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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Two days till Christmas

In just two days the 2015 Christmas season will be over, well, almost over.  Sure, on the 26th people will be returning the gifts that don't fit, or that they just don't like, and, of course, they'll be out spending their Gift Cards since that's what Gift Cards are for.  Over all, I'd have to say this wasn't a bad Christmas, at least in the retail market I work in, home improvement.  And it started with Black Friday.  This year we did not open early.  Face it, no one rushes out on Black Friday to buy a refrigerator, or a stove, or to have a deck designed.. it just doesn't happen so there really was no reason to open our doors hours early.  This year, they didn't relentlessly play Christmas music, only on weekends when the aisles were full of customers which was nice for associates who've listened to the same music year after year after year.
This doesn't mean we still don't get bad customers, however, though I can say this year we had very few come to the paint desk.  Well, there was this one woman who had bought a faucet at our store on the East Shore and returned it to our store ten minutes before we closed, and, of course, she didn't have her receipt, and to our chagrin, the credit card she'd used to pay for the faucet was inexplicably not letting us pull up her purchase information, which meant we needed to give her store credit for $86. I got to deal with her when she decided to purchase some caulk and just couldn't find the specific caulk she needed.  She took 2 tubes and I went back to stow my apron since the store was now closed.  And, of course, when I left the building she was at the register complaining loudly because she was trying to use her credit card to pay for her purchase, you know, the one that was inexplicably not working, instead of the store credit she received.  HHHmmmm
Anyway, I thought I'd leave you with a picture of what looks like an insect.  This is what happens sometimes when we tint paint.

Nifty ain't it?

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