I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Friday, July 19, 2024

Trump Fakes an Injury

The weather was beautiful yesterday!  Today we're going to have a repeat!  Nice.  Sunny.  Low humidity.  Right now, the outside temp is 66 (F) The temps are predicted to hover in the mid 80s (F).  Now, how's that for a perfect summer day.

I had breakfast with my brother yesterday.  He was recently laid off.  That's not a good thing to happen to you when you're 60, and I don't know if he understand the implications of that yet.  Even though laws have been passed to eliminate age description, I can tell you that unless a company is actively higher upper middle-aged people, they're most likely ignoring the laws, especially if they're a conservative company.

After that heavy, heavy breakfast, I got a 2.4 mile walk in at Adams - Ricci.  I took my camera so I get more familiar with using it, and to see what if felt like hanging around my neck by the strap.  I'm planning on using it for most of the pictures in Greece, though the phone is going to be used for taking selfies.  That's something I'm not really looking forward to; I've never been one to plant my face all over the place.

Later in the afternoon, I also went for a 13 mile bike ride.  

All in all, yesterday was highly productive.  I love days like that.

And, of course, last night the Spawn of Satan accepted the Republican nomination for president wearing a teabag.

Republicans simply do not understand how stupid that looks.  I searched for images of a grazing wound caused by a rifle similar to an AR-15.  The velocity of that bullet even grazing the tip of his ear would have torn off skin and cartilage.  If Trump had been grazed, much of his ear would be gone.  Also keep in mind, this is Trump, had a bullet done physical damage graphic pictures of his injuries would be front page news.  As I said before, he, no doubt under the supervision of Putin, is tea bagging America.  He has never been anything more than a two-bit con artist, a liar from the day he was born.  And from what I've seen, all he did was repeat one of his rally speeches.  

And it does sound a lot like Biden is being convinced to drop out of the race.  I feel bad for the man.  I've been a loyal Democrat for decades.  Still, he needs to do what's best for the country.  He needs to insure that Democracy not only survives, but thrives, and if that means getting out of the race, then that's what he as to do.  Let's be honest, he's done an outstanding job.  He can still be a revered older statesman and still wield a lot of power.  It's better to resign yourself to being a sage, than to go down a loser.

Thursday, July 18, 2024

The Ticket

Yesterday was hot, but not as stinkin' hot as it has been.  We did get passing storms, lots of rain for about 5 minutes.  No thunder and lightening.   The temperatures did drop afterwards.  That was nice.  Of course, when I got up this morning around 0515 the low was 73 (F).  This means the day is probably going to be warmer than the forecast.

Work was meh yesterday.  I sold some carpet to a senior woman.  She's putting it in her large bedroom which isn't finished yet.  I said they should probably wait to purchase until the contractor was finished  and that got shot down fast.  She wanted to take advantage of 10% markdown which ended yesterday.  This means the installer is going to have to warehouse her carpet until she's ready for the install.  Of course, for that great, orange home improvement retailer I work for, it's all about making the sale, impositioning the installer should have no bearing on the sale.

Emmy award nominations were announced yesterday.  Shogun got quite a few.  I enjoyed that show, however, all of the acting nominations went to Asians.  While there's nothing wrong with that, I feel bad for Cosmo Jarvis, if it weren't for his British navigator there would be no story.

For those who haven't been paying attention, the RNC is still going on.  Last night JD Vance spoke, tonight will belong to the Moral Degenerate.  The big question will he show up with another tea bag taped to his ear?  That would be par for the course since this entire charade is just another chance for the Republicans to teabag America.

Can we speak about ironies?  Yesterday, while scanning through my phone to waste time at work, I came across an article with the headline "Biden might consider dropping out of race if a medical condition deemed it necessary," or something to that effect.  And then news comes out that he has been diagnosed with a mild case of Covid, a disease that is still a killer.  Then this morning I read that he is apparently more amenable to dropping out of the race... after a chat with Schumer and Jeffries. I feel bad for him.  No one wants to be a one term president, even if he did help the economy and the country begin to heal from the trauma caused by Trump.  In spite of what he wants, I do suspect that he will soon remove his hat from the race.  That would pretty much make Kamala the nominee.  I do believe that a Harris / Buttigieg ticket would be unstoppable. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

America's Sleeping Giant

 Our temps hit 100 (F) yesterday, for the first time in a long time.  We didn't break any records, so it's a pretty good guess that we've gotten that high before.  I went outside on a couple of occasions.  Believe me, it was a great day to dry clothing outside.  Two loads!  My savings from not running the dryer went to paying the Central Air expense, which seemed to be running constantly.

I got a text from Tammy, the neighbor living across the street, asking me why I didn't go to Eileen's Memorial Service on Saturday.  A month and a half ago she had told me part of the service was to be done at the A-Frame Eileen and her husband had built, and then the group was going to move to a spot near the river for spreading her ashes.  Her and her deceased husband's wedding bands were then supposed to be floated down the river on a tiny boat, and after all of that, people were supposed to meet at Dukes (a restaurant on the river).  I had told her I had no idea where the A-Frame was and she told me not to worry.  On Saturday, Tammy left early without saying anything, and I thought it would be rude of me to miss the service and just show up at Dukes for the food.  It's a lot like skipping the wedding and going to the reception, if you know what I mean.  When I reminded her of this she texted back, "oh, I should have told, there was a change of plans, everybody just met at Dukes, the service was done later."  Holy Crap.  Not that I was really upset.  Eileen was a good neighbor.  She took care of my animals when I went to France, and my decision to go to the service was just a nice gesture.  Still, there seems to have been a lot lacking in organizational skills.

And, as one might have expected, quite a few people are mocking Trump's bandaged ear, especially since this was the first time anyone has seen it.  The joke in this picture is that cultists will wear fake bandages to honor the Spawn of Satan.  Sadly, this turns out to be more than a joke.  They are selling fake mini-bandages at the convention that you can buy for just $5 a pop, bandages you can fold around the top of your ear.  This is what cultists do.

So far, there is still not medical report to prove the bullet actually winged his ear.  I'm betting that's never going to be forthcoming.  

The unity he called for disappeared completely on the second night of the Republican convention as people shouted, "Fight! Fight! Fight!"

However, the decisions made by this conservative Supreme Court have cursed the GOP.  Flipping Roe v Wade is sending millions of women to the polls and they're not voting Republican.  Their decision on presidential immunity, to completely remove accountability has pissed quite a few people off.  There's a saying, waking up the sleeping giant will make the whole world tremble.  That used to refer to China.  But there's a sleeping giant in this country made up of women, centrists, and every kind of minority you can think of.  Republicans simply do not understand this.  They have convinced themselves that all they need to say is "shut up, we're in charge," and the nation will bend at the knee.  They are going to learn what happens when America's sleeping giant awakens, and then Republicans will be gone.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Played by Republicans

 This morning's temp is 74 (F).  Today's high is supposed to be 101 (F).  Honestly, I can't remember have the high temp being over 100 (F).  How hot is it?  I sold some fake grass to a woman yesterday who wanted it for her dog; it's too hot to walk him on the sidewalk.  I didn't ask if she was going to keep the grass in her house or not.  

I did get a nice little flooring sale, and also a lead for interior shutters, which are expensive, so the lead made management happy.  

Otherwise, it was a pretty much of a meh day.  Most of the customers I talked to at work complained about the heat.  Sometimes I want to remind them that we had a very warm winter, but usually I don't.  I can see in their eyes that the only time weather makes an impact on their lives is when it's an event, such as a deep snow, or as in this summer, which, halfway through July, is very hot.  They'll remember this summer, unless next summer warmer.  Of course, if summers continue to get warmer because of Global Warming, this summer will be remembered as the first.

I watched a movie called Creator last evening.  It started off good, very good, actually.  Americans are the bad guys trying to kill off synthetic people who have been blamed for a terrible event.  Asians have no problem with the synths, and so America basically invades Asia.  About 2/3 of the way through the film, however, it goes off the rails, and the ending is a letdown. 

So, yesterday when I got the flash that Trump had chose JD Vance as his vice presidential candidate I started chort, chort, chortling away.  What does Vance bring to Trump?  Well, unlike Rubio and Bergum, he's politically stupid, and, unlike Rubio and Bergum, he's a celebrity of sorts.  That's important to Trump.  In fact, in Trump's press release, he mentioned that Vance was a famous author and that Hillbilly Legacy had been made into a movie.  Great qualifications for a vice president to have.  No one should have been surprised.  In fact, I'm guessing Tim Scott is a little relieved because now he doesn't have to get married.

Another thing about that supposed assassination attempt.  I want to remind people that Reagan also survived and assassination attempt and his approval rating went through the roof.  I've often told Republicans waiting for another Reagan, they need someone who has survived an assassination attempt.  Of course, after he was shot, the press played Reagan up as being like your grandfather.  Trump's a convicted felon, and there is nothing grandfatherly about him.  There are so many things that simply don't add up to this... shooting, except for Republicans, many are scratching their heads and starting to wonder if they've been played.  

Monday, July 15, 2024

Taking the High Road

 Well, here it is, Monday morning already.  The temp in the cycling, gaming computer room is a warm 78 (F), only a few degrees warmer than it is outside.  Tomorrow, the mercury is supposed to crack 101 (F), a rarity for us.  The prediction is for spotty thunderstorms this afternoon, by spotty they mean that they'll bypass Enola.  This seems to happen a lot on the West Shore, with many of the recent storms trekking up the valleys to the north and south of us.

Yesterday was a boring work day.  I did get a measure.  I sold some carpet, somebody else's measure so they'll get the sale.  I also designed some blinds - a really big order, probably around $24,000.  There was a time when you could sell a measure for a blind install, but the associate who designed the blinds would get most of the credit.  They changed a while back.  The associate who sold this measure didn't work yesterday, and will not be working today when the customer will probably buy.  Myself and another associate will put in the design time and the credit will go to the individual who spent 5 minutes setting up the measure.  This is an issue which needs to be fixed.

Anybody what to guess how Myra Gershwin comes into play in The Body in History?  (Can you hear me laughing).

And in just 6 weeks I'll be in Greece.  I did get an update from  After I land in Athens, I will need to go through immigration, get my luggage (1 suitcase) and go to the airport entrance where I should find someone holding up a sign with my name on it.  At least, this is how it's supposed to work.  When I went to Paris, I had to call the hotel and have them send my ride.  I'm looking forward to  seeing this:

I also saw where they're beginning to think the attack on Trump's ear as Domestic Terrorism, rather than a shot fired at his earlobe.  It turns out that the shooter was not the one who made a $15 donation to a Blue Pac, that was a much older white man from Pittsburgh with the same name.  So far, they're not finding anything in his past to indicate he had a grudge against Trump (even though so many of us do).

I saw where Melanoma put out some sort of statement about the "violent bullet" that struck her husband's ear.  Someone needs to tell Melanoma that bullets are violent, shooter are.

Both Democrats and Republicans, as well as their presidential candidates and ask for calmness on both sides: the Republicans are not listening.  Representative Mike Collins, another wack job from Georgia, is publicly saying that Biden put out the hit on Trump.  Their base is angry, and they're going to do everything in their power to enrage them even more.

Finally, some unknown senior Democrat has supposedly said that a number of Democrats have resigned themselves to four more years of the Orange Anus.  This individual is a spineless sack of shit who needs to be identified and rooted out.  Taking the high road doesn't mean giving up hope at the drop of the hat, and I don't doubt for a second that person still believes in polls.

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Harbinger of Death

 Okay, yesterday was hot, in more ways then one.  Our temps hit 97 (F) and the sun was bold and bright.  We are under a heat advisory until Wednesday, when storms are predicted to move across the area.  We had a similar prediction last week, and we did get a lot of rain from a storm overnight, but the head stayed.  This is the kind of summer I remember from my youth, though I do believe it's hotter now.

Yesterday was a vacation day for me so I could attend a memorial service, and I didn't go.  I was expecting my neighbor from across the street to text me a reminder, and she didn't, and I had no idea where it was going to take place, so I stayed home and read.

And I also ate tons of food yesterday.  For some reason, I had a voracious appetite.  The results were obvious when I stepped on the scale this morning.

Does everybody remember when Trump thought this was funny?

Remember when Trump joked about Paul Pelosi being attacked by a hammer?  Republicans, themselves, thought that was pretty damn funny.  They all joked about it... until the video came out and then we got crickets from them.  

On January 5, 2024, after a shooting at an Iowa school that killed one child and injured several, he said this:

“It’s just horrible – so surprising to see it here. But we have to get over it. We have to move forward.”*

And back in 2023, at an address to the NRA, he talked about gun violence and who was really to blame:

the long history of deadly school shootings in the US is “not a gun problem”. He instead blamed the issue on Democrats, mental health issues, marijuana and the transgender community.*

Yesterday, a 20 year-old Republican with an AR-15 style rifle tried to assassinate him.  One of his cultists told NBC news that Trump was now a martyr, and the he was guaranteed to win the election.  If he were more of a sympathetic person, that might be true, but he is renowned for his attacks on his opponents.  He will not use this to garner sympathy, but will use it to attack everyone and everything he sees standing in his way.  This changes nothing.  Republicans have a convention starting tomorrow, and I would be surprised if there were not more violence there.  I am reminded of the Democrat convention in Chicago in 1968.  Those riots cost the Democrats so much.  Republicans have been setting themselves up for this for a long time.  Trump is the harbinger of death for the Republican party.

* from The Guardian

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Breaking out of the rut

 Well, we've got overcast skies here again this morning.  Temps are supposed hit the low 90s (F).which means our cooling off period is over.  The heat index is suppose to be maxing out Monday and Tuesday as the heat Mr. Shife has been dealing with moves over us.  If the forecast holds, Tuesday we should hit 101 (F).  It hasn't been that stinky hot in years.

Tuesday I'm scheduled to meet my cousin and her husband for lunch.  We've turned this into a 3 month ritual and it's a lot of fun.  We do reminisce, but we also talk about what's going on in our lives.  One of their grand kids is a good enough swimmer to get a scholarship and dreams of going to the Olympics someday.  I find that fascinating.  When I was growing up, the focus was on getting a job, getting married, and having a family.  Competitive sports for a large majority of my class ended with graduation, and that was a nearly impossible rut to get out of, and while I didn't break out completely by joining the Navy, I did by going to college when I was discharged.

I'm going to a memorial service today for my neighbor Eileen.  She's the one whose will I signed and then later made ink changes to it, a legal no no.  I'm really neutral about the entire thing.

Just took a picture of my peaches.  This is what they look like.  There is not going to be an abundant crop, and they're growing much slower than they did in the past.  Two years ago I was harvesting them by now.

There are days when I feel comfortable about the approaching election and days when I don't.  We do have a lot of dumbasses in this country who, because of their lack of education, believe that an authoritarian government would work in their favor, that an authoritarian leader like Trump would sow benefits upon them.  Can you hear me laughing?  In the history of mankind, that has never, ever happened.  It's is those bumpkins who end up suffering the most, and their suffering goes hand in hand with their whining about how bad things are.  These are the same people who will get a job and will deride it constantly, but never take the initiative to go out and find a better job.  These are the voters Trump and the Republicans depend upon.  It's why they campaign against wokeness.  A dumb voter is always easier to manipulate.  They will never break out of the rut, that would take too much effort.

Friday, July 12, 2024


 So, I stayed up a little later and so slept a little later.  The outside temp was 68 (F) when I woke up.  That's nice.  Today's supposed to be cooler, low to mid 80s (F) and I can deal with that.  Sunday, however, the heat will be returning for a few days.  There's no getting around the fact that it is summer.  Possible rain is also in the forecast.  That would be nice.

When I got to work yesterday, one of my fellow associates told me that one of my measures had sold.  That gives me over $3000 in sales for the week.  However, later on, before I left for the day, I went in to check the order and the wrong product was attached.  It looked to me as the someone from Home Depot Measurement Services went in and changed the product.  Rather than call the customer, I first sent an email to the associate who sold the order, copying one of our Customer Order Specialists to see if the customer had originated this change.  The last thing I wanted to do was call the customer.  If this change was done by one of our associates, it would make us look like big douches.  And if it was a mistake, this might also let us fix it without the customer knowing about it.

I finished watching Lockwood and Co. on Netflix last night.  It was... not bad, a little too predictable in the last 2 episodes.  Perhaps if what they were looking for was the most evil thing ever created I might have enjoyed it better.  The minute an older character befriended a younger character I said to myself, well, I know where this is going.  And I was right.  The first 2/3 are really good, it's just in the last third that the stereotypical ending takes over.  When I copied the trailer link, I saw that the series was canceled after only 1 season because viewership declined.  I don't doubt for a second that it was the last 2 episodes that killed this series.

For those who haven't heard, AT&T was hacked in 2022... and we're just finding out about it now.  Personally, I believe they should lose that great tax break given to them by the Orange Anus.

And Biden gave a one hour press conference last evening.  I actually watched a snippet, the bit were he said Vice President Trump, then I turned it off.  There is no denying he is an old man.  Will he withdraw from the race?  Probably not.  Will he be getting my vote?  Of course.  I want to be able to complain like hell if he loses, which I don't think will happen.  Voting also gives me the right piss and moan if, during his second term, he does something I don't like.  If I don't vote, then my opinion is mute.  Back when I first started working as a Flooring Specialist, I worked with a bald gent who had very strong liberal opinions.  One day, while were cutting carpet for a customer, he told me he and his wife never voted, they just didn't see any point in it.  Being the outspoken person I am, I immediately told him that since he didn't vote, his opinions were worthless, that they had no merit.  America doesn't need armchair voters, those constant complainers who fail to see the need for participation.  Their loud voices too often have little or no value.

Thursday, July 11, 2024


 The heat dome has cracked... at least for a few days.  The prediction today is for our temps to only climb into the mid 80s (F), which will be nice.  By next week, we're supposed to be in the slow cooker.  One thing I have noticed, and this is probably because I am getting older, is that I don't seem to be minding the heat.  The Central Air is set at 74 and there are times when I'm downstairs playing a game, or writing when I think that's a bit cool.  And the truth is that I am getting older.

Yesterday was one of those sleepy days, not that I spent the entire day napping.  I got in an 11 mile ride on the bike and tossed around my dumbbells for a bit.  The kitchen floor was swept and mopped, and the kitchen cabinets got a good cleaning.  In fact, I spent a lot less time on Threads than I usually do.  My Twitter account was shut down a while back.  

My new kitchen scale arrived.  It just weighs the food.  I'm not nearly anal enough to buy one that provides nutritional value as well.  

I also placed the order for my chair.  It's costing a pretty penny, as they say, though I doubt very much if anybody still uses pennies.  It should be arriving in 10 - 12 weeks, or week or two after I get back from Greece.  Interior Define is the company making it.  Furniture makers; I never thought I'd be using them so frequently.  Anyway, here's what it should look like, though hopefully, the color will be less green and more brown.  The swatch is a dark tan.

And Democrats are in a bit of a bind; our presumed presidential candidate is 81 years old and quite a few people think that's too old to be president.  Does it matter?  For someone who's been advocating age limits for members of Congress, the answer is yes.  You can go to old wise men for advice, but I don't think one of them should be running the country.  Even though I'd hoped he would have realized that he was a one term, caretaker president after the Orange Anus left office, I also always suspected he run for a 2nd term.  I do believe he and his advisors thought it would be a much smoother ride.  I also think the plan was, after he was sworn in for a 2nd term, he'd resign and the country would have almost 4 years of Kamal, setting her up to run for re-election.  He has a live interview with Lester Holt on Monday.  No matter how well he does, the Republicans are going to hammer him on his age, not that this is really going to matter. People's minds have already been made up.  They are either going to vote for good or evil, Democracy or dictatorship.  We already know that turn-out for the Republicans has already been damaged by the Anti-Trumpers, this means Democrats need to show up at the polls in force.  As Bob says, "Vote Blue."

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Troll Farms

 Supposedly, today is the last day of this heat cycle we've been stuck in for the past week.  The outside temp was 76 (F) when I woke up, with the predicted high for the day to be around 97 (F).  However, this afternoon storms should be moving through the area (the remnants of Beryl) and they're saying that is going to cool us off.  Tomorrow, temps are predicted to be more seasonal.

Being that it is so warm, my forays outside have been rather limited.  Mostly to my local Giant supermarket.  However, I've bought my way through all of the bonus point deals for this week, and since I have more than enough food in the house, will be spending money there until Friday or Saturday.

Even though I hate doing it, I've realized that I need to begin counting calories again.  Rats!  I had to order a new kitchen scale because my old one stopped working.  It lights up, and you can change from ounces, to pounds, to milliliters, however it just doesn't weight things.  No matter what you put on the scale, the readout says it weighs nothing.  This would good if it meant food had no calories.

I started watching Hit Man on Netflix last evening, and after about a half hour turned it off.  This was supposed to be Glenn Powell's breakout roll, his character, however, is just not that interesting.  This might because of his constantly changing appearance.  The makeup is very good, but so many changes make it difficult to identify with the lead character.  Which Glenn Powell are you supposed to like?  Hit Man is another one of those Netflix movies that only played for a week in theaters to make it eligible during award season.  This is a good indicator that they thought it didn't have box office legs, not even little ones.

Honestly, I can wait for this election cycle to be over.  I feel so terribly sorry for those who have cable, who have to watch commercials, because they are just beginning.  And it's not just commercials, it's every where.  I'm tired of getting texts begging for money.  The fact that so many have access to my phone number is frightening.  As soon as the text show up, I just block the numbers.  If I get a text asking me whom I'm voting for?  I block it.  I don't respond to any of them.  I do believe my feelings and my actions are common among so many people.  Do not believe anything you read or hear about the candidates.  The troll farms are working overtime.

Do not vote for a candidate, vote for Democracy.  Republican authoritarianism will destroy America as we know it.  They truly don't care if they burn down the country if they can rebuild it the way they want, however, I've yet to see an arsonist do that.  Mostly, they just glory in the ashes like pigs in shit.


Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Main Stream Media's Failure

 The temp was 76 (F) this morning when I woke up.  When I checked out the forecast for today there was one word:  Toasty!  That being said, the drapes are pulled in my upstairs windows.  Remember, my upstairs windows are very old, quite possibly the original windows installed when the house was built in 1905.  This means that when the sun hits them, they turn into magnifying heat rays raising the temps upstairs into the mid 90s (F).  The central air helps, but it can do little to combat  the problem with the windows.  In about 6 weeks this problem will be solved.

I'm also preparing to order the new chair for the writing room.  I'd have ordered it earlier, but I didn't want it arriving while I was in Greece.  

Since it's so hot, I'm not planning on going for a walk in Adams-Ricci today, or possibly tomorrow.  Temps should be dropping on Thursday thanks to the rains we're supposed to be getting from Beryl.  That might turn my lawn back to green.  No one in the neighborhood has mowed their brown grass lately.  

I planted 2 grape vines, one is growing nicely, the other?  I water both daily and I discovered that one not growing had been snapped off at the base.  I don't know how that happened, but suspect that means that it's a goner.  Of course, that happened to one of my Itoh peonies and it took 3 years before it began to sprout.  I don't know anything about grapes, so maybe the same thing will happen.  Here's a pic of the one that's growing, ignore the bird poop, I wasn't going to clean it off for the picture.

Evidently, the Orange Anus had not been seen in public in 10, no make that 11 days.  Biden, on the other hand, has make 18 appearances, and at not one did he appear feeble.  Apparently Trump is supposed to have some sort of rally today in Florida, where the temp are supposed to be in what?  the low 100s (F).  It's very close to one of his Florida properties, and he gets chauffeured to every location.  So, if it takes place, he'll probably show up.  We shall have to wait and see.

One of the ironies of this election is that in 2016 and 2020, the Republicans shrieked against polls and the Main Stream Media, this time, with they're not, in fact, they seem to be getting quite cuddly with the same groups they disparaged terribly in the previous 2 elections.  One thing Democrats have learned, is that polls lie, and that the main stream media will is more favorable to a candidate who's promising to give them tax breaks.  They simply don't understand that their advertising would go to shit if an authoritarian government ever gets elected because they'd all have to report the same shit, and any media group that didn't follow policy would be shut down.  You'd think these dummies would look at how things are really done in Russia, or China, or North Korea. 

Monday, July 8, 2024

What Americans Think

 We have heat warnings again for today with temps expected to be in the mid to upper 90s (F).  The same warnings are in effect for tomorrow.  Wednesday, it looks like we're going to be getting some rain, though I suspect they will be spotty at best.  We're in the dry days of July and August, when rain is usually a tough commodity to come by, so unless we get the remnants of a tropical storm or hurricane we can't expect much in the way of precipitation.

Work was boring yesterday.  Not a lot of customers.  This is normally a slow time of year.  People plan and go on vacations.  Kids are home from school.  Most importantly, when it's as hot as it's been, people don't want installers keeping door open and letting the expensive cooled air out.  Spring and fall are our best times for installation.  Corporate understands this, that's why are measure quota drops.  At least they understand one thing about the economy.

I've bought a couple of pair of walking shorts in anticipation for my trip to Greece.  Some are new, some I picked up at Community Aid.  I've never been a clothes horse.  This means I don't need to dress up, just look presentable.  

And this is one of my short weeks at work: today, Thursday, and Sunday.  I took Saturday off because I have a memorial service to attend in the afternoon.  It's one of those outside affairs where the deceased's ashes, per her wishes, are going to be floated down a stream... I'd say I was going to take pictures, but that might be too tacky... or then again, maybe not.  We shall have to wait and see.

Well, I guess it's time I started working on this.

One of the things that bites my ass is Democrats suddenly asking Biden to step down.  Mostly, I think, they're doing it because they don't think he's going to get the votes in November.  Believe me, if he's nominated, he going to get the votes.  At the same time, should he step down, I don't think it really matters who the Democratic nominee for president is, he (or she) is going to get the votes.  This is not a beauty pageant.  Voters are not that stupid.  They're not going to vote on what the New York Times says, or NBC news, they're going to vote on the issues.  While some might see the words Status Quo as being too normal, that is what American wants,  Status Quo is balanced, unchanging, something that you can count on.  America wants reliability.  Americans don't want an authoritarian government telling them how to live their lives.  That's what they see when the look at the Republican party.  They look at the Supreme Court's ruling on Roe v Wade, and at court's recent immunity decision, and they don't like what they see.  They don't like Project 2025.  People are very pissed off about that, and Republicans, in their own tiny minds don't care what a majority of Americans think.  Republicans just want to say "shut up!  we're in charge!"

Sunday, July 7, 2024

Putting our Feet Down

 Well, we're having a mini-heatwave here.  Temps are very warm, in fact most of you would say it's damn hot and I might just agree with you.  Yesterday our mercury climbed to 97 (F) with a real fee of 101 (F) and I stayed inside the house throughout the afternoon.  I did go for my walk at Adams-Ricci in the morning, but the temps were cooler than, in the upper 70s (F).  And we have more on tap for today, Monday, and Tuesday.  Drat, there goes my electric bill.  For the past 2 years, our summers were cool and my Central Air was only run sparingly.  Yesterday, that baby was going on every hour or so, and I have the first floor temp set at 74 (F).

My brother had a family cookout yesterday and invited me, and I politely declined because of the heat.  Usually, I work on Saturdays, but yesterday I had off and if it hadn't been so hot, would have accepted.  I get along well with he and his wife, and his kids.  

Instead, I spent most of the day working on The Body in History.  I wrote an entire chapter tentatively titled Labyrinth and yes, if you're are curious, Eli and Max do get to meet Pan... or maybe it isn't.  Maybe it's just a college student with 7 little goats.  And maybe Max, the smartass, makes one of the most groan inducing puns in the world.

And for those who think the economy is bad, just look what the stock market is doing.

You would think that those stock holders who've been raking in the $$$ for the past 3 years would realize that the resulting chaos of a Trump presidency would drive the market down, but they don't.  All they can think about is another tax break, which would be bad news for a majority of Americans since the last tax break Trump gave them hasn't been paid for yet.  In fact, Wall Street is responsible for a lot of the economic problems facing Americans today.  The price you pay for breakfast cereal is totally dependent upon how much money General Mills, or Post, or Kellogg needs to make on each box of Cheerios, or Frosted Flakes they sell.  The more revenue they earn, the happier Wall Street is, and their stock price goes up.  Wall Street doesn't care if you have to pay $4.59 for a box of Grape Nuts, as long as you keep paying it.  Most people don't understand that in today's economy, inflation translates to corporate greed.  Prices go up and will stay high in order for General Mills, and Post, and Kellogg to insure Wall Street that they're going to be keeping their 5% growth their stock holders expect.  The Average American is always going to be screwed over by Big Business until we Americans finally put our foot down.

Saturday, July 6, 2024

What A Stinker!

 Our temps are predicted to stay in the mid 90s (F) again today.  If you went outside yesterday, you realized what a sweaty, stinker it was. If humidity had a value, yesterday was rich, and the same is predicted for today. For the last 2 years, we lucked out, our summers were cool and comfortable, this year that trend is broken.  The temp in the training, cycling, upstairs computer room was 78 (F), and as the day progress it is only going to get warmer.  Since that's the room where I ride, and walk, and row, and throw around my dumbbells, that locker room bouquet does tend to fragrance the air.

I did hit the nature trail at Adams-Ricci yesterday, in spite of the heat.  My only issue was a mother with 4 young children, each with a brightly colored, plastic butterfly net hit the trail before me, so I revised my route.  They were probably disappointed, because there are no butterflies fluttering about in the rocky shadows of that path.

For some reason, I have a problem with touch screens, especially cellphones.  Even with the sensitivity set low, it's not necessary for me to actually touch the screen to activate an app and so it's not unusual for me to put my phone in my pocket with Garmin Connect, or Accuweather burning up my battery.  Because of this, I always use a wallet phone case.  My old one has gone ratty, and my new one should be arriving Monday.  

I think this is important.

So, Joe Biden gave his long awaited interview on ABC News yesterday.  I didn't watch it, not even a snippet on YouTube.  He's an old man who desperately want a 2nd term to add to his legitimacy.  I'll admit that our choices this election cycle are not the best, but one is far superior.  This November Americans will get to choose the path this nation walks, one of Democracy, or one of Authoritarianism.  One guy wants to be president, the other a dictator modeled after his blow bro Vlad Putin.  Biden represents a group that is far thinking, while Trump heads up a group that simply want to shriek "shut up!  We're in Charge!"  The problem with the "shut up, we're in charge" group is that they don't understand America.  They don't want to.  Understanding is something they don't want to reckon with, yet it will reckon with them should they win.  All you need do is look at the Abortion Ballet Measures to see this is true.  It will not be pretty for them, and when the dust settles the Republican Party will be shattered, and those red states lying broken in the dust.

Friday, July 5, 2024

Death of Brexit

 Crap, yesterday was hot and stinky at work.  Temps were in the low 90s (F) bit humidity went through the roof.  The same is in store today.  And tomorrow.  The temps would be just fine if it weren't for the humidity. 

I skipped my walk at Adams-Ricci yesterday because it was a holiday, and for some reason I didn't really want to do anything.  Don't ask me why, perhaps it's because it was a holiday.  Perhaps it's because I knew I was going to have to work and even though I knew they were going to have food, I also knew it was going to be soooo boring.

What departments were busy?  Paint and garden.  I only had one customer ask me what was on sale, and I nicely gave him my standard response:  appliances.  I did snap a pic and send it to my brother.  You can see the arm of one customer going through self-checkout.  In spite of the lack of customers, I checked our sales figures before I left and we had more than made our plan for the day.  It's the rest of the week that's killing us.

And, of course, the Tories lost big time yesterday in the UK.  For those who don't know, the Tories are the conservative party, similar to our Republicans, who sold the British people Brexit.  The Tories said Brexit was going to be the best thing to ever happen to the country.  They lied.  The rich got richer and the average person got poorer.  I suspect that the Labor Party is going to begin making amends to the EU since the pro-Russia party is no longer in power.

Is American going to learn from the British?  I should think so.  Conservative policies always benefit the wealthy and the upper class, the average worker, the middle class citizen, will always have to work more hours and spend more money than he can afford to make his life easier.  Tax breaks for the rich will always fail because they don't spend the money the way those of us much farther down the ladder do.  They don't invest in America, they purchase luxury items that do nothing to grow the economy.  For one of us, spending a couple hundred dollars on a chair is an investment, a lot of money, but for the wealthy?  The furniture store comes to them, bringing designer fabrics the price of which would put 6 months of groceries on our tables.  For the betterment of mankind, we will reject Conservative policies.  If we do it often enough, maybe they'll move to Russia.

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Here's To Another Couple Hundred Years

 Okay, so some of you are going to be celebrating the  Fourth of July.  I work.  True, it'll be a short shift, only 5 hours, and they will be feeding us "good stuff," as one associate put it.  That means we're going to be getting burgers and dogs (not the kind of dogs Robert F. Kennedy eats).  The temps are going to be warm, lower 90s (F), and it's supposed to be very humid.  We have the same forecast for tomorrow.

Because it is the 4th, I'll keep the politics out today.  This is a time to celebrate all that the great experiment our founding father started has accomplished.  Let's work for another couple hundred years!

Wednesday, July 3, 2024


 Well, we've arrived at Wednesday, or Hump Day, as those who work Monday thru Friday.  While I do have to work today, it isn't my Hump Day.  I don't really have those, and haven't for the past 15 years.  The weather forecasters are calling for temps in the mid 80s (F) and middling humidity.  I do work, but a short shift, from 2-7.  I'm sure I'll be able to handle 5 hours.  The customers we see will be asking what our July 4th sale is... and, as usual, I'll tell them to go to appliances if they want to get a bargain.

Yesterday was a quiet day.  Really.  I went for a 2.5 mile walk in Adams-Ricci.  I'd like to get a little sun before I head out to Greece since this is an explore tour and I'll be spending a lot of time walking.  Yesterday, I did not run into any handsome turtles or take pictures of any odd looking trees, but there were two young women who were always within ear shot of me, and their constant jabber was almost deafening.  So much so, I picked up my pace to put some distance between them and I.

The quietude followed me to the movies last night when I went to se A Quiet Place, Day One.  What a good movie.  This is a two character drama masquerading rather well as a suspense thriller, with a couple of jump scares mixed in to keep the tension level high.  Oh, and there's an overly curious cat, and you know what they about curiosity and cats.  Brief synopsis:  terminally ill cancer patient tries to go to the pizza shop where her dad played jazz piano and runs into hungry aliens.  On the way, she meets and joins up with an English attorney who's lost in the city and can do magic tricks.  I see many nominations with this one.

The repercussions are still falling about Biden's bad debate performance.  I haven't watched any of it.  Still, if it was half as bad as so many are saying, then I will admit to being more than a little miffed because it's quite possible some of his critics might have been correct.  The message Democrats are putting out needs to pivot tightly to Democracy, itself.  I was hoping that the election wouldn't be as close as some are predicting, in fact I do think Trump will lose by a greater margin than Republicans are even considering.  I do think the Nikki Haley voters are protest voters, that rather than show loyalty to Trump, they will simply sit this election out, thinking that four more years of what they see as a failed Biden presidency will make 2028 so much more attractive for a Republican candidate.  The administration needs to take the anger many feel towards the Supreme Court and run with it.  Overturning Roe pissed off a lot of people, giving presidents immunity pissed off even more.  This Supreme Court has given the Democrats a gift, and Democrats need to exploit it everyway they can.  This is not the time for quietude.

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Of Course

 Another nice day is on tap for those of us living in Central PA.  Temps in the mid 80s (F), low humidity, and a sky full of sunshine.  I'll be doing laundry and hanging it outside to dry.  How cool is that? 

Work was... ah, so boring yesterday.  I talked to a couple of potential customers, but no measures.  Oh, and there was one large man with droppage (that's when your big belly drops below the hem of your T-shirt) complained that we didn't sell Lifeproof stairnoses.  "You can get them through a 3rd party online," he complained, so I looked.  He was correct, searching did reveal a matching Lifeproof stairnose, however I didn't click on the link because frequently you can Google something, and you'll get several hits, but when you click on them they take you to our website and the product you're looking for is nowhere to be found.

And, of course, we talked about the Supreme Court's decision to create an imperial presidency. 

I am extremely disappointed, as, I suspect, most of you.  In an odd way, I can see where they're coming from when they say there are certain things that a president should be able to do without having to worry about repercussions.  For example, the decision to drop the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Japanese honor would never have allowed Japan to surrender without those two horrific events, the war would have continued, and more Americans would have died, so they were considered official acts.  January 6 was not an official act stopping a war, it was a riot started by a bitter man who refused to accept the fact that he was a loser.  To try and think that these 2 acts are similar is pure stupidity, yet this decision by the Court fails to define what is official.  

There are those who fail to see the importance of voting in November.  They don't understand we're not voting for one person, but for Democracy.  The Republicans want an authoritarian government.  Authoritarian governments create rules and regulations to control the people, and those rules and regulations will be continually tightened because these governments don't care about people, they just want to dictate.  This authoritarianism will not happen here.  Conservatives do not understand that Americans are armed to the teeth.  Centrists and liberals will fight back.  We may end up with armed conflict which would not only crash our economy, but quite possibly the world's economy.  Of course, maybe this is all supposed to happen.  

Monday, July 1, 2024

Percentage Points

 The weather today is supposed to be great, temps in the low to mid 80s (F), slightly breezy, lotsa sunshine, and... of course... I'm scheduled to work.  Ah, well, I'm sure I'll survive.  This isn't the first nice day we have this summer, and it's not going to be the last.

And I did work yesterday, and yes, it was very slow.  I did briefly talk to an older couple about having carpet installed.  They were rather unhappy that we weren't running a 4th of July sale.  This is a serious problem with retail.  It's bad when you've trained your customer to only buy when there's a sale.  Take Bali and Levelor blinds and shades, both top of the line brands.  They both frequently run sales.  When I started designing blinds their average sale markdown was 25%, occasionally they'd do a big sale and offer 30%.  Over the years prices have gone up, but so have the sale markdowns.  Now it's not unusual for them to run a sale with 40% to 45% off, and a few weeks ago they offered 50%.  However, even at that high a percentage, customers are not getting a deal.  Yet, they see that % and jump at the deal that isn't really a deal.

 When I first made reservations to go to Greece, 3 months ago, people thought I was really excited.  Honestly, at that time it didn't even faze me.  In spite of what some of you might think, I'm not a very excitable person.  However, as my departure date draws closer, enthusiasm is beginning to build.  It's now less than 2 months away and anticipation is beginning to build.  

Of course, since the debate, there has been a small, loud minority yelling that Biden needs to drop out of the race.  While I'm not a big believer in polls, this is the first one I've seen since the CNN  fiasco, and it's surprising.

This same poll had Biden up by 1%.  While the legitimacy and accuracy of polls is debatable, I do think this one possibly underscores what most Americans think:  Trump is unfit to be president.  Nothing drove that point home more than his constantly lying during the debate.  While Biden may have stumbled, the Orange Anus spit out continuous lies and not once had to deal fact checking.  Americans don't want a liar and chief.  

Another aspect of the debate not too many are talking about is that viewership was down quite a lot.  So, who watched it?  Those same cultists who travel from rally to rally and pundits who think that their opinions are important to Americans.  Sad new for them, people may get angry at what they say, but truthfully no one cares what they think.  While the New York Times may want to use Biden's bad performance as a game changer, it isn't.  They don't understand it's not about whether he stumbles, it's about Democracy.  What will be a game changer is the Supreme Court's decision on Trump's immunity.  Republicans will be happy as pigs in shit if they give him even the slightest bit, but America will harden against him.  We do not want a king.  We do not want a Republican authoritarian government.

Sunday, June 30, 2024

Jonathan and David

 Sunday.  Our weather pattern is a repeat of yesterday's, thunderstorms, humidity, and then more thunderstorms.  Late yesterday afternoon the heavens let loose with downpours, while thunder and lightning played together over head.  It happened again just as I was getting ready for bed.  The temps are not that high, but it is super sticky.

And I did work yesterday.  Slow is the word.  I did talk to a couple about having carpeting installed.  I suspect they'll set us a measure online.  I still get some credit, but I won't get the sale.  And, as for sales, mine are good for the week, though I don't have a single measure.  This means my sales will drop off.  That's fine with me.  I am a part-time associate.

Our store manager is leaving.  She's going to be taking over the Lancaster store, a very busy place.  I've worked with her replacement and know him fairly well.  We actually started around the same time, me as a part-time cashier and he as a lumber associate.  I find it interesting that I've worked with so many associates, who keep coming back to the stores I'm working in.

I have 2 extra promo codes for The Body on the Lawn on Audible, if anyone is interested, email me:

Here's a pic I took during my yesterday morning walk at Adams-Ricci mostly because that dying tree looks like it came straight from Druidic lore.

Of course, reverberations for the political debate are still rattling the pseudo-foundations of the political world.  It's difficult to tell which is truth and which rumor.  Cheri Jacobus is telling us that CNN agreed to Trump's demand that there be no fact checking during the debate, which is why CNN ran a "fact check" segment 2 hours later.  I think Biden's advisors completely underestimated the spewage Trump could spit out without getting fact checked.  For him, it was just like a rally: lie, after lie, after lie, and there was no stopping him.  Personally, I don't believe the debate is going to change much, if anything, it's possible that more Independent voters are going to sit this one out.

And the whole bit about teachers reading from the Bible is still rockin' and rollin', with soooo many people citing what Evangelicals would have to consider inappropriate passages, like the one from Samuel:

Then Jonathan gave his weapons to his lad and said to him, “Go, bring them to the city.” When the lad was gone, David rose from the south side and fell on his face to the ground, and bowed three times. And they kissed each other and wept together, but David wept the more.  1 Samuel 20:40-41 (NASB)

You know, you just can make this up.

Saturday, June 29, 2024

The Handsome Gentleman

 Well, where has the week gone?  It's Saturday, and we have storms in the forecast; spotty thunderstorms this morning and heavy thunderstorms this afternoon.  Temps are predicted to be warm, but not hot, mid to upper 80s (F).  But the humidity?  According to forecasters, that's expected to soar.  It looks like we're going to have a sticky day ahead of us.

And I do work today.  It's the weekend.  I always work on the weekends.  Those are the guaranteed days that I will have to sit at the flooring desk, unless I ask for one of them off.  Oddly enough, I have next Saturday off.  I may use 8 hours of vacation pay to cover the weekend day off I didn't ask for, or maybe not.  I have 8 hours vacation I need to use before Sept. 4, that's my anniversary date.  That's when the orange retailer I work for gives me the 80 hours of vacation I worked for and earned.

I got a nice 2 mile walk at Adams-Ricci yesterday, and while going up a hill on the nature trail ran into this handsome gentleman.  His glaring eyes told me he viewed me as a threat, so I simply nodded to him as I took his picture and then left him to continue his journey.

There was a lot of fallout from the presidential debate yesterday.  Conservatives were cheering their liar and liberals were wondering about Joe.  CNN is still receiving a lot of flack because there was no fact-checking.  I don't doubt for a second that was one of the conditions for Trump to appear.  He wants to lie at will without having to deal with the consequences, and CNN gave him every opportunity he wanted.  The New York Times editorial board said Biden should get out of the race.  They so desperately want to be a voice of authority, it's one of the main reasons I ended my subscription.  There was a time when American turned to them, and even, on occasion listened.  Those times are past.

Does the debate really matter?  Nope.  Is it going to change the hearts of voters?  Absolutely not.  People understand that the alternative to Biden is a convicted felon, a pathological liar, a traitor and a treasoner.  Those Nikki Haley protest voters?  They're sit this one out.  That's about 1/3 of the Republican party.  In a little less than 2 weeks Trump is going to be sentenced, and if he gets jail time, that's going to solidify the votes against him.  This man is not now, nor has he ever been a sympathetic character.  Joe Biden is reliable.  Reliability is something you can count on. 

Friday, June 28, 2024

The Rug

 Another nice, comfortable summer day is on store for us today, and I don't work.  Both of those things are important.  Temps are supposed to begin edging upwards tomorrow and by Sunday they should hit the mid 90s (F).  Those warmer temps are also going to be bringing the threat of thunderstorms.  That doesn't bother me either since I'm not scheduled to work.

Yesterday was filled with naps and achievements, mostly because I hadn't slept well the night before.  Sometimes I will wake up and find my thoughts preoccupied with one thing or another, and instead of falling back to sleep, I find myself pondering excessively on something I would normally think too inferior to spend more than a passing moment on, except this time it was an old Yes song.  I could not get Long Distance Runaround out of my head.  So, yesterday was nappy.

My friend Justin came over and helped me move the desk and arrange the yellow area rug.  Before he arrived I took all of the drawers out to help lighten the load.  Being solid wood, it was still heavy.  I am pleased with how it looks.

And, of course, there was the debate last evening.  As usual, I didn't watch since it really isn't a debate.  There is no discussion, merely a back and forth of statements that have absolutely zero value in the scheme of things.  I was not surprised by the headlines this morning, and they all pretty much said the same thing:  Biden stumbles and Trump lies.  What were people expecting?  This is the nature of things:  one man is old and lies, the other is older and is is more honest; one is a convicted felon and the other isn't; one represents Republican dreams of an authoritarian government, and the other represents Democracy.  Biden's problem is that no one sat down with him after he was elected and told him he was going to be a caretaker president, and if they did, he stubbornly refused to listen.  He is the reason Democrats are starting to run around like their hair was on fire.  

Yesterday also saw Ryan Walters, the Christian Nationalist in charge of the Oklahoma School District inform the state that every teacher was going to need to teach the Bible.  Nutjobs like him will try and destroy the country, thinking they will rebuild it as an authoritarian theocracy.  This means he will have no problem starting a religious war if they believe this is what god wants them to do.  They have done this throughout history, and after the loss of many, many lives, have always lost. 

Thursday, June 27, 2024

The Debate

 We had storms last night.  Lotsa rain.  Even some thunder.  I was watching the last 2 episodes of Shogun, so I pretty much ignored it completely.  Today temps are expected to climb into the mid 80s (F), which is fine with me.  I do have the A/C units running because of the humidity.  Hopefully, that will pass later on in the day.

And today is the day that my yellow area rug gets put down.  I have a friend coming over around 11:30 to help move the desk.  Once the rug is in place, the only thing left will be the chair.  I haven't ordered that yet since I don't want it arriving while I'm in Greece.  I'm getting impatient emails from the manufacturer asking me to place my order. Well, they're just going to have to wait.

Yesterday was a leg day for me, not in that I did a bunch of squats and lunges, nope, I walked.  Almost 2 miles at Adams-Ricci, and then strolling around a nearly empty store, I racked up over 15,000 steps.  I have to do more of that.  This afternoon, after the furniture moving has been completed, I'm going to climb on the rower, another way to get in some outstanding cardio.

Here's a pic of CNN's debate stage.

According to the Orange Anus, CNN is fake news, yet he's going to be standing at one of those podiums this evening spewing his infernal lies and hatred.  You'll notice, there's no audience, there will be camera operators, and possible a sound technician or two.  There will not be a bought audience of MAGA cultists to coo and caw at his every word.  Trump's team is expecting Biden to do better, this is obvious by the constant commentary about his being juiced.  Will I be watching?  Absolutely not.  I have no desire.  I can honestly say that I haven't watch a debate since... oh, probably since Clinton was running for president.  Afterall, it isn't really a debate.  Nope.  It's nothing more than a public display in an attempt to get the best soundbites for the election, nothing more.  Simple fact:  nothing said in a debate has ever mattered since George H. Bush muttered "read my lips, no new taxes."

Wednesday, June 26, 2024


 Good Morning!  The outside temps are very comfortable 68 (F), though the forecast has them climbing into the mid 90s (F).  there's also the threat of thunderstorms this afternoon, however, since I work, I don't really care.  The rest of the week is supposed to be cooler, low to mid 80s (F).  I can live with that.

The temp for the Central Air is set at 74 (F) and it turns on every now and then, but it doesn't run constantly.  Last week, when it was so warm, it didn't happen, either.  I should probably have a 2nd thermostat installed on the second floor for the summer weather.  

And I got so much accomplished yesterday.  I'm signing up for a zero interest loan to pay for the windows, rather than pull that money out of my savings account.  I did that for the trip to Greece, and then had to fill it back up.  I like having that financial cushion.  I can use my social security checks to pay off this loan in a few months, while still depositing coin of the realm in my account.  Remember, I'm saving up for a puppy!

I went to see Thelma last night.  For those who don't know, Thelma is a movie (based on a person) about a 94 year-old woman who gets scammed out of $10,000.  While that sounds terribly dramatic, it's very funny.  That doesn't mean it isn't touching at times.  Richard Roundtree has a line where he says, "we're older, we're diminished."  Thelma is a comparison between those who accept that, and those who fight against it.

For those who didn't see it, Lauren won her primary from a crowded field.  The most important thing in that statement is that she was part of a Crowded Field. Definition:  all of those other candidates sucked away votes, that kept anyone else from winning.  She switched districts to one that his hardline Republican, so the Democrat whom she is running against is not expected to win in November.  You know, it would be nice if the country didn't have to live with publicly displaying her white trash ways daily.

And Nikki Haley, as expected, got over 30 % of the votes in every state.  This will be a big problem for the Orange Anus in November.  Those Haley voters will just sit this one out.  Believe me, they have no problem doing that.

And, of course, the debate is tomorrow night.  I'll probably get a bottle of wine and watch the last 2 episodes of Shogun.

Tuesday, June 25, 2024


 When I checked the temp this morning it was a cool, 60 (F).  Not bad after sweating through the mid 90s (F) the heat dome dropped on us.  We had 7 days of super warm temps.  Notice, I said super warm.  They were 7 consecutive days warmer than it's been during the past 3 years.  I checked out the long range forecast earlier and the future's looking cooler.

There's no workie for me today... well, at least not the workie that adds $$$ to my paycheck.  My hours have actually been cut down to 25 this week.  Next week, with the 4th of July holiday pay I'll be getting, I'll have 30, and the following week a mere 22.  I am looking forward to the decrease in hours.  I want to lose some weight before Greece, and working so many hours over the past weeks cut down on my workout time.

And yesterday work was slow.  Because there were call-offs, I ended up selling 2 refrigerators.  That helped my sales. 

I should mow my lawn.  Not because the grass is high, but there are tall weed buds everywhere.

Look, a tan suit.

So the debate is 2 days away.  As usual, I won't be watching.  It is amusing how within the past 3 days conservatives have all started to loudly complain that Biden is going to be on drugs.  This was to be expected, especially when your candidate is a felon who has difficulty keeping a cohesive thought in his head for 2 minutes.  Wait, that's probably wrong.  I'm sure Trump has cohesive thoughts, his problem is that they continually stick to his lies about election loss. If the debate actually takes place, you can bet they're going to blame Biden's good showing on enhancers, rather than admit Trump's ramblings about sharks, and batteries, and who knows what make him look senile. What to expect if he does show up: he will be asked a question and then say what he wants, instead of responding.  And while I won't be watching, I'm hoping Biden calls him a convicted felon four or five times.

Monday, June 24, 2024


 Monday.  The heat dome is gone... supposedly.  Daily highs are predicted to hover in the mid to upper 80s (F).  I can deal with that.  During last weeks high temps, the window unit in the bedroom seemed to struggle at times.  It is over 4 years old, and honestly, I have no idea how long a window unit is supposed to last.  I also realized I should have a thermostat on the 2nd floor to regulate the Central Air.  my downstairs was comfortable, while the 2nd floor would have gotten stinky winky without the window units.

I worked yesterday.  8 hours.  It was boring.  It was the 4th day without our sales figures being updated, so no one knew how well, or how poorly they were doing.  The store figures updated, but our sales figures didn't.

Because the necessary people weren't working yesterday, I didn't get to tell them that I went with Aspen Home Improvement for my windows.  In some odd way, I'm really looking forward to giving them that news.  It's nice to strike out against corporate greed in the names of all those  Mom & Pop hardware stores that were shuttered into non-existence.

I've hit 2 glitches in my replay of Fallout 4, and so, at least temporarily, I've changed to games to Lords of the Fallen, another RPG.  As a result, I spent an hour last evening learning new controller mechanics.  This is a good thing.  Learning creates new neural pathways.  Never stop learning.  

And I suppose everybody knows Justin Timberlake was arrested for DUI.  The young officer who pulled him over had no idea who he was, so Justin is learning a difficult lesson.  Because Justin refused a breathalyzer test, we'll never have any idea just how drunk he was, that, in itself is a pretty good clue as to how intoxicated he was.  Anyway, I don't know his name, but this is the young officer who became a teacher to Timberlake.

And, supposedly, Kristi Noem hasn't received vetting paperwork for the VP position.  Can you hear me laughing?  This bimbo, who went full Trumper in her attempt to get selected, never had a chance, and it wasn't because she shot her dog.  Look at her.  She never realized that the dyed, long hair that supposed to make her look like she's 21, was all wrong.  She should have gone for the porn star look.

Who will be Trump's VP pick?  Well, he no longer has to appeal to the Evangelicals since so many of them have already sold him their souls.  Rubio might help him rack in the Hispanic vote.  Vance might help him rack in the white, hillbilly trash vote.  And Burgum?  He's quite and unassuming.  Supposedly it's between one of these three, so what you really need to do is ask yourself which one is most like Pence?  Which one will disappear into the woodwork?  has anybody learned their lessons?

Sunday, June 23, 2024

This Old House

 Well, it's 75 (F) outside, however our only supposed to climb into the mid 90s (F).  Yesterday it got up to 99 (F) and we had spotty thunderstorms with gusty winds.  They were drenching, and when they'd passed we were left with thick humidity which made everything tacky and sticky.  Our forecast is for temps to drop back into the mid to upper 80s (F).

I did work yesterday.  For the most part, business was slow in the flooring and decor departments.  The appliance sales person called off, it was his last scheduled day, so I was called over to sell a refrigerator to a nice couple.  That popped my sales much higher than they needed to be.  

The agent who gave me the quote on my windows was supposed to be working, but evidently called off, so I didn't get the chance to give her the bad news about my windows, that I'm going with another company.  Maybe today.  I'm wondering if I'm going to need to give one or two people my spiel on Corporate Greed, and how I'd rather work with a smaller, more localized company.

And, speaking of my windows and how I'm going to be replacing them, I snapped to few pics of those that are getting replaced and shot them off to the salesman this morning.  Here's a rarity, this is one of the windows from my attic.  It's old, but probably not as old as the house.  You can see how the light leaks in at the top left and on the right hand side.

One of the headlines in the Washington Post this morning shouted out how the Orange Anus has increased the volume of his inflammatory accusations.  Even the New York Times has published a headline piece on how conservative media outlets are posting deceiving videos of Biden in an attempt to make him appear slow, and out of touch.  I find this interesting because up on until now, especially for the NYT, while they haven't been obviously Pro Trump, he's gotten the lion's share of the headlines, and they haven't always been as negative as they should be, like they'll call him the "presumptive candidate," rather than felon.  Does Trump want to start a war?  I think he'll do what ever he thinks necessary to keep from going to prison, remember he's trying to model himself after his idol and blow bro Vlad Putin.

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Comparatively Speaking

 Wow! The morning temp is 74 (F), which is rather toasty.  If the forecasters are correct, we're going to crack the triple digits today, with the mercury rising to 100 (F).  Does anyone still know what that means?  Mercury rising?  For those who don't, there was a time when mercury was used in thermometers; all types of thermometers, even the ones you slid under your tongue to take your temperature.  Those days are long gone.  Now they stick something in your ear, or drag it across your forehead.  Science!  Isn't it grand!

The window unit in "the gym" is on low cool, high cool is way too loud.

I had my last window quote yesterday.  It was from the great orange home improvement retailer that I work for, and it was, as all of the other sales agents had said, the lowest that I received.  If I had decided to go cheap, I'd have taken their offer, however, the quote was for Simonton 6500 windows.  Being the curious person I am, I did a lot of comparison shopping, if you want to call it that, and comparatively speaking, Okna windows rate better than Simonton.  I understand that for some, cheap is the only way to go, and sometimes that all you can afford, but I would rather pay a bit more and get a better quality product.  On top of the quality, there is also the fact that Okna windows are made in Bristol, PA, making locally owned.

And this is what the writing room floor looks like, all I need is a couple strong people to move the desk so I can put the area rug beneath it.

Time is running out for the Supreme Court to rule on Trump's immunity.  Will they decide in his favor and give that same immunity to Biden?  Don't bet on it.  Not that they wouldn't love to, however, because he's got Eileen Cannon in his back pocket constantly delaying his treason trial, they'll deny his immunity claims.  Ouch.

And whiny Stevie Bannon appealed to the Supreme Court in order to keep his slimy ass out of prison.  He's another loser who feels he doesn't need to be held accountable for his words and actions.  Unfortunately for Stevie, it's too late for him to crawl back under his rock, and the Supreme Court has been rocked with so many ugly charges, and allegations, and so many of their decisions have been so anti-American and anti-Democracy, they will toss his appeal in the trash.