I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Monday, May 31, 2021


 Okay, so today's a holiday.  Memorial Day.  Think of it as a Veteran's Day on steroids.  Burgers, fireworks, and at a lot of parties, beer, or some other form of alcoholic beverage is on the menu.  Many people have 3 day weekends.  I work today.  They are bringing in an ice cream truck so we can all have a free Sundae.  They also provide patriotic beads, and glittery little patriotic hats, and sequined antennae, all in very patriotic red, white, and blue.  I don't wear beads, or hats, or antennae.  This is my 6th day of work and right now all I want is my 2 consecutive days off.  I may stop off on the way home and pick up a bottle wine to celebrate those 2 days.  Maybe.

The thermometer's supposed to climb to 74 (F).  Everybody is ready and waiting.  The recent fall-like temperatures have not been appreciated.  My heat has been turned back on and for the past 2 nights my wool blanked as once again found a home on my bed.  Hopefully, it will not get folded and placed in the cedar chest until September or October.

There are tomatoes on my plants.  They are the size of marbles.  And there are tons of peaches on the tree, and nectarines, hopefully this year the squirrels won't eat those.  The garlic is coming along, as is the eggplant and pepper plants.  I'm hoping for a better harvest this year then last.

a blurry, little eggplant blossom

And what about those Democrats down in Texas, walking out so there was no quorum?  And the Republicans down there who desperately want an authoritarian government?  They hate this shit.  They're trying to say this is only a speed-bump, of course their heads hit the roof so hard when they hit that speed-bump they almost bit their tongues off.  Now their lies are going to sound even more like gibberish, not that that bothers the Republican base.  They've been swallowing the same shit for years.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

The Fresh Italian

 The forecast for today calls for overcast skies and drizzle... for the entire day.  I cannot believe it's May 30 and my freaking heat is on.  According to my outside thermometers, the temps are holding steady at a chilly 50 (F).  Tomorrow, temps are supposed to rise into the low 70's (F), which will be nice.

I slept in turns and fits last night, not so much because of life, though life has definitely has had a bit of an unending; routines continue.  The early riser in me will continue to rouse the dogs before the sunrise, though not as early as today.  The issue was bread.  I finished off the last of my Italian bread last evening and needed to bake a new loaf.  I decided to use the timer on my new bread maker.  Of course, shortly around midnight I woke up wondering if I'd set everything correctly.  Was I going to wake to freshly baked bread?  Son of a bitch.  So, I got out of bed, went downstairs, and checked the timer.  Looked fine to me.  However, as soon as I got in bed, that issue once again began preying on my sleep.  So around 0445 I got up and made coffee.  About 20 minutes ago I popped this baby out of the bread pan.  This is what you call Fresh Italian.

Fresh is very good.  Unless you're a Republican.  They keep trying to serve up their Big Lie and the only ones foolish enough to eat it are those who... for lack of a better word, are simply senseless.  They have wrapped themselves so tightly in the strings of their own bias no blade sharp enough to cut them free exists.  Look at Texas.  Those white Republicans are set to unleash some of the tightest voting restrictions in the country because they believe their laws will keep minorities from voting.  This is desperate whiteness from a group who is simply not making enough babies to survive.  They do not understand that sooner, rather then later, the shoe will be on the other foot and the only thing their going to be getting is a stale, moldy crust.

Saturday, May 29, 2021


 Outside the skies are overcast.  A gentle breeze flutters the leaves on the maple trees on the hill behind my house as a constant drizzle soaks the ground as though the sky, itself, weeps.  Fellow blogger, Anne Marie of Philly, died suddenly, leaving a void in the blog world.  Here in Central PA, there is silence... and rain.  Even my peach tree has boughed his branches in respect.

Even though she is missed by so many, her comments, her spirit, and her life will live on: the Internet is eternal.

Friday, May 28, 2021

It's just my imagination

After today, actually sometime this evening, I will hit my Hump Moment.  It's not quite a dime, more or less just a few seconds in time.  This is what happens when you work 6 days in a row.  Days at the flooring desk are slow, right now.  Summer doldrums.  They seem especially bad this year, mostly, I suspect, because after a year people are finally getting out and about.  No one wants to sit home and wait for a carpet install.  I have no problem with this.

Rain is supposed to begin this afternoon and drizzle around until sometime Sunday.  Temps are supposed to drop down into the mid 50's (F) for daily highs.  In preparation, I've turned on the heat.  It's not running right now, but the second the temps drop the furnace is going to kick on.

One thing about writers, there is always a future story running through our heads.   The editing for The Body in the Loch is almost wrapped up.  Even though work on it is not 'officially' over, words for the next one have already been put down on paper.  I have lots of notes.  I have a title:  The Body in Repose.  A locale:  New Orleans.  A killer and a killer ending, you don't think I'm going to let those out of the bag, do you?  And, of course, there is the music.  Old, yes, but thanks to an manager who likes 80's music, this song played at work.  The lyric fits in with a setting that is right now called 'the PF at Pomfrete.'  Let your imaginations rove!

And what about McConnell begging Republicans not to vote for a January 6 commission?  The reality is if they vote for the commission, the Party's over.  If they vote against it, the Party's over.  He's clinging to the hope that if they vote against they'll be able to hold onto enough voters to survive.  In some parts of the country that may be true, but not a majority of the country.  A large portion of Republicans are going to sit on their hands in 2022.  Yesterday was the first time I saw an article where mention was made of how Republicans are hoping to hold onto the seats they already control in Congress, and how many are beginning to dread the road trips by the Orange Anus.  They do want his attempt coup to be forgotten, yet he's going to use his rallies to drill the Big Lie.  He is going to be a constant reminder they could have done something and didn't.


Thursday, May 27, 2021


 Can you believe it's Thursday already?  At least it is in my part of the world.  I slept well.  I'm in a good mood.  I have a $23,000 flooring sale pending.  What could make life rosier?  Besides... to be honest, not having to spend 40 hours a week as a flooring specialist might put a pinker glow on my world.  And truthfully, that glow needn't be pink.  A nice, golden yellow would be nice.  

Oh, and speaking of yellow, my Itoh peony has bloomed.  For those of you who have never seen a yellow peony, here one is.  This handsome man took over 4 years to reach blooming maturity.  Well worth the wait, wouldn't you say?

I ordered a new kitchen scale and it arrived yesterday.  Since I need to watch my 'simple carbs,' I decided I should start watching everything: calories, carbs, proteins, sugars... you name it, at least for the time being.  I had an old Polder scale, but years of gathering dust had taken their toll.  Wait, that's not exactly true.  I used the little guy for cooking and baking when the recipes were in metric.

Can we talk about lose / lose situations?  Like the GOP.  Their sold their souls, lock, stock, and barrel to an Orange Anus because, as they say, "he tells it like it is."  Thanks.  Now we know they really don't like Democracy, or at least Democracy where people get to vote.  We know they care more about corporate donors and the 1% then they care about America.  We know they have no problem twisting mythology in any direction possible as long as they convince a small base of dedicated followers they are acting on a Higher Authority.  And, because of their actions, we also know they are a minority group bent on domination.  How do you treat a minority group.  You stomp them out.  You go to the polls, no matter how difficult they try and make voting, and vote them into obscurity.  The want you to forget January 6, remember it with anger and hold them responsible.  Do not let them tip the scales with their lies.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Weeds and Tools

 Well, it's Wednesday and I get to go back to work today.  I am not at all excited.  Two days off was not enough.  Now I'm scheduled for 6 days in a row.  Ouch.  I have 5 days off scheduled to begin on June 13.  Can I wait that long?

And it seems as if I'm not as blessed as I thought I was, or maybe I should say I was confused into thinking I might be blessed.  No loss, really.  My package arrived yesterday afternoon from and it was... a record cabinet I had ordered from Amazon.  What? ( I know you're thinking it, so just go ahead and say it)  What?  Walmart and Amazon are rivals, enemy retailers.  So why would Walmart be selling on Amazon?  Well, they aren't.  However, a 3rd party retailer is selling their products on Amazon.  It works like this:  I put in the order at Amazon.  He / She / It receives the order and places it with thinks I purchased the product and ships it to me.  I didn't go to their website to check on what they were charging.  Less, for sure, since the 3rd party needs to make a profit.  Am I upset FedEx didn't deliver an Xbox Series X?  Not really. A bit disappointed, but I'll buy one eventually.

Today the temps are supposed to hit the low 90's (F) with scattered thunderstorms.  I guess there's another storm system heading our way bringing with it lower temps and more rain.  

And, lest you think my garden is only filled with flowering plants and bushes, think again.  I also have these.  Some people call them weeds. I have no problem with them.  When I was growing up, we ate the greens with a hot sweet and sour bacon dressing.  Delicious.

My brother texted me yesterday: he tested positive for antibodies.  I replied that he had between 8 - 10 months immunity.  His reply was to send me 2 videos he found compelling enough to wait to get vaccinated.  My response:  "Believe what you want, Covid is still out there spreading through the unvaccinated, slowly killing them off."  He did not reply.

And what about that dumbass from Georgia?  You know whom I'm talking about, the one who compared wearing masks to wearing yellow stars.  I really do think we should put her in a concentration camp for a while, perhaps if Biden has his summit with Putin, they might arrange an extended vacation for her in a Gulag.  The Republicans aren't going to do anything about her, they don't want to offend their base.  They don't understand she is the perfect tool for turning Georgia completely blue.  In fact, I don't doubt she enjoys being a Tool.  She has no idea she's nothing more than a shovel helping to did the grave of the GOP.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021


 So, I ended up sleeping in late again this morning... and I went to bed early, no staying up watching mult-episode series on Netflix or Amazon Prime.  I did go for a 12.5 mile ride yesterday.  Since my treadmill is now dysfunctional, I'm back to riding more.

I also baked another loaf of Italian bread.  Why buy when you can bake?  I'm using the Italian yeast I bought during the lockdown, when you couldn't buy yeast in the store.  It works great!

And what about my title this morning?  Blessed.  In case some of you are wondering, I have not found that 'old time religion.'  But yesterday morning, when I returned home from grocery shopping, I paused to look at that rose climber I planted by my front porch.  It took 3 years, but it's bloom like Hell.  Then, one rose caught my eye.  Wow, I said, that one looks different.  Can you see what makes this rose special?

One rose with 2 buds
Now, isn't that a Blessing?

Back on Sunday, before going to work, I'd been look for restock dates for the Xbox Series X gaming console.  They're rare because of the chip shortage.  There are certain retailers I usually shop, Walmart is not one of them.  But on Sunday, I went to their website.  Wow!  They were in stock!  So I loaded that sucker into my cart, put in my credit card info, and pressed 'buy.'  A few seconds later I received this message:  "Sorry, we are now out of stock.  This item has been put into your 'save for later' file."  Honestly, I wasn't that upset since I know I'm going to buy one eventually.  Well, this morning I check my email and there's a notification from FedEx that my purchase from is out for delivery.  it should be here before 3 PM.  I have to wait and see just what it is they deliver.  Could it be Walmart made a mistake?  There is no charge on my credit card.  Son of a bitch!  I might really be Blessed.

I saw where a portion of the memo as to why Liar #45 was released, the meat and potatoes section being redacted.  We all know this was done to keep the Justice Department under Billy Barr was as corrupt as the phony president in the White House.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Waiting for the Death Knell

 Ah, my weekend begins.  I'm going to enjoy it thoroughly.  Going back to the store on Wednesday, I will be heading into a 6 day work week.  We all know how much I enjoy 6 consecutive days at work.

As is becoming a usual habit for me, I stayed up late watching a series on TV.  Originally, I had planned on watching Army of the Dead.  Zombies can be really exciting.  However, when I signed into Neflix, the trailer for Jupiter's Legacy caught my eye.  Or, perhaps I should say Josh Duhamel with long hair and a beard caught my eye.  Aging super heroes with kid problems.  The storyline unfolds on 2 timelines, with the stock market crash of 1929, and in the present.  The first episode introduced the kid problems, as well as a dated code of super hero ethics.  Yeah, ethics do come into play here.  Anyway, I do not doubt it is much better then Army of the Dead, which was directed by Zack Snyder, whose movies have a reputation for letting the audience down in the end.

Yesterday was a slow day for flooring sales.  I didn't mind.  Sometimes, on slow days, the next story evolves in my head.  I like that.

Politically, Adam Kinzinger had a very good day.  Republicans really should start listening to him.  Trump Republicans will not.  He knows January 6 is going to have a humongous effect of the 2022 elections, and not in a good way for Republicans.  They, on the other hand, believe 2 things:  that the losing party in a presidential election always gains seats in the House and Senate in an off year election, and that those 74 million who voted the Loser #45 are going to cast their ballots Republicans.  These are falsehoods.  The party has a reputation for falsehoods.  A large majority of Americans want a commission to investigate that insurrection.  Were that to happen, the death knell for MAGAs would start tolling.  However, preventing a commission from forming is going to start the death knell for MAGAs.  This is what happens when you sell your soul to an Orange Anus.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

And you get a new voting machine. And you get a new voting machine. And...

 I know it seems to happen every day, but today is my Friday.  Aren't you glad I'm not responsible for calendar updates?  If that were the case, every day would be Dave's day.  Of course, that would be confusing as hell since half of the time I, myself, don't know what day it is.

While there are many who still wear masks when they come into the store, there are many who don't.  Those of us who are fully vaccinated, believe most of those maskless shoppers haven't been within a mile of vaccination station.  Everyone I've talked to so far, hopes they get sick and spend 2 weeks on ventilator.  As more people get vaccinated, the chances of that happening go down since there will be fewer infected people wandering the face of the earth.

An Italian group named Manneskin won Eurovision.  I listened to the song.  Meh.  I suspect this year's competition was rather weak thanks to Covid.

My cucumbers and cantaloupes have sprouted!  Hopefully this year I will get some fruit.

And sine of my rose bushes are in full bloom.  I did send another picture of my roses, but either Gmail is having a problem, which wouldn't surprise me, or my phone didn't send them, which also wouldn't surprise me.

So, does anyone know how you turn a Red state Purple?  Or a Red state Blue?  The answer's rather simple.  First, you let the Republicans of that state vote to have the ballots audited. Secondly, you watch as they hire Cyber Ninja.  After that everything is easy peasy.  All you need to do is look at Maricopa county in Arizona.  Or, Fulton county in Pennsylvania, for that matter.  You see, Republicans can not believe they're losers, no matter how badly they lose an election.  They are so caught up in the wonderment of their own bias, anything other then victory has to be fraud.  And so they lie to themselves, and look for bamboo slivers.  They don't understand that is not the scent of truth they smell, rather, their corpse is beginning to stink.  I never thought I'd end up taking my mask off to smell this.  Of course, those states will all need to buy new voting machines.  We are all going to pay the price for their stupidity.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Recognizing Faces

 Good Saturday Morning.  In any oddly surprising way, this is my Hump Day.  Tomorrow is my Hump Day.  Yep, I had a 3 day work week followed by another weekend.  I could live with this kind of work schedule, unfortunately now I'm going to have to pay the price by 6 days in a row.

I'm looking for a piece of furniture to store my albums in.  Right now they're leaning against chairs and walls in my living room.  Last evening, while I was putting down some notes on The Body in Repose, I listened to Respighi: Pines of Rome.  Very nice.  Here's the score if some of you wish to read it while listening.

On 5/19 masks became optional for the fully vaccinated at the large, orange retailer I work for; yesterday was my first day back.  I had one on as I entered the building.  But then, as I passed the Service Desk, I saw fully vaccinated associates fully maskless.  I had to pause for a second.  For some, it was over a year since I had last seen their faces.  The surprise was how much the masks they had worn for a year had supplanted so much of my memory.  I will have to learn to recognize them again, just as they will have to recognize me.  My mask came off, though I'm going to carry one in my apron for those who feel uncomfortable.  There are also a number of people going maskless who haven't been vaccinated.  None of us have will have any sympathy for them.  Covid has not gone away.  If they get it, well, tough shit.

And, speaking of shit, what about that shit show in Arizona?  Those losers out there are doing a damn good job of helping to turn that state bluer then they could even imagine.  And now, evidently, the same thing's going to start in Georgia.  The group auditing the votes in the Peach State are going to look just as incompetent.  This is what desperation looks like.  This is what happens when you believe a lying sack of shit.  Trump wasn't sent to give them what they want, he's here to destroy them, which is something they will never recognize.

Friday, May 21, 2021

The Art of Compromise

 So, yesterday was the end of my weekend.  I was busy. 

I had a plumber come and do several fixes.  Unbelievably pricey.  I don't mind paying for quality work, and let's be honest here, prices are much higher then they were fifteen years ago.  While we think we can estimate accurately, we can't.  $100 doesn't go as far as it used to go.  How do I know this?  We have customers who go through the registers and pay with $100 bills.  Thirteen years ago, when I began working for the massively large, orange home improvement retailer, you never saw that.  Now it happens almost daily.

As for the plumber, he did fine work.  He installed a new shower diverter, the old one leaked badly.  The shower's upstairs and there's about a 10 degree difference from the ground floor.  He was wearing a thick, green sweatshirt.  When he told him he didn't need to wear it, he said he had tats and some people didn't like to see them.  That made me laugh.  "I work at Home Depot," I said, "do you have any idea what I see on a daily basis?"  The dogs loved him.  They thought I'd given them the best toy ever, and were sorely disappointed when he left.

Besides getting in a bike ride, I also got a number of loads of laundry done.  Hay, I even mowed the tall, tall grass I like to call a lawn.

And, of course, everything is blooming.  The flowers on this bush are very pretty, but have no perfume.

I find it interesting to see how easily the Republicans have cleaved to the will of Loser #45.  They will do anything to gain the favor of his base, even though that group now only makes up about 25% of the electorate.  Republican congressmen will unify around anything they believe will help them regain control of both the House and the Senate.  Democrats, on the other hand, do not.  Take the $1.9 billion security bill the house just passed.  The "Squad" almost tanked it.  They made headlines by doing so.  Among our Democratic Congressmen, they have become the party of 'no.'  At times, I think they do not understand the art of compromise; a little give here, a little take there.  This is one of the reasons we lose at local elections.  Our message is filled with scattershot landing all around the target.  For the sake of America, these people need to learn to compromise.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

For the Record

Well, I did get pretty much accomplished yesterday:  bread baked, a bit of lawn work, laundry, worked on fixing the treadmill, which is going to take longer then I thought.  Horizon has yet to respond to my emails.  Looking through the assembly manual that was provided, I'm not fairly certain any and repairs are going to have to be provided by me.  Now, ain't that just wonderful?

Both the new turntable and the speakers arrived yesterday.  All my vinyl (remember we used to call them records?) has been moved downstairs.  Even though, over the years, I've given many albums away, I held on to around 150 (+) records...  shit, I said records, I mean vinyl.  Let me tell you, some of these babies are classics.  Those records... (damn!) vinyl people are buying now, I already own.  And, after decades of waiting to be played, I knew I had to chose one special album to be the first played after all of those years.  It didn't really take me long to make my choice.  Sorry if the video cuts out rather abruptly, I'm not known for my videography techniques.

Speaking of records, yesterday when I warned you about the Witch Hunt (pt 2), well not more than 2 hours later I understand Loser #45 uttered those very words.  You can bet that's shivering the timbers of the GOP.  And, of course, the House passed a bill to create a commission to investigate January 6.  I believe 35 Republicans voted with the Democrats.  It now moves to the Senate, where there's concern a Republican filibuster might kill it.  We'll have to wait and see if we can get enough Republican senators to break ranks.  Just for the record, I wouldn't be surprised if it squeaked through the Senate.  Not all Republicans are in lock step with Loser #45.


Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Great Adventures

 Well, my weekend has begun... and I slept in until 0600 even though I went to bed at my regular time.  I had an odd dream, too, dreaming that a loud noise outside woke me up.  Looking out the front window, I saw construction workers digging up the sewage lines; my neighbor's yard and most of the street had been dug up and they were beginning to work on my yard.  Going downstairs, I realized my the living room and dining room had been torn away.  Asking a construction worker what was going on, I was told they were just doing their jobs.  I went back upstairs and began packing a large, green backpack knowing I was going on a Great Adventure, and I was happy with that.  And then I woke up.

Anyway, today's going to be chock full of chores.  There's already the bread machine is kneading it's way through a loaf of Italian bread.  As always, there are both laundry and lawn work needing to be done.  The temps are supposed to go up to a toasty 88 (F) this afternoon.  I'm sure when I step out onto the front porch I'll hear the cicadas singing.

A big change starts at work today.  When we do our 'health check' before we punch in, a 6th question has been added.  "Are you fully vaccinated?"  From today on, those of us who have been Pfizerized, or Modernad, or have been pricked by the real Johnson & Johnson, have the option of wearing a mask or not.  I will most likely option out.  Some of those I talked to said they will still continue to wear them.  I opted not to remind them we were not wearing masks to protect ourselves, rather their intention was to protect others should we become infected.  For many, however, masks have become a security blanket of sorts.  That is perfectly fine.  If they make you feel comfortable and safe, wear one.  For me?  This might be part of my Great Adventure.

And, speaking of Great Adventures, I saw where the probe into the Trump Organization has now turned into a Criminal Investigation.  Looks like 'the donald' is going to be enjoying his own Great Adventure.  Prepare yourselves, he's going to start holding his hate rallies in June.  Anyone with even the slightest grasp on reality knows he's going to call his adventure The Great Witch Hunt (pt 2).  And the House is going to vote today to form a commission to investigate January 6.  This means quite a number of Congressmen, including Kevin McCarthy are going to begin their own Great Adventures.  Believe me when I tell you, a good time will not be had by all.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Destroyer

 My Friday has arrived!  This means I have that 'attitude.'  What can I say, I'm only human.

The forecasted temps over the next 4 days are more suitable for late June.  Upper 80's (F) are nice, but the Central Air was turned on this morning in anticipation.  Since the front and side of my house get direct South East sun, I usually keep the bedroom drapes drawn during the day, otherwise the ceiling fans turn the upstairs into convection oven, even with the air-conditioning on.  All that glass is a magnifier.

My treadmill is a bit inoperative right now.  The belt curled up over the edge while I was doing an adjustment.  I sent an email to Horizon... no response.  Since they haven't gotten back to me, I've been watching YouTube videos.  As seems to be the case these days, the manuals included with the treadmill are not quite as accurate or informative as the individuals posting helpful videos online.  Rather than rely on Horizon, I will fix the issue myself.

Work was steady in the morning yesterday, but as the afternoon arrived things began to slow down.  This is fine with me.  We've made lots and lots of money thanks to Covid.  Being constantly busy is not an ideal I strive for, pauses between customers are fine.  Your workday doesn't need to be non-stop.  My motto is rapidly becoming 'take a few moments and relax.'

My peach tree is full of peaches!

I had a bit of a chortle yesterday when I saw Lindsey Graham muttered to the press that "Biden won the election and the party needs to move on," or at least it was something like that.  He refused to talk about Arizona, most likely because he knows the shit-show out there makes them look bad.  And, of course, in a few weeks, the Biggest Loser of All is going to begin his Caravan of Lies, taking his deceit to a city near you.  The longer his party embraces The Big Lie, the more unpopular they become.  They are losing moderate voters.  Good.  Many are beginning to realize Trump wasn't sent to give them what they want, he was sent to destroy them.

Monday, May 17, 2021


I spent the afternoon at my brother's farm yesterday.  No politics.  The gathering was small, just he and his wife and my sister and brother in law.  And farm animals.  Small farm animals, except for the chickens and turkeys.  I took a couple of pictures and very short video.  He has 3 fainting goats; when you touch them, they're supposed to fall down.  Only one does that.  One freezes in place.  The other, Getty, looks for another doesn't really care.  

This is Getty

He has 2 turkeys.  They are big.  He also has to keep them separated because both are males and they will fight.  They are both loud.  They also seem to draw wild turkeys.  He named them because their sole intention was to be pets.  I don't remember their names because... well... they're turkeys.  Here's the brown one.  By the way, Henry is the pig.  He bites.

I didn't really pay any attention to politics in the news.  Well, not quite.  I saw where Loser #45 shit out some sort of nonsense about a the Maricopa County database being deleted.  No lie is to extreme for him.  You'd think he might actually want to work fulltime on a farm with all of the shit he shovels.


Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Truth Terrifies Them

 Sunday Funday.  Kind of, kind of not.  I am off work.  I also slept in late because I stayed up late (very late) and watched the final episodes of Star Trek, Discover, season 3.  I enjoyed it immensely.  Now I'm waiting for season 4, which is supposed to begin streaming in November.

The large, orange home improvement retailer I work for is going to keep us masked until further notice.  Our Governor, Tom Wolf, said more restrictions are going to be lifted on May 31.  As you might expect, there whines rising from the Republicans.  

On the garden scene, the rose in my front yard is beginning to burst into bloom.  Interestingly enough, the color seems to have changed from an orangey coral, to a reddish coral.  I have no idea how this could happen... perhaps something in the soil?

I'm going to my brother's farm this afternoon for some sort of belated Mother's Day gathering for my sister.  I was going to bake a golden cake with fudge icing until he asked if I could bring either macaroni or potato salad.  So, rather then making something delicious from scratch, I stopped by my local Giant Supermarket and picked up a gallon of each.

And, of course, people are noticing another big Republican hypocrisy:  they shriek and moan about how the left is cancelling things they don't like, while at the same time cancelling the voices who call them out for being frauds and liars.  You don't have to think long to realize this has always been the truth.  Their whole political movement has supported one lie after another while simultaneously attacking all criticism.  Let's be honest hear.  The Big Lie actually began with Reagan's landslide re-election, they decided America was actually Conservative, not Centrist.  For decades they looked for another Reagan and found... no one.  Instead of re-evaluating his win, they turned into the Tea Party, which mutated into the MAGA base they now have.  The Big Lie now blames everything on massive election fraud.  It's so much easier for them to believe that, rather then the simple truth that they're nothing but a group of sore losers.  The truth terrifies them.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Entertainment Value

 I see Blogger has been fixed.  Last evening, when I started reading through your blogs, I got error message after error message.  None of you were safe because blogspot was prone to phishing.  Of course, I ignored the warnings because it was everyone on Blogger.  Pain the ass is what it was.  And this morning?  No problem at all.

Since I still own a lot of vinyl, I've been thinking of purchasing a turntable.  There's really not a great debate going on in my head.  It's kind of like a... meh... should or shouldn't I.  What will most likely happen is that one morning I'll get up and just order one that's new, spiffy, and Bluetooth.

And I don't really want to go in to work today, mostly because I suspect some pain in the ass customers are going to show up.  I sold them their measure back in early April.  For a while, they didn't want to be bothered.  Tuesday evening they showed up with complaints about everything.  Ignorant complaints, one being they couldn't understand why we were putting padding on the risers of a staircase.  Believe me when I tell you this is a really stupid whine.  They complained that the cost of the quote was much higher then the estimate and, of course, it's actually several hundred dollars lower.  We had to send someone out to do a remeasure.  If they really raise a stink, I'll simply refund their measure fee and send them packing.

Here come the roses.

And the war between the Republicans is heating up.  One can only wonder what's going to happen when Loser #45 gets indicted.  Oh, and that's just a matter of time.  Evidently he has to travel to New Jersey and stay there for the next couple of weeks.  There's concern that it will happen while he's there.  Can we talk about fury?  The MAGA's will erupt and we'll get to see their lava anger.  This will be hotter than the anger they showed when Reagan was forced to testify at during the Iran / Contra investigation.  I mean, how could we do something like this to their false god?  As their anger seethes, their party will continue to attack itself because there is a growing group that is going to blame him for there troubles.  If we're lucky, Tucker Carlson's head will explode while he's on-air.  Damn.  How can you beat that for entertainment value?

Friday, May 14, 2021

Losing the Masks

 And so the weekend begins with an announcement from the CDC.  My second dose was on March 6, so I am considered fully vaccinated.  However, as with every rule, there are exceptions.  Under the guidelines issued by the CDC, employers can keep the restrictions in place.  I will find out this morning if the very large, orange aproned retailer I work for is going to maintain the wearing of masks.  Even though there is a mandate in place now, stores do not enforce the rule.  Making money is much more important then the safety of the staff.  Still, I will take a picture of my vaccination card along as proof, since the card provided by the VA is too large to fit in my wallet.

I got a lot done yesterday, including the first wacking of the weeds.  I have flower buds all over the place.  Color will soon be abounding.  I do like spring.  Everything begins to come out from winter's suspended animation.  True, there is maintenance work involved, but that applies to every season.

Yesterday's announcement by the CDC came as a surprise to many, not to me.  I realized a long time ago there are basically 2 types of people in America: the winners and the losers.  Winners understand the challenges and adapt in order to survive.  Losers, on the other hand, cleave hard to the old ways.  Winners understand Covid and understand what needs to be done.  Losers rely on a card catalog filled with excuses and lies to prop up their denial.  Winners will get a booster shot when  required.  Losers?  They will whine about only having 8 - 10 months immunity... and refuse to get vaccinated.  Winners will survive to live another day.  Losers will prove will prove the accuracy of Darwin's Theory of Evolution.  The CDC's decision is letting Losers do what they do best:  Lose.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Sacrificing Chickens

 I started my one day, mini-weekend this morning by sleeping-in.  I stayed up watching Star Trek, Discovery.  I'm in the middle of a 2 episode focusing on Michelle Yeoh.  It's okay.  I'm not wild about stories that need 'to be continued.'

The Lebanon VA just called to make an appointment in November to check my A1C... on my birthday.  I Googled it and found out the test checks on sugar levels for the past 3 months.  This may not be surprising to some of you, but I've always been borderline when it comes to diabetes, and cholesterol, and blood pressure.  Even my Glaucoma is borderline.  What this means is that I need to exercise more and cut out some of the sugar making carbs.  

I checked this morning and Mr. Toad was gone.

Oh, and as I'm typing this, I'm also putting an iron-on patch on my jeans.  They should last for another year or so.

And, of course, my flowers are beginning to bloom.

Of course, the GOP took revenge on Cheney with a vocal vote.  Usually these votes are secret, but had they done that but they knew doing that would have shown how badly divided their party is.  They did this to kiss the ass of Loser #45.  Warren says the party is eating itself and finding out the meal is poisonous.  The fact that one of their members compared the attempted coup on January 6 to a normal tourist day is an indicator of how far they'll go to disfigure the truth.  They will give the Loser what ever he wants, so prepare yourselves, at some point they're going to start sacrificing chickens, eventually moving on to goats, and sheep, and finally virgins wearing a red hat.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Little Toad

 Today's Wednesday.  The weather's supposed to be nice, a little cool, but sunny, and of course I have to work.  Tomorrow I'm off.  Same forecast as today, though 3 degrees warmer.  I can deal with that.  There is much lawn work needing to be done.  This is fine.  I don't mind working outside.

Yesterday, while I was putzing around with my roses before going to work, I noticed something small moving through the grass towards the mounds of dirt where I planted my cucumber and cantaloupe seeds.  The movement stopped by the side of the cucumber mound.  Looking down, I realized I needed to get the dogs in the house pronto, and hurried them in through the back door.  Why the rush?  Because they would have seen this little guy as a toy, and one of them might have swallowed him whole, and that might not have been a good thing because these little guys are not always good eatin'.

And, of course, the Liz Cheney revolution is almost fascinating.  I don't think people understand how very rare it is to see one lone individual completely destroy a political party... and I'm not talking about Liz.  The ugly truth is that without Loser #45, this party has nothing.  In 2020, they used their 2016 platform without making any changes because they had nothing.  Their heart and soul is nothing but The Big Lie.  They're trying to throw shit at Biden and finding out nothing sticks.  I saw this in the Signorile Report, and found it fascinating.  Evidently Failure #45's disapproval rating is still a lot higher then his approval rating.   His 'blog' is not setting fire to the Internet.  Without him, they are nothing.  With him, they are worse then nothing.  And Cheney is preparing to take a blunt ax and wack the shit out of the GOP.  You see, they ate their little toad, and only now are discovering he's poisonous.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Blinding oneself

 Today is my Thursday.  I am so looking forward to tomorrow being my Friday.  Alas, I'm scheduled for one of those crappy 1 day weekends on Thursday.  After that I'm working 2 on and 1 off for almost a week.  I don't get a full 2 day weekend until may 19.  I am really looking forward to those 2 days.

Yesterday I deal with a couple who had originally bought blinds with pull cords.  Cordless blinds, the ones you just push up and pull down, are more expensive.  Frugal customers opt for cords.  There was just one problem with these corded blinds.  The wife is tiny, not even close to being 4 feet tall, and the cords were too high for her to reach.  This turned into a really big issue.  I don't deal with complaints, so luckily I was out of the loop on this one.  However, I was the one who had to redesign their blinds.  They were nice, but took advantage of their problem and changed colors because they didn't like what they had originally chosen.  Honestly, I really dislike dealing with Custom Blinds, but then I don't like them,  Perhaps it's negativity of the word itself.  There isn't a single blind in my house.  I have drapes and curtains I can either pull open... or pull shut.  There's no way I'm going to blind myself.

And there are so many types of blindness.  I work with a young guy, a young Republican, who tried to correct me yesterday when I said "vaccinated people will help us reach Herd Immunity."  "Being vaccinated has nothing to do with that," is what he said.  He has already had Covid and has told me he figures he's got  8 - 10 months immunity, after which he just might get infected again.  Blindness, you know?  This is the voice of a man who's political party is in a slow death cycle.  One can only hope things speed up, for clear eyesight is never coming to them.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Getting it Right

 Just think, for most of you this is the beginning of your work week.  For me?  This is my Hump Day.

Yesterday was moderately busy in the morning, but slow in the afternoon.  Mother's Day, remember.  One of those holidays blown way out of proportion by Hallmark as a way to increase their revenue.  Not that I'm against having a day to recognize what mother's do, but now every business in the world sees it as a way of making $$$$.  I can remember when a simple card would suffice.  Those days are long gone.

Update on the angelfish eggs.  One is left, the rest have all been... eaten.  They began turning white, which indicates a fungus.  The parent fish are supposed to eat them when this happens to keep the fungus from spreading.  Mine pair didn't.  At least not until about half of them were white.  When I checked the tank this morning, there was a sole egg hanging on the side of the tank.  Of course, I've been educating myself on breeding angelfish and one sentence gets repeated over and over again:  it may take them several attempts to get the process right.  Just like people, except, from my working in retail I can tell you that some never get it right.

Playing Assassin's Creed, Valhalla, I was surprised at the depiction of so many Roman ruins left in the UK circa 875 AD.  For some reason, I had always thought there were nothing but wood structures and forts.  I was wrong.  They have uncovered the remains of Roman baths in York.  London, itself, was large enough to have a colosseum made of brick and stone that could seat 6,000.  This was not some tiny out of the way colony.  Here's some more info at Historic UK.

Remains of the London Colosseum

I saw this on NBC news yesterday, Larry Hogan, on Meet the Press, has said the GOP has turned into a circular firing squad.  Funny, eh?  This is because over the years, the Republicans have been constantly backing themselves into a tighter and tighter corner.  They celebrated Loser #45, without knowing he is nothing more than the shrieking voice of the minority.  Their numbers decrease.  They are aiming at every one who doesn't kiss his ass.  Oh, well.

And, finally, Scotland seems to be once again moving towards independence from the UK.  Good for them!

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and Taxes

 Well, not only is it Sunday, it's Mother's Day as well.  I'd wish all Mother's out there a happy day, but like most of you, I really do wish some of those Mothers would simply go the hell away... if you get my drift.

I bought some fake grass to hang as a protective barrier in front of the Angelfish eggs since I do want to give them a fighting chance.  It must have brushed against some of them while I was hanging it because this morning about 25 had turned white, which means the egg died.  That sounds like a lot, but there are still around 150 still viable.  In about 4 more days the fry should be swimming.

Yesterday was somewhat busy at work.  We have 3 weeks to go until this season peaks.  After Memorial Day, business begins to slow down.  Believe it or not, that slowdown has already begun mostly because costs are going through the roof.  Wood is very expensive.  I hear customers complaining regularly.  Your average 2 x 4 stud has quadrupled in price.  Our 'best' carpet pad went up 15 cents a square foot.  That's a big price jump.  And I don't buy all the crap that all this price changes are pandemic related.  I'm betting all the way down the line people are using that excuse to increase their profits.  Oh, and believe me, prices are not going to go back down to what they were.  They might drop a smidge, but that's about it.

My yellow roses are ready to burst into bloom.  I'm going to have to spray for blackspot, but that can't happen until we've left these rainy days behind.  Maybe next week?

And finally, I guess some of you saw how Gaetz and Taylor Greene have teamed up for some sort of Loathsome Liars Tour.  There released some vids of residents in The Villages cheering them.  Keep in mind, those residents are all quite wealthy.  Their only concern are the total dollars in their bank accounts.  They also hate taxes.  Also keep in mind that for everyone of them, there are 10,000 other seniors who don't have their wealth, and who can't afford to buy a home in The Villages.  Those residents are greedy as hell, which is why Loser #45 did so well among them.  Personally, I think we should raise their taxes so they know how the rest of us feel.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Eggs, and other things

So, they drew my blood yesterday morning.  Only 4 vials.  I guess their wonderment is over, or else my new Dr. didn't feel the need.  Oh, and I didn't have to pee in a little plastic cup.  Crap, and purposely drank 4 cups of black coffee to insure they knew it was 'ground' not instant.

And the weather was fairly nice through out the early morning hours, so my veggies got planted.  I also took a few pictures.  They'll be forthcoming.  Something else took precedence.  Something that momentarily put the brakes on everything.  A 'son of a bitch' moment that sent me upstairs looking for answers on my computer.  And just what was that moment.  This:

My angelfish laid eggs across the back wall of the tank.  Now, if I wanted to I could run out and buy a separate tank, and filter, and heater, and use a turkey baster to move them to the new tank.  If I did that many would survive.  Or, I could let nature run its course.  Most of the fry would become food for the other fish and may 2 or 3 might survive.  I'm opting for the nature route mostly because now that I know I have a breeding pair, I can expect this same thing to occur every 3 - 4 weeks.  That's a lot of baby angelfish.  I will stop by PetSmart after I leave work and pick up some sort of 'fry saver,' to give the babies a fighting chance.

I didn't really pay any attention to what the rabidly raving Republicans were doing yesterday.  Too much other stuff was happening.  I did see Green and Cruz have begun some sort of insanity roadshow.  This is fine.  They will satisfy their every shrinking base.  Come election time the Texas airwaves will be spinning with his adventures in Cancun  during the Great Freeze.  And if that isn't going to be enough, the Texas legislature is working on a little agenda to make the taxpayers pay for fixing a system that killed quite a few of those very same taxpayers over.  And as for Greene?  Everything she says and does is going to bite her in the ass.

Finally, for those of you who don't know, one of my favorite bands of all time, if not the all-time favorite, is Yes.  I had a good time last night watching this classical musician analyzing one of their greatest songs Close to the Edge.  As I said in my comments to him, I've had the pleasure of seeing Yes perform this song 4 times in concert.  Here he is:

And here's a live version from 1972 ( I saw them do this song in San Diego that year).  Oh, and that spangly, gold cape Rick Wakeman wore was about 15 feet long.


Friday, May 7, 2021

The Quickie Weekend

 Holy Crap!  Can you believe it!  I have another Weekend in a Day!  Were I a Cracker Jack Crazy I'd shriek "what a blessing!"  I am so glad I retain my sanity, an action that is rather easy since I'm neither a lemming, nor a fool, nor desperately trying to bend the light of reality round this little orb of humanity I call Me.  Clear headedness is quite common among those of us capable of comprehending that we are not little conservative robots, and while we might show allegiance to our duly elected government, we do not bow down to any man.

Oh, dear, can you tell I've had my coffee without cream this morning?  I'm fasting.  In a little over an hour they will be drawing blood for my annual physical.  Usually they take 5 vials, 4 for testing and 1 to observe the wonderment of my DNA...  At least that's what I like to tell myself.  And I will also pee in a little plastic cup, so they can smell the coffee without cream as they look for whatever secrets my urine might be hiding.

After that, I'll come home and eat an egg salad sandwich.

There's also a pepper plant which needs to be planted, as well as cucumber and cantaloupe seeds.  The last two are going in the ground this year.  Last year, I tried the cucumbers didn't do well in a big pot.

We're also supposed to have rain later in the day.  There's a 72% chance.  Oh, and I have flowers on my tomato plants.  

Yesterday, I read in The Hill that there are those who believe Loser #45 will run in 2024.  Personally, I think that all depends upon those states who are trying to change their voting laws in order to guarantee him a victory.  They're also predicting he's going to lose.  I don't think that he'll run.  He wants to be the power behind the dying Republican Party.  He'd rather put a puppethead in his place, rather then face a full frontal attack.  You have to remember, not only is he a lying sack of shit, he's a coward as well.  That way, when the loss occurs, he'll be able to blame someone else.  He likes calling other people losers.  Standing in front of a mirror and seeing that truth reflected back at him is too much for his tiny ego to bear.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

The Sacrificial Lamb

Yesterday it rained hard.  Last evening I turned the heat back on.  For the next week night time temps are predicted to drop into the 40's (F).  While I like wearing sweats, I also like things comfortably warm... or cool, depending upon the season.  And, even though today is supposed to be nice and sunny, tomorrow forecasters are calling for rain... again.  69% chance.  Weren't we supposed to be getting these spring showers back in April.  Oh, that's right.  We did.

Here's an amusing bit.  On the way home from work last evening, the clouds looked like they were forming two letters.  'U  T'  They were very well defined.  I'd have taken a picture, but I was driving way too fast to be fooling around with my phone.  Anyway, being the curious sort, and on the chance I might have been seeing a sign of some sort, I checked when I got home.  The first result was University of Texas, followed by University of Tennessee.  Disappointment reigned, until I searched in 'lower case' letters: 'u t,' that got me 'universal time.'  Wow! I may have gotten a sign about Universal Time!  Well, actually, my eyes just thought they saw two letters in the clouds, the rest was just my imagination.

Oh, and what about Facebook cancelling Loser #45?  I understand he and his base went on a bit of a bender.  This is way he's banned.  That and the fact that he lies constantly.  Oh, wait, I supposed technically they are the same thing.  "Lies Constantly."  This means you can not trust a single thing he says.  If he didn't believe his own lies, I'd say he was pathetic, but he does believe them which puts him about ten levels below loathsome.  He also wants loyalty, and that means complete fealty from his base.  And in case you're wondering, his followers are already preparing the sacrificial lamb.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021


 Well, it's going to rain again.  The drizzle has already begun.  The plants are growing, and my yard will soon turn into a rainforest.  Climate change is occurring.  NOAA says things are getting warmer... and wetter, depending upon where you live.  For us here in Central PA, we seem to be getting both blessings: higher temps and rain.  We are turning tropical.  That means mangoes, and lemons, and limes will be common.  Florida?  That state is going to cook.  So are parts of Texas.  That large migration south will soon reverse as the temps continue to rise.  Change is upon us.

The Baby's Breath in my tank is gone.  Replaced with Jungle Vallisneria and a Windelov Java Fern.  I think it looks much better.  The fish now have room to swim.  Oh, and the fish aren't mutating out of shape.  The tank's acrylic, so there are no framed corners.

Work is normal; beginning to slow down I believe.  While our garden department is hopping, our overall sales figures are not as high as they were 4 months ago.  As the country continues to slowly open up, this slow down will continue.  People no longer working at home and having to commute again are going to have less time on their hands.  They will have less time for home improvements and so those plans are being moved to the back burner.  This was to be expected, though a cursory look at our plan shows our corporate offices were hoping the spending would continue longer.  Instead, sales are becoming a steady simmer, which is good for a beef stew, but it's not like the rolling boil you want for cooking pasta.

As for politics, evidently a vast majority of Republicans want Loser #45 to remain active in the party.  They have no problem with the fact that his, and their, anger cooked over on January 6.  They are actively pursuing the belief in The Big Lie.  The reality that a sizeable chunk of Republicans changed their affiliation after the Insurrection means nothing to them.  For them, volume is everything.  Anger is the tasty sauce they lavish on their burgers after taking them from the grill... anger, and a lot of moldy cheese.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Diving Deeper

 Holy Crap!  It's Tuesday!  Don't time fly.  Seems like only yesterday my weekend began, and now it' over. Still, I will admit to getting much more done then I had been expecting.  I even managed to get the lawn mowed.  This is the 2nd time I've mowed it during a drizzle.  And, let's be honest, it's not as though I need to worry about shrinking.  I was sanforized a long time ago.

Another loaf of wheat bread was baked yesterday, and once again it's delicious.

A few more aquarium plants are arriving today.  The rest of Baby's Breath is going to be tossed into the compost bin.  There was nothing in the description about the plant overwhelming a tank.  Nor was mention made of how that mass of teeny, tiny leaves gathered large amounts of uneaten fish food.  The last one I pulled out weighed in at 12 oz and was about the size of a basketball.  This one is almost as large.  Soon the fish will have more space to swim.

And I have lots of baby peaches!

And isn't that Liz Cheney a pistol!  One of my news feeds called her a pain in the GOP's side, they were being kind.  The far, ugly right hate her.  She's refusing to bow down and worship the sphincter of Loser #45.  Don't be confused, however, she's not speaking on behalf of Centrists, and Independents , and least of all Democrats.  Nope.  She is the voice of that 9% of Republicans who broke away the Insurrectionists.  Without those votes, while they might win local elections, they'll never get into the Big House...again, and that sets their butts on fire.  Ouchy.

Oh, and one of the things trending on Reddit this morning was "Josh Hawley is Pro-Hate Crime."  This is a party that's in a pond of deep shit, and instead of trying to get out, their simply diving deeper.  

Monday, May 3, 2021

Good Things

 This is my weekend for a day, Saturday and Sunday all rolled up in one single Monday.  I had planned on mowing the lawn but, of course, a drizzle has begun.  Showers are in the forecast for the next several days.  The Temps are supposed to hang around in the mid 70's (F).  I'm not upset by the rain, but do wish I could get some lawn work finished.

When I was at the VA on Friday, I had a tetanus shot.  Since I hadn't had one in 20 or so odd years, they said I was due.  Surprisingly, there was no soreness... at all.  Could that be an indicator I still had antibodies racing through my blood stream.  This coming Friday, I go for my bloodwork.  I'll be interested in seeing if things have changed.  I've been borderline everything for years.

Seven years ago I bought three Itoh peony plants.  Planted at the same time, only one grew the first year, so I had thought the others had died.  To my surprise, a second sprouted the following year.  The third never saw the light of day.  Neither of the two surviving plants has ever bloomed... until this year.  I have buds!  I'm so pleased.  I'm going to have yellow peonies!  What a good thing this is!

Two Buds

As I was perusing through my news feeds this morning, I have to say I wasn't surprised to see some members of the Republican Party are looking at the voter restrictions some states are passing and beginning to feel more than a little trepidation.  Republicans hold dear their belief that if you making voting difficult, minorities will throw their hands up in the air and say, "voting is too much of a bother."  They see this belief as 'common sense,' rather then a prime example of systemic racism.  Unfortunately, their party is aging, and in Florida, as elsewhere, those senior citizens don't want to stand in line for an hour to vote.  They prefer to just mail in their ballot.  Oopsy.  Guess who's passing laws to restrict mail-in ballots?  They're cutting off their nose to spite their face.  And they will never admit that they're wrong.  This is a good thing.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Yum's the word

We had nice temps yesterday shame I had to work.  The thermometer is supposed to rise into the mid 80's (F) today.  Shame I have to work.

Flooring was a bit on the slow side yesterday.  I suspect today might be the same.  I'm only expected to get 2 measures this week.  The truth is we're heading into Memorial Day.  People are more concerned with what their house looks on the outside then getting new flooring.  Barbecues are being planned.  Covid will spread among the unprotected.  This is how life goes.  At this point, after a year of wearing a mask, I don't really have a problem with that since this is how evolution works.  If you're given the opportunity to protect yourself and you chose not to, well that's your responsibility, isn't it?  The constitution was not written to make you stay healthy, just don't expect a lot of sympathy from us 'smart' ones.

That wheat bread was so tasty, I'm going to bake another loaf tomorrow.  Yum's the word.

My third reader returned his copy of The Body in the Loch yesterday.  Certain sentences earned little smiley faces, like this one:  'The countryside was beautiful, forests planting their feet all the way to the craggy hills with garlands of rocks.'  I can only believe he thinks this is what Scotland looks like.

And while I'm still jotting down notes, lots and lots of notes, on The Body in Repose, I can tell you this little ditty will play a part in the story.

I understand the Republicans are going after Liz Cheney.  They don't understand she represents their Centrist wing.  Oh, and they booed Mitt Romney.  This is a party that has grown delusional.  So far out of touch with America.  They will never understand a majority of Americans view Loser #45 as a used car salesman pushing shitty, little lies.

Oh, and I guess the question 'de jour' is whether Rudy Kazoody is going to flip.  I've heard he's already 'cooperating' with the Justice Department.  I also understand that Ronnie Johnson is in the same boat.  I can 'tell all' books in both of their futures.  We'll just have to wait to see which one uses the title "I Was a Dupe for the Russkies."  Now, won't that be a tasty morsel.  Yum!


Saturday, May 1, 2021


 So, I had my first doctors appointment yesterday at the VA down in Lebanon.  It went quite well.  I'm healthy.  I brought up aging, achy knee and my new MD gave it a twist - of course there was no pain, though he was impressed with my flexibility.  I think I'm stiff, but evidently I'm wrong.  I suppose that means other people around my age don't have as much 'give and take' as I do.  My new nurse, Joan, had an interesting reaction when she looked at my current prescriptions.  She did a bit of a double-take and said, "that's it?"  I don't take a lot of meds.

I'm hoping that my 3rd reader returns The Body in the Loch with his notes today.  I was expecting it at the beginning of the week, but he was still going through it.  My readers provide me with comments, notes, and advice, as well as proofread.  Sometimes I follow their recommendations, sometimes I invoke 'artistic license.'  I don't always write by the rules.  This doesn't mean I lack flexibility in the words I put to paper, I simply flex them the way I want them to bend.

My 'mail-in' ballot was delivered yesterday and the sucker is already filled out and ready to go.  I was surprised by the lack of Democratic nominees for certain positions, like prothonotary.   Democrats need to get more involved so our elected officials represent the majority, not the Cracker Jack Crazy minority.  Oh, and those same Crazies are trying to change the state Constitution.  They want to give the General Assembly the ability to be able to override and limit the Governor in regard to declaring disasters.  These amendments are all Covid related.  If they get passed, these worshippers of Loser #45 will put life itself in jeopardy.  This is how they hope to destroy Democracy.  They blindly push ahead even though their inability to be flexible is destroying their party.  Good.  I suspect more of them will begin dying off once the Indian Variant of Covid beings spreading through the population.

And, finally, Marc, from Voenix Rising, posted some interesting videos yesterday.  One was from a group called Faun that I found rather nifty.  Here's another of their videos.