I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Separation of Church and State

 Well, we've started one of those weekends that everybody is working for...  Of course, that doesn't include everybody that I know, many of whom are retired, or else they work from home and pretty much set their own hours.  Also, I do need to point out that being retired does not mean that you're going to sit back and wait for death to come calling.  I have a very few friends that are waiting for this.  I don't understand what's going through their heads when they tell me "they've worked their entire lives, and they're not going to work anymore."  It just might be a form of laziness.

The weather's going to be fine today.  Temps in the low 40s (F), chilling out overnight.  Tomorrow starts a warming trend, not that we haven't been warm so far this winter, that will take us up into the 60s (F).  By the end of the week we'll be in March.  Spring is in the air, I can smell it.

Another third of the kitchen floor was finished yesterday.  I'm working on it again today.  It's not time consuming, except when it comes to cutting the tiles.  Supposedly, you should be able to cut it by scoring it a few times with a box cutter, and then snapping it.  That, however, doesn't always give you a smooth break, so I'm down in the basement with a hand saw every time I need to cut a tile.

My daffodils are pushing their way up through last years leaves.

And CPAC is happening.  There was a time when this gathering of conservative crazies actually represented something other than... well... a gathering of Christian crazies.  The Orange Anus spoke zombie-speak.  One thing the media picked up on was his racist characterization of black people, the one where he said that black people like him because of his mugshot.  

If I'm remembering correctly, it was a CPAC that they rolled out the golden Trump idol.  That's when Christians should have kicked their concern into high gear.  They didn't.  They were too unabashedly delighted that the evil one was going to give them what they wanted.  So happy were they, they told themselves he had to have been sent by God.  Stupid people.  They shriek and moan about all types of sins without understanding how evil actually works.  It gave them what they were praying for, and they helped to spread the evil in return.  Ouch!  This is the reason our founding fathers decreed there was going to be a separation of Church and State.

Friday, February 23, 2024

America's Duty

 Even though it's Friday, I keep feeling as though it's Saturday.  Don't ask me why.

The skies are overcast.  Temps are supposed to climb in to the high 40s (F), and there are showers on the way.  Notice, that's showers, not rain, nothing that could be considered a steady soaker.  Tomorrow, temps are predicted to cool off, slightly, but the the warm air the Midwest has been having will begin to move through the area.

I got a measure yesterday for cellular blinds.  The young lady wants one, and it needs to be motorized because the window is too high to reach.  The motorization is going to add about $350 to her bill.  

And while I quite enjoy talking to older people, it's not all of them.  Some people want you to feel sorry for them, it's how they convince themselves that they're special.  Take the older woman I overheard at the post office the other day.  She wanted a Post Office Box, but only for 1 month (you have to rent them for at least 3 months).  She whined this story to the clerk: her husband died suddenly 2 months ago leaving her with a large townhouse that was too big for her, so she decided to sell it and move into an apartment.  However, (and this is a big one), she couldn't move into the new apartment for 30 days, and the closing on her house sale was in 2 days and she needed to be out.  And she definitely wanted those standing nearby to feel sorry for her bad planning.  I listened, and said nothing, as the line behind her grew to at least 7 people.  Finishing my business, I left, and I can tell you, the faces on those waiting were not happy.

When I got home last evening, I found the Lade of the House down on the sofa.  She ate her dinner, did her business outside, and then went back upstairs to bed.  I've decided that Lily is going to play the part of the semi-invalid for as long as she can.  

And what about Alabama?  Is a fertilized egg a person?

Of course not.  But this is what happens when you put the Crazy Cracker Jack Christians in charge.  This is the the religious extremism you see in Iran, except this crazy is in America.  In the 3 days since the Alabama Supreme Court ruled fertilized eggs are people, the country has been in an uproar.  It is the Republican party, the GOP, that has enabled these lunatics, and they are out of control.  The party needs to be taken out of power.  All you need do is look at the House of Representatives to see the GOP can not govern.  In fact, they don't really want to govern, they just want to say "Shut up!  We're in charge!"  And it is every American's duty to take what little power they have away from them.