I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Monday, August 2, 2021

The Baking Accident

 Good Morning, people.  My weekend has begun with a somewhat cindery moment.  Last evening I watched the last episodes of "Loki."  It's okay, not great, though they do say Eli's favorite word (shit) every now and then.  I got the coffee ready for this morning, ( I always do that the night before, so I just have to turn on the coffee maker).  And popped the ingredients into the bread maker so I could wake up to freshly baked bread.  However, this time I decided to go with a standard white bread, rather then Italian.  Big mistake.  Around 3 in the morning, I woke up smelling smoke (insert Eli's favorite word).  Going downstairs, I found smoke pouring from the top of the bread maker (you know the word you need to insert).  During its final rise, the loaf had increased in size so much the dough cascaded down the sides of the baking pan, onto the heating elements.  There was no fire, I don't even think there was a chance of one start, but that burnt bread was stinking up the house badly and I was worried the smoke alarm was going to go off.  Damn!

And after my weekend is over, when I go back to work on Wednesday, things will have changed.  We're going back to wearing masks.  People are not happy.  When one of the associates in my department began complaining, I shot back at him, "well you know who's to blame?  Those dumb, fucking Republicans who aren't getting vaccinated."  In case you are wondering?  He's one of those Republicans.  That's right.  He believes The Big Lie, but nothing about Covid.  He's one of those who believes he's immune.  What he really needs is a 2 week vacation in ICU.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Learning the Greek Alphabet

 Friday, at last!  Well, not for some of you.  Tomorrow will not be just another day for many of you.  Your work week will begin tomorrow.  Wow.  Ain't it interesting how life works sometimes?  Some people get to sit down at a desk, either at home or in an office, and I get to do laundry and mow my lawn.  Simply fascinating.

Yesterday was not a very busy day at work.  We sold flooring jobs, but the measures they want us to get are not happening as frequently as mgmt. would like.  However, we are heading into August.  Traditionally, in this area of the country, this is the time of year when most people take vacations.  Also, Delta is surging.  More contagious then the chicken pox, they say.  I guess that means chicken pox spreads easily.  I had that when I was a wee toddler, in fact I had what most call 'childhood diseases' when I was young.  Maybe Covid is going to turn into another one of those childhood diseases.

Evidently, in states where Covid is rapidly rising, vaccinations are also on the rise.  The big question is how many will get inoculated before they catch it.  The number of people getting the shot in Florida is on the increase, but people are getting infected much faster.  And Delta is not the same Covid we first met.  For younger people, the prospect of a simple dalliance with the disease has faded.

Finding out that as a fully vaccinated individual my viral load can be as high as an infected none vaccinated individual should be alarming to the unvaccinated.  This means the Delta will spread among the unprotected even faster.  

I saw where the Orange Anus has raised quite a tidy bit of money since January and evidently is spending any of it.  Nope.  Saving it for a rainy day, is he?  Or for a run in 2024?  You can bribe a lot of people with that kind of money, which, I don't doubt is one of his standard operating practices.  Or, maybe he'll use it to pay off fines?  Nah, not his modus operandi.  Of course, we saw how much money Bloomberg spent and he got himself nowhere.  I wouldn't be surprised if when things get sticky, and they will get sticky, he's going to take the money and run.