I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Monday, October 31, 2016

When not to share

Of course there is some buzz out there about the new (most likely old) emails of Hillary Clinton.  There's also a lot of speculation about the timing of FBI Director Comey's letter, whether it was politically motivated.  What seems to be most apparent, however, is the fact that these new emails will have little or no bearing upon the election; that they're one more dead horse for the Republicans to beat.  What does surprise me more than anything is that Huma Abedin, with her close involvement in Clinton politics, would share a laptop with her husband, Anthony Weiner, or any husband for that matter.  I would have thought she'd have gone to Best Buy and bought herself a work computer.  There not that expensive so I'm sure she could afford it.  Why would they share a laptop?  I have a laptop, a PC, a phone and a tablet.  I mean, if I were working for Clinton and married to a perv like Weiner, I'd tell him to keep his fingers off the laptop.  I'd tell him to keep his pervy stuff on his own computer.  Evidently this is not what happened.  Is it just me, or do these people seem rather stupid sometimes?

Or maybe they're just clueless.  If I were Hillary, I'd hit her upside the head with a brick, or maybe wear a lapel pin "stupid me."  Sure, Abedin is married to Weiner and maybe he was a whiny Weiner and they shared a laptop to shut him up.  Or maybe she totally forgot about his history as a perv and decided it would be okay for them to share a laptop.  Or perhaps she decided it might be fun to access her email account from as many laptops, PC's and phones as possible.  But I suspect, more than anything else, she's just just too special to worry about having her email account hacked.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Little Me

Here's a little something about Little Me.  I was born at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida... some time ago.  That's right, I was a military baby.  My parents are both from Pine Grove, PA, which is very, very PA Dutch, in fact on my mother's side Dutch was the preferred language.  End result, they all have very thick German accents... except for me.  The reason I don't is because shortly after I was born my Dad was transferred to Biloxi, MS.  That's where I learned to talk.  And since housing was off base, I was surrounded by people who spoke with a thick southern accent.  This means I had the Dutch going for me and the Southern.

Here I am on a swing
Oh, and I can also speak French... and I've been told I have a decent accent.
Anyway, back when I worked for International Paper I managed the Southern Region AP / AR which meant talking to a lot of southern folk.  All the buyers I dealt with knew that about 5 words into the conversation my southern drawl would show up.  When I went to my Uncle's funeral in Pine Grove last week the little Dutch Boy sounded off.
When I hear recordings of my voice it's very accent neutral.  However, about 8 years ago I worked with a gent who's wife was from Newfoundland and he told me I have a Newfie accent....  Which is very odd since I've never been to Canada.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Till

Every now and then things happen, this is how life is sometimes.  Monday evening there was a problem with a till (what we call the money in our cash drawer).  There were 3 Head Cashiers and myself closing the store, when that happens we work together.  One of them closed her register, put her till in an orange cash bag and handed it to me since there were no tubes to shoot it back to bookkeeping.  That's right we use vacuum tubes to transport our cash.  I put the till in my orange apron pocket.  We shut down the Front End, took off our aprons and left the building... and the till was still in my pocket.
The closing MOD did not verify the vault, as is procedure, so no one knew the till was in my apron.
Tuesday morning the bookkeeper called the Head Cashier who had closed her register to find out what she had done with her till, and she said she had given it to me.  Instead of calling me they searched my locker... and couldn't find the till (orange cloth bag in an orange apron, you know?).  So they got Asset Protection in Atlanta involved and they had the morning MOD recheck my locker and this time the till was found.  Because corporate got involved, corporate will have to decide exactly what kind of penalties are going to be divvied.  We could all be written up.  Or we could get a slap on the wrist.  Or, if they wanted to really be rough, we could all be terminated.

Even though I'm too young and make too much money, I am officially, according to Social Security, retired.  My finances are in good shape, so if the worst happens I'm okay.  In fact, since Tuesday I've kind of been coming around to the idea that maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing.  I'd already told them I'd be stepping down from my manager position in 2017.  I suspect, however, I'll get written up.  Why do I think this?  Because starting last Tuesday, all of our cloth cash bags are bright green, the orange ones are gone.  Now you will see a green bag if it's in your apron pocket.  And because this sort of thing has happened before.  We will have to wait and see.

Friday, October 28, 2016

The Age of Entitlement

I have to admit that with new Clinton emails dropping every other day, I'm sitting here shaking my head.  let's be honest here, if she were running against anybody but Donald Trump she'd be losing because of the emails.  They're bad.  Everybody knows the idea of her running for President didn't just pop into her head a couple of years back, this has been in the planning stages for years.  And, knowing this, you would have thought they'd realize they might not have to be squeaky clean, but at least relatively clean, like maybe they each took a shower before bedtime last evening.  But when you read that Bill used to be called Bill Clinton, Inc. you know it's been at least a week since they've soaped up and rinsed off.  Don't it make you want to grab them by the scruff of their necks and shake the shit out of them.  If Jeb had gotten the nomination we'd be looking at another Bush in the White House... and it would be their own fault.  Give me a break!

The Bill and Hill should be representing the Baby Boomer generation and they're coming across as The ME Generation, and you'll notice that's with a capital ME.  She's going to win the election and then she's going to spend the next 4 years dealing with this shit.  What were they thinking?  That they're special?  They're not.  The Senate may swing Democrat but the House will stay Republican and they're going to hammer the hell out of her.  Because of their feelings of entitlement, the White House might actually swing Republican during the next election cycle.  I can only wonder if all that money was worth it.

Thursday, October 27, 2016


A long, long time ago, back in 2011, I walked into a Best Buy with my friend Betsy with the soul purpose of checking out their game selection.  Back in those times you could actually buy the hard copies of the games, I mean you still can, however many now simply down load.  Anyway, one title jumped off the shelf and hit me right between the eyes, a little thing called Skyrim.  When I gave it to the clerk to ring out he said, in a very, very calm voice "this is great, this is really great, I've already have over 60 game play hours in."
Skyrim went on to win hundreds of gamer awards.  That's right, hundreds.  And it made hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. At one point, there were over 5 million people playing Skyrim concurrently (at the same time) on Steam.  The total revenue this game has earned is staggering.  And tonight, at midnight, Bethesda is releasing the original, remastered to UHD and it's selling like hotcakes.

And, of course, tonight at midnight, PST, Skyrim is set to download onto my Xbox one.  If only life were always just that simple.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Living Room

Leaving shortly for work, yes, it's one of those days.  Openings wouldn't be bad if I was scheduled for them all of the time... I'm not.  Tomorrow I have a mid-shift, I'm off on Friday, and then I close the store Saturday and Sunday.  There are times when this inconsistency has had a toll.
Anyway, the living room is coming along just fine.  The ceiling medallion arrives today - it's the 3rd one.  The first one?  Well, let's just say somebody thought it was a chew toy.  The 2nd was way too big.  Hopefully this one will be just right.
Yesterday I finished painting the trim around the window on the outside wall.  And the new light arrived.  Nice, huh?

Those are curtains and not drapes and will most likely be replaced in the spring.  Oh, and the table?  That's an old aquarium stand I topped with marble tiles.  Who says I don't know how to repurpose?  Also, if you look closely in the window, you can see the chandelier.  Neat.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Crack in the World... I mean GOP

I have always been a fan of disaster movies. if it was tidal waved or shaken down, burned up or frozen out, you could, and still can, usually find me in the audience.  One of my favorites, if not my all time favorite, is Crack in the World, in which an often shirtless Kieron Moore tries to stop... well, a crack in the world.

This fracturing was started by scientists who thought they knew better, a group much like the GOP leadership, who detonated a nuclear warhead in their attempt to blow a hole into the earth's core.   The attempt to stop the crack merely sends it back in on itself.  Moore, in a shirt 2 sizes too small, and some chick escape as a large chunk of the lower pacific ocean blows out into space to form a 2nd moon.

Anyway, I was reading this article on the NBC News page when certain logic circuits triggered in my head and I realized the same thing was happening to the GOP.  I mean the Trump candidacy is the nuclear warhead and it has truly fractured and cracked the party.  See what I'm saying?  It's like the Crack in the GOP.  The election on November 8 is going to turn that crack back upon themselves.  The only way they can survive is by splintering, and forming a moon party, or maybe they'll call themselves the party of Trump, or possibly the Trumpidores.  I don't know if this means we're going to get to see Paul Ryan running around without a shirt, trying to save the party or not.  However, one thing's for certain.

Paul Ryan is no Kieron Moore.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Lincoln who?

Well, last night was the season premier of The Walking Dead.  Quite a few people watch it.  I don't.  I don't really watch a lot of serialized television.  I did watch 3 episodes of Stranger Things.  Perhaps if these shows weren't serialized, didn't have a 'season finale' or a 'season premier.'  Prioritizing a fictional show is something I don't understand.  Some people, however, need to be able to have that 'water cooler' conversation.  One of my cashiers is like that, and last night she just needed to leave early enough to watch the 'season premier.'  I told her that there was speculation that Lincoln might be killed, and she asked "Lincoln who?  I don't know a Lincoln." she said,  "is he the gay one?"  So I said I didn't know if Lincoln was gay or not (don't think so), and she once again asserted that she didn't know who Lincoln was.

Andrew Lincoln - the actor

Which is funny since she knows the characters, but not the actors playing those characters, you know?  So I pulled out my handy dandy phone and photo searched Andrew Lincoln.  This is the one I picked to show her.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Gates
And she looked at it for... oh, let's say 15 seconds before looking at me in disbelief and saying "that's not Lincoln, that's Rick."

.................. duh

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Assange the Ass

Julian Assange is pretty much an asshole.  He talks about transparency yet hides in an embassy to keep from revealing the truth.  He claims that the charges against him are false and the investigation wouldn't be fair when he, himself, using Wikileaks, wants to decide what's fair.  He is more about damage than transparency.  Supposedly his organization is going after Clinton because of her stand on Snowden.  This defines his purpose as one of revenge rather than transparency.  From what I've read most tech people agree that the Clinton emails Wikileaks has been dropping were hacked by the Russians.... Julian, you're an asshole.  You're a puppet.  You have devolved into something totally lacking transparency.  The Ecuadorian cut off his Internet access because his organization was trying to influence American Politics, doing as much damage to the Democratic ticket as they possibly could.  They didn't go after the RNC since, according to them, Trump's doing enough damage by himself.  That's what they're saying, you know?  Damage.  Not transparency.  This whole thing is about damage.

This is also about Julian Assange passing judgement.  He doesn't really care about people.  He wants to choose who right and who is wrong, what is fair and what isn't.  He obviously hates America.  Perhaps that's because we are a democracy.  We may get sidetracked to the right or to the left ever now and then, but we always manage to come back to the center.  He doesn't like that.  Like Donald Trump, Assange wants to call the shots.  He is an asshole extraordinaire.  The fact that all of these email dumps are failing to have their intended effect is funny since they not only prove he's an asshole, but a failure as well.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Funeral

Yesterday I went to my uncle Floyd's funeral, he was 92, almost 93 years old.  A long time ago my cousins and I were best friends but people's lives are not like planets, maintaining a steady orbit.  We all grew up, moved away, reorganized our priorities.
My brother officiated, he and I were the only 2 Snyders there which is interesting since Floyd's funeral was at the H. L. Snyder Funeral Home.    That's in Pine Grove.  Back when Floyd was a young man the Snyders were big in Pine Grove.  My great grandfather Robert owned 2 farms.  My grandfather, Roy, managed the Pennsylvania Power & Light power plant, he would later be promoted and manage the Allentown / Bethlehem power plant.  All that has changed.
All of my uncle's children are divorced, his one daughter on her 3rd marriage - this one seems to be working.  Her daughter Sheila and her grand daughter both wore black yoga pants with matching black leather knee high boots.  Funeral attire has changed.  Her son Ryan was there with his wife and 3 children.  He was in the Air Force and served time in Iraq.  He's a very good looking man and dressed appropriately.
Floyd's youngest daughter was there with her husband, a gent who looks like he belongs on Duck Dynasty.  When asked if anyone had anything to say about Floyd he started... and then broke down, which was very touching.  The 'girls' also said something, together.  They're called the girls because they're maternal triplets - that's right one egg, 3 girls that are the spitting image of each other.  When they were in grade school they were required to have different hair cuts so the teachers could tell them apart.
Floyd's oldest son Daniel, died suddenly of a heart attack 5 years ago.  His son was there, very quiet, wearing a gray suit.  Floyd's youngest son, Dale, was there in a suit.  He was my best friend when growing up.  He looks just like his Dad.  His 2 sons were there.  One lives locally.  The other lives in Michigan, he flew in just for the funeral... that's it, just for the funeral.  As we were leaving, so was he, heading to the airport to catch his flight back to Michigan.  One day.  Not a lot of love there.
And now a few words about Floyd.
I liked him a lot.  He drank a lot of beer, but he had a reason.

On D-Day, he was on Omaha Beach.  He had to climb through all of that death, and destruction, and survived that confusion.  Somehow he managed to earn 3 Bronze Stars.  I have no doubt that where ever he is, Floyd is enjoying a beer.  More power to him.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Trimming the truth

Well, I watched some of the debate last night... after it was over, just to kind of get a feel for how bad these things really are, and after a couple of glasses of wine.  Liquid courage, you know?  Anyway, I didn't watch that much.  I didn't see the bit where he'd keep people in suspense about the election results though I did read about his comments this morning... as though he is in any position of authority.  After watching those few minutes, I now understand why he's such an asshole - he is terribly confused.  He thinks this is a reality TV show.  That's right.  He believes he's on something called "Run for the White House."  All of his posturing is in anticipation for his next close-up.  No doubt when this whole thing is over he's going to expect an Emmy nomination for Best Turd.
Enough of that, I was off yesterday and today as well, so I started painting the trim in my living room.  I'm doing it in sections because... to be honest... I hate painting trim.  I hate the taping.  I hate the cutting in, the cutting out.  I hate using a sash brush... carefully.  I just want it to be done.

Of course, being trim, it takes a lot longer to paint than the walls since you can use broad swipes of a roller to paint them.  It's not white, rather more of a very pale brown which will make the red of the walls pop.  I can say things like that, you know?  Make the walls pop.  That's one of the benefits for working in paint for years.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Christmas Present

Is going to be arriving on 12/21/16.  And yes, it's based on a video game.  The Assassin's Creed franchise is one of my favorites.  You get to play as an assassin who is working against the Templars,  Actually, you get to play as a modern man who, by using something called the Animus, relives his former lives as an assassin, an assassin who relies on both stealth and parcour.  A lot of people like Black Flag because you get to play as a pirate assassin.  I like Unity, which takes place during the French Revolution where you get to walk down the Champs Elysee and get to experience what it must have looked like back in the 1700's, when there were still fields.

The movie takes place in both the present and the past, during the Spanish Inquisition to be precise.  I can think of only one problem and that is every time I say "the Spanish Inquisition" I think of Monty Python.  What saves it is the fact that the Python skit was hilarious, and this, well, looks to be rather bloody.  Nothing wrong with that.  And, if you look very, very closely, you can see that one of the heads that rolls looks an awful lot like Trumps.

Monday, October 17, 2016

New 2nd Floor Sucker

I just ordered a new vacuum.  Panasonic.  This one is for the upstairs.  I have a Miele Titan for downstairs and that works well.  At present, I have a Kenmore upstairs which is very old, 20 some years old, and is duct taped together.  Most of the tools have broken.  The wand no longer extends.  Back when I bought I paid a lot of money for it, and have gotten rewarded with many years of service; it still sucks.  In fact, the suction is still outstanding an amazing fact when you consider how much horse hair plaster it sucked up during the bathroom remodel, and the pine needs from live Christmas trees, and dog hair... and before that cat hair... lots and lots of pet hair.
The new vacuum is purple and there is only a 5 year warranty, but that's fine.  If it last 15 years I'll be happy.  I had, for a couple of moments, thought of getting another Miele but then there is the price, they're expensive and I really couldn't see spending that much money on something for the 2nd floor.

Mostly what I have upstairs is dust, some dog hair, but overwhelmingly it's dust.  When I'm at work the dogs are relegated to the first floor (ground floor).  It's still expensive, though, with tax almost $300.  It's supposed to arrive on Thursday.  I'm an Amazon Prime member, 2 day shipping, we'll see if that happens.  Here lately they've kind of been dropping that guarantee with purchases arriving on the 3rd day.  Still, shipping is still free, so I'm not really complaining.  So tell me, isn't this a really nice looking 2nd floor sucker?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Big Seig got bit

That's right, something pesky nipped him, or else he ate something that didn't agree with his system.  Dogs do that, you know?  Everything was fine when I got home.  He and Lily got their dinner.  They went outside to play while I made chai tea.  When I opened the back door to let them back in the house, however, I noticed he had started to swell.  Little lumps all over his back, and on his chest, where the hair is thin, they were blotchy pink.
So I gave him a Benadryl.   When your dog weighs as much as a small human being dosage is the same as it is for an adult.
Two hours later his jowls were doubled in size.  And I thought, shit, I'm going to have take him to the emergency room.  He didn't seem to be in any discomfort.  He had no problems eating biscuits.  He was just swollen.  So I thought, we'll give it over night. see how he is in the morning.

This morning he was fine... except for a slight case of diarrhea.  That's easily remedied.  He's had that before, you see, because that big mouth of his seems to swallow whatever it wants.  And because he's so big, he gets the same treatment you or I would take.  It's minty green.  Loves it.  In fact, every time he gets dosed his reaction is always the same.  "Holy Crap, pour more of that green, minty heaven down my throat." 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Christmas Dragon

Well, we've got what?  Three weeks before the voters make their choice and Donald and his Trumpcapades keep skating around on ice that's way to thin for their blades.  I mean, you can actually hear the cracking of the ice as his troop circles round and round and round.  Every syllable dribbling from his lips is a counter accusation.  "It's a conspiracy."  You know, the same sort of thing he hawked with 'birtherism.'  He doesn't understand that this is his karma.  The full circle.  The universe fixing a mistake.  This is life.
Anyway, yesterday when I returned to work after my 2 days off, Christmas had been set.  All the artificial trees, the cheap ones and the expensive ones have been set up.  They're all pre-lit.  We have one that grows from 7 feet to 10 feet with the press of a button.  If I get a tree it will be real because the dogs will see it as a toy... are really bit toy, they can drag around the living room and dining room.  This means I will probably not be getting a tree this year.
I have to say, however, the centerpiece for our Christmas display has to be the Christmas Dragon.... that's right, we have a large, inflatable Christmas Dragon who slowly flaps his wings.  There is bright pink fire burning in his belly.

I suspect this means that the sleigh with it's 8 tiny reindeer have been replaced.  Let's be honest here, a fire breathing dragon swooping around on Christmas Eve is a bit more impressive.  No doubt he's faster.  And no doubt Santa is riding him shouting out "eat Donner, eat Blixen, eat Prancer and Vixen."

Friday, October 14, 2016


Well, they shot lasers into my left eye yesterday burning a hole into something that's going to help with the drainage.  Now I'll have to remember to put drops in for the next 5 days.  Most likely, I'll start forgetting in 2 or 3, that's what happened last time.
I'm still waiting for the credit to show up on my account for the returned Samsung TV; chatted with someone named Mazze who only then initiated the credit, 8 days after Amazon had received it on their loading dock.  Their policy states credits are to be issued  in 3 - 5 days after the return has been received.
Later this morning, when I get back to the store after having 2 days off, I will see how the Christmas set has gone.  That's right, on October 12, they put in the Christmas displays.  It's later than last year because they've expanded the Halloween display.  And I know there are people reading this shaking their heads, muttering to themselves, "it's not even Thanksgiving."  Well, I say this every year.  It would go on sale so soon if people didn't buy it, however they do.  In fact a day doesn't pass in which someone does stop by the Service Desk and ask "when are you putting up your Christmas stuff?"  Last week I had an older woman complain "well, everybody else has it up."

And finally, this pissing and moaning by the Trump and his campaign, holy shit, it's like listening to a spoiled brat.  He calls it "horrible," and "terrible," and a "lie."  He's blaming things on a secret conspiracy.  He's never had much accountability in his life, doing what ever he wanted, the poster child for egocentric entitlement.  Now his horrendous behavior is being publicized and he's whining like a child.  What's really funny about this is that his campaign wanted to do opposition research just to find out what kind of dirt they could expect to be unearthed, and he denied the request... more than once.  I told my friend Betsy that he just doesn't understand and at 70 years of age he will never understand.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


So, I went to to visit my Mom yesterday.  She has an apartment in an assisted living facility.  She also suffers from dementia; she recognizes us, but conversation is limited.  When I tell people this, their response is usually 'aahhh, that's a shame.'  No it isn't.  She's also a Valium addict because 50 some years ago she was diagnosed with schizophrenia.  She was admitted to a sanitarium where they administered electric shock therapy.  This is how life is sometimes.  The therapy didn't help, the Valium did and the end result was the screaming tantrums, the slapping and hitting, stopped for the most part, but the damage had already been done.
Anyway, about 3 weeks ago my brother and sister packed her and her walker up and took her to K-Mart.  She bought herself a throw which looks like a puppy.  She loves it.  She talks to it.  She takes it everywhere.  A number of the other residents are a bit jealous, so she also uses it as a tool to piss them off.  When they get angry she turns on her "pity poor me act."  The staff at Graysonview know this, and they mollify.

This doesn't mean I don't love my Mom, I do, to a certain extent.  I tell people that my Mom is nuts and they just look at me.  And then I tell them the funny stories, not the dark ones.  I try and visit her once week, and always take cookies, or brownies, or some sort of snack.  My sister visits her a bit less frequently, and my brother manages to make it over about every 3 weeks or so.  The damage was done a long time ago.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Republican cannibalism

For Republicans, for all too long, it's not about who gets into the White House doesn't really matter, as long as that individual claims to be a Republican.  That's what counts.  Nothing else.  Read articles like this if you don't believe me.  There are a number of Republicans who don't care how terrible a Trump presidency would be, they don't care how close he'd buddy up to Putin, or how badly he crash the economy; at least there'd be a Republican in the White House.  And they hate Clinton.  But then you have to remember that they hate all Democrats.  Look how much they hate Obama.  They let birtherism go on for years because they saw it as an easy nail to drive into his back.  They've used Benghazi for years to attack Clinton, but read their report and they admit there was no wrong doing.  What they do say is that the White House dealt with it poorly, and that's about it.  Even their silly propaganda film "13 Hours" foisted a lie on the American People.  Their philosophy for far too long has been to divide and conquer.  And now they have Trump, a candidate who has helped them foster their hate for years.  And he's uncontrollable.  An open sore ripe with gangrene.

And if you think he's a waking nightmare now, wait until he loses.  Do you really think his Trumplodite hoards are going to sit quietly on their hands?  I doubt that.  Will their anger fester?  I suspect so.  Will they devour the party that created them?  Most assuredly.  The GOP will cannibalize itself from the inside outward.  When I told my brother I thought there might be riots when Trump loses he said, "I don't think they're that bad."  They are.

Monday, October 10, 2016

No red dress?

Evidently Trump didn't wear the red dress last night.  Bringing in women with decades old accusations against Bill Clinton was a fail. Now the world knows just how ugly the GOP and Trump really are, bitter is too sweet a word.   I've read Trump would stand behind her and glower at times.  What a fool.  And threatening to put her in jail?  Trump is struggling to stay afloat and everybody seems to be throwing him rocks; not a life preserver in sight.  And, of course, he made sure he put on his weighted spats before he went on stage.  Trumplodites loved his performance.  Who cares?  Their numbers can't win him the oval office.  Everybody, except them, are giving the debate win to Hillary.  Such was to be expected.  He should have worn the dress.
Anyway, it's early, early, early, and I'm off to work.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trump's Red Dress

Well, there's another debate tonight.  Will I watch it?  No.  I don't watch debates.  And tonight?  Well, I'm going to bed early.  I get to open the store tomorrow, so I'll be up at 0300.  I get to open it again on Tuesday, yippee skippy.
Even though I won't be watching the debate I will bet that millions of others will be glued to their TV sets.  They want to see Trump squirm in the hot seat.  They will want to see just how low he's going to go; failing by what degree.  If he mentions Bill Clinton, he fails.  If he tries to justify his scumbag behavior by comparing himself to Bill it will be a terrible mistake.  The only way he can even hope to stop the hemorrhaging of his campaign is to pull a Scarlett O'Hara.  "Gone with the Wind," you know?  After Scarlett is caught with Ashley Wilkes, Rhett forces her to go to Melanie's party wearing a red, velvet dress.  That's right, Trump's got to go to this debate wearing that red velvet dress.  For him to be even partially successful, he's got to rise out of the gutter.

The only parachute he has available is made of velvet, and lace, and sequins, and ostrich feathers, and it is a brilliant scarlet red.  For him to even come close to saving his political career, he's going to need to prove that even a pig of a human being like himself has some small semblance of dignity.

It just might happen.....

Nah, she's going to bait him to hell and back.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Drudge, Trump, and the New TV

So much funniness going on, really, I mean Matt Drudge and the Hurricane.  Sounds like the title of a juvenile adventure novel, doesn't it?  The Washington Post hit's this nail right on the head, well, almost so, they do fail to acknowledge that if any of Drudge's followers actually do fail to evacuate, and do happen to die, their surviving family members will sue him for "wrongful death."
And then there are those Krazy Kristians trying to defend Trump's pussy remarks.  People like Rita Cosby and Phil (don't look at my dick) Robertson and some one named Pastor Mark Burns.  This last guy has actually said in a Tweet that Trump has repented... does this guy have any functional neurons left in his brain?  And Rita?  She did the crazy bit on her WOR radio program.  I checked her out on Wikipedia and her career seems to be in a slow, slow decline as she moves farther and farther to the right.  The next thing you know she'll be wearing an aluminum foil hat.
And what about that Krazy Plane, the Trump Campaign? It's almost as funny as the end of "The Interview."  Sure, it is Trump and not Kim Jung (something  or other), but if you look at any recent picture of him, and cup your hand round your ear, you can almost hear Katy Perry singing "Firework."
Finally, my new Sony UHD 4K TV arrives this morning.  Pilot Freight is delivering it, not FedEx or UPS.  They will actually unpack it, set it up, and plug it in to make sure it's not broken.  Amazon is starting to do this with Flat Screens.  Smart move.  Anyway, as a means of celebrating, I order the new Gears of War Xbox Slim.  It arrived last night.

As you can see, it's red to go with my living room.  Unfortunately I have to work this afternoon, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to really set it up.  That's okay.  I'm the patient sort.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Pied Piper Trump

I was reading I Should be Laughing this morning and got a real chuckle from the segment on the Heinous Pandering Pig.  Trumplodites rave that Trump "says it like it is," and they adore this leech of a human being because of this, they want to believe that everybody is sexist and racist and bigoted.  However, they, themselves normally only say these things among their own small circle of friends, they're far too cowardly to say them publicly. Trump legitimizes their inner feelings.  Trumplodites are a minority.  They know that.  A dying subspecies, their numbers shrink year by year as more and more human beings accept tolerance.  And it is funny.  Without Trump these individuals are nothing but sour mouths whispering behind your back.  These people will never "say it like it is."  They have a pack mentality easily herded like lemmings towards the cliff.  You could say that Donald Trump is their Pied Piper and they will follow him anywhere.

On a lighter note, I was sitting in the lunchroom on Wednesday and Florida's Governor Scott was on the TV talking about Hurricane Matthew and one of our associates asked "Is he going through chemo?"  I shook my head and said "no, he just shaves his head." Eight people laughed.  I counted them.  And another associate said "some people should just not shave their heads."

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Are the Kardashian's a bit pasty?

Well, it's been... ho, hum, how many days since the Kardashian robbery.  I'm sure their Kardashapedes., with the back of their hands wilting oh so faintly over their brows, are still feeling faint of heart.  Me, when I first heard it, thought something sounded a bit fishy.  I mean it's paste, after all.  And in case you didn't know how expensive paste was, here's a link.  And as time passes the truth seems to be more and more... shall we say odd.  Like they were staying in a hotel that only had a concierge as security, and now this... they were staying in a place with zero security cameras.  Are they really that stupid?  Now I know a lot of your are going to chime in with a "yes," and I do agree.  However I can see this turning into a major money maker for them if the sticks fall their way.  Let's see, there's the insurance money, which will be sizable, especially if the gems weren't actually nabbed.  And then there's the inevitable lawsuit against the hotel.  Anybody who thinks they will not sue is... well... dumb as a brick.

I thought the bit about the company her bodyguard works for filing for bankruptcy 10 weeks ago rather... interesting.
Poor Kim.  I suspect she's going to take this 'pity me' party as often as possible to the bank.  You have to remember, these people are low life, bottom dwelling, scum suckers who have no scruples when it comes to self-promotion.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The VP waste of time

Didn't watch the debate... never do.  But I suspect, from what I've been reading, the LA Times sums it up best.  Pence failed to defend Trump's lies and Kaine needled.  If you watched it, well, that's 90 minutes of your life you'll never get back.  Who's it going to help?  Neither will benefit - you don't vote for President hoping they'll be incapacitated and you get someone closer to you liking in the White House.
The next debate is going to be a Town Hall.  The only time Trump is good at that format is when he's the only one on stage... or if he's dealing with the rest of the clown parade.  I suspect Hillary is going to put her vehicle in reverse and back over him again, and again, and again.
Anyway. my new xbox slim arrives tomorrow.  Can't wait.  But I'm also having new windows installed so I probably will only be able to unpack it and not really explore it's functionality.
I did watch "Westworld."  Thought it interesting.  I don't pay for HBO and have a funny feeling that's not going to be enough of a reason for me to start.  Sure, there's a lot of nudity, but most of it was female, lots of tits, you know?
Heading off to work, and since I always like to include a picture in the post I'll leave you with:

an older picture of Chris Evans,  I think this is from the first Fantastic Four movie, where he ran around in a towel because hid hotness burned off all of his clothing.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Coming Soon

Thursday is a big day.  I'm having some new windows installed - getting rid of a couple of the 111 year old ones and replacing them with some Andersen's.  Thursday is also the day my new Xbox One Slim arrives.  I'm getting the Gears of War Super Bundle.  The console will not only be used for gaming, but also for playing Blue Rays... on my new Sony 55" UHD Smart TV, which, unfortunately, will not be arriving on Thursday, rather it will make it's appearance in my living room on Saturday, between 9 - 12.
One final note on the Samsung fiasco, an email in which the writer admits, for the most part, that they were acting like scumbags.

Thank you for contacting Samsung. With reference to your email, I understand that the TV that you have purchased from Amazon has been damaged and was asked to pay the expenses to get the TV repaired. I can completely understand. If that happened to me I'd be really upset too. I can imagine how frustrating that must be. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. Since it has been broken during shipping you need to contact the stores or shipment team to get the TV replaced

What Fun!

I'm glad I'm not the only who that the Kardashian robbery was an 'inside job.'  I suspect the ratings on their reality show are dropping, and Jenner's audience woke up and realized he's, well, not quite a she.  They needed something to keep their line of Kardasapedes from running away.
And as for Trump - he seems to be going down and taking the Republican Party with him.  I can guarantee his comments about returning Vets who are experiencing PTSD "can't handle it," is not flying well with America's Veterans.  If you've ever been in a war zone and I have, I can tell you it will always stick with you, in the back of your mind.  Handling it has nothing to do with it... but than this is coming from a guy claimed an almost $1 Billion Dollar Loss on his Income Tax.

Monday, October 3, 2016

UPS, Samsung, Kardashian inside job, and taxes

Well, I didn't go in to work today.  I called and told them I'd be in late... how late I don't know.  You see I'm waiting for UPS to come and pick up that expensive Samsung television that was delivered broken / damaged.  That's right.  It's going back to Amazon.  Last night, while I was waiting for the alarm check in the store to be finished so I could leave, I checked my email.  Lo and behold, there was a communication from Samsung, and once again they apologized for my inconvenience, and once again they confirmed that I would have to pay the expense for fixing the TV.  So I popped on over to Amazon and processed the return.  And, as I said above, they're picking the TV up today.
On the Kardashian robbery?  I honestly think it was an inside job.  You know, just a little something to keep their names in the headlines.  I mean, that bimbo can't possibly have over $10 million in jewelry.  Of course, that may not be the appraised value for her paste rocks, just her idea of what all of that zirconium is worth.
And what about Trump not paying taxes?  Ha, ha.  That his supporters are saying he's a genius for figuring out how to cheat the government?  That's kind of sad. It's Trumplodite mentality all the way.

And I have started looking for another TV.  I have an 8 year old Sony Bravia flat screen now that was rather expensive way back when I bought it.  It has been hoisted around, carried here, moved there, and I've never had a problem with it.  When I emailed Samsung and said I'd be buying a TV from one of their competitors I was right, and it just might be another Sony.

Sunday, October 2, 2016


Well, the chandelier is hung.  I've one more coat of paint to put on the wall leading into the dinning room, then the step stool can be put away.  The recommended 60w bulbs, those in it are 40w and they put out a lot of light.  You know, it's not supposed to be blinding.
Samsung is being obstinate.  They emailed me a copy of the warranty for the TV which states that if the tech finds any damages to the TV I will be responsible.  Not happening.  I left them know without using any foul language.  I told them Amazon has said I can return it if they don't meet my expectations.  I told them I want a new TV, that I don't want this one sent out for repairs.  And, of course, I told them Amazon offered me a replacement or a credit.  Now Samsung knows I will take the credit and buy a Sony.

And if you didn't get a chance to see Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump on SNL last night, check it out on YouTube.  I really laughed.  You could say I had a huuuuge laugh.  That's almost as funny as him claiming to have lost almost a billion dollars on his old tax return.  Successful business my ass.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Waiting on Samsung

Yepper, this seems to be how it's going to go with the TV, I'm now waiting for the official Samsung repairman to give me a call.  I called them again last evening.  Surprise, 24 hours after I sent them the pictures of the television they still had not been forwarded to the correct department.  "Joan" went looking for them and... couldn't find them.  After emphasizing how necessary it was for them to expedite this problem, she set up a tentative appointment on Thursday, 10/6 because that's my one day off this coming week.  (I'm also having some new windows installed that day).  And, of course, the repairman is going to have to verify he / she is available that day.  They will be available, because my next day off will be on Sunday, and I'm sure they don't do service calls on Sunday.  When I told "Joan" I had already contacted Amazon and could ship it back to them and get a replacement she squawked in her foreign accent "No!  don't do that!  The service technician needs to make sure there is no water damage, and that the screen is not broken!"  I don't think she quite understands, or maybe is refusing to understand, that Samsung is going to give me a new television.  You don't unpack a new, very expensive TV and find this kind of pixel damage.

Nice, huh?
I was very calm at first.  I work in retail.  I know things happen.  But as time slips past I'm losing my patience.  This needs to be taken care of now.