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Sunday, July 7, 2024

Putting our Feet Down

 Well, we're having a mini-heatwave here.  Temps are very warm, in fact most of you would say it's damn hot and I might just agree with you.  Yesterday our mercury climbed to 97 (F) with a real fee of 101 (F) and I stayed inside the house throughout the afternoon.  I did go for my walk at Adams-Ricci in the morning, but the temps were cooler than, in the upper 70s (F).  And we have more on tap for today, Monday, and Tuesday.  Drat, there goes my electric bill.  For the past 2 years, our summers were cool and my Central Air was only run sparingly.  Yesterday, that baby was going on every hour or so, and I have the first floor temp set at 74 (F).

My brother had a family cookout yesterday and invited me, and I politely declined because of the heat.  Usually, I work on Saturdays, but yesterday I had off and if it hadn't been so hot, would have accepted.  I get along well with he and his wife, and his kids.  

Instead, I spent most of the day working on The Body in History.  I wrote an entire chapter tentatively titled Labyrinth and yes, if you're are curious, Eli and Max do get to meet Pan... or maybe it isn't.  Maybe it's just a college student with 7 little goats.  And maybe Max, the smartass, makes one of the most groan inducing puns in the world.

And for those who think the economy is bad, just look what the stock market is doing.

You would think that those stock holders who've been raking in the $$$ for the past 3 years would realize that the resulting chaos of a Trump presidency would drive the market down, but they don't.  All they can think about is another tax break, which would be bad news for a majority of Americans since the last tax break Trump gave them hasn't been paid for yet.  In fact, Wall Street is responsible for a lot of the economic problems facing Americans today.  The price you pay for breakfast cereal is totally dependent upon how much money General Mills, or Post, or Kellogg needs to make on each box of Cheerios, or Frosted Flakes they sell.  The more revenue they earn, the happier Wall Street is, and their stock price goes up.  Wall Street doesn't care if you have to pay $4.59 for a box of Grape Nuts, as long as you keep paying it.  Most people don't understand that in today's economy, inflation translates to corporate greed.  Prices go up and will stay high in order for General Mills, and Post, and Kellogg to insure Wall Street that they're going to be keeping their 5% growth their stock holders expect.  The Average American is always going to be screwed over by Big Business until we Americans finally put our foot down.


  1. Research what companies are raking in millions, while raising their prices, and stop buying their good.
    Of note is how many companies are now lowering prices to "help" people, but don't tell anyone that they raised the prices to help themselves.

    1. You don't really have to do a lot of research, their greed is fairly evident.

  2. Our temperatures are still all over the place. We're lucky to hit 80 here right now - not that I'm complaining - but I feel for people who were looking forward to a hot vacation!

    1. Right now, we're hot, with daily temps in the 90s (F). I don't mind the heat, I just hate paying the electric bills because I don't believe a utility should be "for profit."