don't have blinds on my windows.  I don't like them.  Big dogs don't like them either.  The first time a UPS or FedEx truck pulled up out front those blinds would be shredded.  A bunny rabbit or squirrel in the yard?  It's the same thing as chanting "blind be down now!"
Oh, and I saw where the 2020 G7 conference is going to be held at a property owned by the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  Of course a lot of people cried foul.  Emollients, you know?  Everyday the Republicans reveal themselves to be more hypocritical then one could possibly believe.  Had Obama made that announcement, there would be dead bodies lying all over Capital Hill.  But you now how they' love their tinfoil dictator, the one who's going to ignore the majority to give that tiny majority of tiny minded individuals the dictatorship they so dearly covet... like the tinfoil dictatorship of his Blow Bro Vlad.
And I saw where retired General Mattis was at a white tie event.  He had a few choice words for the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  The truth is, he turned the Moral Degenerate into a joke.  Of course, we know that's always been the case.  I laughed out loud at some of his comments.