I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Biggie and the Spanish Guitar

 Well, a happy Saturday morning to you all, unless, of course, you're in Australia, then it's a happy Sunday morning.

I get to go to work today.  As usual, I always brown bag it (take my own lunch).  Just call me frugal.  A number of those I work with order out using one of the delivery services, one my fellow associates loves Door Dash (someone has much more disposable income then I do).  Or, because there are a number of fast food restaurants within a 5 minute ride, they eat fat rich, sodium extravagant fast food.  My lunches are always home made and healthy, and always include fresh fruit.  Today desert is going to be blueberries and bananas.

For quite a long time, I would sit down and write in total silence.  That's been changing.  Music is now almost always in the background.  Sometimes classical, sometimes folk music.  Last night French folk music was playing, though most of the songs were about New France i.e. Canada and Quebec.  Lily could care less what's playing.  Biggie, on the other hand, seems to enjoy music.  The night before last Spanish guitar music was playing and this is what he did.  I almost didn't post this because the light reflections seem a bit garish. 

Interestingly enough, that one specific school board in Texas which made headlines about needing apposing view of the holocaust has suddenly done a back flip.  These racists, and bigots, and white supremacists don't like to be scrutinized.

Another group of Cracker jack Crazy Conservatives that's soon to be list as a hate group is the Moms for Liberty.  This group of hate mongering women is trying to infiltrate school boards to upend curriculum they don't feel is Conservative enough.  That's right, it's another damn minority group trying to force their socially conservative beliefs onto the majority.  These women are ugly and hateful.  Keep them out of politics before they have a chance to spread their cancer.


Friday, October 15, 2021

The Texas Taliban

 So another none Friday has arrived.  I'm off today and, as usual, working the weekend.  My next day off isn't until Tuesday, after that it's Thursday.  I mentioned to the scheduler that I want Consecutive days off.  Working every other day is too much like working full time.  She has yet to actually make me part-time in the system.  Once she does that I can set up my own availability.  I don't what is taking her so long.  That should have been one of the first things she did last Monday morning, prior to writing schedules for the week.

Sheetz Roofing is going to get a call this morning with the go-ahead to shingle my roofs.  Working at the largest home improvement retailer in the world does give me access to 'professional' opinions, and across the board, every body I talked to said I was getting a deal.  I pretty much knew that, but it never hurts to check.

I ordered new running / walking shoes and they arrived yesterday.  Asics.  Very decent quality.  I've been wearing the last pair I bought to work, and to mow the lawn, and... well all over the place and they now look very well worn.  The new ones are definitely not meant to be worn anywhere other than on a treadmill.

And what about that Cracker Jack Crazy state of Texas, home of the Texas Taliban?  Well, they're not really Muslim so we can't say they are completely Taliban, they're Crazy Christians with a 2 term Governor who believes the only way to stay in power is to out crazy the craziest.  Only 40% of the population is white, yet white Cracker Jack Crazy Republicans have redrawn the maps to attempt to gerrymander themselves into power for another 10 years.  The state removed an LGBTQ page meant to help and provide answers to youth because an anti-LGBTQ loon started shrieking his loon tunes about its evil.  The Southlake School District, a site for home grown Texan white supremacy, has stated that there needs to be a balance to books talking about the holocaust...  that's right school library's need to offer opposing views regarding that Nazi horror.  I do not doubt for a second that the state will become a magnet for hate groups, since that appears to be the only way they can grow their MAGA base.