I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

My predictions

Everybody is making predictions for the new year, some are good, some are bad and many refer to people are currently, or have recently, been making headlines.  Here's what I think:

That fart infused gas bag ego known as Donald Trump is going to sustain a serious puncture once the primaries begin.  There just aren't enough racist, bigot Republican voters to carry his political career any further.  Be prepared for the stink because it is going to be bad, all of that shit he's been storing in his colon is going to explode.

Kim Davis will leaver her state job and hit the road, you see her pimp, Mat Staver, has by this time convinced her she can make more money her preaching to foolish Christians than she can issuing nameless marriage licenses.  But, then isn't that what pimps do?  And she's happy as a pig in shit because all she cares about is living forever with Jesus, of course she doesn't really know she's going to be living with him, but her pimp tells her this is true and that's all she cares about.

Caitlyn Jenner's reality show is going to be canned... because, sadly enough, no one no longer cares.

Star Wars, The Force Awakens is going to be the biggest money maker of all time.

And, finally, the Oscar for Best Picture is going to go to......  ha,ha ha, I'm not that foolish.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Run, Run, he's got a gun!

This past week training loaded all associates are supposed to take regarding 'active shooters in the building,' or as I call it "Run, run, he's got a gun."  This is a sad statement for our times that corporations should feel it necessary their associates understand they might actually have to deal with this type of situation.  What I found interesting was that the whole thing, lasting only 2.5 minutes, was all about concealment, about either getting out of the building or finding a safe place to hide, and what to do when law enforcement arrived - leave the building with your hands in the air and fingers spread wide open.  There was not one mention of what you should do in this type of situation if you happened to be one of those individuals who are licensed to carry a concealed weapon, most likely, I suspect, because by the time you got your weapon out of your coat pocket, took off the safety, and started aiming at a moving target you would probably have already been shot.  You see active shooters don't usually carry single fire weapons, they carry assault weapons that fire a lot of bullets in a few seconds; they don't really need to aim, they just point and pull the trigger.

Interestingly enough, with all the shootings we've had, I've never heard one word from one survivor lamenting the fact that if he/ she had had their gun with them they'd have been able to save lives.  No doubt because in intense moments like shootings, panic sets in and your basic instinct is to save your ass.  That's why this training session had nothing to do with putting a bead on the shooter's head and everything to do with running away or finding a safe hiding place.  This concept is quite alien to a number of gun fanciers simply because they just don't understand how severely limited they are. 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Welcome to Kentucky, home of bad Christians and no minimum wage

Home of Governor Bevan, Kim Davis, and mall riots.  I had to laugh when Davis, who has evidently decided to give comedy a try, said she was surprised that God had chosen her.  When it comes to horse's asses, this idiot is in a close race with Donald Trump.  Firstly, she wasn't chosen by God, she was chosen by her pimp, Mat Staver.  Secondly, she is so selfishly focused on her own biased beliefs she is totally clueless as to the terrible changes her new bestie, Governor Bevin, is forcing onto the people of Kentucky, like the minimum wage.  She doesn't care if his beliefs are this:

Gov. Matt Bevin

Read more here:
Does Kim Davis care if her newly elected governor doesn't believe in a minimum wage?  Or that he would like Kentucky to be like Mississippi, the poorest state in the United States, and have no minimum wage?  Of course not, because she doesn't think about people at all.  She thinks about herself, and how wonderful it is to have been chosen by God.
Does Kim Davis care if Matt Bevin guts Obamacare and those who finally got insurance are going to lose it?  Hell no, she's a state employee with damn good, fairly inexpensive insurance.
The truth is that Kim Davis is a member of the 'Me Generation,' and by being so, has personalized her religious beliefs to such an extent that they revolve completely around her own wants and desires.  The fact that people in Kentucky will end up being poorer is not even an issue for her.  As a result she's not a very good Christian because she doesn't care... not about them, only about herself, and the beliefs she has cherry picked.  No matter how bad things get, as long as she gets her way, her world is a good place.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Candidates Kids

For those of you who didn't see the news flash, Bristol Palin dropped her second 'cow' (child outta wedlock) just before Christmas, and while mamma Palin wishes people would be sayin' "holy cow," most of America is saying "look, another cracker."
Anyway, I thought I'd write about children in politics since Ted Cruz made some tiny headlines complaining about a cartoon drawn by a cartoonist who publishes with the conservative Washington Post.  His two daughters were depicted as trained monkeys and, of course, he started shrieking about the liberal media since that's red meat to conservative Republicans.  First of all, the cartoonist got it wrong, they're not trained monkeys, they're more like little animatronic robots silently waving at the the crowd.  Secondly, Cruz immediately prostituted the image by asking for $1 million dollars to fight the "liberal Media," but then that's how he works.  Thirdly, while many, many politicians parade their kids on stage, I can't remember a single one of them capable of doing tricks.  You would have thought that when Palin pushed all of her brood out they might have been able to do at least one barrel roll.  Nope, they all just stood there and waved.  Even Chelsea Clinton stood there and waved.  And, of course, I've never been to a Cruz rally so maybe his little girls do tricks to please the crowd, maybe a somersault or two, but I doubt it.
In fact, the only time I can ever remember giving a candidate's kids a second glance was when Romeny's boys walked out on stage.

That was when I realized what Conservative Preppie Porn was, all T-shirts and flannel.  But even they didn't do tricks, all they did was stand there looking like they were waiting for 'Vogue' to start playing, and, unfortunately for Mitt, it never did.  I can't even imagine what kind of crowd pleaser that would have been. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Two days till Christmas

In just two days the 2015 Christmas season will be over, well, almost over.  Sure, on the 26th people will be returning the gifts that don't fit, or that they just don't like, and, of course, they'll be out spending their Gift Cards since that's what Gift Cards are for.  Over all, I'd have to say this wasn't a bad Christmas, at least in the retail market I work in, home improvement.  And it started with Black Friday.  This year we did not open early.  Face it, no one rushes out on Black Friday to buy a refrigerator, or a stove, or to have a deck designed.. it just doesn't happen so there really was no reason to open our doors hours early.  This year, they didn't relentlessly play Christmas music, only on weekends when the aisles were full of customers which was nice for associates who've listened to the same music year after year after year.
This doesn't mean we still don't get bad customers, however, though I can say this year we had very few come to the paint desk.  Well, there was this one woman who had bought a faucet at our store on the East Shore and returned it to our store ten minutes before we closed, and, of course, she didn't have her receipt, and to our chagrin, the credit card she'd used to pay for the faucet was inexplicably not letting us pull up her purchase information, which meant we needed to give her store credit for $86. I got to deal with her when she decided to purchase some caulk and just couldn't find the specific caulk she needed.  She took 2 tubes and I went back to stow my apron since the store was now closed.  And, of course, when I left the building she was at the register complaining loudly because she was trying to use her credit card to pay for her purchase, you know, the one that was inexplicably not working, instead of the store credit she received.  HHHmmmm
Anyway, I thought I'd leave you with a picture of what looks like an insect.  This is what happens sometimes when we tint paint.

Nifty ain't it?

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Trump: Aiming for icebergs

Where as Captain Edward John Smith tried to avoid sailing the RMS Titanic into an iceberg,  Donald Trump seems to be aiming directly towards as many as he can, playing tag with them in the freezing water of politics.  Because the GOP has spent decades fermenting this hatred of anything and anyone who doesn't bow down to them, they seem to have ceded the Captainship of their party to this lunatic, and he is steering them towards icebergs.  This was apparent yesterday when that horse's ass made personal, derogatory comments about Hilary Clinton.  And, while his Trumplodites are cheering themselves into a frenzy, a majority of American women are asking "what the hell is up with this asshole?"
In fact, more and more, he seems to be making the American voters cringe... except for his Trumplodites, because the Republican party has groomed them for this embarrassing political behavior.  Actually, embarrassment is what half of registered American voters feel about Donald Trump.  That's not the way you win elections, it's the way you lose by a landslide.  This is how you sink a political party.

The fact that the Republican base, many of whom are Trumplodites, is out of control is their own fault.  Instead of offering positive politics, and positive solutions, all they've done is foster hate:  Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi... They failed to realize that at this point in time no one really gives a shit.  They thought they were heading into warmer waters and all they were really doing was heading straight into an iceberg field.  And Donald Trump now seems to be at the wheel, and while the lookouts are shouting warnings his ego is smiling as he orders "full speed ahead."

Sunday, December 20, 2015

One Million Moms stupefied the GOP

I'm sure a number of your have seen this article noting that about one third of registered Republicans would love to bomb Agrabah, the fictional city in Aladdin.  If you read it you'll see that around 51% are undecided, you know?  Should we bomb it or shouldn't we?  No one should really be surprised about this since socially conservative Republicans hate Disney.  Their films are too diverse.  Can you believe it?  Big Hero Six had an Asian / American lead!  With a co-star who was a big, marshmallow thing!

One of the most vocal socially conservative, Republican groups is One Million Moms, who's numbers don't really number one million, and who aren't all really moms.  A lot of them are just haters, which is why in 2010 they were designated a "hate group."  And, believe it or not, this small group of haters has apparently declared war on Disney.  To say that they are crazier then a box of Cracker Jacks is an understatement.  They hate everything Disney.
And, the Republican party kowtows to hate groups like this since they believe these minority voters are their future.  Right. With this mentality I'm sure very few Republican parents took their children to see Aladdin, since the real star was a big, blue genie voiced by that liberal Robin Williams.

As a result, many Republicans believe the fictional Agrabah is a real place, filled with real Muslims they are born to hate, and that small group of haters who desperately wish their numbers counted to a million, have stupefied the Republican Party.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Putin, Trump, Shkreli, Walters and Boyd

It's been a hectic past month and a half.  We moved my 82 year old mother into a Senior Living Facility after she developed some health issues (she hates it) and we're selling her home (closing is 1/18/16).  Anyway, I needed to post some observations.

Firstly:  There's evidently some kind of Bromance going on between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump since they've both started admiring each other.  Bet the Trumplodites into near earth orbit, you know, having the Ruskie and their little demagogue bonding in such a dictatorial way.

Secondly:  There is the Smelly Shkreli story.  For those who don't know, he got busted this past week, and the judge was wise enough to take away his passport... hhmm.  Wouldn't you think a Social Psychopath like Marty Shkreli my have a phony second passport, maybe even a third.  My suspicion is that in the next few weeks he will... disappear.  Isn't that what scumbags like him do?

Then there's the Barbara Walters Top 10 list... who gives a shit?  She should have retired on her laurels years ago rather then failing so obviously to remain relevant.

And then we're back to the passport thing, though not with Smelly Shkreli, this time we're dealing with Ethan Couch.  You do remember him, don't you?  The 16 year old drunkard who killed 4 when he lost control of the vehicle he was driving?  Anyway, Judge Boyd, (now retired) sentenced this losing sack of shit 10 years probation.

Why, because his dysfunctional parents failed to raise a human being most because they're just bottom feeding breeders.  Anyway, Texas authorities now believe that Ethan and his sow of a mother have split the country.  That's right, they are on the lam.  Not yet International Fugitives, but I suspect that's the target their aiming for. Now I'll be honest, way back when Judge Jean Boyd demonstrated utter incompetence in sentencing Ethan Couch to 10 years of probation I said to myself, "hey, that piece of shit is going to split," and... surprise!  Anyway, I suppose Judge Jean Boyd is not sleeping easier because now, at least, she knows he's no longer driving drunk in Texas.

Friday, December 11, 2015

On Reagan's head

While Trump continues to revel in his negativity for all who aren't his supporters, most of whom are older, less educated, and financially less secure (if you don't believe me Google it), the rest of us have done a big jump-back as we try to fathom how the GOP could be manhandled in such a way by this neo-fascist.  It all goes back to Ronald Reagan's landslide re-election.  Having survived an assassination attempt, Reagan saw his approval rating sky rocket to the high 90's, peaking out at 97% and confused Republicans thought this meant the country, far and wide, had suddenly gone conservative.  It didn't.  People just liked the old fart.  He was very grandfatherly.  His second term in office was a mess.  This is why he's considered an average president.

George H. Bush's presidency was marred terribly by a vomiting session at a Japanese state dinner and by the fact that, following the map set out by Reaganomics, the economy started drying up.  And the GOP began to hate everybody who didn't agree with them.  When Clinton won with the campaign slogan "It's the economy, stupid," the hate went into over drive.  It was impossible for them to believe everything they held sacred was false.  They've been hating ever since.  
Instead of understanding they needed to comprise after getting George W. into the White House by the skin of their teeth, they said "screw you America, your popular vote means nothing, we are in charge so shut up."  And they continued to regionalize themselves, and marginalize themselves as a party.  They used terror tactics to get W a second term and we ended up with the 2nd worst economic disaster in American history.
When Obama was elected for his first term their hate and negativity rose to a fever pitch, and at his second win of the White House they became frenzied.
Now they're facing the very real possibility of having a Democrat in the White House for a 3rd consecutive term and they're reeling back and forth.  Their front runner has alienated so many groups of voters, voters they need to get into the White House, and he doesn't care since all he's really doing is masturbating his own ego.  And they're wondering how they could have ended up in such a shit hole.  What the GOP really needs to do is put the blame where it belongs, on Ronald Reagan's head because his re-election was a lie.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Trump = Demogogue

For all the Trumplodites out there, it looks like The Donald is a true demagogue, as noted by the conservative Washington Post.  These aren't the silent majority, but rather the clueless masses.  Under his leadership the country would quickly cascade down into chaos.  And those who love him?  They don't understand he would crumble their hopes and dreams down upon them, except for a special few.  This is how demagogues work.

They evidently don't know they should be careful of what they wish for.

Friday, December 4, 2015

From FIOS to the Trumplodite ascension

Ah, FIOS, some of know you too well.  Me, for instance.  My 82 year old mother recently moved into a Senior Living facility.  So far everything is going well except for her one dismay, she now needs to watch Comcast rather then FIOS.  She hates Comcast because they don't broadcast the same religious channels as FIOS.  She'll learn to live with it.  Anyway, it's my job to return the two set top boxes and her router.  When I cancelled her service I was told I could return everything to an authorized Verizon / FIOS dealer.  So I toted everything across the river only to be told "we don't do that anymore, you need to take them to a UPS Store."  So, on my way to the gym yesterday, I stopped off at the UPS Store and was told "our contract with FIOS expired at the end of October."  So, when I got home, I called Verizon and was promptly told "Oh, you were given wrong information.  There are only 2 authorized dealers who can do returns in Pennsylvania, one is in Pittsburgh (4 hours away) and the other is in Philly (2 hours away).  They're mailing me boxes, and mailing labels, so I can drop off my Mom's equipment at my nearest post office.  Now, isn't that nice?

And then I saw this article in the Washington Post which I found to be on the humorous side since it was coming from a fairly conservative news source.  There is evidently some serious concern that Trump might actually get the Republican nomination, the thought of which, I'm sure, is sending all of his Trumplodites into hands free orgasms.  For many, I suspect his ascension in this political arena is the next best thing to the Rapture.  For me, well, found the comparison to both Barry Goldwater and the wonder Wendell Willkie almost heartwarming.

And what really has their concerns all riled up is the fact that a Trump nomination would severely damage their tenuous hold on the Senate.  Oh, woe is me, those poor Republicans.  One can only speculate what might happen to the GOP should the Democrats win stunningly,.. implosion has a nice ring to it, don't you agree? 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Republican ammosexual gun slaves

Yesterday something terrible happened in San Bernardino, 14 people were murdered by pseudo terrorists, one of them born and raised in the good old USA.  Oh, and these two killers bought their guns legally.  Not surprisingly, all those Republican wanna be presidents all sent a lot of "thoughts and prayers" to the victims.  Of course, they couldn't really do anything else, could they?  The NRA sends them lots of legal donations to keep silent.  Mum's the word every time there's a mass murder.  No outrage, no sign of anger what so ever, just bowed heads diligently praying that all those Ammosexuals out there will continue to fill the Republican coffers.  Innocent people get mowed down by bullets and the Republican reaction is always the same.  True, they do wear their dismal little frowns and shake their heads silently, but there's no real empathy ever put on display.  Were they to do that, perchance, some of their gun totting base might not vote, they might stay home because their representatives seem to have gone a little soft on guns.  And every vote counts.

Now you might think that because they are so muted by mass murders they are not be a very excitable breed, these Republican Presidential wanna be's, but that's not true at all.  Drop the word Benghazi into the conversation and see just how violently they react.  If only they could channel just a teeny, weensy bit of that rage, and demonstrate just a modicum of concern over this multitude of mass murders, well, they might just surprise you by saying "this is not normal".... oh, wait, that was Hillary, wasn't it?