I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Little Boners and Whimpering Lies

 The Weekend will end tonight!  At midnight!  That was for all of you who weren't sure because there is this storm moving up the east coast.  Well, not exactly, and only kind of bring snow and freezing rain up into Central PA.  States to the south are going to get hit and some of them don't do well with snow and ice.  Right now our forecasters are saying we might get between 1 and 3 inches of mixed precipitation.  I told you that's what we were going to end up getting.  Just when will we get this snowy, icy, freezing rain Slurpee?  Well, they're not even sure on that, so let's just say the slop should start falling between 1300 and 1800.

On the interesting side of things, while I was poring over maps of Mackinac Island, I discovered a small islet to the the northeast called Edison Island.  The small environmental research station run by the Navy was shut down several years ago leaving nature to slowly reclaim the buildings.  Personally, I think this makes for a really great setting for The Body Under Ice.

Oh, and in case you didn't hear, Novak Djokovic lost his bid to stay in Australia.  😁  Boy, I'll bet he's pouting like hell.  Back when I was in the Navy, we were always being told that when you're in a foreign country, you follow their rules.  Rather than do that, Djokovic lied, for a while he almost got away with it, but then he compounded his insult to Australia by telling people he tested positive for Covid and chose not to quarantine.  He went places because he's a famous tennis player. Now he's going home.

And will Putin invade the Ukraine?  Of course.  He has this little boner which is telling him to take Russia back to the time of the Czars.  Like a lot of little boners, his will screw him over.  There will end up being a bloody insurgency, and shortly after that starts, Kazakhstan's going to begin biting his ass again.  With insurgencies raging on both ends of the country, the Russian people are going to start stomping their feet shouting "Putey baby, put your little boner back in your pants," but by then it will be too late for him.

And, finally, the biggest loser in America, the greatest liar to make an appearance of the soon the soon to be defunct OANN (Cracker Jack Crazy Cable News Network), Donald Trump was in Arizona yesterday.  That's right, he held a rally for The Big Lie and a lot of crazies were in attendance.  Since this loser can't do anything else but lie, he... well, lied.  Surprisingly, he didn't get a lot of press coverage because, well, his lies are old.  He, and his party, are rapidly becoming a broken record.  This is how the the Republican Party dies, not with a bang, but with whimpering lie.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Counterfeit Election Results

 Well, it's Saturday.  Two days before the big storm, or maybe semi-big, snow possibly turning to freezing rain storm.  We'll just have to wait, won't we?  My question is whether I should buy a bottle of wine on my way home from work this evening just in case.  While a lot of people have Monday, the 17th off as a paid holiday, I don't.  Calling off is not going to cost me any holiday pay... and that would give me another 3 day weekend.

I got another 13.86 mile ride in yesterday - the Ilger Front, in Belgium.  Fun stuff.  I felt it in my legs a bit, but not much.  Today I'm going to get in a walk before I go to work.  In case anyone is wondering, I'm still using the heating pads from time to time.  They keep my lumbar spine loosie goosie and flexible.

I checked in with my cover artist yesterday, she and her husband both have Covid.  She's doing fine, however, her husband was acting like a 'contrary old man.'  Translation: she can't wait to get out of the freaking house, even if it means going back to work.  That's understandable.  

People keep complaining about how the January 6 committee doesn't seem to be doing anything, and what they are doing appears to be happening very slowly.  The face they show to the public tells us nothing about what's happening behind the scenes.  The sudden arrest of 11 Oath Keepers is significant and came out of nowhere.  Then, for those of you who missed it, they revealed that 5 states sent counterfeit election results to Congress, election results claiming the Orange Anus had won the state.  All were signed by Republican election officials.  They were rejected, of course, but the National Archives is releasing them to interested citizens.  This means every one is going to get the chance to see these lying signatures.  Here's the signature page sent in by Pennsylvania Republicans.

Speaking of the Orange Anus, he's speaking today in Arizona, a state where the Republican election committee has certified Biden as president.  This is also the state where Cyber Ninja was paid to find out the Orange Anus actually lost.  I'm sure the January 6 committee is going to be playing close attention to those who show up.

Finally, I see Conservatives are going after Brett Kavanaugh for his decision on vaccines and mask mandates for health care workers.  It's taking Brett a long time to realize these Conservatives believe they've bought and paid for his entire soul.