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Friday, July 3, 2020

The Season of Sweat

It was hot yesterday.  Today will be hot as well.  Temps in the 90's (F) are forecast well into next week.  This is what temps are normally like in July in Central PA, upper 80's and 90's.  We are now in the season of sweat.
Yesterday was rather slow at the store.  Not that we didn't have customers, there were, however, not the numbers we normally see approaching a holiday.  In normal years, after the Memorial Day sales, customer counts tend to go down because vacations start.  There is the slow simmer of anticipation of an approaching school year.  This year is different.  I do not doubt schools will reopen in the fall, but vacations?  They are another matter.  My brother in law's family rent a house down in Duck, NC every year.  They're going. But then they're staunch Conservatives.  Catching Covid is no sweat off of their brow.  Since, in their minds, the numbers are low, they probably won't catch it.

There was some sort of odd comparison in Bloomberg regarding China's improving economy and that of the United States after yesterday's jobs report.  The author was trying to point out similarities.  He missed a big one:  China shut down completely and America did not.  China's infection rate is very low... ours is going through the roof.  China's people are sitting in a carefully controlled sauna.  We, on the other hand, are stuck in a sweat box.
Yesterday, the governor of Texas suddenly mandated the wearing of masks in every county where there were at least 20 cases of Covid 19.  This after his Lieutenant Governor Patrick said Fauci had been wrong every single time.  In case you've forgotten, Patrick is also the fool who said people shouldn't mind dying to spur on economic growth.  Patrick isn't sweating this infection.  Nope.  For him, every death is just another human sacrifice.
Finally, Conservatives have been bandying about their claim that the virus is spreading because of young people going to bars and restaurants.  They have no idea how self-incriminating those claims are since they were the ones who want the bars and restaurants open.  Are they now trying to say they thought unlimited access to those establishments meant no one was going to go?  How stupid are these people?  Now they're beginning to sweat their little nads off because the infection rates in these states are going through the roof... because of decisions they, themselves, made.
And summer's just getting started.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Name That Tune

Anybody out there remember Name That Tune?  An old game show that was very popular for a few years, contestants wagered on how many they would need to hear to Name that Tune.  We played a homegrown version at parties: be the first person to name a song correctly when it began playing on the radio and you were fine, everybody else had to drink.  Those with good memories stayed sober the longest because no one really wants to get drunk under the table.  My mind was usually pretty sharp until after the 2nd six-pack, then everything went down the tubes.
I got a notification yesterday that my tank stand had shipped.  The arrival date was 7/8, however, I checked when I got home from work and UPS has it arriving tomorrow.  That will be just fine.  The inline heater is going to arrive Monday.
Blond Kayleigh Mc (something or other) told reporters the Idiot Jerk is very well informed.  I keep waiting for one of them to remind her that she promised not to lie.  Not that it would phase her, I'm certain she's too focused on choosing which pretty, little house dress she's going to wear next.  Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if that's what got her the job in the first place.  She was smart enough to with a print instead of a pattern.  Like so much 'Pop' she doesn't have an original bone in her body.
And the Idiot Jerk told Business Insider he believes Covid 19 is just going to disappear...   ....  Oh, and that wearing a mask might not be a bad idea.  He, however, will not wear one in public since that might diminish his greatness.  He didn't really say 'greatness.'  In fact, I understand he came across as a bit distracted.  No doubt he was dreaming of how nice it would be if he could get America to rewrite the Constitution so he could stay in power until 2036, just like his Blow Bro Vlad.  He plays like a broken record... skip... skip... skip.
Needless to say, everyday the Covid 19 infections seem to be breaking more records through out the south and south west, and the sunbelt... and the west.  We, up here in the northeast, should be concerned since it will move north again.  We have not developed an immunity.  This is the same old song pandemics have been signing since time began.  Covid will continue to spread until another hit comes along.
And, in case you didn't know, this is how the Idiot Jerk in the White House makes America Great Again.
Now, here's a bit of a stroll down memory lane for some of you.