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Wednesday, July 3, 2024


 Well, we've arrived at Wednesday, or Hump Day, as those who work Monday thru Friday.  While I do have to work today, it isn't my Hump Day.  I don't really have those, and haven't for the past 15 years.  The weather forecasters are calling for temps in the mid 80s (F) and middling humidity.  I do work, but a short shift, from 2-7.  I'm sure I'll be able to handle 5 hours.  The customers we see will be asking what our July 4th sale is... and, as usual, I'll tell them to go to appliances if they want to get a bargain.

Yesterday was a quiet day.  Really.  I went for a 2.5 mile walk in Adams-Ricci.  I'd like to get a little sun before I head out to Greece since this is an explore tour and I'll be spending a lot of time walking.  Yesterday, I did not run into any handsome turtles or take pictures of any odd looking trees, but there were two young women who were always within ear shot of me, and their constant jabber was almost deafening.  So much so, I picked up my pace to put some distance between them and I.

The quietude followed me to the movies last night when I went to se A Quiet Place, Day One.  What a good movie.  This is a two character drama masquerading rather well as a suspense thriller, with a couple of jump scares mixed in to keep the tension level high.  Oh, and there's an overly curious cat, and you know what they about curiosity and cats.  Brief synopsis:  terminally ill cancer patient tries to go to the pizza shop where her dad played jazz piano and runs into hungry aliens.  On the way, she meets and joins up with an English attorney who's lost in the city and can do magic tricks.  I see many nominations with this one.

The repercussions are still falling about Biden's bad debate performance.  I haven't watched any of it.  Still, if it was half as bad as so many are saying, then I will admit to being more than a little miffed because it's quite possible some of his critics might have been correct.  The message Democrats are putting out needs to pivot tightly to Democracy, itself.  I was hoping that the election wouldn't be as close as some are predicting, in fact I do think Trump will lose by a greater margin than Republicans are even considering.  I do think the Nikki Haley voters are protest voters, that rather than show loyalty to Trump, they will simply sit this election out, thinking that four more years of what they see as a failed Biden presidency will make 2028 so much more attractive for a Republican candidate.  The administration needs to take the anger many feel towards the Supreme Court and run with it.  Overturning Roe pissed off a lot of people, giving presidents immunity pissed off even more.  This Supreme Court has given the Democrats a gift, and Democrats need to exploit it everyway they can.  This is not the time for quietude.


  1. I saw A Quiet Place and liked it. This also looks good. Lupita is a great actor.
    I am baffled at the Leftists and progressives asking for Joe to step down. Do they know he and Kamala are on the ballot already? Yes, the messaging is not as tightly as it could be but Joe is not Cheeto and has never been showy.
    Idiots. The country is on the verge of fascism and they are focused on ninety minutes of miscalculation.



    1. You're right about Lupita. And most of the reporting on Democrats wondering about Joe is coming from the right wing NYT and the Wall Street Journal.

  2. People need to realize that a vote for Joe is a vote for democracy and against tyranny.
    A vote for Joe is for his administration, and votes for a Blue Congress, to right the wrongs of the fascist SCOTUS.
    I'll take old Joe over a dictator and his cronies every single day.

    1. I think that most do, and most, like the Haley voters, have already decided.

  3. I couldn't agree more with your whole last paragraph again. Not to mention if a Democratic president benefits from this Supreme Court decision the right will be bitching there heads off! So they best watch what they wish for. They will create a Frankenstein monster that will turn on them. That'd be funny as he'll.

    And I have yet been disappointed by any of the Quiet Place installments.

    1. Conservatives never, ever think. After Reagan's landslide victory, they believed they were going to run the country forever, and they're still pissed about that.