I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Interesting Times

I didn't go for a ride last evening - rest day, and it's always odd when I do that, the extra time I suddenly have on my hands.  Don't worry, I can always find something to do.  Like set up my new coffeemaker, which took all of about 15 minutes.  Yes, there was some assembly required.  This isn't one of your 'plug and pour' coffeemakers.  The old blue one is in the trash.  Normally, I'd set it out on the curb on garbage day for scavengers, however because of the 'programming' issues, that fact that it turns itself on at random times, I was concerned about the fire hazard it presented.  So, out in the trash it went.  Here's what the new one looks like on my counter.

I think the copper finish goes well with my tile.  I will have to figure out what to do with the electric cord, which is definitely more substantial then the power cord on the last coffeemaker.
So, I guess the Idiot Jerk and some of his minion, like Stevie Mnuchin, had planned on ending quite a bit of Foreign Aid - "too much fat," were the words they were bandying about.  For those who don't know it, this is what half-assed Corporate Greed looks like.  The deficit is rising at an astounding rate and, and like all true Conservatives, this administration tries to cut programs which help.  They are anything but smart.
And I saw Macron gave Boris some crow meat for that pie he and his fellow Brexiteers are going to be eating in a couple of months.  Boris' problem is that he longs for the 'old days,' when the UK was an empire.  Those days are gone.  The same thing is true for the Nationalists in this country who desperately want us to be the only 'super power.'  They don't understand their definition of 'power' is no longer valid.  Allies are very important.  The world learned that lesson from the two World Wars, however Conservatives don't like that definition.  They turn away from the idea that more allies you have, the stronger you are.  Evolution happens to everything;  species, politics, religious beliefs.  Unless you adapt, you will die off.  The old beliefs are entering their death throes.  Isolation is not the key to survival.  'I' and 'my' are not the correct pronouns.  There is no way to stop globalization.  Because of this we are living in interesting times.
Oh crap, I just dumped out my recycling can because there was a little opossum in it.  I have to make sure he gets away before I let the dogs out.

Thursday, August 22, 2019


Three more days until my weekend!  I was going to take off today because the new coffeemaker is being delivered... but decided I didn't want to waste the personal time.  I like to have a  certain number of days on the books, just in case, if you know what I mean.  Last winter I endured a bad sore throat and used 2 days, as an example.  Unexpected things happen.
No cycling tonight, I rode the Charlie Baker Time Trial last night.  I cut almost 3 minutes off my last time but was still almost a minute longer than my fastest time.  You can blame it on the Bobster... Yep, that's his name, who ever that is.  He was a mile and a half ahead of me on the course and I didn't really want to catch up to him so I kept my pace slower than normal.  At one point he was only 1.3 miles ahead of me and so I slacked off.
I guess the Idiot Jerk in the White House went on a little tirade yesterday.  He once again said Jews were disloyal because they didn't bow to him, and repeated how 'nasty' the Prime Minister of Denmark was for calling his obsession with buying Greenland 'absurd.'  This man is getting angrier by the day.  Tough Shit.  He said he was the "chosen one" to go after China.... chosen one?  Hell, if that wasn't directed at his Crazy Christian base.  Being challenged on all sides is not what he is used to; in the past he's hired attorneys to shut them up.  Farmer's are beginning to threaten the USDA because of his tariffs and he can't fire them.  This is all very bad news for his re-election campaign.  Now, ain't that a good thing.
Jay Inslee has decided to drop out of the race of the Democratic Nomination.  That's another good thing.  In the end, I suspect it will boil down to Biden, Sanders, Warren, Harris and Booker.
And finally, I was sitting in the living room on my day off and looked out to see Lily sitting on the futon looking at me.  She is such a cutie.  I took a snap.

Of course, I call it "Lily on the Futon."  She looks so tiny, doesn't she?
And another 'oh.'  In case you didn't hear Hickenlooper is going to run for the Senate in Colorado.  This is one of those challenges which terrifies the Republicans, because he's going to win and they will lose a seat in the Senate.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

What's brewin'

Well, I did a 12 mile ride yesterday with just my Suunto Spartan and there were no erratic numbers.  I averaged around 124 BPM with an increase up to 143 BPM.  Maybe the belt needs a new battery.
I also ordered a new coffeemaker - a good one.  It has a copper finish.  The blue retro maker I'd bought a while back just isn't making.  I don't like having to unplug it when I'm not using it, that's something I'm not used to.  There have been days when I've accidentally plugged it in only to find a few hours later the burner was on because it tried to brew a pot of coffee.  Damn, that's not good.
And I do go back to work today, after one day off.  I have another four scheduled.  I'm off Sunday and Monday, and then that gets repeated the following week, which happens to be Labor Day.
I see where Boris Bumblebrain is trying to get the EU to renegotiate the "divorce" and they're having none of it.  Oh, and negotiating trade deals with the US is turning out to be more difficult than he and his Brexiteers were expecting.  Sorry, Bumblebrain, did you really think the Idiot Jerk's administration had any intention of giving you a fair deal?  You see, Boris is intelligent... he's just not smart.  He doesn't wield any significant bargaining chips.  Now the Danes?  They have Greenland.  Now, that's one piece of plum real estate.  If the Danes were to choose to sell Greenland, any price they name would turn the Idiot Jerk into a drooling lapdog.  However, they're not even going to consider offers.... oohh, nooo, and so the Idiot Jerk's going to snub them.  Cancelled his trip, he did.
Or maybe that's just an excuse.  Perhaps the Idiot Jerk doesn't want to go to Denmark because one his henchies said there's some serious recession issues coming down the pike.  Of course, that can't be right.  The Idiot Jerk, himself, has said that recession talk is fake news.  And still, he, himself has also said his administration is looking at "temporary payroll tax cuts" to stimulate the economy.  Which means he wants to put the country even deeper into debt in order to get the American Consumer to buy more.  It's the same reason he wants Powell to drop the Prime Rate... so credit is easier to get... so the American Consumer can buy more.
I'm doing what he wants America to do... buy stuff.  Most of what I buy, however, is rather inexpensive and comes from... China, because if Americans manufactured these products they'd cost a hell of a lot more.
Except for the new coffeemaker, that comes from the Netherlands.  It's a Moccamaster by Technivorm and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Most coffeemakers have a one year warranty, but let's be honest here, because they tend to be inexpensive most simply get replaced.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Beats per Minute

Well, it's Tuesday and I have a dental appointment in a little over an hour...  From there I'll hit my neighborhood Weis and Giant stores for groceries.
I disconnect my HRM belt from my Suunto Spartan.  Readings have been coming bad.  I'll look at my readings after a ride and everything will be normal... and then suddenly my heart rate will spike up to 190 beats of minute for about 90 seconds and then suddenly drops back.  Last evening for the first 6 minutes my HRM had my beats per minute at 230.  Believe me, if you heart is beating that fast, you are going to know it.  And last nights ride had some steep hills, one had 15% grade, which is really steep.  Most people will be out of breath by the time they reach the top.  My HRM said I was averaging 137 beats per minute.  So, this morning I disconnected my HRM belt.  My Suunto Spartan does the same thing.  We'll see how this works.
I guess the Idiot Jerk in the White House is blaming the approaching Recession on... Fake New.  Okay, so what else is new?  He lies daily and blames the truth on Fake News.  Because Evangelicals believe he was sent by God to give them what they want, they will always accept his word.  In their minds there is not going to be a Recession, of course, in their minds he's not a Racist, either.  No one ever said they were smart.  They are sheep, eager to be led by any one who gives them what their little hearts so desperately crave.
For those who are interested... I've been to the dentist, my teeth are fine, and I'm back.
I signed up for a new cycling challenge:  Ride for 5 days a week for 4 weeks.  I don't think I'll have a problem with that.  I'm off on Sunday and the Temps are supposed to be fine in the early morning so I'm thinking of taking the X6 out on the road.  I always ride early when I hit the streets.  Traffic, you know?
Now, I've got to go run because I have split days off this week and chores to do.  Yep, after today I get to work for another 4 days.  Hell.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Loaded with Cash

Well, here it is Monday, the start of a new work week and it just so happens to be my Friday... and I have half a weekend coming up.  That's right, I have off one day (Dental appointment) and then I get to work for another 4.  Yippee!
Some people were really surprised by the Dyson lady... well, retailers themselves are to blame.  We, like many other retailers, have very, very generous Return Policies.  This is because we're terrified that if we refuse a Return you will take your future dollars somewhere else.  Yepper.  The fear of you buying your next box of nails from Lowe's is the root of this evil.  This is also why Retailers push credit cards with expensive interest.  It's not the consumer they are concerned about, it's their purchases.  Let me load your cart up!  Buy more!  It's not their fault if you can't manage your credit.
And I was pleased to find out yesterday that I'm "loaded up with money."  That is what the Idiot Jerk in the White House said, in case you weren't paying attention to the farts he spews from his mouth.  Actually, this is his direct quote:

 "Our consumers are rich," he added. "I did a tax cut. They're loaded up with money."

Okay, now even I have to admit that was really funny.  Loaded up with cash... hahahaha, hohohoho.  He doesn't even talk about us as being...'people.'  Nope.  We're Consumers, and we're rich because 'he' did a tax cut.  The truth is he, and his minions and sycophants, are truly worried about a recession.  Here's a link for those who want to see the Republican Party doing what it does best... Lie.   The Big Guns came out.  Don't worry, the world is going into a recession, but we're not... because they're in charge.  When it was pointed out to Larry Kudlow that he had also poured water on the recession talk back in 2007, he farted out something about "being optimistic."  That's right, there's nothing wrong with being optimistic.  That's a pretty shallow way of reassuring the masses, isn't it?  At least he didn't say "well, let's look on the bright side, I got a really super great tax cut." 

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Simply Amazing

Sunday, and since I work it's a not so restful day of rest.
The temps are forecast to go up into the mid-90's today... tomorrow even warmer.  People forget we're only halfway through summer.  That's right.  It doesn't end until September.  I guess a good way to describe this season so far is to say it's been sweltering.
I had some Crazy Christians buy vinyl sheeting yesterday.  Five kids around the cart and a 6th on the way.  The father was wearing a biblical T-shirt with verses on both the front and back.  They don't understand that "be fruitful and multiply" is a nice way of telling them they're nothing more than breeders. 
There was also this woman who bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner.  She asked me what our return policy was, so I told her usually 30 days.  She asked, "so, I can bring it back in 30 days?"  I told her most people bring things back much sooner if there's a problem.  "But if I don't like it, I can bring it back in 30 days?" she asked, again.  Could she have been any more obvious?  "We call that rent for free and really frown upon that type of behavior," I replied.  She looked at me and said "well, everybody does it." She did purchase the vacuum.  On the way to the register, she asked the Front End Supervisor the same question.  And, while paying for it at the register, she asked the cashier the same thing.  We all know that in about 29 days that Dyson's going to be returned. 
For those interested, I rode a little over 57 + miles this week.  The shortest ride was 7.66 miles, the longest 14.78.  My heart rate averages around 124 BPM, that includes the hills when it goes up.  I need to complete two 16+ rides to get to the next level, one of which is all up hill.  Shit.
I have over 31,000 words done on the next book and our heroes are just getting the first of the snakey parts.  rattle rattle, rattle rattle.
And I guess manufacturing is in decline.  This is not good for the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  This is also to be expected because this man is a blowhard.  He is stupid.  His own history, with 6 bankruptcies, proves he is hapless as hell.  What his adoring throngs fail to realize is that this is how he runs his business.  It's all fucked up.
For those who read my books, you know I have a recurring character named Bobby Tussel.  A police officer from Baltimore, he is on permanent disability, the result of brain trauma: he has a bullet in his brain.  He drinks wine straight from the bottle, likes warm six-packs of Anchor Beer, runs a semi-pornographic website where he's known as the Hunky Donkey, all of which are a result of his injuries.  But the one thing he does that leaves people in awe is dance.  A combination of ballet and gymnastics, people who see him dance are truly amazed.  He's going to do a little dance in The Body in the Well.  As always, I like to pick a song to play over and over again as I write these sequences.  This time I chose wonderful little tune by Owen Pallet which I think exemplifies the art of Bobby's dance.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

The hills

Today is my Hump Day.  Yeah, I know, I'm out of sync with most of the world... but then that's retail.
I found out yesterday that the position I had applied for is going to be changed to a part-time position, so I said "thanks, but no thanks."  I want to pay off my car before I even consider going part-time.
Evidently Independent voters who have supported the Idiot Jerk in the White House solely because of the economy are... leaving.  Republicans too, are slowly beginning to sour on the Liar in Chief economic policies.  They are growing concerned about Tariff Wars and their increasing damage to the American economy.  Prices are going up.  I see examples everyday at work.  This past week dirt cheap indoor / outdoor carpet that sold for .40 a square foot last week saw a price increase of 7 cents.  Some may say "hey, what's 7 cents?"  When a product goes from .40 to .47 that's a substantial price increase... it's like... 18%.  Two weeks ago our Lifeproof vinyl flooring went up .20 cents a square foot.  Corporations got a really large tax break... so why the cost increases?  The American people are paying for the Idiot Jerk's Tariff Wars and Independent voters are getting fed up.  They don't realize that in Conservative Economics the little guy is always the one getting nailed.
And I guess some white Republican is racist letters to the Mayor and City Council members of Charlotte.  Of course the writer is quoting the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  This will continue until he is voted out, and even then the stains of his presidency will remain for years to come.
Anyway, I bought myself a 'bike' pillow.

Mostly because it has a red bike on it (like mine) and because it was on Clearance at work.  Half price off.  The only things going down in price are seasonal items, everything else is going up.
My next cycling challenge is to complete the Eistobel route.  It's 16.7 miles long with hills, one with a 9.4% grade (steep).  I've gotten 2/3 of the way through it.  What's stopping me from completing the route?  The hill of a lifetime... of course.  Big.  And I know, once I climb it... in the not too far distance there will be another, larger hill of a lifetime.  So many treasure their down hill rides and their little valleys, but in the end it's always the hills that let you grow... and they can be a little scary.